Dec 03 06:26

The migrant caravan trying to invade the USA is actually a DISEASE caravan

Thousands of migrant invaders trying to rush the United States border via Mexico are reportedly now having to undergo medical treatment because they’re infected with life-threatening diseases, reveal figures just released from Tijuana’s Health Department.

Dec 02 23:13

The Great San Francisco Earthquake (Photographs from 110 Years Ago)

At 5:15 a.m., an earthquake estimated at close to 8.0 on the Richter scale strikes San Francisco, California, killing hundreds of people and toppling numerous buildings. The quake was caused by a slip of the San Andreas Fault over a segment about 275 miles long. Shock waves could be felt from southern Oregon down to Los Angeles.

Dec 02 19:13

Ex-FBI chief stops challenging US House secret testimony subpoena

Former FBI director James Comey has agreed to testify at a closed-door hearing at US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee, according to his lawyer. The session, to be held December 7, will focus on his handling of investigations into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server and the alleged Russian collusion of President Donald Trump's campaign. Comey previously wanted to have the hearing public, saying he was concerned his testimony might be distorted. His lawyer says the committee will provide the former director with the transcript within 24 hours and he would be able to make any part of it public.

Dec 02 17:49

Our deficits may finally be coming home to roost

There are no “free lunches” in fiscal policy. All government spending must be paid for by taxpayers, either today or in the future. The burden of deficit spending may show up as an inflation tax, if the Fed opts to monetize the debt. -- More likely, the burden will fall on future generations that inherit a smaller capital stock and are faced with paying higher tax rates.

Dec 02 17:31

At Work, Around Town, or at Home- More Self-Defense Gun Stories

Here is some news you won't find in the mainstream media. Again this week, responsible gun owners defend themselves and the people they love.

Dec 02 17:26

The Beginning Of The End For President Trump (According To Mainstream News)

Those coordinated ‘news’ reports set off a time line starting in February of 2017 and go through September 2018 with such repeated phrases as: Bombshell; Impeachment; It’s really the beginning of the end; The walls are closing in on him; Trump’s gonna resign; and, This is the tipping point!

Dec 02 11:36

“Are You Willing to Die for Your YouTube Sh*t?” – Antifa Thugs With AR15’s Intimidate Journalist Andy Ngo at Seattle Rally – Police Threaten Arrest for Filming

Portland based video journalist and Quillette writer Andy Ngo (who happens to be gay and Asian) made the trip north to Seattle to cover a pro Constitution rally put on by III%’ers and other conservative groups, as well as the counter protest staged by the usual red flag toting communists of Antifa.

As Ngo attempted to make his way into the communist group to capture the scene, several people confronted him and prevented him from going in, including at least three people armed with AR15’s and an AK47.

Dec 02 10:44

Group demands removal of Christmas display of three wise men, star, from Michigan school building

Newaygo Public Schools in Michigan could face legal action for having a large display of the three wise men and a star on top of a district building.

The Michigan Association of Civil Rights Activists this week demanded the take-down of the Christmas display because they believe it violates the separation of church and state. The association has been involved in similar state cases in the past, the WZZM-TV reported.
What did residents say?
The flap is happening even though thousands of Newaygo residents want the display – a Christmas tradition for more than 40 years – to remain.

More than 2,000 residents have reportedly signed an online petition to keep the display in place.

Dec 02 10:36

A Real Nightmare before Christmas: San Jose Christmas event includes Satanic Tree Display

Thieves targeted a Satanic group’s so-called Christmas tree in San Jose, California, this week by stealing some of its occult-related ornaments.
What is this?
“The tree targeted was decorated with pentagrams and other demonic symbols, its decorations sponsored by a Bay Area Satanic organization,” KPIX-TV reported.
The tree is one of more than 500 on display at the annual Christmas in the Park event.
KPIX’s report included comments that support the Satanic group, but it offered no Christian rebuttal of the blasphemous display.
“Some may wonder why a Satanic group would have a decorated tree at a holiday display like Christmas in the Park, but not the organizers of the event or the people who set up the tree,” the report states.

Dec 02 10:15

Yahoo News Under Fire Over ‘See All Sides’ Ad Campaign Featuring Anti-Immigrant Message (10 Pics)

Yahoo News is defending an ad campaign launched earlier this month as part of its efforts to promote the relaunch of the Yahoo News app. While some have argued that the ad, which features a border wall and the phrase "immigrants endanger us," promotes an anti-immigration message, Yahoo News said its border wall ad is meant to reflect the current polarizing nature of debate on hot-button issues like immigration.

