Oct 18 15:14

Paul Allen's gigantic Stratolaunch plane completes key taxi test ahead of first flight - just days after the billionaire behind it died

The massive plane has a wingspan longer than a football field and comes equipped with two cockpits, 28 wheels and six engines normally used to power 747 jumbo jets.

Eventually it will be used to transport rockets carrying satellites and even a newly revealed manned space plane into the Earth's upper atmosphere, where they will blast off into space.

Oct 18 15:10

Pompeo Tells Bin Salman He Should Take Responsibility in Khashoggi Case as His Future as King Is in Danger

TEHRAN (FNA)- US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has sternly told Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MbS) during a meeting in Riyadh on Tuesday that the first in line to the throne would have to take responsibility in disappearance case of journalist Jamal Khashoggi to help the kingdom avoid the consequences of an international backlash, according to an informed source.
A person familiar with the meeting told The New York Times that Pompeo sternly told the crown prince that even if he did not know whether Khashoggi had been killed, he would have to take responsibility to help the kingdom avoid the consequences of an international backlash.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Malice in the Palace is nothing new, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

I have to wonder if another Saudi Royal might be plotting "regime change" against Bin Salman, and using this incident as the justification to take him out of power.

Oct 18 15:00

French Forces to Set Up Military Base in Raqqa

The Arabic-language Baladi News website affiliated to the terrorists reported on Thursday that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are busy with drilling operations in an area stretching from the Brigade 17 region to Sahlat al-Banat region in Northeast of Raqqa city and from Sahlat al-Banat region to the North of the Sugar plant in Northern Raqqa.

It added that operations to build the walls and construction of buildings in the area will start after drilling operations, noting that a military base is due to be set up for the French forces with the aim of supporting the SDF in Raqqa.

According to the report, the US military troops are in talks with the SDF to further equip al-Tabaqah airbase in Western Raqqa and turn it into their new military base in the region next year.

Sources in the past few months said that the French army has sent weapons, military equipment and forces to Raqqa.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, let me get my head around this: The US military has invited the French military to further invade and disrupt life in Syria, and will not hesitate, against the will of the Syrian government, and their Russian and Iranian counterparts, to establish a permanent military base in Raqqa, in order to engage in military actions against all of them, as they see fit?!?

Folks, given that Russia is still very active here, and Israel has threatened to take out the newly installed S-300 self-defense systems, we may be a lot closer to war in Syria than many of us had wanted to believe

Oct 18 14:50

A U.S. senator is demanding law enforcement go after a journalist for the sin of committing journalism

Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe has responded to the news of the complaint.

Oct 18 14:44

PROJECTVERITAS FALLOUT --- Missouri media is all over McCaskill undercover videos

Missouri media is ALL OVER McCaskill undercover clips of her campaign staff saying she has to hide her views from moderate voters.

Oct 18 14:40

Israel’s “psychological obstacles to peace”

Lawrence Davidson argues that Israelis’ “existentialist” fears are no excuse for the destruction of Palestine, its people, culture and international law, and that if those fears preclude the use of reason to end the conflict, then there is no choice but coercion – administered worldwide.>>

Oct 18 14:39

Open Season on Conservatives & Your Questions Answered | Mike Rivero

Oct 18 14:35

Paul Craig Roberts Fears "Western Civilization No Longer Exists"

The Cheney-Bush and Obama regimes destroyed due process, with the result that American citizens were detained in prison indefinitely without evidence and murdered without evidence or trial. In violation of US and international laws, the US government used torture to produce “terrorists,” who were not terrorists, in order to justify Washington’s wars, wars that have nothing whatsoever to do with “fighting terrorism.”

The Democratic Party’s Identity Politics’ successful demonization of white heterosexual males has made American universities unsafe for white heterosexual males. Any woman can accuse them of rape, and despite the absence of any evidence, and even in the face of complete evidence to the contrary, the university, in total violation of all known rules of due process, can convict the accused—indeed, conviction on accusation alone is mandatory in American universities—and destroy the reputation of the accused along with his ability to continue his education.

Oct 18 14:32

As Portland Cracks Down On Violent Protests, Seattle Antifa Dox ICE Agents Over Twitter

Following a series of violent protests, the mayor of Portland has proposed new measures aimed at separating conservatives and liberals before anybody gets hurt.

On Monday afternoon, Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler proposed an emergency ordinance which would allow police to physically separate protesters and counter-protesters - corralling anyone with a history of violence into designated zones with enhanced police supervision .

