Jul 06 21:19

"It Did Occur," Says Reporter Who Accused Justin Trudeau Of Groping Her

OTTAWA: A former journalist broke her silence on Friday to stand by her allegation that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau groped her nearly two decades ago when he was not politically involved.
"I issue this statement reluctantly, in response to mounting media pressure to confirm that I was the reporter who was the subject of the Open Eyes editorial, published in the Creston Valley Advance in August of 2000," Rose Knight said in a statement to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Jul 06 18:24


C’mon British Government. It really isn’t hard. Or at least it wouldn’t be if the case you’ve presented is true. Just ask Sergei. But in the continued absence of answers to these simple questions, it seems that there might well be no “plausible alternative” but to assume that your case simply does not stack up. Which is why the onus is on you, not those you accuse, to explain yourselves.

Jul 06 12:49

"It's Going To Get Ugly"

In a column published early this morning - shortly after the US's first round of tariffs on imported Chinese goods took effect - Reuters' Breakingviews columnist Christopher Beddor declared that the trade war between China and the US will be "fought in the trenches, and it's going to get ugly." And while exporters might be the first to feel the squeeze, the trade tensions will likely dampen investment and impede China's efforts to reform its economy. It also "marks a moment of mourning" for investors who had hoped that "the two largest economies could work things out."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What really concerns me here, is how quickly trade wars can morph into shooting wars.

And unfortunately, just because any decision the US goverment could make, could be one of the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid things the US government could do, is utterly no guranatee tht it will not make such a decision.

I hope and pray that people in both Beijing and DC come to their collective senses, and handle these complex economic issues with both reason, and cooperation.

A war against China right now, with the US military not having the weaponry; the manufacturing; the money; or the troop strength, to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war, could well be catastrophic to America's interests.

Jul 06 12:24

Students in Detroit Are Suing the State Because They Weren’t Taught to Read: A federal judge has concluded that the Constitution doesn't require schools to promote students’ literacy.

In his opinion explaining why he dismissed the case, Judge Murphy acknowledged that literacy is integral to one’s well-being—that, as the late Supreme Court Justice William J. Brennan once wrote in his opinion on a related educational-access case, “illiteracy is an enduring disability.” Yet Murphy concluded in his analysis that the due-process guarantee to life, liberty, and property does not “demand that a state affirmatively provide each child with a defined, minimum level of education by which the child can attain literacy.” Without that clarity, he was reluctant to assert that the right to literacy exists—let alone that the state violated it.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I believe that this case was interpreted by Judge Murphy far too narrowly; kids are the future of any culture, and the fabric of the future foundation of any society.

And when I say kids, I mean, all kids.

Sub-par education creates generations of people who cannot function, cannot read, cannot do basic math, and cannot think logically.

These people most generally wind up desperately relying public assistance, just to survive.

So you have to ask yourself: why would any state want that to be the end result of an alleged educational program?!?

The short answer is, for control.

When people are dependent upon the State, they can be controlled, and can be made to do whatever the state asserts is for their own good.

They will make sure that their kids are vaccinated, even when the inserts in the packages of those vaccines warn of the possibility of autism, or sudden death.

They will eat publically provided GMO food, because they have no idea how bad they are for people.

They will vote for the candidates who, instead of finding ways of pulling them out of their illiteracy and innumerancy, will insure that this will continue to happen, so the cycle never breaks.

That is the horrible, hopeless reality for many of these kids.

I hope and pray that the Federal Appeals court in Cinncinati overturns this ruling; all of America's kids deserve better than this!!

Jul 06 12:07

The Balkanization of South America: The Role of "Fifth Columns" Throughout the World

President Hugo Chavez was the first one to warn his Latin American partners of the imminent clandestine infiltration of NATO into South America. Nobody listened. Today it’s a fact – too late to fight against. NATO troops are occupying gradually all seven American military bases in Colombia. They are just simply converting from US to NATO bases – sounds more palatable than US bases – for sure. In the minds of unfortunately still most uninformed or mal-informed people, NATO stands for security. NATO – the North Atlantic Treaty Organization – in South America, what an oxymoron! – Well, it is the same ‘security’ farce as is NATO in Afghanistan and bombing the Middle East.

