Oct 15 08:45

Do you even history, BRO? Rep. Eric Swalwell’s attempt at shaming Trump with Lee results in EPIC schooling (9 Pics)

Anywho, over the weekend, the media went full-out STUPID over a speech Trump gave at his rally in Ohio on Friday night. Trump said Robert E. Lee was an incredible general in a build up to give Grant credit for being amazing enough to beat him. And as usual, our disingenuous friends in the media ran with the narrative that Trump has a bromance with Lee and so he’s a giant racist.

Oct 15 08:43

New York cab driver shouting 'Allah' brutally beats man, 62, on his way to synagogue in the middle of the road in anti-Jewish hate crime

Police say a livery driver beat a 62-year-old man as he walked to synagogue on Sunday morning in Brooklyn.

Physically and emotionally scarred, Lipa Schwartz described the frightening moment he was attacked in broad daylight in the middle of the street in Borough Park.

Oct 15 08:21

PG&E shutting off power in 12 counties

Oct 15 08:17

Camille Paglia: Feminism Based on Destroying Men Is ‘Absolute Poison’ to Culture

Cultural Commentator Camille Paglia Said In A Recently Published Video That Second-wave Feminism – In Its Attempt To Destroy Men – Is Also Destroying Women And Our Culture.

Oct 15 08:04

VIDEO --- BOMBSHELL: GOP Rep Claims the FBI Has Evidence That Could Bring Mueller’s Probe to a Screeching Halt

FBI Has Evidence That 'Directly Refutes' Premise Of Trump-Russia Probe, GOP Rep Says

Oct 15 07:52

Heap BIG WHOOP! Elizabeth Warren releases DNA to prove she’s THIS MUCH Native American and OMG-LOL (5 Pics)

Trump finally drove Elizabeth Warren crazy enough to release her DNA.
That, or she’s likely running in 2020 and figured out that lying about her heritage wasn’t such a great look.

Oct 15 07:47

US white woman who stopped a black man from entering his OWN luxury apartment building is fired after video provokes outrage

A white woman was fired from her job after she tried to stop a black man going into his own apartment building in St Louis.
D'Arreion Toles said he was coming home from work when neighbor, Hilary Brooke Thornton, physically blocked him from entering the building at the luxury block in the Missouri city.
He posted three videos of the incident on Facebook, appearing to show the woman blocking him from the door as she walked her dog at the Elder Shirt Lofts in the downtown area on Sunday.

Oct 15 07:46

Ecuador Restores Julian Assange's Internet, Phone And Visitation Privileges

Ecuador has partially restored Julian Assange's communications in their London Embassy after UN officials met with Ecuador's president, Lenin Moreno on Friday, reports the Belfast Telegraph.

Assange, who has lived in the embassy for over six years, had his phone and internet access taken away in March over political statements he made in violation of "a written commitment made to the government at the end of 2017 not to issue messages that might interfere with other states." His visitor access was also limited to members of his legal team.

Oct 15 07:46

Bungling police officers catch thief stealing £9,000 worth of tools from a plumber's van - only to let him DRIVE OFF after quizzing him

Police stopped and chatted to a thief as he emptied thousands of pounds worth of tools from a plumber's van then let him drive away.
Officers were called to Morden in south London by neighbours concerned about a man acting suspiciously.
But they watched as he took tools from Slawek Zareba's vehicle and into his own, before fleeing the scene

Oct 15 07:46

Warren Sends Smoke Signal To Trump: Pay Up On That $1 Million Offer For DNA Test

The test found “strong evidence” she had a Native American in her family tree dating six to 10 generations back, the Globe reported.

“I’m not enrolled in a tribe and only tribes determine tribal citizenship. I understand and respect that distinction but my family history is my family history,” Warren said in a video explaining the results posted to her Twitter account.

“Trump can say whatever he wants about me, but mocking Native Americans or any group in order to try and get at me? That’s not what America stands for.”

Warren said this summer that she’s not yet decided to run for president and is focused on winning re-election to the Senate in the November midterm elections, and as Bloomberg reports, a CNN poll released Sunday found her running fourth in the list of potential Democrats with support from 8 percent of those listed. Former Vice President Joe Biden lead the poll with support from 33 percent of respondents.