"I will not allow continued, planned street violence between rival factions to take place in Portland, Oregon," said Wheeler at a Monday press conference.

His comments come two days after leftist members of Antifa brawled with right-wing activism groups Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer - which saw protesters beating and assaulting each other with pepper spray. Several injuries were reported.

Oct 18 14:17

Rep. Mark Meadows: New info from (Crooked Feds) shows Rod Rosenstein should resign "immediately"

Amid Baker Testimony, GOP Rep. Mark Meadows Calls For Rosenstein To Resign

Oct 18 14:06

_ISIS Took Nearly 700 Hostages Including Several US & European Citizens In US-Controlled Part Of Syria

Threatens To Kill 10 A Day

Russia’a Vladimir Putin said, criticizing American forces for “catastrophic” failure.

Oct 18 14:02

Hillary's Running mate Sen. Tim Kaine: ---- 'We've Got' to 'Fight in the Streets'

of course they don't mean literally

--- vvideo---

Oct 18 13:41

BREAKING: ISIS Took Nearly 700 Hostages Including Several US & European Citizens In US-Controlled Part Of Syria, Threatens To Kill 10 A Day

Russia’a Vladimir Putin said, criticizing American forces for “catastrophic” failure.

Oct 18 13:31

Nikki Haley dishes on her time in Trump administration in private talk with conservatives

Days before her resignation as US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley gave a private talk to the Council for National Policy — the group the New York Times has called a “little-known club of a few hundred of the most powerful conservatives in the country” — and she reportedly revealed behind-the-scenes details of her time in the Trump administration.

The talk was so secretive, the group’s president apparently told the gathering that unauthorized recording was forbidden, and joked, “If you’re caught, you will be taken to a room and be forced to watch Rachel Maddow.”

A Harper’s reporter, Max Blumenthal, managed to infiltrate the session and reported that Haley told the gathering that she was initially offered the job of secretary of state but that, “I thought the job should go to someone who didn’t have the same learning curve.”

Oct 18 13:08

Federal Judge "Shocked" To Find Obama State Dept Lied To Protect Hillary From Email Server Lawsuits

"I was actually dumbfounded when I found out... false statements were made to me by career State Department officials."

Oct 18 13:06

Henry Kissinger Heckled At NYU, Told To "Rot In Hell"-- videos

“He was the architect of programs which were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, the destabilization of several nations, and the enabling of brutal, genocidal regimes..."

Oct 18 12:20

Mueller’s man. - Junket justice: How special interests pay to schmooze DOJ and FBI officials

Of all the agencies in the federal government that should be immune to special-interest schmoozing, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and its premier law enforcement agencies ... top the list.

Oct 18 11:53


When the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran launched the Astana peace talks in January 2017 in an attempt to end violence and improve the humanitarian situation in Syria, few expected the unlikely alliance of historical rivals to be more than a sideshow to the UN’s Geneva process.

Almost two years after their inaugural meeting in the Kazakh capital, the trio of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have made meaningful progress in Syria and developed strong personal relationships, despite their divergent national interests.

Oct 18 11:35

Actual Descendant of Pocahontas Speaks Out on Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test – ‘I Feel Betrayed’

A descendant of the famed 17th-century Powhatan princess Pocahontas spoke out against Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s DNA test results Tuesday on Fox News “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” saying she felt “betrayed” by the senator’s claims of Native American ancestry.

Host Carlson asked Debbie White Dove Porreco about the Massachusetts Democrat’s test results, saying, “You’ve watched Elizabeth Warren, once again, put herself at the head of the ‘Me Sioux’ movement, and come out with this DNA test which you called for. Now that we have the results, what’s your response?”

“Well, first of all, I’m so glad she ended up taking one,” Porrecco said, “and it did prove that she wasn’t the Cherokee Indian that she’s been claiming to be for so long.”

“How did that make you feel as a descendant of Pocahontas?” Carlson asked. “Cultural appropriation is often in the news. Do you think she’s guilty of it?”

Oct 18 11:04

Ecuador tried to move Julian Assange to Russia, new files confirm

Newly released Ecuadorian government documents have laid bare an unorthodox attempt to extricate the WikiLeaks founder from his embassy hideaway in London by naming him as a political counselor to the country’s embassy in Moscow.