Jul 06 12:03

Blaming Iran for the Sufferings of Yemenis Is Laughable

The new U.S. leadership is resorting to every ploys and lies to demonize Iran. The new project of Iranophobia has intensified since Pompeo confirmed as secretary of state in late April. He seems to be superseding in animosity against Iran in comparison to John Bolton, the national security advisor to Trump.

Pompeo’s degree of hatred toward Iran was fully laid bare during his speech at the Heritage Foundation on May 21 in Washington.

It is quite clear to the entire world that it is Saudi Arabia and the UAE – the United States’ close friends – which have created human tragedy in Yemen by strangulating and starving millions of people in the poor Arab country. Maybe it is the easiest way to blame Iran for what Washington’s friends have been doing.

How can Iran, even if it wanted, to help Yemeni rebels while the country is besieged by the Saudi-led alliance. Attempts to link the miseries of the Yemenis to Iran can never hide the crimes being committed by the Saudi-led coalition.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would characterise President Trump, in his wanting to sell more and more weapons to the Saudis, for the purpose of its genocidal assault against Yemen, as the American Merchant-of-Death-in-Chief.

Oh, and BTW, Mr. President: here is what US government-enabled Saudi war crimes in Yemen look like:

Images: Yemeni children murdered by Saudi bombing runs

Mr. President, as a Christian pacifist activist, and witness, as long as there is breath in my body, I will continue to advocate for a US foreign policy which values moral, hard-won negotiations over the use of bombs and bullets, as the way the US should be resolving its international disputes.

But to blame Iran for the craziness of the US-enabled Saudi military's war crimes in Yemen, is disingenuous beyond belief, sir: it will not, and cannot, work, because the American people have awakened from their geopolitical slumber, after having been lied to about the justifications for the wars in Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan, and will be both peacefully, and effectively vigilant, that the US not be lied into another war, this time against Iran, no matter how much Sheldon Adelson, Israel's Prime Minister Netanyahu, and the Butcher of Yemen (AKA Prince bin Salman) want the US military to fight this war.

Jul 06 11:43

How $21 Trillion in U.S. Tax Money Disappeared. “Full Scope Audit” of the Pentagon

According to the Department of Defense Inspector General and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service, $21 Trillion in Taxpayer Funding Is Unaccounted For.

To help people comprehend the scale of this, $1 Trillion is $1000 Billion. This means that $21,000 Billion in taxpayer money has gone missing.

It is as if the accountability and appropriations clauses of the U.S. Constitution were just window dressing, behind which this mind-numbing malfeasance thrives.

Technically, this is a violation of the Anti-Deficiency Act, a statute carrying felony sanctions of fines and imprisonment.

Congress and the Pentagon annually report and hold hearings on DOD’s lack of financial accountability and sometimes enact new laws, but many of the new laws simply permit the Pentagon to ignore the previous ones; others are eyewash.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Increasing money into a continually corrupt, under-performing military industrial complex, will not solve the problem; changing the corporate culture of the military industrial complex will.

This approach has to be two-pronged; the first is, that military contractors can no longer line the pocket of both parties, both overtly, and covertly, with contributions which make their companies the most likely to get the opportunity to bid expensive military contracts. This should be a meritocracy, where smaller, leaner companies get the opportunities to bid also.

Secondly, and this should be written into every military/industrial contract, failure to deliver product, on time, within budget, and performing as advertised, will become a felony against the American people, for which those executives can be tried, found guilty, and subject to hard jail time.

Those two actions, taken together, would cure the problem; unfortunately, given the insane level of corruption in both our government and procurement processes, that is apt to happen... just about when pigs discover that they are aerodynamic.

