Aug 05 12:55

80-year-old medical marijuana patient with expired card jailed for less than an eighth of cannabis

CLARE COUNTY, Mich. -- An 80-year-old grandmother in Clare County was jailed for the first time in her life, because she had a small amount of cannabis at home but her Michigan medical marijuana card expired.

Aug 05 12:42

Red Sox pitcher finds Tony La Russa's lost World Series ring in surprising place

Hall of Fame manager Tony La Russa has enough rings from his baseball career to nearly fill one hand. He was a three-time World Series champion as a manager, winning one with the Oakland Athletics in 1989 and two more with the St. Louis Cardinals during the early 2000s. Of course, his Hall of Fame induction in 2014 came with a ring too, bringing his total to four.

Aug 05 12:39

Randy Moss pays tribute to those killed via police violence with tie at Hall of Fame

Randy Moss had a message for families of people killed by police violence after his Hall of Fame induction on Saturday. (AP)
Randy Moss focused on faith, family and football during his induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday.

Aug 05 11:02

Russia appoints action star Steven Seagal as special envoy to US in hopes of 'facilitating humanitarian ties' between Moscow and Washington'

The Foreign Ministry announced the move Saturday on its Facebook page.

The statement reads that Seagal's portfolio in the unpaid position would be to 'facilitate relations between Russia and the United States in the humanitarian field, including cooperation in culture, arts, public and youth exchanges.'

Aug 05 10:25

London’s Secret Nuclear Reactor

For more than 30 years, between 1962 and 1996, a nuclear reactor sat at the heart of London tantalizingly close to a busy thoroughfare and to people’s homes and public buildings. Its existence so close to the metropolis was kept a secret from the public, because to tell the truth would have been extremely controversial.

The reactor was located at the basement of King William Building at the old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. The Royal Naval College was established in 1873 and was housed in a 17th century building complex designed by the highly acclaimed English architect of the time, Sir Christopher Wren. The buildings originally housed the Greenwich Hospital—a retirement home for disabled sailors of the Royal Navy. The word “hospital” merely meant a place providing hospitality. After the hospital closed in 1869, these buildings became the Royal Naval College where navy officers were trained.

Aug 05 09:06

Pompeo Tells Turkey Time Has Run Out to Resolve Pastor Dispute

Meeting with his Turkish counterpart on Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declared that “the clock had run out” on Turkey to meet US demands to release an American pastor detained since 2016. He says Turkey is now “on notice.”

Brunson, like a lot of people, was arrested after the failed coup d’etat in Turkey, and the government has accused him of having ties to banned cleric Fethullah Gulen. The US insists the claim is false, and insists Turkey must release him, and every other American currently held.

While Turkish FM Mevlut Cavusoglu had agreed to resolve the situation in a meeting with Pompeo, he also says that the threatening language and sanctions from the US won’t get them anywhere.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, what is the US government going to do, invade Turkey because it refuses to hand over these Americans, and will continue to buy its oil from Iran?!?

Secretary of State Pompeo is treading on some very dangerous ground here, and their implications for the future of the region are not good.

Aug 05 09:05

"Death of a Nation" Trailer | Official Theatrical Trailer HD, In Theaters August 3

Aug 05 09:01

Colombia and rebels fail to reach ceasefire as power transfer looms

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos’s effort to negotiate a ceasefire with the country’s last rebel group before stepping aside next week has failed, the two parties said on Wednesday.

The government, in a joint statement with the National Liberation Army (ELN), said advances were made in a sixth round of talks in Havana towards a ceasefire but “others needed to make more effective its implementation and verification were left pending.”

The statement said progress had been made since the talks began in 2017 and dialogue was the best option to settle their differences.

Santos, who signed an historic peace accord with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) in 2016, sent Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin to Cuba over the weekend in a last-ditch attempt to reach a temporary halt to hostilities before right-wing President-elect Ivan Duque takes office on Aug. 7.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So much for that Nobel peace prize, for allegedly "ending" the fighting with FARC, right, President Santos?!?

Aug 05 08:55

Politico’s Marc Caputo Mocks Trump Rally Attendees: Toothless ‘Garbage People’

Politico reporter Marc Caputo mocked attendees of President Donald Trump’s Tampa rally Tuesday night, referring to them as toothless “garbage people.”
UPDATE: After nearly 11 hours, Caputo posts an apology.

