Jun 07 08:19

Sheriff's deputy fired in Bon Homme County after winning election

BON HOMME (KSFY) - In Bon Homme County, a sheriff's deputy lost his job just after winning the race for sheriff in Tuesday's primary election.

Jun 07 08:18

Key White House official advocated for 'limited use of military force' in North Korea

Fred Fleitz, left, and national security adviser John Bolton, right. (Photo illustration: Yahoo News; photos: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, AP, Getty Images)

Jun 07 08:17

Military base calls immigration agents on pizza delivery man

NEW YORK (AP) — He went from delivering pizza to being detained by immigration officers.

Jun 07 07:48

80 arrested, 95 pounds of meth and 75 guns seized in largest drug bust in recent history- Seattle WA

The largest drug takedown initiative in Puget Sound has netted more than 80 drug dealers, U.S. Attorney Annette Hayes said. The initiative began this year and was conducted in four different operations across King, Pierce, Snohomish, Skagit and Thurston counties.

Jun 07 07:48

Deputy fired by Sheriff after beating Sheriff in election

In Bon Homme County, a sheriff's deputy lost his job just after winning the race for sheriff in Tuesday's primary election.

Sheriff's Deputy Mark Maggs was sent a letter by election opponent and current Sheriff Lenny Gramkow saying he was terminated moments after the race was called.

Jun 07 07:33

The year’s biggest day of primaries left Jewish incumbents (mostly) safe

Ditto for John Fitzgerald, who came in second in the 11th District. Fitzgerald got 25 percent of the vote to incumbent Democrat Mark DeSaulnier’s 69 percent — but he’s still on the ballot in November, he still got 24,000 people voting for a candidate who insists that Jews in government have dual loyalties and he came in ahead of two other candidates, a Democrat and an Independent. The state and national GOP have disavowed Little and Fitzgerald...

Jun 07 06:57

The Killing Fields And Mind Control Of Microwave Radiation – TETRA Anyone?

...interested in finding out the cause or causes of young people suicides, particularly within the last few years. To understand the present, we have to dip into the past. TETRA for example has its origins in the Cold War and mind control research programmes of the 1970s.

Jun 07 04:33

A Nation That Doesn’t Know War: America Celebrates Memorial Day

The truth is that Americans have forgotten about the War Between the States and, protected by two broad oceans, have no idea whatsoever about the horrible reality that war represents. They have become addicted to war pari passu without any perception of what that might mean if an adversary were to develop the capability to strike the homeland. For most Americans war is little more than a video game, seen in snippets on the nightly news. It is a peculiar form of cultural blindness, an exercise that involves foreign people in faraway places and is not to be taken seriously. The rest of the world, which has experienced far too much of war's devastation first hand has quite a different viewpoint, however.

Jun 07 04:01

Israel in uproar over Argentina pre-World Cup friendly snub

The sports-crazed nation of Israel was in uproar Wednesday over Argentina's abrupt cancellation of a World Cup warmup match following pro-Palestinian protests, with some of the country's leaders accusing Lionel Messi and his teammates of caving to terrorism.
Note: Everyday in every way the Jewish Nation of Israel is making more and more and more enemies.

Jun 07 03:57

Israeli army kills Palestinian in West Bank during raid

The Israeli military shot dead a Palestinian during a raid in the occupied West Bank on Wednesday, saying a soldier fired back after a man pelted him with a rock.......None of our troops were hurt.....The Palestinian Information Ministry, in a statement, said: "The execution of Tamimi in cold blood, with three bullets at close range, proves how much our people are in need of international protection against the Israeli war machine."
Note: The Jewish killing squads. I admit I sometimes cry.

Jun 07 03:52

As aid dries up, Gaza families pushed deeper into poverty

Large numbers of Gaza families have been pushed deeper into poverty in recent months by Palestinian "political infighting" and the freezing of U.S. aid. Life is tougher than ever for most of the 2 million Palestinians locked into tiny, blockaded territory, where electricity is off most hours of the day, unemployment approaches 50 percent and the "Islamic militant group Hamas" rules with a tight grip.
Note: Israel violates all the rules so the United States cuts off aid to the Palestinians but no matter what aid to Israel is sacred. Shame!

Jun 06 16:06

Cop Who Wore Pro-Police Brutality T-Shirt at J20 Trial Was Previously Accused of Police Brutality

WHEN OFFICER WILLIAM CHATMAN, of Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department, walked into the atrium of the D.C. Superior Court on May 21, heads turned. A few minutes earlier, he had testified in the trial of four people accused of rioting in downtown Washington during Donald Trump’s inauguration; it was the second trial group to face a jury.