Oct 15 07:21

WATCH: Woman Claims Boy Sexually Assaulted Her, Then Surveillance Video Released

A New York woman is facing significant backlash after she called 911 on a young boy last week, claiming that he sexually assaulted her, when surveillance video of the incident appears to show that he did not do what she claims he did.
Teresa Klein told police that the boy "grabbed" her "a-s" at a Sahara Deli Market in Brooklyn, Pix11 reported.
Speaking to the local media outlet, Klein still claims that she was sexually assaulted despite surveillance video that was released which does not appear to support her claims.
"I was standing at the counter, and I was sexually assaulted," Klein told Pix11.
Klein claimed that the boy's mother told her she was a police officer despite video footage clearly showing it was Klein who claimed she was a police officer.

Oct 15 07:20

Parents alarmed by school’s fifth-grade survey on sexual history, preference and gender identity

Parents in Windsor, Vermont, are upset about a survey given to fifth-graders that asked students about their sexual history, preferences and gender identity, WPTZ-TV reported.
What was said?
“My daughter is 10. So are all the other kids who took this,” said Vanessa Beach, a parent. “A sexual partner at 10-years-old would be called sexual abuse.”
Beach told the TV station she felt the survey violated her daughter’s privacy and included questions that were not appropriate for children her age. Students were not required to write their name on the survey, but were asked to write their first initial and birthday – which could easily reveal their identity.

Oct 15 07:17

Judge told young girl 'I don't care if you're 14, you'll go into a cell' if she cried while her mother gave evidence during a trial

A judge has been criticised after he threatened to put a 14-year-old girl in a cell if she cried while her mother gave evidence in court.
Natasha Myers was on trial in front of Judge Stephen John for smuggling contraband items into a prison, when the judge made the shocking threat to her daughter.
The mother was accused of smuggling two mobile phones, a sim card and cannabis to her boyfriend, David Akende, in Wandsworth prison during a visit with her daughter.

Oct 15 07:08

Is This The Most Savage Anti-Obama Meme of All Time?

The meme below could be the very best anti-Obama meme of all time as it’s not only brutal but 100% spot on and accurate:

Oct 15 07:06

Applause & bashing on Twitter after transgender woman wins female cycling world championship

Canadian Rachel McKinnon finished ahead of the field at the women’s sprint 35-39 age bracket at the world cycling championship on Sunday. Many have praised her achievement, but some say it was cheating, since she was born male.

Oct 15 07:06

The Anti-Gun Control Meme EVERYONE Is Talking About Today

The Anti-Gun Control Meme EVERYONE Is Talking About Today

Oct 15 06:31

One is delighted! The Queen shares her excitement after Harry and Meghan reveal they're expecting their first child - five months after getting married (and they told Royal Family at Eugenie's wedding)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are having their first baby due in the Spring of next year, Palace reveals
Meghan is in 'good health' and they have had a successful 12 week scan - suggesting baby due in late April
Her mother Doria Ragland was seen taking baby-care classes in California and could move to the UK to help
But it appears unlikely the royal couple have contacted Meghan's estranged father Thomas to give him news
Harry and Meghan made the announcement after they touched down on Qantas flight to Sydney this morning
The royals arrived in Australia for their first major international tour since they were married in late May
They will also visit Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand, with the main event this year's Invictus Games held in Sydney
But Meghan will go to south Pacific islands despite the risk of getting the Zika virus from the mosquitoes

Oct 15 06:14

New York's Cuomo blasts Trump, Republicans in protest clash

NEW YORK (AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo questioned Sunday why state Republicans would have invited the founder of a far-right group to speak in Manhattan, and he blamed them and President Donald Trump for violent clashes that took place after the speech.
In a conference call with reporters, the Democratic governor called the invitation to Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes to speak at the Metropolitan Republican Club a "political tactic because what they're trying to do is fire up their base" ahead of the midterm elections.

Oct 15 00:50

Trump says climate change not a hoax, not sure of its source

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump is backing off his claim that climate change is a hoax but says he doesn't know if it's manmade and suggests that the climate will "change back again."
In an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" that aired Sunday night, Trump said he doesn't want to put the U.S. at a disadvantage in responding to climate change.

Oct 14 17:51

ISS crew members face uncertain departure date after Soyuz emergency landing

But Prokopyev, along with the other two crew members currently aboard the ISS - Serena Auñón-Chancellor (US) and Alexander Gerst (Germany) - are now facing uncertainty. Depending on the results of a probe designed to look into the Thursday incident, the crew could potentially be left stranded on the ISS beyond their planned December departure.