Jul 06 11:29


IT IS A testament to the Washington establishment’s rhetorical dexterity that it labeled Guantánamo Bay home of the world’s most dangerous terrorists. U.S. leaders meant, of course, to refer to the hundreds of non-Americans detained at the base over the past 16 years. But a closer look at the history of Guantánamo tells a different story — one in which the United States, beginning 120 years ago this June, used the enclave in southeastern Cuba to launch decades upon decades of terroristic overseas conquest.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A " take the high moral ground" country would let go of Guantanamo, and give it back to the Cuban government long ago; however, unfortunately, at this time in its history, the US is not that country.

Torture of prisoners of war goes unabated, both at Gitmo, I was force-fed at Gitmo; what guards are now doing is far worse and at Emerati "Dark Sites" in Yemen.

Yemeni prisoners say the Emeriati offices sexually torture them

Torture rarely produces actionable intelligence, but produces, instead, false confessions, in order to get the torture to stop, and adds "depth and dimmension" to the agendas created with which to support and justify the Unhinged, Surveilled State of America's endless wars on hapless countries which have never done anything to us, but just happen to sit on resources, like oil, rare earth minerals, or opium poppies, which the US government wishes to expropriate.

I would like to politely point out that such torture, particularly in Yemen, is being done under the watch of Gina Haspel, CIA Director, who just assured Congress that she would no longer allow torture, if she got confirmed to the post of CIA director.

Unfortunately, it is painfully apparent that with Ms. Haspel, that public posture, and reality, have utterly no meaningful relationship whatsoever in her world.

Jul 06 11:10

'The biggest insult to a sitting US president ever': Nigel Farage leads critics condemning huge 'Trump baby' blimp that will soar over London while the President visits UK

Nigel Farage has claimed anti-Trump protestors' plans to fly a blimp portraying Donald Trump as a big baby is the 'biggest insult to a sitting US president ever'.
Mr Farage aimed his criticism at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, who granted permission for the 20ft inflatable to fly above Parliament Square Gardens on July 13.
The former UKIP leader weighed in on the debate on Thursday, saying allowing the blimp to fly during Trump's visit was 'a step too far' and 'ridiculous'.

Jul 06 11:02

US Troops in Niger Should Not Be Fighting, Says President

In an interview with the Guardian, Nigerien President Mahamidou Issoufou said that he does not want US or other foreign troops fighting on the ground in Niger, and that such troops should limit their actions to training and intelligence-gathering.

Issoufou discussed the ongoing war on terror in western Africa’s Sahel, saying it will take years to finish, comparing it to the Syria and Iraq fight. He said foreign allies should do more to help the local militaries in the region fight for themselves.

The US has a substantial number of troops in Niger, a fact revealed after troops were ambushed last year and four were killed. The US also built a large drone base in Niger, despite substantial opposition within Niger to the US presence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is painfully apparent, that Nigerian President Issoufou is not quite getting from the Americans what he was actually hoping to get.

But this is absolutely the usual routine of the American government when it has its troops in foreign countries, and this is done to expropriate natural resources in those countries, and insure that said resources are only sold in US dollars.

Jul 06 10:55

Putin Is Preparing a Deal Trump Can Tout After Summit

Kremlin officials are in intense negotiations with their counterparts in Washington to strike at least one deal they hope will let President Donald Trump tout his summit with Vladimir Putin as a triumph that justifies steps to repair relations.

At the top of the list for the July 16 meeting in Helsinki, Finland, is Iran’s role in Syria, an issue that Moscow is simultaneously negotiating with Tehran, a senior Russian official said on condition of anonymity because he’s not authorized to comment on the record.

Putin has agreed in principle to U.S. and Israeli demands that Iranian-backed forces in southern Syria be kept away from Israel’s border, replaced with troops loyal to the government in Damascus, two Kremlin advisers said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My fingers are crossed on this; but what gobsmacks me here, is the number of people who are utterly committed to this meeting being an abysmal failure, and are doing everything within their power to prevent a positive, and reasonable, outcome from this summit.

Jul 06 10:51

Mainstream Media Admits FBI Groomed Terrorist for 4th of July Attack, Gave Him Supplies

An innocent man is now facing terrorism charges after he was caught plotting a bombing at a Fourth of July celebration and then arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The only problem is that the plot was created by undercover FBI agents, who convinced the man to agree to a role in the plan, and then provided him with supplies.