In an ad run as part of its "See All Sides" campaign, Yahoo News depicts two intersecting border walls, both of which are topped with barbed wire. The wall on the left is blue and emblazoned with the phrase "immigrants enrich us." The wall on the right is red and carries the message that "immigrants endanger us." Where the two walls collide has been shaded purple, a color long used in Yahoo's branding.

Dec 02 10:02

Truce: Trump and Xi agree no new tariffs

Update: Well over an hour after “the most anticipated dinner between US and Chinese presidents in years” was over, Chinese state-run TV, CGTV, finally reported that Trump and Xi had agreed to keep the US-Chinese trade war from escalating with a promise to temporarily halt the imposition of new tariff, effectively declaring a truce.

Dec 02 09:48

US Defense Contractor Posts Job Offering For "Classified Contingency Operations" In Ukraine

The geopolitical analysis site SouthFront has unearthed from the pages of LinkedIn an incredible public job offering by a US defense contractor which reveals potentially sensitive information. The job posting mentions "classified Contingency Operations" in Ukraine and was posted a mere 15 days ago — just prior to last Sunday's incident between the Russian and Ukrainian navies in the Kerch Strait.

Writes SouthFront, the US-based defense contractor company "Mission Essential" accidentally revealed a US military specialist deployment in the combat zones in Ukraine via a Job Advertisement on LinkedIn.

Crucially, it's yet further evidence which disproves the years-long claims by Washington that the United States is not directly involved militarily in the Ukraine conflict. The public posting suggests US special forces operations are indeed active and ongoing as tensions with Russia soar.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It appears to me, that President Trump has been very happy, to double down on a very bad idea.

That "bad Idea", which goes back to President Obama, was that an infusion of capitalistic vigor, and military "advisors, were going to work to give Ukraine the place it deserved at the table with NATO and the EU.

Unfortunately, due to the amazing levels of corruption under Poroshenko's watch, which apparently didn't bother either President Obama, or President Trump such relationships are not, nor may ever be, in Ukraine's grasp.

What we have here is a paramilitary dictatorship, desperate to get those republics they lost, like Donbass, back under the Ukrainian orbit.

How much the US is going to "assist them" is anyone's guess. But that incident in the Kerch Gulf, coupled with the placement of this ad, doesn't augur well for peace in the region at all.

Dec 02 09:36


On Saturday Iran unveiled its first stealth destroyer in a televised ceremony wherein the warship was launched into operation in the Persian Gulf at a moment that tensions with the US continue to soar.

The Sahand stealth capable ship is also entirely Iranian-made and will be based at Iran's naval base in Bandar Abbas on the Gulf. Military officials touted its capability of deploying for five months on the seas without resupply, and cutting edge defense technology including electronic warfare capabilities, surface-to-air missiles, and torpedo launchers, and most importantly its purported ability to evade enemy radar.

The Sahand has stealth capabilities, surface-to-surface and surface-to-air missiles and electronic warfare capabilities, state TV IRNA reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is a natural outcome of the threats made by Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States against Iran.

I mean, come on: were the Iranians just supposed to roll over and play dead, because of their alleged "existential threat" to Israel or Saudi Arabia?!?

Iran is doing what any intelligent country in the world would do, were they threatened in the way the US, Saudi Arabia, and Israel have threatened it; they are upping their ante on weapons production and scientific knowledge, with which they would hope to defend themselves, should they be attacked by any, and all of these entities.

Dec 02 09:29

A Latino Father And His Son Were Allegedly Attacked At Their Tire Shop By A Man Shouting "I Hate Mexicans"

A man who allegedly attacked a Latino father and son at a Utah tire shop while shouting "I hate Mexicans" will not be charged with a hate crime because the state's laws don't allow it.
"I as a state prosecutor cannot give them a measure of justice proportionate to the injury that they're feeling and that truly is an injustice," Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill told BuzzFeed News Saturday.

Dec 02 09:29

Mike Pence Tweeted, Then Deleted, A Picture With A Florida Deputy Wearing A QAnon Conspiracy Patch

Vice President Mike Pence on Friday tweeted, and then quickly deleted, a picture of himself and a Florida sheriff’s deputy wearing a QAnon conspiracy patch on his uniform.
The picture was similar to other posts when Pence travels across the country, but one of the deputies greeting the vice president just outside of Air Force Two could be seen wearing a prominent red patch on his chest with the letter “Q.”

Dec 02 09:29


US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Saturday condemned what he described as Iran’s testing of a medium-range ballistic missile capable of carrying multiple warheads as a violation of the international agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program.

Amid tension between Washington and Tehran over ballistic missiles, Pompeo warned in a statement released on Twitter that Iran is increasing its “testing and proliferation” of missiles and called on the Islamic Republic to “cease these activities.”