Luckily, according to the flight director of the Russian segment of the ISS, there are enough supplies on board to last the current three-member crew until summertime.

Oct 14 17:43

World War 3: Russia out ‘on notice’ as tensions rise between NATO and Russia in Norway

RUSSIA has been put “on notice” by the US military after NATO deployed a carrier battle group to Norway in order to perform large-scale alliance drills later this month.

The Netherlands Marine Corps director of operations Gen Jeff Mac Mootry accused Russia of using its military to try to provide NATO troops in the Arctic Circle.

The general said: “What we see is there is an increasing interest of Russian naval vessels when we exercise.

“For example, when we do launching exercises as part of our ballistic missile defence program, we see more Russian ships than normally and they come closer to us than in past decades. They clearly want to make their presence visible.”

Oct 14 17:35

Men as the real victims? After Kavanaugh, #HimToo gains attention

This combination of pictures shows Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who accused Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh (R) of sexually assaulting her at a party 36 years ago, during a Senate hearing (AFP Photo/SAUL LOEB)
Washington (AFP) - The notion that it is dangerous to be an American man in the #MeToo era took off during the angry debate over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Oct 14 17:32

Immigrant Teens Are Stuck In An Expanding Tent City In Texas

The facility in Tornillo, Texas, was supposed to be a temporary solution for teens who cross the southern border. But the tent city has only grown larger.

Oct 14 17:31

Man who put abortion-inducing drug in girlfriend's drink gets 22 years in prison

APPLETON - A man who was accused of putting an abortion-inducing drug in his girlfriend's drink was sentenced Tuesday to 22 years in prison.
Manishkumar Patel, 45, was convicted in Augustof attempted first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child. His girlfriend didn't ingest the drink, but miscarried weeks later.

Oct 14 11:06

One condemned inmate kills another in rare death row slaying at San Quentin prison

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- One condemned inmate killed another Friday, the first slaying of a death row inmate in California in more than 20 years, officials said

Oct 14 11:03

Sanders Broke Ethics Rules When She Tweeted Photo With Kanye: Watchdog Group

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders likely violated ethics
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders likely violated ethics regulations when she posted a photo on her official White House Twitter account of Kanye Westwearing a MAGA hat, a watchdog group charged.

Oct 14 11:03

Winners and Losers Week 7: Ranking the College Football Playoff contenders

Now that we’re seven weeks into the season it’s time to start thinking about the College Football Playoff. The first set of official playoff rankings don’t come out until Oct. 30 but that’s not stopping us from trying to envision what the playoff field would currently look like.

Oct 14 10:04


Despite an unprecedented media blackout that found nearly every major film publication refusing to review it, indie film Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer surpassed box office expectations this weekend coming in at #12 overall, the #1 independent film as well as #8 per screen average for all new films.

Although the film was made available for review, only two major publications, the Los Angeles Times and Forbes chose to review it. Yet in spite of this media boycott, the film performed surprisingly well on nearly 700 screens across the country, with Burbank, CA coming in as the top theater.

Oct 14 09:36

Mystery Behind Why The Easter Island Statues Were Built May Finally Be Solved

For centuries, the famous statues that dot the coast of the remote Easter Island in the southeastern Pacific have both fascinated and puzzled archaeologists. Now, a team of archaeologists claims to have answered one of the biggest questions surrounding the mysterious stone figures: Why they were built in the first place.

Oct 14 09:14


The international Saudi-led Coalition against Yemen attacked another two buses full of internally displaced people as they fled the Coalition’s airstrike campaign in Hodeidah. Today’s attack makes it clear the Coalition has a policy of targeting anyone who attempts to flee the U.S.-backed Saudi and Emirati aggression along the west coast.

19 were killed and at least 30 were injured in today’s attack. Even hours later, first responders and reporters ran into trouble entering the scene due to the Saudi planes continuous circling. It’s common for Saudi Arabia to conduct “double-tap” airstrikes which maximize the casualty count in each attack while targeting ambulances and the press.

According to a United Nations team of experts, these double-tap strikes indicate that the Coalition makes conscious decisions to attack civilian targets by quite literally doubling down.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This war being waged by the Saudi, the US, and Emirate Governments against the people of Yemen, has crossed a line into broad-spectrum assassination and genocide against all Yemeni people whose apparent "crime" was their desire to get their families to safety; and that was what made these murders "legitimate" in the eyes of the US government, the Saudi Government, and the U.A.E. government.