Oct 18 11:04

High School Girls Admitted to Making False Sexual Assault Accusations Against a Male Student Because They ‘Just Don’t Like Him’

Seneca Valley School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is facing a lawsuit from a former male student who was forced out of school—and investigated for sexual assault—due to a series of false accusations made by female students.

The girls—dubbed "mean girls" in the lawsuit, a reference to the 2004 Lindsay Lohan film—admitted on tape that they made up the assault story. One said, "I just don't like him" and "[I] would do anything to get him expelled," according to The Toronto Sun.

The false allegations were life-derailing for the accused, who is referred to as "T.F." in the lawsuit. On October 3, 2017, one of the girls told other students that T.F. had sexually assaulted her at a pool; a Seneca Valley guidance counselor overheard the accusation, and reported it to Childline, the state's child abuse prevention agency, as required by law. T.F. was swiftly charged with indecent assault and harassment, and received six months of probation as part of a plea deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes, women DO lie about sexual assault. Deal with it!

Oct 18 11:00

WATCH: Cop Fired for Saying He Gets “Paid a Ton of Money to Shoot People”

A Connecticut police officer who warned suspected trespassers not to run because he felt “trigger happy” has been fired from the force after video footage revealed him saying that he gets paid overtime if he shoots someone.

Hartford police officer Stephen Barone was involved in what appeared to be a routine incident last August in which he stopped a group of males suspected of trespassing on private property. But things took a sinister turn when Barone was also heard boasting that if he shot someone he would be paid overtime.

Barone’s conduct was called into question when footage of the incident also showed him warning the suspects that he was “trigger happy.” Officer Barone has now been relieved of his duties, Hartford chief of police David Rosado confirmed.

Oct 18 10:30

A Victory for Free Speech

The litigation brought by Stormy Daniels against Donald Trump has had its day of reckoning. The adult-film star who sued the president for defamation not only lost a portion of her lawsuit but was ordered to pay the president’s legal bills. All this was a resounding victory for the freedom of speech.

After the right to life, protected by the Fifth and 14th amendments, and the right to be left alone, protected by the Fourth, the freedom of speech, protected by the First, is our most cherished. James Madison, who drafted the Bill of Rights, was careful to refer to speech as “the” freedom of speech so as to underscore the Framers’ unambiguous belief that free speech is pre-political. Stated differently, it existed before the government did and thus did not come from the government. As it does not originate in the government, Madison and company believed it originates in our humanity.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Oct 18 10:26

When Warren Woke Up to A World Without Her

Elizabeth Warren’s national political career is over. And malignant narcissist that she is she keeps trying to score rhetorical points against Donald Trump, thinking if she can just get in a good one, she’ll stop being a laughing stock.

But, that’s not going to happen. She’s accumulating nicknames now at a rate that is faster than black men are leaving the Democrats.



Last of the Fauxhicans



After being thoroughly rebuked by the Cherokee Nation for using her DNA results (which, by the way, make her more Aryan than Hitler) for cheap political purposes, Warren continues to debase herself stridently rallying her supporters to force Trump to pay up on his ‘bet’ with her that she is significantly Native American.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

You're raising on a busted flush, Liz!

Oct 18 10:16

BEX ALERT!: Why AI and advertisers should team up to fix fake news

Pathetic piece advocating censorship! GRRRR!!!

Fake news is as old as the written word, and probably older, but it’s technology that’s created the insidious version of fake news we know today. Now, the question is whether technology, and artificial intelligence in particular, can also be the foil that will prevent the eventual fakenewspocolypse.

Oct 18 10:06

Ben Garrison Cartoons --- Stormy Daniels Horses Around #horseface

Like Mr. Ed, Stormy Daniels keeps talking and talking and won't go away. Stormy lost her horse race when a judge dismissed her defamation …

Oct 18 09:57

Trump Spins Cover-up For Saudi Killing

The original Magnitsky Act, signed into law in 2012, was designed to punish Russia with sanctions over alleged human rights abuses. In 2016, it was expanded to place the rest of the world under US authority as well. Its targeting of Russia has been disputed as a controversial political weapon, not reflecting actual human rights abuses. Nevertheless, the law has international application against any foreign government or individual deemed by the US congress as a violator of human rights.

In the case of Saudi Arabia and the missing journalist Jamal Khashoggi that would seem to be a clear incident meriting Magnitsky-type sanctions.