Demetrius Pitts, 48, is now facing criminal charges after conversations with undercover agents led to his arrest. According to the criminal complaint against Pitts, the FBI claimed that its agents reached out to him because he made comments on Facebook that indicated he may be interested in joining al-Qaeda, traveling overseas for training, and then returning to the U.S. to carry out an attack.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is standard operating procedure for the FBI; frame some idiot patsie, give him the tools for such a job, then arrest him for having the tools to create some terrorist act, even if they could not convince them to do so.

This makes the leadership of the FBI dangerous to the American public at large, and that leadership, if it truly believes that such moves are "good for the agency", should be summarily sacked.

Remember, you peace protestors who are participating in legitimate, permitted protests; the guy or gal advocating violence against people or property, is most likely an FBI operative, looking for "another notch" on their belt, in terms of another collar.

Very quietly separate this person from the main group, and tell them that their advocacy of violence is not wanted, or needed, to achieve your goals. Then keep them away from the rest of the group.

Jul 06 10:42

Wisconsin Court Tells University to Reinstate Conservative Professor

The case started in 2014, when McAdams wrote a post criticizing a female student instructor for trying to shut down a debate about gay marriage. He used it as an example of liberals suppressing free speech. Yet, his post opened the instructor up to threats because he included a link to her personal website and her email address. McAdams was suspended for the post, but sued the school in 2016, insisting his contract promised him academic freedom and free expression protections. On Friday, the court ordered Marquette to immediately reinstate him.

Jul 06 10:41


Donald Trump colluded with Russia to fix the election. This is now set in stone despite a complete lack of evidence anything of the kind actually happened. It’s accepted by the “intelligence community” and the Senate. Even President Trump believes—or says—the Russians had something to do with influencing the election, defeating Hillary Clinton, and sending millions of liberal Americans into panic attacks and other mental disorders.

“As numerous intelligence and national security officials in the Trump administration have since unanimously re-affirmed, the (Intelligence Community Assessment’s) findings were accurate and on point,” declared committee Vice Chairman and Democrat Mark Warner.

“The Russian effort was extensive and sophisticated, and its goals were to undermine public faith in the democratic process, to hurt Secretary Clinton (Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton) and to help Donald Trump,” Warner said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forgive me here, but is that to say that the US's corporate presstitute media are NOT reading from government-approved scripts to further its agendas, which are generally war-centric?!?

Just please, do NOT get me started here; it would take all day.

But sufficeth it to say, that most of the non-news we get in American corporate media come in two flavors: to justify more wars, like the neverending wars in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq, to control more resources
and insure that those resources are only sold in US dollars.

The second flavor is to avoid, and create a wall of silence, around anything the Federal Government doesn't want the American public to know about, or talk about, such as the depths to which the US military is enabling Saudi war crimes in Yemen.

Jul 06 10:40

Terry Gilliam on diversity: 'I tell the world now I’m a black lesbian'

Gilliam was commenting on the row over diversity triggered by the BBC’s unveiling of its new comedy programming, announced in June, at which the BBC’s controller of comedy commissioning Shane Allen emphasised the corporation’s commitment to “the stories that haven’t been told and the voices we haven’t yet heard”. In response to a question about Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Allen said: “If you’re going to assemble a team now, it’s not going to be six Oxbridge white blokes. It’s going to be a diverse range of people who reflect the modern world.”

Jul 06 10:39

May warns Brexiteers there are plenty of 'talented' Tory MPs ready to take prized Cabinet jobs if they quit over her EU plan as gloves come off at crunch Chequers summit

Theresa May is struggling to unite the Cabinet at a crunch Chequers summit
Marathon meeting at PM's country residence is happening amid great secrecy
Mrs May trying to push through her 'third way' plan for trade ties to the EU
Brexiteers claim the blueprint would prevent Britain doing trade deal with US

Jul 06 10:39

BREAKING: Founder of #WalkAway Campaign Brandon Straka ABUSED by Leftists at NYC Camera Shop

The #WalkAway campaign began on Facebook after a handsome, gay hairdresser from New York named Brandon Straka posted a video last month explaining why he was walking away from the Democrat party.
People are leaving the Democrat party in droves because all they have to offer is violence, intolerance, divisiveness and hatred.