I need to apologize for tweeting caustic remarks after seeing a reporter berated & abused. Hate begets hate. My comments referred ONLY to those jeering and swearing at the man, not a broad swath of people. But the fault is mine for causing confusion and feeding anger.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mr. Caputo needs to be reminded that, at the end of the day, Americans have no real choice as to who their president will be; the triumverate of the American Deep State, Corporate America, and the Military Industrial Complex vet all the competitors, and make completely sure that they will get what they have been promised.

There is no such thing as a "garbage person", just because they didn't vote the way you wanted them to, Mr. Caputo.

We had a choice between the entrenched corruption of the Clintons, and the braggadocio-swilling, very successful businessman, who has actually gone bankrupt a number of times.

I can be very sure that President Trump has more than lived up to his promises to the unholy trinity above, and has certainly become Amerika's "Merchant of Death in Chief" for the country's weapons industry, looking at the huge batch of weapons he approved for sale to Saudi Arabia, to be used for the ongoing genocide in Yemen.

Aug 05 08:44

Trump Rescinds Obama-Era Rule for GMO Crop Use in Natural Wildlife Refuge

The Trump administration has revoked Obama-era regulations limiting the use of pesticides in the National Wildlife Refuge System (NRWS), Fish and Wildlife Service Deputy Director Greg Sheehan said in a memorandum.

Meanwhile, US Environmentalists said Friday that lifting the restriction poses a grave threat to pollinating insects and other sensitive creatures relying on toxic-free habitats afforded by wildlife refuges, Reuters reported.

"Industrial agriculture has no place on refuges dedicated to wildlife conservation and protection of some of the most vital and vulnerable species," Jenny Keating, federal lands policy analyst for the group Defenders of Wildlife was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was a stupid blunder on President Trump's part, and I sincerely hope that some members of his cabinet, to whom he listens, can actually school him on the science of why President Obama was correct on this.

Aug 05 08:41

Venezuela’s Maduro Survives Assassination Attempt, Suspects Captured

“They have tried to assassinate me today, and everything points to the Venezuelan ultra-right and the Colombian ultra-right,” President Nicolas Maduro said.>>>

Aug 05 08:39


Right-wing Patriot Prayer marchers are holding a lawful protest in Portland today and antifa goons are openly mobilizing for violence.

CNN has been busy demonizing the group as racist neo-nazis and praising antifa to help justify antifa carrying out offensive violence to shut down the march.

Both sides are armed, but only anfita is trying to stop the Patriot Prayer group from holding a legal and lawful march.

'The Facebook page for Resist Patriot Prayer: Violent Alt-Right Bigots Off Our Streets," the group said it is willing to use physical force if necessary' i.e. it's openly conspiring to violate #patriotprayer 's civil rights. Why no Federal charges?

— Peter Brimelow (@peterbrimelow) August 4, 2018

Antifa attacked police with rocks and alleged threw urine and feces at Patriot Prayer marchers.

Black-clad antifa goons were filmed stealing a man's American flag and hitting him in the head with a stick when he resisted:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Does praying now constitute being "right wing" in this country?!? Please tell that to some of our liberal Democratic members of my faith community, and they will be mightily surprised!!

There are moments when I am very grateful that we do not live on the mainland right now; watching some of the coverage of this Antifa-generated riot in Portland was one of those moments.

Is THIS what we have become as a nation?!? People who are pathologically incapable of sharing different points of view without batting each other over the head and shoulder?!?

Unfortunately, I fear that the short answer is, yes. And one wonders, just to what magnitude this violence will have to reach, before national martial law is invoked, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights are suspended. Oh, and BTW, Antifa is giving their members instructions on how to maim and possibly kill:

Antifa now being instructed on how to maim and possibly kill

Aug 05 08:33


In recent years, relations between Russia and the US have deteriorated significantly reaching the level of the times of the Caribbean crisis. Washington openly declares that it considers Moscow to be the main threat, Russia also considers the United States a likely enemy. However, the chance to change the situation came after the meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Aug 05 08:23


After NYPD Sgt. Richard Blake shot Thavone Santana in the face during a confrontation, we were told a terrifying story of being threatened and mugged early Thursday on the mean streets of Brooklyn. Unfortunately for Blake, a nearby video camera captured him drawing his gun, shooting someone who was trying to move away from him, then dropping a knife near his unconscious body.

Blake paces back and forth, then appears to pat down Santana’s pockets. He then appears to take a sheathed knife from his own back pocket, the New York Times reported, slides it from its sheath and drops it next to Santana’s crumpled body. He then pauses for a moment and retrieves the knife, the video shows.