But whether US legislators actually follow through with threats to punish Saudi Arabia and its rulers is a moot question.>>>

Oct 18 09:51

Rep. Eric Swalwell : Trump and Saudia Arabia Colluding

on Murder Cover-up

on Rachel Maddow


Oct 18 09:42

Saudi Journalist Disappearance Has Accomplished What 50,000 Yemeni Deaths Could Not:

Recent condemnations of the Saudi government are welcome, but the kingdom's brutality in Yemen has not drawn nearly as much attention.

Oct 18 09:24

'Hit it between the eyes': Elephants charge at hunters after they shoot and kill a member of the herd in Namibia

This is the moment the tables turned on two hunters, who found themselves under attack from a herd of elephants after they shot one of the bulls.
Video footage shows two men armed with rifles trying to sneak up on the herd of elephants in Namibia.
They are seen aiming at the elephant herd from a distance, with one of them telling the other 'hit it between the eyes'.

Oct 18 09:23

High School Girls Admitted to Making False Sexual Assault Accusations Against a Male Student Because They ‘Just Don’t Like Him’

Seneca Valley School District in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is facing a lawsuit from a former male student who was forced out of school—and investigated for sexual assault—due to a series of false accusations made by female students.
The girls—dubbed "mean girls" in the lawsuit, a reference to the 2004 Lindsay Lohan film—admitted on tape that they made up the assault story. One said, "I just don't like him" and "[I] would do anything to get him expelled," according to The Toronto Sun.

Oct 18 09:18

Policeman tells 11-year-old carrying BB gun 'I could have killed you' in powerful bodycam recording

A police officer told an 11-year-old boy carrying a BB gun "I could have killed you" in a powerful body cam recording.
Officer Peter Casuccio got a call over his radio that a boy wearing red tracksuit bottoms had been seen with a weapon.

When he saw the youngster, who was with a 13-year-old friend, he demanded they drop the weapon and get on their knees.

Oct 18 08:50

People Are Creating "Chickenpox Playdate" Facebook Groups so Their Kids Can Get Sick

When I was growing up, it was understood that getting chicken pox was an inevitability. My older brother got it first. I saw the red welts appear on his body and he, enviably, got to stay home from school for several days, playing video games and eating crackers and sipping on ginger ale.

Oct 18 08:50

U.S. Secret Service Responds To Incident On Airplane In Which Agent Grabbed A Reporter's Phone To Block Access To Kushner

The fact that the Secret Service insists that "The actions of the special agent in this incident were in no way intended to impede those (first amendment) rights or the media's access to a secret service protectee" (Kushner) shows that they realize they need to tread lightly on this one. The secret service claims that the agent didn't know who the reporter was, but the agent actually said "I don't give a damn who you are" AFTER CBS reporter Errol Barnett ID'd himself as White House Press.

Oct 18 08:50

A British teenager who is trying to become the youngest person to cycle solo around the world has had his bike stolen in Australia.

A British teenager who is trying to become the youngest person to cycle solo around the world has had his bike stolen in Australia.
Charlie Condell, 18, has pedalled through Europe and Asia since embarking on an eight-month, 18,000-mile journey in July.
He woke up in Townsville, Queensland, on day 103 – Tuesday – to discover his bike, camping gear, passport and other equipment had vanished. All he was left with was the shirt and shorts he stood up in and one bag.

Oct 18 08:47

VIDEO: British Man Encounters A Shocking 'Gender Neutral' Crosswalk In London

This video is particularly hilarious. A normal guy in London comes across a 'gender-fluid' crosswalk. His reaction is priceless.

Oct 18 08:14

Kleenex bins 'Mansize' tissues

Kleenex is scrapping "Mansize" branding from its tissue boxes after 60 years on the shelves as consumers called it out for being sexist.

The company said the tissues would now be called "Extra Large".

Oct 18 08:07

Sign Co-op store bans children from local comprehensive while allowing in pupils from the £31,000-a-year private school nearby

The store manager of the Co-op said the decision to put up the sign had been 'made for the right reasons'.
Ralph Allen School, which is in the Combe Down area of the city, was rated 'Good' in its last Ofsted inspection.
There are several other schools in the area which were not singled-out by the shopkeeper.

Oct 18 08:06

Wild-Eyed Leftist Becomes A Hyena As He Destroys Ted Cruz Signs

Ted Cruz has had his bouts with hyperventilating members of the Left recently, such as hysterical women confronting him in airports who badger him about his vote to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh while displaying their utter ignorance of jurisprudence and due process. Cruz usually has a witty response for such hecklers, and their hysteria is usually still somewhere within the parameters of what might be construed as normal.