Brandon Straka’s videos are so popular that he is beginning to get recognized in public.

On Thursday, Brandon Straka went into a camera shop to purchase some new supplies when he was abused by leftists working there; they recognized him and refused him service.

This type of hatred and discrimination is precisely why Brandon Straka began the #WalkAway campaign in the first place.

Jul 06 10:32


Utah police seized about $2.2 million in cash last year under a law allowing authorities to take someone’s property even if they aren’t charged or convicted of a crime, a state report showed.

The 2017 report on state asset forfeiture showed virtually all of the money and other assets seized by police came in drug investigations.

In 13 percent of the cases no criminal charges were filed.

The report, released by the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice last week, showed an increase in cash seized by state police over previous years, likely due to a few large incidents, the commission said.

In addition to the cash, police also seized an additional $401,000 worth of property, including several cars and hundreds of gambling machines.

After assets were taken by authorities, roughly $687,000 was routed back to law enforcement and drug courts.

Jul 06 10:29

A record number of folks age 85 and older are working. Here's what they're doing.

Seventy may be the new sixty, eighty may be the new seventy, but 85 is still pretty old to work in America. Yet, in some ways, it is the era of the very-old-worker in America.

Overall, 255,000 Americans, 85-years-old and over, were working over the past 12 months. That's 4.4 percent of Americans that age, up from 2.6 percent in 2006, before the recession. It's the highest number on record.

They're doing all sorts of jobs - crossing guards, farmers and ranchers, even truckers, as my colleague Heather Long revealed in a front-page story last week. Indeed, there are between 1,000 and 3,000 U.S. truckers age 85 or older, based on 2016 Census Bureau figures. Their ranks have roughly doubled since the Great Recession.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Simply put, they are working....because they have to; because there is no other way for them to survive, between inflation, and the massive shrinking of the buying power of the US dollar.

That old promise of "The American Dream" has come face to face with the new "American Reality" for many seniors; and it is not pretty.

Jul 06 10:24


Mexico licenses Coca Cola to take a huge amount of water from semi-arid Chiapas while ordinary people’s wells run dry. Then Coca Cola sells bottled water to residents. And sells the water for same price as Coca Cola.

Mexico is a deeply crony place. Taking people’s water and then selling it back to them (with a license from the government of course) is pretty low.

(From Salon)

While local communities struggle to secure water, for Coca-Cola, there is no shortage of water. The bottling plant opened in 1994, the same year the Zapatista uprising put Chiapas in the global spotlight. While the Zapatistas organized in the mountains surrounding San Cristobal, FEMSA began pumping water from Huitepec mountain. The National Water Commission (Conagua) renewed the permit in 2005, and FEMSA now operates two wells.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would like to hope that the newly elected President of Mexico will address, and fix, this critical issue, but I am not holding my breath.

Jul 06 10:22

Trump Putin, Clintons, Spying, and Pesticides. Michael Rivero - July 5, 2018

Jul 06 10:22


While the long-overdue departure of ceaselessly corrupt EPA chief Scott Pruitt on Thursday was undoubtedly a small win for the public and the planet, environmentalists were quick to note that “there’s no happy ending to this story” as Pruitt is being replaced by former coal lobbyist Andrew Wheeler, who worked for years as an aide to fervent climate-denier Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.).

“Before everyone gets excited about Pruitt, remember we’re going to get all the same horrific policy under Andrew Wheeler, without any of the comic, attention-drawing personal corruption,” Vox environment writer David Roberts tweeted after President Donald Trump announced on Thursday that he had accepted Pruitt’s resignation.

“Pruitt’s departure may cost us some jokes,” added Public Citizen president Robert Weissman in a statement, “but it won’t change the Trump administration or help save the planet or Americans’ health. Next in line to run the EPA is a coal lobbyist.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jul 06 10:19


Police in India have arrested a woman working at Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity for allegedly selling a 14-day old baby, while two other employees at the charity have been detained and questioned regarding other potential cases of black market baby trafficking.