The New York Police Department said Thursday that Santana was in stable condition.

“The video captures actions that raise serious questions and require further investigation,” Detective Sophia Mason, a department spokeswoman, told The Washington Post in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jeff Sessions, White Courtesy Telephone, please!!

Because unless and until you can fix this with America's police departments, you have utterly no right to tell police associations that there is a "war" on them by the public, when the absolute converse is the truth.

Aug 05 08:20


The head of a Syrian research facility that Western countries say was part of a chemical weapons programme was killed when his car was blown up, the pro-Syrian government newspaper al-Watan said on Sunday.

Aziz Asber was the director of the Syrian Scientific Research Centre in Masyaf, near the city of Hama, which Western governments say was a covert Syrian government installation.

“(Asber) died after an explosion targeted his car in the Hama countryside,” al-Watan said in an online report.

The explosion occurred on Saturday night, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights war monitoring group said. Who or what caused it is not known.

The Masyaf facility has previously been hit by what the Syrian government said were Israeli strikes in July and last year in September.

In April, missile strikes by the United States, Britain and France destroyed a Syrian Scientific Research Centre facility in Damascus, in response to a suspected poison gas attack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like more "wet work" against Syria, courtesy of Israel's Mossad.

Aug 05 08:16


Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro has survived an apparent attack on his life during a military parade celebrating the 81st anniversary of the Bolivarian National Guard in the capital, Caracas.

In a televised national address late Saturday, Maduro said he was fine and laid blame for the attack firmly at the feet of “right-wing imperial forces” who he said had hired the would-be assassins.

“They have tried to assassinate me today, and everything points to the Venezuelan ultra-right and the Colombian ultra-right, and the name of Juan Manuel Santos is behind this attack,” he said.

“I must inform that they have been captured – those who attempted to take my life – and they are being processed. I won’t say more, but the investigation is very advanced.

“I tell the Venezuelan opposition that I guarantee you can live in this country peacefully. If something happens to me, you will have to face millions of Campesinos and humble people making justice with their own hands.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Somewhere in the bowels of power in DC last night, both ashtrays, and bad language, were, most probably, flying simultaneously.

And it strikes me very odd that Maduro is accusing the former President of Columbia, Juan Manuel Santos, for being behind the attack. (The current President of Columbia is Ivan Duque, elected 17 June of this year).
Santos won the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize for creating peace with the FARC Rebels

Now, we know the level to which this prize has been debased by specific awarding of it to war criminals, like Henry Kissinger.

And we know that Santos got much of his education here in the US
(See the bio above).

So, are drones flown in Colombia?!? The short answer is, yes: Drone Laws in Columbia

But an act of this magnitude which almost took out Venezuela's sitting President?!?

IF Santos was collaborating with another country to make this happen, I think we are looking at that collaborating country being a nation/state with a very advanced drone program, which uses them specifically for extrajudicial assassinations in places like Afghanistan and Yemen.

I think we are looking at a collaborating nation/state which desperately wants control of Venezuela's vast oil reserves, and has created sanctions calculated to slowly destroy Venezuela's economy.

And please remember what Santos said about the failing Venezuelan economy back in May of this year: A 'regime change' is coming very soon to Venezuela — according to ColombiaDid he know such an act was being planned by that collaborating country at that point, and that the attack was to take place from Colombian soil?!?

One cannot say for certain, but, to date, there is one country on the face of this planet with an advanced drone program which uses it to assassinate people for whom it does not particularly care: that is (yes, you guessed it), the Unhinged, Surveilled State of America.

The financing and guidance, as bad as the intel was, most probably came from the US government and military, who will swear on a stack of Bibles they didn't do it, and the current President of Columbia was most probably kept out of the loop, for issues of plausible deniability.

This is how, most probably, the attack came down. They blinked, and missed this time.

But Maduro has got to understand, at this point, that the US deep state will not end its attacks against him, including assassination attempts, until they have "neutralized" him, and the regime change, to a more US-centric government, will be put into place at that point.

Aug 05 08:02

Meghan Markle 'is planning to fly to the US and reunite with her estranged father Thomas in secret within weeks' for the pair's first meeting since he missed her wedding

Meghan Markle and her father are planning to reunite in secret in the US later this month, friends of the Duchess of Sussex have claimed.

Prince Harry's wife will take a solo trip home to America to see her estranged father Thomas Markle, according to the Mirror.