In looking at this, I think I have uncovered the core reason as to why President Trump's two BFFs n the Middle East are Israel's Netanyahu, and Saudi Arabia's Prince Bin Salman.

both do what they do (assassinations, torture), and stand just to the right of Attila the Hun when it comes to potential human rights of those people they consider "collateral damage only": they do this evil with impunity, and never expect any consequences will come back and bite them in a very sensitive portion of the human anatomy.

President Trump would love to do this, both here and abroad, but he is still, in the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika, bound by certain laws, which constrain him to some degree.

This is why we hear, and see, so little about the 3 year old war against Yemen, will looks to drag on indefinitely, unless Bin Salman gives the order to carpet bomb the place, which may well happen if he remains as head of the royal family.

And to our "alleged" Congressional representatives; take back your Constitutional power to make war; you have, morally, sacrificed its original intent, from Bush Jr, thorough Obama, and now through President Trump, to make these wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now, God help us, in Yemen happen.

And unless World War III sounds like a great idea to you (because you've got your bunkers, your hard assets, and protective places for your families to stay), the operative word for this is, NOW!!!

This country, collectively, appears to be sleepwalking into wars against China; Russia; and Iran; and heaven knows who else; let's stop this trend before the US finds itself enmeshed in a world war, with no way out, which is precisely where these developments have been leading this country.

Oct 14 08:43

A black child’s backpack brushed up against a woman. She called 911 to report a sexual assault.

A New York woman became the subject of ridicule and hatred on social media after she falsely accused a boy of groping her while she was shopping inside a deli.
Teresa Klein, who is white, created a commotion earlier this week outside the Sahara Deli Market in Brooklyn’s Flatbush neighborhood as she appeared to tell a 911 dispatcher that the boy, who is black, assaulted her. The spectacle was captured in a now-viral video, and Klein, a 53-year-old Brooklyn resident, has been nicknamed #CornerstoreCaroline.

Oct 14 08:27


Ottawa will keep its $15bn arms deal with Riyadh despite concerns over Saudi involvement in the disappearance of dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the diplomatic row over human rights, Prime Minister Trudeau said.
"We respected that contract," Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told reporters on Friday, adding that his cabinet has put forward measures to make the arms sales more transparent.

"We are making sure Canadians' expectations and laws are always being followed," he said.

The contract was signed in 2014 by the previous conservative government, and has since been upheld by Trudeau. The specifics of the sales were originally not disclosed by the parties.

According to documents obtained by CBC News last month, a Canadian company is to ship 742 LAV-6 light armored vehicles to Riyadh. The same outlet revealed in March that hundreds of the LAV-6s will be outfitted as "heavy assault" and "anti-tank" types.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When ever a country wants to put on a great face, smelling mounds of bovine excrement in their excuses to allow arms sales to continue to flow,and wants to keep on taking another unhinged country's money for weapons, this is precisely the word the word that government uses, and that's "concerned".

How it translates, in diplospeak, to the leadership of that unhinged country is: we know you're assassinating non-combatants, killing infants, children, toddlers, and the medically infirm with the weapons you have purchased from us, but we really don't care, as long as the money keeps flowing to our weaponry manufacturers.

Trudeau is just as much a piece of revolting work on this issue as has been President Trump.

Oct 14 08:18


One of the loudest voices screaming "Russia is meddling in our democracy!" has been Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH). Last year she signed a letter to the Speaker of the House demanding that Homeland Security and the FBI brief Congress on "the Russian attack on 21 states' voting systems" (a charge since disproven). The letter complained that "when a sovereign nation attempts to meddle in our elections, it is an attack on our country."

To be fair, it is hard to disagree with Rep. Kaptur and her colleagues on that final point. No one wants a foreign country meddling in their elections, hacking their ballot machines, funding opposition parties, manipulating the media in favor of one side, etc.

But here's the rub: Rep. Kaptur has just sent a letter to the State Department demanding that the United States government commit all of the above violations against NATO partner country Hungary!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but perfectly predictable from Congressional Representatives.

What amazes me, is how do these people manage to get through life so absolutely logic-free?!?

Oct 14 08:14


Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans under the age of 50, who are now more likely to die from a drug overdose than from car accidents or firearms. The United States has the dubious distinction of having the highest percentage of drug-related deaths in the world.