The BBC reported that a complaint registered with the Indian state of Jharkhand’s Child Welfare Committee (CWC) led to the arrest and detainment of the charity’s employees.


Webmaster's Commentary: 

This, coming from a charity, whose mission was supposed to have been lifting India's poorest of the poor up, is just ... heartbreaking.

Jul 06 10:14


As research into EMF sensitivity and social media addiction continues to surface, it’s no surprise that some institutions are trying their own little happiness experiments. After all, schools are supposed to be for focused education, and the added distractions and social pressures of cell phones may further zap the joy right out of students.

Researchers, for instance, recently discovered that smart phones were the culprit behind the depression spikes and suicide attempts among teens in the last decade. That little-known discovery has serious implications for the future of humanity. But is anyone paying attention? (or are they on Snapchat!)

Four years ago, a French school trepidatiously banned the use of cell phones – and something interesting followed.

GNN reports:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hopefully, this ban will have a positive "domino effect" on schools in other countries, with similar results.

Jul 06 10:05

“The #WalkAway Movement Is Huge! The Real Walk Away Story Being Underreported”

I found this short video by An0maly to be another excellent summary about what the #WalkAway movement is about. In my view, this represents a grand awakening of humanity, and it will continue.

The main point I aligned with here is that so much of current “buzz” among some is the idea that they are “victims” of something or other. And that is not what I and many others have learned in their spiritual growth path… to stop playing “victim” and become the main player in one’s journey.

Jul 06 09:59


What is going on here? Seriously? The Russia thing isn’t working so now they are trying to play up the “Trump is a Nazi” and you are a horrible, deplorable person if you like him in any way? That’s the tack this week?

For those who don’t know, Mr. Boot is a longtime big shot at the Council on Foreign Relations and a leading figure in the neoconservative (which is to say big government at home, and radically interventionist overseas, basically NOT CONSERVATIVE) “movement.”

For those who would like to get a real sense of Mr. Boot I suggest you watch this clip with Tucker Carlson.

I’m not going to fully get into it here, but this man, Boot, was/is a full on unapologetic advocate for possibly the biggest mistake this country has made in the last 100 years foreign policy wise, The Iraq War. And consider the other mistakes we’ve made in the last century. But yet he still has a place at the table?

See, this is why I never get invited to CFR cocktail parties.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So people who support Trump, even marginally (because the Democrats ran out of ideas long before the 2016 election), are, by extension Nazis also?!?

Well, to those who are new to this blog, let me tell you something about myself.

I am the wife of Mike Rivero, the Webmaster at

I am a Christian, a Christian composer, and the director of two English-speaking choirs at a local Methodist church.

I am also a Christian pacifist activist, who has had thoroughly criticized a number of administrations over the years.

This means, in essence, that I am pro-moral, hard-won negotiations as the way in which the US government should resolve its geopolitical differences with other countries, rather than with bombs as bullets.

This also means that my job, on this blog, is to function as a Christian witness to what I believe this country has done wrong, and suggest alternative ways for getting what the US government wants without firing a shot.

I have had a hug and a punch relationship with the Trump administration.

The hug issue is with tamping down on illegal immigration, which is bankrupting states and cities with its unfunded mandates, but this has to be done humanely and compassionately, particularly when children are involved.

But this also involves figuring out where in the world the US drug policies are causing people to flee because of cartel violence in their homelands, like Mexico and Central America, and making changes necessary tooward preventing this.
Mexican travel warnings are causing chaos
Homegrown Solutions to Central America's Narco Nightmare

The "punch" criticisms start with the continuations of the immoral, and ultimately illegal, wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya.

Yes, I understand it is about controlling the resources of these countries, and insuring that those resources are only sold in US dollars.

When Karl Marx made the observation that all wars are economic in nature, the guy had it nailed.