The 74-year-old former lighting director is said to be 'delighted' about the potential visit from Meghan, and is 'keeping two dates free at the end of the month'.

The meeting would be the first time the former actress has seen her reclusive father in several months after he pulled out of her wedding in May, citing health concerns.

Aug 05 06:48

Space object traveling Mach 74 explodes above U.S. air base, military silent

The military has made no announcement regarding an airborne earthbound object that exploded with 2.3 kilotons force 26 miles above U.S. Air Base Thule on July 25th around 11:55 pm.

Aug 05 05:07

Video: LUAY AND AMIR IfAmericansKnew

Two more Palestinian deaths the media ignored, these were teenagers. Please share this 5-minute video so Luay’s and Amir's deaths won't be forgotten.
Note: And never forget that the United States and your tax dollars made this happen. This one rips my heart out.

Aug 05 00:29

'Pompeii continues to give us treasures': Archaeologists uncover new finds including 2,000 year-old frescoes and terra cotta vases after the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD

Archaeologists have excavated the house of a 'wealthy and cultured' man who lived in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii that was buried by ash and rock spewed by the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.
Mount Vesuvius, on the west coast of Italy, is the only active volcano in continental Europe and is thought to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.
The eruption belched out a lethal combination of toxic sulphurous gas and hundreds of tonnes of volcanic ash that buried the cities of Pompeii, Oplontis, and Stabiae overnight.
Seismic activity from Vesuvius also triggered a deadly mudflow, wiping out the ancient city of Herculaneum
Conservation work is now underway and new finds have been uncovered at a private house known as the 'House of Jupiter' (Casa di Giove) in the Regio V part of the ancient city.

Aug 05 00:19

'Trump needs to help me fight these terrorists': Venezuelan president survives a drone assassination attempt then claims ex-pats exiled in Florida colluded with Colombia to plot his murder

President Nicolas Maduro claims he was the subject of an assassination plot using explosives-rigged drones
Socialist premier claimed those responsible were 'far-right' Venezuelan exiles living in Florida and Colombia
Pointed finger at Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos who's criticized him for undermining democracy
Maduro was seen addressing a military parade on live TV before looking to the sky after hearing an explosion
A terrified look crossed his face before he was bundled away by uniformed aides carrying bulletproof shields
Hundreds of soldiers who were assembled in neat rows suddenly scattered in all directions amid screaming

Aug 04 20:29

Putting her troubles behind her! Meghan is all smiles on her 37th birthday as she wears a £400 dress and holds Harry's hand at the wedding of his close friend after claims of a rift with her father

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were pictured at the wedding of Charlie van Straubenzee and Daisy Jenks at St Mary the Virgin Church in Frensham, Surrey, just months after they tied the knot themselves.

Aug 04 19:16

In post-attack speech, Venezuela's Maduro blames right-wingers & Colombia

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, speaking shortly after an attempted attack during his Saturday public address, has said some of the perpetrators have already been captured.


"I have no doubt that everything points to the Venezuelan ultra-right in alliance with the Colombian extreme right, and the name of [Colombian President] Jose Manuel Santos is behind this attack," he said.

Aug 04 17:15

Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro survives 'assassination attempt'

Venezuelan officials say explosive drones went off as President Nicolás Maduro was giving a live televised speech in Caracas

Aug 04 14:21

Breaking Video - Portland Police Fire Rubber Bullets -Tear Gas at Antifa as Proud Boys Cheer them On



Aug 04 14:08

45,000 sealed federal criminal indictments is victory for ‘We the People’ if, and only if, followed by .01% arrests and FULL TRUTH as explained by Congressperson McKinney’s 15-minute brief

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

From November 2017 until the end of July 2018, 45,468 sealed federal indictments are entered and waiting to be unsealed:

With my documentation of the progression of these sealed indictments, possible meanings, and analysis here, please consider 6-term Congressperson and Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney’s 15 minutes to explain who and what the Deep State is from her June 2018 Red Pill Expo talk (excludes 3 minutes of introductory remarks):

Documentation of Cynthia’s factual claims:

Some of Cynthia’s facts I’m fully confident to document as objectively accurate and independently verifiable for anyone caring to look:
COINTELPRO was an FBI program to illegally monitor and end Americans’ right to assemble, learn, and take lawful actions regarding US government policies maintaining racism and neocolonial power (such as lie-filled and Orwellian-illegal war on Vietnam).