Jun 06 15:11

CAUGHT ON TAPE | Snowflake Socialist Freaks Out Over Conservative Group On Campus…

Hilarity ensues when this Santa Clara nutjob attempts to derail an anti-socialist event.


Jun 06 13:49

Lisa Page: ‘Did You Get Our OCONUS Lures Approved?

This is the key new piece of evidence in SpyGate, and Lou Dobbs is all over it.


Jun 06 13:44

The Most Honest Three Minutes In Television History - Jeff Daniels

Jun 06 13:38

The Moral And Economic Collapse Of America

America's economic problems today are a direct result of radical changes in it's culture

Jun 06 13:33

US State Dept Cites D-Day as Example of ‘Strong Relationship’ With Germany

US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert shocked the Twitterverse, cable news commentators and historians alike when she made comments seeming to suggest a bizarre revision of the Second World War.

The US is already on thin ice with the government of Germany after the US' ambassador to the country, Richard Grenell, told Breitbart News in an article published June 3, "I absolutely want to empower other conservatives throughout Europe, other leaders."

Jun 06 12:04

A local Portland news crew decided to cross the street to visit with #Antifa, boy were they surprised

, not exactly the love fest that they have been telling people about. they seem surprised that the “fascists“ that are being targeted by Antifa include the cops and the media

Jun 06 10:49

Sources say, DOJ watchdog finds James Comey defied authority as FBI director

Intellihub editor’s note: In a turn of events a DOJ probe has defined James Comey’s actions during his tenure with the FBI as insubordinate at best.

Jun 06 10:45

Goin’ Ape Over Racism!

As Roseanne Barr found out last week, apes have become “problematic.” A few months ago, social justice lunatics forced the removal of a gorilla statue from a Texas public park because the statue was deemed “racially insensitive” and “a metaphor for the institution of slavery.” After weeks of mockery, city officials agreed to return the statue, but only after it was repainted monochromatic gray, so that it would no longer be black.

Jun 06 10:01

POTUS: The fake new media has been so unfair and vicious to my wife

President Donald J. Trump fired out several tweets out deep into Twittrland Wednesday morning in which he pointed out just how fake the United States media really is.

Jun 06 09:18

US police chase stolen armoured vehicle

There were strange scenes in the US state of Virginia on Tuesday night, as police chased a stolen armoured personnel carrier.

Jun 06 08:11

Singaporean Geek, 26, Turned Down US$100m For His App.

Quek Siu Rui’s app for selling used goods, Carousell, is now valued at US$500m, but he says the firm is ‘less than one per cent done’

Jun 06 08:02

Bilderberg Group Reveals 2018 Meeting Date, Location

More advance notice than ever before has been given this year regarding where and when the infamous, highly secretive Bilderberg Group will next meet. Apparently, the “Bilderbergers,” as they’re often called, will return to Italy for the first time in 14 years, having last met there in 2004 in the city of Stresa.

According to a Jan. 29 news item at the Independent Balkan News Agency (IBNA) website, Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic “received an official invitation to the Bilderberg meeting of this year, which will be held in Turin, Italy, June 7-10.” AFP will continue to monitor this matter, in case Bilderberg changes its meeting plans.

Jun 06 08:00

California Judge Will Lose His Job Over 6-Month Sentence in Stanford Sexual Assault Case

Two years since former Stanford student Brock Turner was sentenced to just six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman, voters in Santa Clara County, California, voted to recall the judge who sentenced him.

Jun 06 07:59

AL Sheriff Who Pocketed $750k In Inmate Food Funds Defeated In Primary

Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin conceded to his Republican primary challenger Jonathon Horton, the Rainbow City police chief, in a phone call Tuesday night, Horton told The outlet said early returns showed Horton with an “overwhelming lead.”

Jun 06 07:00

Going Deep Down The Rabbit Hole, Follow The White Rabbit

Bill Priestap is set to testify and he might have flipped because Comey was trying to make him the fall guy. He is testifying behind closed doors so this should be interesting.

Jun 06 06:59

Alive and well: Kim Jong-un’s uncle was never executed, nor was his girlfriend or military chief; you were lied to

As it turns out, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s cousin Jang Song-thaek who once served as Vice Chairman of North Korea’s National Defense Commission is alive and well despite the fact that 99 percent of all U.S.-based media outlets reported that he was savagely executed at the behest of the North’s fierce leader by being fed to a pack of extremely hungry hunting dogs.