Oct 18 08:05

A Group Of Black Senior Citizens Was Told To Get Off A Bus That Was Taking Them To Vote

A group of black senior citizens was ordered off a bus that was taking them to vote after the county clerk called the senior center from where they were departing, prompting claims of voter intimidation.

Oct 18 08:05

The Woman Who Wrote A Powerful Obituary About Her Sister’s Opioid Addiction Says The System Failed Her

Kate O’Neill had never written an obituary. Then her youngest sister, Madelyn Ellen Linsenmeir, died on Sunday, Oct. 7.
O’Neill knew she had to write about how Maddie loved to sing, swim, and ski. She also knew that she needed to write about Maddie’s addiction to opioids, which was a big part of her 30 years alive.

Oct 18 06:16

Leftist To 9/11 Widow: 'Your Husband Should F--king Rot In The Grave'

A leftist who appeared to be an Antifa protester, verbally accosted a woman during protests over the weekend in Portland, Oregon, telling her that her deceased husband should "rot in the grave."

Oct 18 06:16

Millionaire property developer is ordered to tear down entire housing estate of 11 new homes 'after blunder by builders' led to two more houses being built than he had permission for

A millionaire property developer has been ordered to demolish 11 new houses he has built in a market town because he was given permission for only nine.
Hekmat Kaveh's company Crystalight said the extra houses were erected due to a blunder by the builders he employed to carry out the development.

Oct 18 05:29

US Threatens To Stop Canadian Pot Businessmen At Border

As the world's first major economy fully legalised cannabis, officials of US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) warned they won't admit anyone arriving with the intent "to aid in the proliferation of the marijuana business".


(*the last thing the nation needs as it engages in civil war for the sake of the elites of both establishment politicorp parties is a bunch of stoned out serfs
whitehorse souce)

Oct 17 19:51

video - He strikes again! George Lopez gets into a FIGHT with a Trump supporter

- He strikes again! George Lopez gets into a FIGHT with a Trump supporter and tries to snatch his phone after he taunted the TV star at a Hooters.

Oct 17 15:29

Secret Service Intervenes When CBS News Reporter Confronts Kushner On An Airplane

This Secret Service agent deserves a raise.

Oct 17 15:08

Strike back Against Alt-Media Purge, 21’st Century Inquisition

Some 800 anti-establishment accounts and pages have been yanked from Facebook in a sweeping crackdown the social media giant framed as a fight against spammers. Among the hundreds of pages and accounts Facebook and Twitter took down were those both on the political left and right, ranging from conspiracy theorists and police brutality watchers, to news outlets with non-mainstream angles, While their content could be at times described as controversial, the bulk of the banished pages boasted large followings and outreach.

Oct 17 13:51

video --- The Angry Leftist Mob That Doesn't Exist


Oct 17 12:12

For the first time in 25 years New York City didn't have a single shooting over the weekend

For the first time in at least a quarter-century, New York City made it through a weekend without anyone getting shot.

Oct 17 12:09

Phillip Cross: The Mystery Wikipedia Editor Targeting Anti-War Sites

133,612 edits to Wikipedia have been made in the name of “Philip Cross” over 14 years, most of them targeting left-leaning anti-war websites and activists.

(*I take exception with the usage of language;left-leaning in describing the anti war websites Cross has been screwing with .
WRH isn't left leaning , but it is anti war , and it's been victimised in much the same way , over there !)

Oct 17 11:46

Walmart is aggressively shifting away from its most legendary shopping format

Walmart (WMT) continues to kill off the American shopping creation it’s most known for, the massive supercenter that sells everything under one roof.

Oct 17 11:45

Murder charge for grandmother after toddler found in oven

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The death of a 20-month-old girl found stabbed and burned inside an oven of a Mississippi Delta home led to a murder charge Tuesday against the child's grandmother, authorities said.

Oct 17 11:43

Here Are the Demands Ecuador Has Given Julian Assange in Order to End His Isolation

Despite numerous reports claiming that the communications of Julian Assange have been restored, they are not yet — and there will be a severe regime of penalties and sanctions on his speech and writing when they are.

The team at WikiLeaks was informed on Friday that his communications would be restored on Monday, October 15, but so far there has not been any change. In a grave violation of free speech, Assange was also presented with a nine page document that includes outlining limitations and restrictions on what he will be able to do and say online.

The new rules also promise to potentially use the UK police against visitors or to sieze communications equipment.