I am also deeply concerned about both the US participating in Saudi war crimes in Yemen, and a Middle Eastern Foreign policy which have seems to outsourced to Israel's Sheldon Adelson, Prime Minister Netanyahu, and Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, which nearly insures that the arc of Middle East instability will be with us forever, and plight of the Palestinian people will never be resolved, other than with extermination.

I do not want to see that happen; I want to see a thriving Israel, and a thriving Palestine.

I am also very concerned about the demonization of both Iran and Russia, and how sanctions against them may well be the prelude to a shooting war.

I am deeply concerned about this country's crumbling infrastructure, which Trump's administration has, apparently, no clue as to how to get it fixed, because of spending such a breathtaking amount of money on defense, and then not really getting the best bang for the bucks the US military is spending.

This is because the corporate executive culture of weapons, aircraft, and naval vessel manufacturers is such that they believe that because they contribute so lavishly to both sides of the aisle, that it doesn't matter if their products are delivered late enough to make them obsolete upon delivery; do not work as advertised; or carry huge cost overruns.

This has got to change, and quickly, if the US wants to reclaim its military superiority.

I abhor war as a way of this country getting what it wants economically and geopolitically; but having said that, weapons, jet fighters, and ships our soldiers need, should war happen, must be the best which can be made, period, end of discussion.

But what I see, in the loose way both Democrats, and Neocons are flinging the accusation of "being a Nazi" against anyone who sees any potential thing Trump might have started to get right, like negotiations with North Korea, is attempting to weaponize language, which is always the last resort of those who want to silence everyone who might see some of what any American President has done which might be considered as positive.

This attempt to silence people who are not in lock-step with the opposition's world view, which seems to advocate the blowing up every country which is in any degree of disagreement with the US; the taking what the US government wants by force, and suggesting that the US has the absolute moral right to do this, is horrifically dangerous, in a democratic republic.

I would like to hope, in the 21st century, that thinking Americans are better than allowing these kind of epithets to silence them, when they believe, for very logical reasons, that this country is not on the right side of history, and share their concerns, as I have with you in this post.

Jul 06 09:52

Pride Of Lions Eats Group Of Poachers Alive In South African Game Reserve

Over the last few years, the Shibuya Game Reserve in South Africa has faced several intrusion by poachers attracted to the reserve’s vast diversity of animals.

Now, in what some are calling an act of nature’s karma, a group of poachers who broke into the reserve to hunt rhinos has been devoured by a pack of hungry lions.

The park’s owner, Nick Fox, believes that the groups of poachers were eaten alive by the pride of lions sometime between the evening of July 1 and the early morning of July 2.

Jul 06 09:43

This School Banned Cell Phones And Happiness Followed

Four years ago, a French school trepidatiously banned the use of cell phones – and something interesting followed.

Jul 06 09:37


As Allison Mack and Keith Raniere await trial for their part in a twisted celebrity sex trafficking ring, neighbors of the cult’s headquarters in Knox Woods are coming forward with statements about what they saw while the cult was in town. Although the full extent of the accusations against Mack and Raniere were underreported in the mainstream media, one of the main charges in the criminal indictment against Raniere and Mack is sex trafficking of children.

Jul 06 09:03

Man arrested for stealing teen's 'Make America Great Again' hat in viral video

The man seen throwing a drink in a teenager's face allegedly for wearing a Make America Great Again hat has been arrested.

KTRK-TV reports, Hunter Richard, 16, said the 30-year-old Kino Jimenez threw the drink in his face before leaving with his hat on Tuesday at a Whataburger in San Antonio.

Hunter said some of his hair was pulled out when the hat was ripped off his head.

Hunter was with some friends and they said the man was not provoked at all.

Jul 06 08:49

My Declaration of Incivility: Media Call Us Nazis. Celebs Call Us C*nts. Dems Scream ‘F*ck You’

All around us the organized left (establishment media, Hollywood, and Democrats) are lamenting the loss of civility. Of course, to express this lament, they must first take a break from calling us “Nazis,” calling us “cunts,” and screaming “fuck you” throughout the halls of the U.S. Capitol.

Oh, and they must also take a break from bullying us out of public spaces and calling for more even more mobs to be vigilant so we face a “life sentence” of bullying.