Jun 06 05:56

Israel: Shooting of female Palestinian paramedic was unintentional

The White House says responsibility for dozens of deaths in Gaza coinciding with the opening of the new U.S. Embassy in contested Jerusalem "rests squarely with Hamas."
Note: That's it! the Hamas made the Jewish Nation of Israel put snipers with scopes on the rifles shoot and kill Palestinians. And before Hamas....well it was the Nazis that made them do it. holocau$t you know.

Jun 06 05:53

39-minute video: Police whistleblower documents child prostitution/pedophilia at highest levels of government backing evidence on UK PM Ted Heath, US Presidents Bush, logical extensions of rogue state empire annually killing millions, harming billions

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

“Kids are a commodity.” ~ Officer Jon Wedger on .01%’s predatory view

International Tribunal for Natural Justice documentation of Human trafficking and child sex abuse interviewing Scotland Yard Jon Wedger in 39 minutes:

I must continue to remind you of our most important facts, as I did last on this topic in 2017:

Jun 06 05:46

WOW: John Fitzgerald, Republican Who Challenges The Israeli Lobby & The "Official Narrative" Of The Holocaust WINS GOP Congressional Primary In Calif(!!!)

"I find it interesting that simply pointing out the fact that Jews played a predominant role in the African Slave Trade; along with questioning Israel and challenging their control over U.S. foreign-policy, consequently gets me labeled an anti-Semite and NAZI by Former Republican Chairman, Ron Nehring. I will bet that he has NEVER taken the time to read the numerous and informative links I have provided on my website that substantiate my claims. Does Mr. Nehring find it interesting that the ONLY historical issue that lands people in prison– in eighteen countries and counting– is the holocaust? This is a fact! Why is this and why do so many people get imprisoned under Orwellian Hate-Speech laws, simply for challenging any aspect of it outside the “official narrative?”

Jun 06 05:04

Argentina cancels Israel World Cup friendly after Gaza violence

Argentina has cancelled a football World Cup warm-up match with Israel, apparently under pressure over Israel's treatment of Palestinians in Gaza.
Striker Gonzalo Higuain said they had "finally done the right thing".
But Israel's defence minister said it was "too bad" Argentina's footballers did not "withstand the pressure of the Israeli-hating inciters".
"We will not yield before a pack of anti-Semitic terrorist supporters," Avigdor Lieberman tweeted.
Note: That's it, as always anti-Antisemitism!

Jun 05 23:16

(NZ) Sir Bob Jones files defamation proceedings against filmmaker accusing him of 'hate speech'

Sir Bob Jones has filed defamation papers against a filmmaker behind a petition to have his knighthood revoked after a controversial newspaper column.

More than 68,000 people signed the petition, which was delivered to Parliament in March, in response to Jones' February 2 column in the National Business Review calling for a M?ori "Gratitude Day" instead of Waitangi Day.

Filmmaker Renae Maihi started the petition and presented it to Labour MP Kiritapu Allan with the support of Waikato University Professor Pou Temara, an expert in te reo and tikanga.

The petition read: "In signing this petition we urge you, our Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Jacinda Ardern, to take his knighthood away from him. It is in your power. Set a precedent for the country and a message that this will not be tolerated and hate speech of this type is not welcome here."

Jones' knighthood is for services to the business community.

Jun 05 20:29

FALSE FLAG ALERT: Did the Israeli-owned geothermal plant cause Kilauea’s volcanic eruption after triggering an earthquake swarm?

An analysis of earthquakes in the area around the Salton Sea Geothermal Field in southern California has found a strong correlation between seismic activity and operations for production of geothermal power, which involve pumping water into and out of an underground reservoir.

“We show that the earthquake rate in the Salton Sea tracks a combination of the volume of fluid removed from the ground for power generation and the volume of wastewater injected,” said Emily Brodsky, a geophysicist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and lead author of the study, published online in Science on July 11.

Jun 05 17:49

US Ambassador Slams US, Israeli Media For Gaza Coverage

Massive death tolls from months of Israeli crackdowns in the Gaza Strip have been sparsely covered by the media, particularly in the US. But even where US media outlets have found fault with the killings, US Ambassador David Friedman is expressing anger, saying it’s “not reporting” to cover the killings critically.