US President Donald Trump pulled out of an international nuclear agreement in May and reimposed sanctions on Tehran, criticising the deal for not including curbs on Iran’s development of ballistic missiles or its support for proxies in Syria, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Will SOMEONE in the room please give Pompeo some Calcium and Magnesium, please, before the guy has a conniption?!?

Here is the UN resolution on these issues:

Here is what the resolution actually states:

Resolution 2231 (2015)

Ballistic missile-related transfers and activities
What are the restrictions on Iranian ballistic missile activities?
Paragraph 3 of Annex B of resolution 2231 (2015) calls upon Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.

What are the restrictions on ballistic missile-related transfers to or activities with Iran?

Resolution 2231 (2015)The document goes on to state:

"Ballistic missile-related transfers and activities

What are the restrictions on Iranian ballistic missile activities?
Paragraph 3 of Annex B of resolution 2231 (2015) calls upon Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.

What are the restrictions on ballistic missile-related transfers to or activities with Iran?

Pursuant to paragraph 4 of Annex B of resolution 2231 (2015), if approved in advance on a case-by-case basis by the Security Council, all States may participate in and permit:

the supply, sale or transfer directly or indirectly from their territories, or by their nationals or using their flag vessels or aircraft to or from Iran, or for the use in or benefit of Iran, and whether or not originating in their territories."

But, unfortunately for his outrage (which needs a separate room for some rational containment at this point, )Mr. Pompeo cannot prove that these missiles are being engineered for nuclear usage; they are simply medium range ballistic missiles which are capable of carrying multiple warheads. And with so many countries looking to attempt to take a "bite" out of Iran, (like Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the US), why does Iran not have the right to take care of itself militarily, and work on domestically produced missiles with which which can defend itself?!?

Oh, and Mr. Pompeo, one more thing that you didn't get with your morning "memos" a couple of months ago, must have been the following;

Per IAEA inspections, Iran still compliant on the P5+30 deal

So, Sir, if the IAEA states that Iran is still in compliance with the P5+1 agreement, how in the name of heaven can you state, with a straight face, that the test Iran did "violates UNSCR 2231", when you cannot prove, incontrovertibly, that the test was for a nuclear bomb?!? The short, moral and logical answer is, you cannot.

Multiple, Sir: not nuclear.One begins with an M, not an O.

Oh, and while we're talking about the Middle East nuclear weapons proliferation issue, and the rhino snoring fitfully in the living room,(spoiler alert: Israel's nuclear weapons), can you please explain to my brother and sister Americans why the American tax payers are still paying for weapons and defense for this country, when such action is Constitutionally forbidden by the Symington and Glenn Amendments?!?

Any enlightenment here, Mr. Pompeo?!? Why does Congress choose to break the law, over and over again, by providing funding and weapons for Israel, while homeless Vets sleep rough in our streets; our infrastructure is collapsing in front of us; and we are living in a Thirdworldistan nation, at this point in the history of the Unhinged, Surveilled, State of Amerika.

Dec 02 09:15

London student groups at Goldsmiths and King's College switch from using women to 'womxn' in communications

The ever-changing rules about inclusivity strike again.
Last week, two London student groups — one at King’s College and the other at Goldsmiths, University of London — vowed to start using “womxn” in replace of “women” in communications. The move is meant to promote inclusivity, even if using the “word” in official posts looks ridiculous. For example, the Goldsmiths Students’ Union published a Facebook post on November 20 referring to two school sporting events.
“Why not give our Womxn’s Basketball session or Adidas Womxn’s Fun Run a go later on today?” the post asked, according to the Evening Standard. “Womxn’s yoga” has also been promoted, the Standard wrote.

Dec 02 09:09

HATE CRIME HOAX: A Student Claimed She Received Racist Notes. Guess Who Sent Them.

In mid-November, a Drake University student told school officials she had received four racist notes in one of the residence halls, at least one of which was addressed to her.
After a police and school investigation, the student, who has not been charged or named, admitted to writing one of the notes. The Des Moines Register reports that Drake officials “are confident the four notes reported by the female student were hoaxes.”
The student who sent the four hoax notes now faces harassment charges, according to Sgt. Paul Parizek, a Des Moines, IA, police spokesman (whether she will actually be charged remains to be seen and is unlikely). Drake spokesman Jarad Bernstein told the Register that the student also faces a campus discipline procedure which could result in her expulsion. Again, this is unlikely, as most hoaxers claim they were trying to “start a dialogue” and get a pass.