While opioid abuse is a nationwide problem, there are specific areas that are being hit harder by this epidemic. Using the location data above, from NORC at the University of Chicago, we can see clusters of counties that have an extremely high rate of overdose deaths. Between 2012 and 2016, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio saw a combined 18,000 deaths related to opioid abuse.

A sharp increase in prescribed opioid-based painkillers and the rise of illegal fentanyl – which is up to 50 times stronger than heroin – has unleashed the worst public health crisis in American history.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And of course, because Doctors get "compensated" by the drug manufacturers for pushing their products, they are inclined to "push" them on their patients, for a little more money, which becomes very attractive, the more people they have hooked on these drugs.

What you rarely here about, in a Doctor's office or waiting room, are natural alternatives, like kratom (please read about this; the FDA keeps threatening to schedule this, so it is unavailable to Americans, but so far, have not), and a TENS unit, which can be found at your local drug store. These units, are transcutaneous neural stimulators, and break the cycle of pain by short bursts of energy, to the point where you are no longer hurting.

This last suggestion has been used with great success on getting people off of drugs.

Oct 14 08:01

Father, 27, is jailed for 244 years for raping his newborn daughter during 'a meth-induced haze' and breaking her ribs and legs

A man from Texas has been sentenced to 244 years in jail for raping his newborn baby during a meth-induced haze.
Patricio Medina, 27, admitted to a fellow inmate that he sexually assaulted his daughter in 2014, according to the Waco Tribune-Herald.
The inmate testified during a two day trial that began on Tuesday and ended with three 80 year sentences for Medina on Thursday.

Oct 14 07:52

Israel's Netanyahu threatens Hamas with 'very strong blows'

Israel on Friday suspended fuel deliveries to the Gaza Strip, after fresh protests along the border that saw seven Palestinians killed by Israeli troops.
Note: Where the hell are all these peace loving Jews we hear so much about!

Oct 14 07:48

Trump Is Trying to Square a Globalized World Through Capitalism.

President Trump seems to be trying to compensate for the decline in US power overall by way of adopting more bellicose and foghorn rhetoric for others to comply with American demands
This week saw a record fall in the American stock market. That suggests that the supposed strength of the US economy is not what it has been cracked up to be under Trump. A major factor in the collapse of the US stock market is reported to be the uncertainty prompted by the growing US trade war with China.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin lamented the US policy of imposing sanctions against other nations and its over-reliance on the dollar as the main global currency exchange tool. Putin said the US was making a “strategic mistake” by using the dollar as a weapon with which to punish other nations to comply with Washington’s diktats.
Implicit in Putin’s comments was that the US is acting like a failing empire>>>

Oct 14 07:48

Understanding Jewish Power

Those who are in the drivers' seat of the Israel promotion process are what some would describe as the Israel Lobby but which I would prefer to call a subset of the Jewish Lobby, which in itself is supported by something I would designate Jewish Power, an aggregate of Jewish money, control over key aspects of the media and entertainment industries plus easy access to corrupted politicians desirous of positive press and campaign donations. This penetration and control of the public discourse has resulted in the creation of what I would refer to as the official "Israel narrative" ... Unfortunately the role of Washington as Israel's obedient poodle has our once great country moving in the wrong direction. This has all been brought about by Jewish Power, and it is time to wake up to that fact and address it squarely.

Oct 14 07:46

5 Jews make Forbes’ list of top 10 wealthiest Americans

Forbes published its 2018 roster of America's wealthiest this week, and five members of the tribe made the top ten list. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg leads the Jewish pack at number 4, with a net worth of $61 billion. He is followed by software giant Oracle's Larry Ellison at #5 with $58.4 billion and Google co-founder Larry Page at #6 with $53.8 billion. Fellow co-founder Sergey Brin falls a bit behind with $52.4 billion, leaving him at #9. Finally, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg closes out the top ten with a respectable $51.8 billion.
Note: Can any of us relate to that amount of wealth?

Oct 14 07:43

$21 Trillion in Unaccounted-for Government Spending from 1998 to 2015

Two federal government agencies, the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), may have accumulated as much as $21 trillion in undocumented expenses between 1998 and 2015. Independent news sources, including RT and USAWatchdog, reported this finding based on an investigation conducted by Mark Skidmore, a professor of economics at Michigan State University. Skidmore began to research the alleged irregularities in DoD and HUD spending after hearing Catherine Austin Fitts, who was assistant secretary of HUD during the George H. W. Bush administration, say that the Department of Defense's Office of Inspector General (OIG) had found $6.5 trillion worth of military spending that the Department of Defense could not account for.