Aug 04 13:50

BEATINGS AND BLOOD IN PORTLAND => Trump Supporter Clubbed – Blood Gushing From Head (VIDEO)

Blood dripping from a conservative activist’s head after being clubbed by Antifa thug

Aug 04 13:37

This will sicken you: Eyewitness describes hateful act of piracy by Israel against Norwegian boat on mercy mission

Malaysian-born Swee Ang is the first female Orthopaedic Consultant appointed to St Bartholomew (‘Barts’) and the Royal London Hospitals.

In the 1980s and 1990s she worked as trauma and orthopaedics consultant in the refugee camps of Lebanon and later for the United Nations in Gaza, and the World Health Organisation in the West Bank and Gaza. She is Founder and Patron of the British charity Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP).

She also treated the victims of the Pakistan (Kashmir) earthquake, and as consultant trauma and orthopaedic surgeon operated on and looked after the victims of the 7 July 2005 suicide bombs in the Royal London Hospital.

Dr Ang is the co-author of War Surgery and Acute Care of the War Wounded, and also wrote From Beirut to Jerusalem documenting her experience in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon and Gaza.

Aug 04 11:44

LIVE Stream : Portland Antifa Vs Proud Boys

Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange— in Portland, Oregon “Patriot Prayer” and the “Proud Boys” face off with Antifa

Aug 04 11:12

Residents Tired of Occupy ICE "Its not Accomplishing Anything"

(Low Energy Losers vs. City Residents)

Aug 04 10:44

MYSTERY=> FBI Logged Cyber Intrusion Analysis Request to Hillary’s Email Investigation ONE DAY After 2016 Election

On Friday, the FBI released a tranche of documents on Hillary Clinton’s email investigation thanks to a FOIA lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch.
The documents reveal the FBI logged a cyber intrusion analysis request to Hillary’s email investigation one day after the 2016 election–the FBI had already closed the investigation.

In mid-2016, according to Rep. Louie Gohmert, a government watchdog told Peter Strzok that 30,000 of Hillary Clinton’s emails went to a foreign entity–UNRELATED TO RUSSIA.

Now we find out the FBI logged a cyber intrusion analysis request to Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

As TGP previously reported:
Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, revealed in the hearing with Peter Strzok a couple weeks ago that the Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) found that nearly all of Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails were sent to a foreign entity and the FBI did nothing about it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We have the most thoroughly compromised and politicized (alleged) intelligence agency on the planet right now.

Aug 04 10:39

High Speed Internet Is Causing Widespread Sleep Deprivation, Study Finds

Sleep deprivation is an increasing problem in many developed countries, which can result in impaired cognition and a number of serious individual and societal consequences. Lack of sleep has been linked to billions of dollars in lost revenue, up to one sixth of all traffic accidents in the US, and increased risk of chronic disease. The reason for this chronic sleep shortage is due to a combination of factors. Longer work hours, stress, and interpersonal relationships have all been blamed for the widespread insomnia. Now a new study claims that high speed internet access is at least partly at fault.

The study, published Friday in the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization and funded by the European Research Council, suggests that high speed internet access is causing people to lose up to 25 minutes of sleep per night compared to those without high speed internet. It’s the first study to causally link broadband access to sleep deprivation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We're never going to have to worry about this on Oahu; Spectrum bills us for 300 megabits per second, but only delivers 60 megabits per second, and claims that the problem HAS to be at our end.

Aug 04 10:34

China, Syria: Officials Say the Chinese Military Is Willing to Help the Syrian Army Retake Idlib

Both China's ambassador to Syria as well as its military attache in the country have raised the possibility of Chinese military operations in Syria alongside the Syrian government. Chinese Ambassador Qi Qianjin reportedly stated that the Chinese "military is willing to participate in some way alongside the Syrian army that is fighting the terrorists in Idlib and in any other part of Syria," while military attache Wong Roy Chang reportedly said the Chinese military could participate in an operation to retake rebel-held Idlib if Beijing made the political decision for it to do so.

It is important to stress that neither statement is a confirmation that China is about to send military forces to participate in combat operations in Syria. However, the comments, if true, would mark the closest confirmation we have had of such a possibility.

Aug 04 10:32


After seven years of grinding war, the Syrian government has achieved victory. According to current and former international officials and diplomats as well as UN officials, credit or blame for the Syrian government’s recent victories in East Ghouta and then in the south — along with the tacit acceptance these sweeping military successes received — can be placed on one man.