Friedman says media coverage that wasn’t supportive of the deaths was “completely superficial,” and that Israeli military officials had assured him that they had to kill all of those Gazans to defend the nation of Israel.

A US Ambassador to Israel criticizing US media outlets is probably not going to amount to much, but Friedman also slammed Israeli newspaper Haaretz for its own coverage of the deaths, saying Haaretz never explored if there were “other alternatives” besides killing the Gazans.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

" Israeli military officials had assured him that they had to kill all of those Gazans to defend the nation of Israel."

Oh, really, Mr. Ambassador?!? Including the Palestinian medic, Razan al-Najjar who was only trying to get people to safety, and get them evacuated?!?

The IDF HAD to kill her, to defend the nation of Israel, right?!?

Sir, with the coverage of this IDF assassination having been very clear, and understanding that this woman was no threat, the optics of what you have said are completely horrific, and disingenuous in the extreme.

This statement you have made has absolutely broken the back of any vision of the US being able to be an "honest broker" in the Israeli/Palestinian hostilities, and will have severe, negative repercussions in the greater Middle East.

But then, in light of the reality that the US has outsourced its Middle Eastern foreign policy to Tel Aviv, this shouldn't really suprise us.

Jun 05 17:37

Hawaii’s K?lauea volcano destroyed more than 200 homes and a 300-year-old lake in just one night

Hawaii’s K?lauea volcano exploded about 4:30 a.m. local time on Tuesday morning which resulted in a monumental lava flow which subsequently triggered the decimation of over 200 homes and a extremely sacred 300-year-old lake.

Jun 05 16:23

Ex-baller Dennis Rodman will likely play a role in upcoming Singapore Summit

Former basketball champion ad reality star Dennis Rodman is expected to arrive in Singapore one day ahead of the 12 June summit in which U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un are set to meet and rumor has it Rodman may even play a role in the talks.

Jun 05 16:09

Child Porn Sting Hits Disney World, Legoland And Local Boy Scout Parent

An undercover child pornography sting operation in Polk County, Florida, resulted in 11 arrests and 660 felony charges, it was announced Tuesday morning. Among those arrested as part of “Operation Guardians of Innocence II” were a Disney World employee, a Legoland builder, a former teacher and a 16-year-old student.

Jun 05 14:42

Cops Beat The Living Daylights Out Of “Motionless” Mentally Challenged Man

City and police officials are on the defense this week after video surfaced showing two police officers pummel a man with their batons. The man was suspected of stealing a cellphone but may now be entitled to a lawsuit after police were seen hitting him even after he was knocked to the ground.

Jun 05 14:23

The STRANGE Case Of Joseph Mifsud...

Was Mifsud a CIA spy who tried to entrap the Trump team? Wife of George Papadopolous seems to believe that is the case...


Jun 05 13:58

Cops Hold Gun to Unarmed Man’s Head As They Beat Him

After their department failed to hold the officers responsible for holding down an unarmed man and threatening to kill him—while beating him—the taxpayers will now be liable.

Jun 05 13:42

Lawmakers Warn IG Being Pressured to Slow Roll Clinton FBI Report

SESSION'S Department of Justice and WRAY'S FBI are deliberately attempting to SLOW ROLL and REDACT significant portions of the DOJ Inspector General's report | Sara A. Carter

Jun 05 13:42

Ron Paul Sums Up The World In Six Vicious Circles

Invade a country ---> Destroy the country ---> "Well, we can't leave now." ---> Repeat

Government redistribution ---> Poverty increases ---> Government redistribution ---> Poverty increases ---> Repeat

Government failure --> Increase their budget --> Government failure ---> Increase their budget ---> Repeat

Republicans win --> Government grows ---> Democrats win ---> Government grows --> Repeat

Fed prints money ---> wrecks the economy ---> Fed prints more money ---> wrecks the economy ---> Repeat

There's only ONE DOOR out of these vicious cycles:

Liberty. Voluntary interactions. No aggressive force. Sound money. Free markets.

That's it!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ron Paul so gets the current state of the American delimma!

Jun 05 13:39

McConnell Cancels August Recess "Due To Historic Democrat Obstruction"

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has issued a statement canceling the August recess, "due to the historic obstruction by Senate Democrats."

“Due to the historic obstruction by Senate Democrats of the president’s nominees, and the goal of passing appropriations bills prior to the end of the fiscal year, the August recess has been canceled."

"Senators should expect to remain in session in August to pass legislation, including appropriations bills, and to make additional progress on the president’s nominees"

But there may be an ulterior motive to McConnell's decision.