Dec 02 09:02

Hilarious moment Trump wanders off the G20 stage before a group photo and leaves Argentina's President Macri on his own before he is caught muttering 'Get me out of here' on a hot mic (5 Pics)

President Donald Trump appeared to be in a hurry to leave the G20 summit in Buenos Aires.
The President was seen walking away from his Argentinean counterpart, President Mauricio Macri, just as the two leaders were supposed to pose for a photo opportunity on Friday.

Dec 02 09:01

'You can’t always lean in, because sometimes that s**t doesn’t work': Michelle Obama shocks NYC audience on her book tour by swearing as she opens up about the pressures of mixing work and marriage (6 Pics)

Former First Lady Michelle Obama caused a stir during her arena book tour on Saturday when she said that marriage inequality can’t be solved by women ‘leaning in’ because ‘that s*** doesn’t work all the time.’
Obama made the comment during her appearance Saturday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where a large crowd of thousands came to see her promotional appearance for her memoir, Becoming.

Dec 02 08:33

Commander of U.S. Navy’s Middle-East fleet found dead

After only seven months leading the US Navy’s Fifth fleet, Vice Admiral Scott Stearney – who led the American Navy presence in the Middle East from its base in Bahrain – has been found dead in his residence, the Navy announced Saturday evening.

Dec 02 08:29


The vote followed US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley's announcement that Washington plans to reject a UN General Assembly resolution on the Golan Heights region given the document's "anti-Israel bias".

A resolution urging Israel to withdraw from the entirety of the Golan Heights has been adopted by the majority of the countries represented in the UN General Assembly (UNGA).

The Syrian Golan resolution was approved by a vote of 99 in favor, 10 against and 66 abstentions during the UNGA's Friday session.

The document declared that Israel's decision to extend its legislation on the Golan Heights is null and void and that the Jewish state should withdraw from the strategically-important territory.

Munzer Munzer, acting charge d’affaires of Syria’s permanent delegation to the UN, accused Israel of continuing to occupy “a precious part of our land” as Syrian people there “continue to suffer because of this occupation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unless Israel is forced, militarily, to get out of the Golan, such a "give back" of this territory will only happen... when pigs discover they are aerodynamic.

Dec 02 08:10

Outrage as Straight-A Students Rejected by Scotland's top universities for being SCOTTISH

School leavers with as many as eight A passes in their Highers have been rejected from Scotland’s top universities in favour of English and foreign students who pay sky-high fees.
Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney have been sent dozens of letters from furious parents after their children lost out on places.

The Scottish Government’s free education policy means universities have quotas for domestic applicants, while they can accept as many as they want from fee-paying countries.

Dec 02 08:08

Illinois Man fighting Cancer said he was Suspended from Job because he uses Medical Marijuana

Craig Miller, from Illinois, was issued a medical marijuana card in June 2018. He was prescribed marijuana to combat the chronic pain and loss of appetite caused by the other medications he has to take. When marijuana showed up on a drug test at work, Miller’s employer, Spartan Light Metal Products, suspended him and told him to “stop taking your medicine or lose your job,” Miller wrote on a GoFundMe page he recently set up.

Dec 02 07:58

Black Education: What Makes Sense?

What do you think of the proposition that no black youngsters should be saved from educational rot until all can be saved? Black people cannot afford to accept such a proposition. Actions by the education establishment, black and white liberal politicians, and some civil rights organizations appear to support the proposition. Let's look at it with the help of some data developed by my friend and colleague Dr. Thomas Sowell.
The Nation's Report Card for 2017 showed the following reading scores for fourth-graders in New York state's public schools: Thirty-two percent scored below basic, with 32 percent scoring basic, 27 percent scoring proficient and 9 percent scoring advanced. When it came to black fourth-graders in the state, 19 percent scored proficient, and 3 percent scored advanced.

Dec 02 07:03

How to rid the world of anti-Semitism

"If Jews want to rid the world of anti-Semitism, Jewish bodies should carefully self-reflect and take responsibility for their own actions, instead of blaming the goyim (gentiles)." >>

Dec 02 06:45

Jenna Bush Hager shares Cartoon of President George H.W. Bush reuniting with wife and daughter in heaven

The Today Show correspondent took to Facebook to share an editorial cartoon by Marshall Ramsey, which shows the former president flying his TBM Avenger above the clouds to join his wife, Barbara, and daughter Robin. A word bubble pointing to Barbara shows her saying “We waited for you.” At the bottom, it reads “George Bush 1924- 2018.”

Dec 02 06:44

Starbucks barista accused of mocking man with racist name: 'How could they get John and Chang messed up?'

A trip to Starbucks on the way to drop his daughter off at school left a California man in shock.
Johncarl Festejo, who recently retired from the Air Force, stopped at a Starbucks in Vacaville on Monday along with his 12-year-old, Milan. Feeling under the weather, he ordered a hot cocoa, along with a banana nut bread and mocha Frappuccino for Milan.