He is Khaled al Ahmad, a Syrian government emissary and businessman who masterminded the Syrian government’s reconciliation strategy. Al Ahmad is the secret diplomat who has exerted exceptional tolls of energy building bridges with the enemies of Damascus. Despite his central role in bringing one of the worst conflicts since World War Two to an end, he remains almost totally unknown in international media and has scarcely been discussed even among expert Syria observers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To have accomplished what he has done, this Khaled al Ahmad must be nothing short of a miracle worker.

Aug 04 10:28


It’s a battle to serve either ’the public’ or else ’the people’, and each political brand will be struggling to keep Europe as an ally in American billionaires’ war against Russia (which all American billionaires want to defeat), but each team does this from a different ideological perspective, one being ‘liberal’, and the other being ‘conservative’.

Aug 04 10:26


Amid the economic, political, and social collapse, Brazil has been described by many as being in the midst of a “zombie apocalypse” as years of corruption and violence spectacularly implodes all at once.

Horrified by the out of control violence and pessimistic about the nation’s political and economic outlook, thousands of wealthy Brazilians are now fleeing the country.

Thiago Lacerda, a high-profile actor, is one of the thousands of celebrities, bankers, lawyers and affluent Brazilians considering emigration before the next round of turmoil.

“I’m totally freaked out by what’s been happening, especially here in Rio [Rio de Janeiro],” Mr. Lacerda told The Wall Street Journal.

The 40-year-old actor said he has considered moving his family to Europe for the safety of his three children. “In several years, they’re going to want to go out, to start dating, without worrying about getting shot.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though Brazil is descending into true Terry Gilliam territory.

Aug 04 10:23

Man attacked on bus for 'being white'

Police in New York City are looking for a man who attacked a stranger for apparently being white.

It happened on a bus Monday morning about 10 a.m. in Downtown Brooklyn.

The NYPD says a 29-year-old man was onboard a B25 MTA Bus on Fulton Street. Another man walked up to him and punched him in the face while making an anti-white comment. The victim was not seriously injured but suffered swelling and pain.

The attacker then got off of the bus at the intersection of Fulton Street and Bond Street.

Aug 04 10:21

Texas chemical plant, CEO indicted for 'reckless' release following Hurricane Harvey

The North American subsidiary of a French chemical manufacturer and two senior staff members have been indicted in connection with last year's explosion at the Crosby, Texas, plant in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Arkema North America, its CEO Richard Rowe and plant manager Leslie Comardelle were charged in Friday's Harris County indictment with "recklessly" releasing chemicals into the air. The charge carries up to $1 million in fines and five years' imprisonment.

After Arkema's plant lost power, its organic peroxides began heating and decomposing. The compounds, used in products including plastics to paints, caught fire and partially exploded, sending plumes of smoke skyward.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is only when actions like cause indictments and result in jail time for the perpetrators, that these kinds of actions will end in America's chemical manufacturing plants.

Aug 04 10:18


In the last 48 hours, the FBI has released two caches of documents through their "FBI Vault" website related to the 2016 US election. One sheds light on the agency's relationship with Christopher Steele, while the other reveals that disgraced agent Peter Strzok waited until after the 2016 election to have Anthony Weiner's laptop analyzed for hacking.

The 71-page release of heavily redacted records concerning former MI6 spy Christopher Steele reveals that he was paid by the agency over an unknown period of time - at least 11 times during 2016, and that Steele was admonished by the agency for unknown reasons in February, 2016.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What else are we to expect from one of the most deplorably corrupt and deeply politicized intelligence agencies of the 21st century?!?

And what frustrates me, with all these revelations unfolding, is that President Trump appears to be in utterly no hurry to fire the entire FBI and start fresh.

Aug 04 10:16

A Chinese Spy Worked In Senator Dianne Feinstein's Office For Twenty Years

We can only imagine the twenty-four hour media blitz that would be unleashed if this had happened with the Trump campaign, or on anyone's staff even remotely associated with President Trump past or present.

But when the story first broke in the middle of this week of a mole working on behalf of the Russian Chinese government on a powerful Democrat Senate Intelligence Committee member's staff, it passed in the mainstream media with a yawn, and though slowly gaining visibility still hasn't been covered by some of the large cable networks or newspapers.

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) was "mortified" upon learning that a Chinese spy had worked in her office for nearly 20 years.

Aug 04 10:13


A 20-year-old man with Down syndrome was shot and killed by police this week as he walked down the street with a toy gun. Police claimed the young man — who, according to his mother, had the mentality of a 3-year-old — created a threat that needed to be dealt with with deadly force.