By way of background, Politico reports that a group of more junior senators are publicly urging McConnell to cancel recess to get the Senate’s work done - and to keep 10 vulnerable Democratic senators off the campaign trail. A group of 16 senators sent McConnell a letter this month urging him to cancel the regular summer break.

Jun 05 13:36

Philly Middle-School Students Given 'Bulletproof Backpack' As Graduation Gift

The graduating 8th grade class of St. Cornelius in Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania got an unusual gift as they prepared to join the ranks of American high-schoolers - bulletproof plates for their backpacks.

The graduating 8th graders at St. Cornelius seemed unsure just what to make of their "welcome to high school" gifts.

As Fox29 reports, the "ballistic shields" were donated by a local company - Unequal Technologies, who developed the ultra-thin 10-by-12-inch plate that can slip into a backpack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Can the alleged "adults in the room" in the Philidelphia Department of Education do no better than this, to protect their high school students?!?

This is a disastrous signal to send to kids on the way to high school; the district is pathologically unable to protect you from school shootings, so here's your bullet proof backpack.


Jun 05 13:32

Is It Time To Start Worrying About China's Debt Default Avalanche?

But what if the first domino to fall in the coming corporate debt crisis is not in the US, but in China?

After all, as part of China's aggressive deleveraging campaign, there has already been a spike of corporate bankruptcies as banks shed more of their massive note holdings and de-risk their balance sheets. According to Logan Wright, Hong Kong-based director at research firm Rhodium Group LLC, there have already been least 14 corporate bond defaults in China in 2018; a separate analysis by Economic Information Daily, as of May 25, there had already been no less than 20 corporate defaults, involving more than 17 billion yuan, a shockingly high number for a country which until recently had never seen a single corporate bankruptcy, and a number which is set to increase as Chinese banks pull pull back from lending to other firms that use the funds to buy bonds, exacerbating the pressure on the market.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This... could get very economically scary, not only for China, but also the world.

Jun 05 13:29

Sen. Paul To Hold Hearing On "Unauthorized War's Effect On Federal Spending"

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) announced today that on Wednesday, June 6th, he will be holding a hearing on the enormous costs of the endless wars which continue to be fought under the 2001 Congressional Authorization for the Use of Military Force passed after the 9/11 attacks.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I kind of have a hug and a (very gentle,non-hurting) punch relationship with what this guy has done, and is doing.

I hated what he said in defense of the FBI spying on Trump's campaign, but love that he is making a statement, by way of these hearings, about the horrific costs of these endless wars.

Jun 05 13:18

IDF on Murder of Razan al-Najjar: She Was Killed “in Accordance with Standard Operating Procedures.” (True Enough)

Thousands attend the funeral for Razan al-Najjar, the 21-year-old medic shot and killed near the Gaza border with Israel June 1. (Reuters)

Thousands of people gathered in Gaza on Saturday for the funeral of Razan al-Najjar, a 21-year-old Palestinian medic who witnesses say Israeli soldiers shot dead near the border fence on Friday.

Medical workers, dressed in white uniforms, marched in her funeral procession, holding Palestinian flags and photos of her face. Her father walked holding his daughter’s own medical vest, once white, now stained red with her blood.

More than 115 people have been killed since protests began on the border at the end of March, but Najjar is only the second woman to die. The first was a teenage protester.

Photos from the scene immediately after Najjar was shot show a group of men carrying the volunteer in her white uniform, her head tilted back and her gloved hand limp around their shoulders. Witnesses said she was shot in the chest.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

She was assassinated by the IDF, which is their standard operating procedure; killing innocent Gazans civilians, and killing the first responders who attempt to help them.

and again, at, we have a companion piece:

While Palestian medic Razan lost her life, the US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley, lost her humanity

Jun 05 13:15

Female CA GOP Candidate: "You stand against Israel, you stand against God's chosen people, you stand against God. It is that simple."

On 2/4/18, U.S. Senate candidate Erin Cruz wrote "How is Israel Spilling our Blood? .... You stand against Israel, you stand against God's chosen people, you stand against God. It is that simple."

On 5/17/18 she wrote: "Half of my family are Jews & came to USA escaping the Holocaust from Austria. Anti-Semite Patrick Little & his supporters hate Israel & hate Jews, Gods Chosen people. Help me fight the evil in Cali."

Little replied, "You hate America if you love or serve the #TerroristState of #Israel." The primary election is today June 5.