Dec 02 00:03

U.S. Navy admiral Scott Stearney found dead in apparent suicide

Vice Adm. Scott Stearney, who oversaw U.S. Navy forces in the Middle East, was found dead Saturday in his residence in Bahrain, officials said. Defense officials told CBS News they are calling it an "apparent suicide."

Stearney was the commander of the U.S. Navy's Bahrain-based 5th Fleet. Rear Adm. Paul Schlise, the deputy commander of Fifth Fleet, has assumed command, the Navy said in a statement.

"Scott Stearney was a decorated Naval warrior. He was a devoted husband and father, and he was a good friend to all," the statement said.

Dec 01 19:08

"One Problem We'll Bring up Is the Fentanyl Problem"

President Trump addressing the President of the People's Republic of China at the working dinner in Buenos Aires.

Dec 01 18:00

American consumer debt debt set to hit $4 trillion…

It’s only been five years since Americans hit a grand total of $3 trillion in consumer debt and yet, by the end of 2018, that figure is expected to jump by another trillion.

Dec 01 17:57

Military warns EMP attack could wipe out America, ‘democracy, world order’

In an extraordinary and sobering report meant to educate the nation on a growing threat, a new military study warns that an electromagnetic pulse weapon attack such as those developed by North Korea, Russia, and Iran could essentially challenge the United States and displace millions.

Dec 01 17:55

#Macron takes an egg to the head


Dec 01 17:49

Deep Quandaries of the Deep State

The potential for a stand-off exists that will confound any effort to untangle these things, and I can see how that might lead to an extraordinary crisis in which Mr. Trump has to declare some form of emergency or perhaps martial law to clean out this suppurating abscess of illegality and sedition. That can only be the last and worst resort, but what if the US judicial system just can’t manage to clean up the mess it has made?

Dec 01 15:44

Guardian escalates its vilification of Julian Assange

Jonathan Cook says the Guardian’s attacks on WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are intended to shore up a consensus on the left for attacks on leading threats to the existing, neoliberal order, whether they are a whistle-blowing platform like WikiLeaks or a politician like Jeremy Corbyn. >>

Dec 01 14:58

MASSIVE Breakthrough In 9/11 Investigation! - Must WATCH (with Richard Gage & Barbara Honegger)

Trump had promised a re-investigation into 911. Evidence debunking the official government lies will be seeing criminal grand jury!

LCfor9/11 got a letter back from a US attorney agreeing to comply with a Federal law requiring submission to a special grand jury of report by Lawyers' committee and 9/11 victim family members of "yet to be prosecuted 9/11 crimes."

This is the biggest news to come out regarding 9/11 since the 28 pages and by far has more impact.

Dec 01 14:13

‘America is trash’: USC students are asked if they love or hate America. Their answers are scary.

Slightly Offens*ve’s Elijah Schaffer headed to the University of Southern California campus to ask students if they love or hate the United States of America.
Here are some of their reactions:
“America is trash and I look forward to the day it burns down.”
“It can be great. Right now it’s meh.”
“Mother f***ers over here is full of s***.”
When Schaffer asked who the “mfs” in the last statement were, the student answered without hesitation: “Donald Trump and his people. They full of s**t.”

Dec 01 14:09

Video of McDonald’s employee kicking ‘sweet old lady’ out goes viral. Then rest of story comes out.

A video featuring a McDonald’s employee asking a “sweet old lady” to leave the premises has gone viral, but — of course — without the story in its full context.
People were outraged when they saw video of a Lexington, Kentucky, employee asking an elderly woman to leave the restaurant.
The video went viral on Facebook, having been viewed more than 1.7 million times.
What are the details?
Facebook user Josh Nunez shared the video on Wednesday, captioning it, “So this sweet old lady was minding her business at the McDonald’s on nicholasville rd across from the new malibu jacks. She was also eating food that she ordered and was told that she only had 30 mins to eat even tho she was not done.”

Dec 01 13:22

FedEx driver, a former Marine, sees a fallen American flag in a yard. Watch what he does next

FedEx driver who is also a former Marine saw that the wind had taken down a flagpole in a yard. An American flag was laying on the ground.

The driver, Mike King, decided to do something about it.
“He stopped and took took time out of what is surely one of his busiest delivery weeks to pick up our flags and fold them and place them safely on a box that was on our porch,” said Gail Cook, the resident of the home.
King didn’t have a package to deliver to Cook’s home, but he stopped anyway. He picked up the American flag, and ceremonially folded the flag into a triangular shape.