Oct 14 07:42

Benjamin Netanyahu Is No Friend to America

Benjamin Netanyahu is no stranger to the American spotlight. A career Israeli politician who attended school in the United States, he specializes in the kind of rhetoric that his American counterparts revel in - a kind of narcissism that's more used car salesman than educator ... In his 1995 campaign autobiography, "Fighting Terrorism," Netanyahu, preparing to run for the office of prime minister of Israel, asserted that Iran was "three to five years" away from having a nuclear bomb. Bibi repeated this claim several times over the next 20-plus years ... The American people should not tolerate this continued intrusion into their affairs by an outsider whose previous lies, prevarications and provocations helped get the United States entangled in one war, all the while advocating for our involvement in another.

Oct 14 07:39


A Michigan State University economist, working with graduate students and a former government official, found $21 trillion in unauthorized spending in the departments of Defense and Housing and Urban Development for the years 1998-2015. The work of Mark Skidmore and his team, which included digging into government websites and repeated queries to U.S. agencies that went unanswered, coincided with the Office of Inspector General, at one point, disabling the links to all key documents showing the unsupported spending. (Luckily, the researchers downloaded and stored the documents.) ... Skidmore got involved last spring when he heard Catherine Austin Fitts, former assistant secretary of Housing and Urban Development, refer to a report which indicated the Army had $6.5 trillion in unsupported adjustments, or spending, in fiscal 2015.

Oct 14 07:13

How The Sixteenth Century Explorers Lay The First Stone For Globalism

The discovery of the roundtrip and the beginning of globalisation

Globalisation is thought to have it's beginings in the 16th century when the Spanish silver dollar went transcontinental. Its acceptance as common currency arose when Spanish navigators in the Philippines established a circular shipping route, known as the tornaviaje, between Asia and the Americas. More than 250 years of uninterrupted trade ensued between Asia and the rest of the world. And the ships playing this route were known as China Ships

Magellan-Elcano circumnavigation
In 1519 a Spanish fleet of five vessels, under the command of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, set sail from Seville in search of a route across the Pacific Ocean to East Asia. Magellan was killed in a battle during the voyage, leaving Spanish navigator Juan Sebastian Elcano and 18 surviving crew to become the first to circumnavigate the globe in a single expedition. Their expedition finally returned home to Spain in 1522


Oct 14 06:55


By the early 18th century, the British had so taken to drinking tea that some in the British government called it a “necessity of life”. The tea came from the southern Chinese city of Canton, designated by the Qing government as the only place where trading with foreigners was allowed. By 1725, the British East India 250,000 pounds of tea per year. This ballooned to 24 million pounds per year by 1805.

Unfortunately for the British, the Chinese bought few British products, and worse, they wanted to be paid only in silver. Thus, between 1710 and 1760, Britain paid 26 million pounds of the precious metal for its tea.

Britain soon ran out of silver and ideas of how to pay for its tea until it stumbled on the one item the Chinese liked and became addicted to – opium. In 1773, the East India Company secured a monopoly on the production and sale of opium grown in India


Oct 13 18:35

Why missing Saudi journalist’s Apple Watch is an interesting, but unlikely, lead

But even if Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate wearing that model, a third-generation Apple Watch does not support cellular connections in Turkey, effectively ruling out any chance that his health data synced either with his iPhone outside or Apple’s servers.

It’s also unlikely that the watch connected to a known Wi-Fi network inside the consulate, or that the watch was within close enough range to sync with his iPhone outside using Bluetooth.

In any case, if health data from Khashoggi’s watch was transmitted over the air to Apple’s iCloud where it could be synced with his iPhone, the data is end-to-end encrypted with his passcode.

Not even Apple — and therefore law enforcement — can access this data, meaning any evidence of his whereabouts will be on his iPhone.

Oct 13 17:08

'Cornerstore Caroline': Woman calls the police on 9-year-old boy for sexual assault

A woman who called the police on a 9-year-old boy accusing him of sexual assault has earned the nickname, “Cornerstore Caroline.”

Oct 13 17:04

Retired firefighter found guilty for shooting at lost black teen on doorstep

This will affect my son forever,' the boy's mom said.
A jury convicted a white Michigan man of assault on Friday for firing a shotgun at a black teen who knocked on his door to ask for directions on his way to school.