According to the victim’s father, Richard Torell, his son Eric grabbed a toy gun from his toy pile and disappeared overnight.

“I woke up because Eric was gone,” Richard Torell told Expressen. “I went out and looked for him. I saw police cars on the street.

“Three police officers shot him in his stomach.”

As the Independent reports:

Police had been called after Eric reportedly showed the small toy gun to neighbours, who contacted authorities believing it was real.

Local media reports stated three police officers had shot him in the stomach after attending the incident. He was taken to hospital, but later died from his injuries.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks as though the Swedish police are stating to be trained by Israel's IDF.

Aug 04 10:12

Oops! ‘FSB spy’ in US Embassy Moscow was Russian and hired by US Secret Service, Guardian reports

Britain’s Guardian newspaper is reporting that a Russian spy has been caught working in the US Embassy in Moscow. It’s alleged she had been there for over a decade and was cunningly disguised as a Russian.

In revelations that frankly pose the question of whether America’s security agencies should continue to use the term ‘intelligence’ when describing themselves, the Guardian alleges that the woman had actually been hired by the US Secret Service.

Aug 04 10:05

Rename Austin Over Slavery? How About Washington?

If re-christening is obligatory there, sign-makers are going to be working overtime across the country. The nation's capital and dozens of other Washingtons were named for a slaveholder. So were Madison, Wisconsin, and Jefferson City, Missouri. Anything named "Columbus" or "Columbia" would need a replacement, given the fate of Native Americans once the explorer arrived.

And let's not forget the big enchilada: America. Its name came from Amerigo Vespucci, who on one of his voyages to the New World captured a couple of hundred natives to sell as slaves.

Aug 04 09:54

Australian nurses must now confess their “White Privilege” before treating patients

The new code of conduct was rolled out in March. Every nurse and midwife must confess their enjoyment of “white privilege” to an indigenous patient before any treatment can begin. At this rate one can only wonder when crawling on hands and knees will be required. Just imagine an Aborigine woman in labour coming into a hospital and the medical staff then saying, “Before we can tend to you, we much first confess and then talk about the white privilege that we enjoy on a daily basis at your expense.” Many nurses are calling for the termination of the Chairman of the Board of Nursing and Midwifery.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is absurd!

Aug 04 09:16

Shock Survey: 40% Of Americans Cannot Name A Single Right Guaranteed By The First Amendment

The Freedom Forum Institute has released its annual "State of the First Amendment" (SOFA) survey, and the results paint a dismal portrait of the American electorate.
The survey of 1,009 American adults was conducted in May and June of 2018 by the Fors Marsh Group in partnership with Lata Nott and Gene Policinski of FFI. The survey has a margin of error of 3.7%.
When asked to name the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment, only one person was able to name all five. 2% of respondents were able to name the right to petition the government for redress of grievances; 12% were able to name the right of peaceful assembly; 13% were able to name freedom of the press; 15% were able to name freedom of religion; and 56% were able to name freedom of speech.
A whopping 40% of respondents couldn’t name a single freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment.

Aug 04 09:15

REPORT: Feinstein's Personal Driver Of 20 Years Was A Chinese Spy

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) reportedly had a Chinese spy infiltrate her office for some 20 years.
According to reports from Politico and The San Francisco Chronicle, the mole from the communist government served as Feinstein’s driver, an office gofer, a liaison to the Asian-American community, and even attended Chinese consulate functions on behalf of the senator.

Aug 04 09:12

The New York Times Racism scandal just went nuclear

It Wasn't Just NYT's Sarah Jeong Anti-White Racism -- Evidence has surfaced of Sarah Jeong advocating violence and genocide

Aug 04 08:37

NETHERLANDS: Elderly Woman Forcibly Euthanized

One inherent consequence that so-called "Death with Dignity" advocates seem to ignore is the possibility that doctors and family members will pressure people into euthanasia or assisted suicide for convenience. A case in the Netherlands takes that one step further, as an elderly woman was euthanized against her will by family members eager to move on with their lives.
According to LiveAction, the 74-year-old unidentified woman had been suffering dementia for some time and previously told people she would undergo assisted suicide if "the time was right." As her dementia progressed, she never put in a request to die and had surpassed the point of giving her full consent. It was then that her doctor declared her to be "suffering intolerably" and proceeded to euthanize her. Here's how the ordeal went down:

Aug 04 08:13

The $717 Billion Defense Bill That Just Breezed Through the Senate Should Be a National Scandal

With little debate or public attention, the Senate just followed the House in approving $717 billion for the nation’s military, meaning the bill is headed for the president’s signature. The passage is no surprise. The National Defense Authorization Act is one of the few pieces of federal budget legislation that sails through every year, without fail, on a bipartisan basis.