Dec 01 13:19

Earthquake Memes for Alaska (6 Pics)

Earthquake Memes for Alaska (6 Pics)

Dec 01 13:05

Inmates file lawsuit claiming Iowa’s ban on porn in prisons violates their constitutional rights

Dozens of prison inmates are suing officials in Iowa, saying the state’s recent ban on pornography in correctional facilities violates their constitutional rights.
What are the details?
The Des Moines Register reported that 58 prisoners at the Fort Dodge Correctional Facility are plaintiffs in a lawsuit that seeks to overturn a new state law prohibiting inmates from having access to commercially published nude photos or sexually explicit material. The plaintiffs are seeking $25,000 each in damages.

In their lawsuit, the inmates claim the ban on pornography was enacted under the guise of “morality” by “religious tyrants,” CNN reported.

Dec 01 12:55

Vandals burn Vermont veteran’s Trump flag at his front door – then Eric Trump steps in

After someone burned a ‘Trump 2020’ flag flying outside of his house, Gus Klein says he sees his Burlington, Vermont, neighborhood in a whole new light.
“It does make me sad,” Klein said, according to NECN. “I’m going to be 58 years old, and I’ve never seen something like this before. I’ve always lived in this area.”
The veteran of the Afghanistan War told WCAX that after waking up on Sunday morning, he went outside to find a burned piece of fabric resting on his front porch. Then, Klein says, he “noticed that the flagpole was laying on the ground” and the flag wasn’t on it.
Now, Klein says, he is left worrying about his family’s safety.

Dec 01 10:58

G7 declares 'unwavering support' for Ukraine over Russia standoff

Foreign ministers from the world's seven biggest economies, known as the Group of Seven or G7, have condemned Russia's actions in Kerch Strait as they reaffirmed their "unwavering support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity".

A statement by G7 members - the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the High Representative of the European Union - on Friday said there was "no justification" for Russia's use of military force against Ukrainian ships and naval personnel.

"We urge restraint, due respect for international law, and the prevention of any further escalation. We call on Russia to release the detained crew and vessels and refrain from impeding lawful passage through the Kerch Strait," the statement read.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't the congenital idiots who write advertising/position propaganda for the G7 understand: Crimea was NEVER annexed by Russia. Let me break this out in small words, so that you will comprehend what I am saying.

Let' set the way-back machine to 2014.

In a plot, to which President Obama alluded in a television interview, that the US was one of the leading sponsors of regime change in Kiev, as Ukraine's President, President Yanukovich, was infinitely more Russia centric, economically, rather than Western-Centric.

Washington was behind Ukraine Coup; Obama admits that the US brokered a deal in support of regime change

OK, writers of this Codswallop for the G7, IF I KNOW THIS, MILLIONS AROUND THE WORLD UNDERSTAND THIS AS WELL. But of course, given an organisation the size and financial girth of the G7, the truth, when the independent media disproves you lies, cannot be tolerated.

What Crimea did, is perfectly legal to do under the Charter of the UN, (and most of your members are actual members of the UN, Right?!?) This is called the right to "peaceful self-determiniation."

The people of Crimea did two things. First, Crimean citizens were asked if they wanted stay on as a part of Ukraine, or leave Ukraine, and petition the Russian Government to become one of its members. Crimeans voted, overwhelmingly, to leave Ukraine, and become part of the Russian Federation.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this, in the eyes of the UN; but because Crimea voted to join Russia, rather than stay with Ukraine, such an outcome was not to your liking, so you decided to lie about it.

It is very sad, that you think that you can get away with this kind of attitude and behaviour, and lie to the public, when both Americans and people around the world, already know the truth about what happened with Crimea; your inability to accept the truth, because the outcome was not to your liking, is a very dangerous place from which to make decisions about what your "next step" with Russia will be.

Dec 01 10:25

Swedish Nurses Enroll in Self-Defence Classes After Rise in Violence

Swedish nurses who work in the emergency room of a hospital in Kalmar are taking self-defence classes due to a rise in violent incidents from patients.
The hospital has also taken active measures to increase the number of security guards stationed at the emergency room to better deal with situations before they escalate into violence, Swedish broadcaster SVT reports.

Andrea Berg, a nurse in the Kalmar hospital ER, is behind the initiative saying that she had even seen colleagues beaten by patients who she described as stressed due to factors including long wait times. Berg added that she had also seen a rise in violence outside of work saying, “As a woman, you are much more exposed.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to hope that other European countries are learning how deadly unfettered immigration is, and rather than criminalize any comments on what it has caused, start to deal with these crises we are seeking, intelligently and responsibly.

Otherwise, Europe... will be only a fleeting memory, in contrast to the horrific vile actions of those who would destroy the people who welcomed them into their country, and frequently into their homes.

Dec 01 10:24

Escaping the Global Banking Cartel - aantonop

Expanding on an observation from his last talk, Andreas asks why we talk so much about the cartels in drugs and oil, but rarely about one of the largest cartels in the world: banking. He analyses recent (unacknowledged) history with the 2008 financial crisis, the corrupt revolving door with regulators, how kleptocracy is destroying democracy, and why Bitcoin matters as an exit when voice is no longer an option.

Dec 01 10:20

4 Elaborate Mourning Rituals From the Victorian Era

For Victorians, dressing for mourning didn’t stop after the funeral. It was an elaborate process that could go on for years, particularly for women. A widow, for example, had to wear a bonnet of heavy crepe and a veil covering the face for the first three months after the death of her husband. Then she was to wear the veil on the back of the bonnet for another nine months.

Dec 01 10:18

Putin ratifies interim agreement on EAEU-Iran free trade zone

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law ratifying a temporary agreement on formation of a free trade zone between the Eurasian Economic Union and Iran.

he relevant law, published on the official Internet portal of legal information, was ratified by the State Duma and the Federation Council (two houses of the Russian parliament) on November 15 and 23, respectively.

"To ratify the interim agreement on formation of a free trade zone between the Eurasian Economic Union and its member states, for one part, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, on the other part, signed in Astana on May 17, 2018," the document says.

The agreement signed in Astana on May 17, 2018 sets the main rules of trade between the EAEU and Iran most closely to those of the World Trade Organization (WTO), which Iran does not belong to

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was an utterly brilliant move on Putin's part, as he is working as hard as he can, to keep the country of Iran in the best economic state possible, while making President Trump appear petulant and short-sited, courtesy of the United States' withdrawal from the P5+1 agreement.

Dec 01 10:12

Russia: You shall not pass: Russia changes rules for foreign warships navigating through its Arctic

Russia is updating its navigation rules for a contingency involving another nation’s warships attempting to sail along the Northern Sea Route. Such a passage would require prior notification from the Defense Ministry.
The route, situated in the Arctic along Russia’s northern coast, is becoming more accessible to sea traffic as the climate warms. With longer navigation seasons and fewer ice hazards, Russia hopes the path will be increasingly in demand for international commercial transit. Such navigation however more often than not requires Russia’s cooperation, since an icebreaker usually is needed to pass through.

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Hopefully,these issues can be resolved to everyone's mutual satisfaction, if logic and profits can be allowed to work here, together.

Dec 01 10:09

BREAKING: Fed Prosecutors Assigned to John Huber Questioned Whistleblower INSIDE THE CLINTON FOUNDATION on Friday (VIDEO)

Federal prosecutors reached out to a CLINTON FOUNDATION whistleblower on Friday.This just happened tonight!

John Solomon: I’ll give you some breaking news right now, Sean. Just two hours ago federal prosecutors assigned to John Huber, the US attorney investigating the Clintons, reached out to a whistleblower in the Clinton Foundation – The first time we’ve seen contact between a Clinton Foundation whistleblower and that particular federal office. That just happened tonight.

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I hope this Huber character is wearing his Kevlar undies, and has no intention of traveling on small aircraft soon. In fact, it may not be a bad thing for him to find some private security for himself and his family.

The Clintonistas most likely have assassins on their speed dial!!

Dec 01 10:09

17 Stirring Photos of Released American Slaves

Slavery outlawed, countless men and women found themselves finally freed after Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation.
Here are historical portraits manifesting former slaves after the proclamation.

Dec 01 10:05


This is terrible news for Marriott shareholders (and great news for the VC backers of Airbnb).

Marriott shares have fallen more than 2% in premarket trading after the hotel chain announced news of a massive data breach of its guest registration system at Starwood hotels, the hotel chain that it purchased in September 2016.

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Dec 01 10:03


Sheryl Sandberg asked Facebook staff to research George Soros because he gave a speech boldly critical of the social media giant as a “menace,” reports the New York Times tonight.

After Davos, "in an email in January to senior communications and policy executives," Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg "asked Facebook's communications staff to research George Soros's financial interests in the wake of his high-profile attacks on tech companies."

If she was willing to do this over a mere billionaire, imagine what Facebook might have done in researching news organizations and reporters who are critical of Facebook?

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I would imagine that Sandberg's next actions will be to continue to deplatform, and professionally assassinate sites she doesn't like, with the usual poisoned cocktail of half-lies and innuendo, as we have seen, previously.