Aug 04 07:58


Aug 04 07:55

Judge says Trump administration '100%' responsible for finding deported migrant parents

A federal judge on Friday rejected a Trump administration request to make the ACLU primarily responsible for locating migrant parents who were deported after they were separated from their children, making clear that the government bears "100 percent" of the burden.

Aug 04 07:55

Trump Administration Misled Public on Poverty in U.S., Ignored Economic Advisers, Documents Show: Report

Internal documents from the U.S. Department of State show the Trump administration tried to deceive the public on poverty levels in the U.S. by offering misleading and inaccurate statements, despite White House economic advisers’ concerns.

Aug 04 07:36

Missing University of Iowa student's boyfriend speaks out: 'Just imagine if somebody had taken your Mollie'

Missing University of Iowa student's boyfriend speaks out: 'Just imagine if somebody had taken your Mollie' originally appeared on

Aug 04 07:35

President Donald Trump changes mind on LeBron James, criticizes player's intelligence due to CNN interview

The Lebron James-Michael Jordan debate has officially reached the Oval Office, though President Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be making his choice based on basketball reasons.

Aug 04 07:33

Zac Efron has started braiding his controversial dreadlocks

Despite backlash, Zac Efron appears to be doubling down on his hair drama.

Aug 04 07:02

Chile has become the first South American country to legally ban the widespread commercial use of plastic bags.

The new legislation, approved by Congress and enacted by President Sebastián Piñera, gives small shops two years to adapt to a total ban.

Aug 04 07:02

Twitter Explodes Over Donald Trump’s ‘Disgusting’ Attack On LeBron James: 'LeBron puts children through school. Trump puts children in cages.'

Tweeters erupted in anger after President Donald Trump trashed NBA superstar LeBron James on Friday night.

Aug 04 05:40

Final report on 1 October shooting: READ NOW

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s release of the 1 October shooting final report Friday was just another dog and pony show in which Americans will learn nothing about what really happened on that dreadful night in 2017 but nevertheless, has made the 200-page document available for your reading pleasure.

Aug 04 05:33

Brexiteers lash 'deeply irresponsible' Bank of England Governor for being the 'high priest of project fear' after he sinks the pound with warning about 'uncomfortably high' risk of no deal

Brexiteers condemned Mark Carney as 'deeply irresponsible' today after he send the pound down by warning the risk of a no deal Brexit.
The Bank of England Governor's remarks sent the pound below 1.30 against the dollar while sterling was also weaker against the euro.
He warned Britain 'accidentally' leaving the EU without a deal and no transition in March 2019 would be 'highly undesirable' for the economy.

Aug 04 04:54

A New Wave Of Hardline Anti-BDS Tactics Are Targeting Students, And No One Knows Who’s Behind It

Strange things started happening at George Washington University this April, as their student government prepared to vote on a resolution supported by pro-Palestinian campus activists.

Anonymous fliers, websites, and social media campaigns appeared out of nowhere to attack the student activists. And, on the day of the vote, two adult men dressed as canaries showed up to do a weird dance in the lobby of the college building where the student government was set to vote.

Aug 04 04:33

Trump is Israel's 'Useful Idiot'

The claim made by many neoconservatives that Israel and the United States are partners in the Middle East because their strategic interests are identical is belied by the fact that the Israelis are more than willing to ignore Washington when its suits them to do so. The claim of identical interests has always been false, promoted by the Zionist media and an intensively lobbied Congress to make the lopsided relationship with an essentially racist and apartheid regime more palatable to the American public ... The Israelis have found the new administration in Washington to be what Lenin once described as a "useful idiot" ..

Aug 04 04:31


A Senate panel approved a bill on Tuesday [July 11] endorsing a decade-long aid package to Israel brokered by the Obama administration. The US-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018 authorizes a memorandum of understanding negotiated in 2016 between the two governments which will provide Israel with $38 billion in military aid between 2019 and 2028. A bipartisan majority of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed the legislation, allowing it to proceed to the full Senate floor ... The American Israel Public Affairs Committee [AIPAC], which pioneered the legislation, applauded its progress in a statement.