OF course, nothing will actually be done to prevent this, because Facebook Twitter, and Google, have become ugly-sister triumverate, in service to America's "Deep State.", which also despises honest logic, or alternative agendas than their own.

Dec 01 09:48


During a year when drug overdose deaths jumped to a record high 72,000 - roughly one every seven minutes - it's probably not surprising that overall life expectancy for Americans declined for the third straight year in 2017. But according to data from the CDC, drugs weren't the only factor at play: Deaths from suicide, the flu, diabetes and many other causes also increased.

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I would suggest that all of us are under enormous pressures, financially, and socially, to "win" at any cost, no matter the morals involved, and with ever-increasing work tasks.

That, coupled with medications, and a lousy, unsupplemented diet, will always steal the health away from people, if they are not careful about understanding the stresses involved in their lives, and how to manage them.

Prayer, meditation, grounding,and exercise can really come in handy, depending upon what your natural orientation might be, to these activities.

Toxic corporations are now working managers to the bone, to improve that all important bottom line, which usually translates into those managers not having the kind of smart, intellectually lithe people, who can handle whatever comes their way, in a calm, client-centric manner.

There are many online resources which can be helpful, if you are applying for a job with a large corporation, so that you can determine in advance, what companies you would like to work for, and engineer your resume to well match the needs of those companies.

One resource I have found as follows: This will give you an overview of management style, salaries, and work/life balance.

As most of you know, I do marketing for a living; and I cannot tell you the number of times when I have connected with a receptionist, who has somehow gotten it into their heads, that rudeness is a form of personal empowerment.

In my world, it is education, compassion,and understanding which are the fundamentals which create the basis for personal empowerment.

I always try to remember, if I get a really negative response from someone, I must understand that I have no clue what has happened to that person right before they took my phone call.

Perhaps they have just learned that one of their parents is slipping into dementia, and care arrangements are going to have to be quickly made; perhaps it is a child who is ill, or having bad experiences at school with bullies; you never know.

Just bless them, and let them go; the next time around may be far more productive a phone encounter.

Dec 01 09:29

Trump declares Alaska state of emergency after 7.0 quake damages roads & infrastructure

Thousands of people remain without power and it will take weeks to repair all infrastructure wrecked by a huge 7.0 quake, though President Donald Trump has allowed funds for federal agencies to coordinate disaster relief efforts.

The 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck just outside Anchorage, Alaska’s largest city, on Friday, prompting Governor Bill Walker to deem it a disaster, after which the US president “declared that an emergency exists in the State of Alaska” and ordered the government to free up federal funding to battle “emergency conditions in the areas affected by an earthquake.”

Dec 01 09:18

Amazon May Be Hiding Its Plans to Test New Wireless Tech by Masquerading as a Massage Spa

What do a Silicon Valley massage spa, a local community college, and a California plastics manufacturer have in common? They will soon be testing hundreds of cutting-edge wireless devices, according to an application for an experimental permit filed last week with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

If that sounds unlikely, it is. It seems much more likely that the new devices will actually be tested at three nearby Amazon facilities. These include two buildings belonging to the company’s secretive Lab126 research division, and one of the retailer’s largest fulfillment centers in the state.

On 19 November, a company called Chrome Enterprises sought permission to test up to 450 prototype devices using Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS), a new technology that aims to deliver ultrafast wireless broadband over shared radio frequencies.

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This is a question of who actually gets the money from the ultimate sale of those devices, which have to work magnificently to receive approval.

Dec 01 09:05

Political world react to George H.W. Bush's death

The 41st President of the United States and patriarch of a political dynasty, George H.W. Bush died on Friday in Houston. He was 94 years old. Friends, world leaders and fellow politicians are now paying tribute to the man remembered as a World War II combat pilot, a Cold War politician, and a compassionate family man.

Dec 01 09:03

Internet responds to Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's brotherly greeting with disgust - and memes (14 Pics)

Social media users are expressing their disgust at the enthusiastic high five shared by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Russian President Vladimir Putin during the G20 Leaders' Summit in Argentina.
While many world leaders have distanced themselves from Salman, who is accused of ordering the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Putin is certainly not one of them.

Dec 01 09:03

Cristiano Ronaldo 'admitted his rape accuser Kathryn Mayorga said no multiple times and he apologised after they had sex', leaked legal documents allege as she files a new civil action against the Juventus star

Cristiano Ronaldo admitted his rape accuser said no multiple times before they had sex in a Las Vegas hotel, leaked legal documents allege.
The papers, possessed by German magazine Der Spiegel, contain a questionnaire in which the Juventus star, 33, confessed that American Kathryn Mayorga, 35, 'said no and stop several times' when the pair had sex in the Hotel Palms Place in June 2009.