With no professional consequences, NBC News is not only calling Trump a “Nazi,” NBC News is smearing his supporters as “Nazis” — and I do not mean figuratively.

Jul 06 08:48

NYTimes: Liberal Free Speech Defenders Turn Against First Amendment

One law professor at Georgetown, Louis Michael Seidman, who used to defend free speech now sees his prior position as a mistake.

“When I was younger, I had more of the standard liberal view of civil liberties,” Seidman said. “And I’ve gradually changed my mind about it. What I have come to see is that it’s a mistake to think of free speech as an effective means to accomplish a more just society.”

Catharine A. MacKinnon, a law professor at the University of Michigan, goes further still, declaring that free speech reinforces and amplifies injustice because it is now being used to defend ideas she finds distressing.

“Once a defense of the powerless, the First Amendment over the last hundred years has mainly become a weapon of the powerful,” writes MacKinnon, who teaches such courses as “Evolution of Gender Crimes” and “Sex Equality.”

Jul 06 08:46

Rap Sheet: ***133*** Acts of Media-Approved Violence and Harassment Against Trump Supporters

It is open season on Trump supporters, and the media is only fomenting, encouraging, excusing, and hoping for more… The media are now openly calling Trump supporters “Nazis” and are blaming Trump for a mass murder he had nothing to do with. This, of course, is a form of harassment because it incites and justifies mob violence.

Here is the list, so far, and remember that if any one of these things happened to a Democrat, the media would use the story to blot out the sun for weeks. But what we have when it comes to Trump supporters is a media eager to normalize harassment and violence.

This list will be updated as needed…

Jul 06 08:34

Tucker: Progressives hate Trump so much, they dislike the US

Jul 06 07:57

London Police BAN pro-Trump Rally

BaconLady CHARGED By Police | Facebook DELETES MBGA Page

Jul 06 07:52


Elizabeth Gardens in Salisbury is a rather lovely park. Situated next to the river, and overlooking the Water Meadows, it is a wonderful place to take an early morning stroll, and then to walk along the town path, where you get a wonderful view of the towering 13th Century gothic cathedral from the very spot where Constable painted his famous Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows.

Yet, like the centre of the City, it is now apparently a place synonymous with poisoning. According to latest reports, it is apparently the place at which Dawn Sturgess and Charlie Rowley became poisoned on Friday 29th June. This from The Mail:

Jul 06 07:23

Record number of Americans worked to death

The age for working people in America has risen as the elderly are being forced to work in order to survive as inflation continues to engulf the once prosperous nation.

If you are old enough to remember or are in a position to ask someone who knows, the price of a candy bar back in 1959 was about 5 cents and they were twice as big as today’s so-called “King Size” candy bars which cast in most cases $1.89.

Jul 06 07:14

PG&E Plans to Cut Electricity to Some California Residents to Prevent Wildfires

In a move straight out of the Soviet Union handbook, PG&E has warned they may cut electrical power to some California residents during “extreme weather” to help prevent wildfires.

This comes after some poorly maintained Pacific Gas and Electric power lines and equipment have been determined to have started last year’s deadly wildfires in the Napa Valley wine country area.

Jul 06 06:21

Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to speak in Little Rock on July 12

The former Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States Bill Clinton and former U.S. President George W. Bush will be speaking with a group of 59 Presidential Leadership Scholars next Thursday during this year’s Presidential Leadership Program graduation ceremony about issues such as immigration reform, the opioid crisis, and veteran affairs.

Jul 06 03:11

Mummified corpses of Inca nobility still clothed in finely woven burial robes are unearthed in one of the largest burial sites in ancient Peru

The mummified corpses of Inca nobility, still clothed in finely woven robes, have been unearthed in one of Peru's largest burial sites.

The 500-year-old site contains 24 mummified corpses and is the biggest burial ever found in the coastal region of Lambayeque, in northwest Peru.

The corpses – four of which are believed to be Inca nobility – are buried alongside funerary offerings such as ceramics, grains, and high-quality clothes.

These fine fabrics and ceramics would not have been found in the burial site of poor people, experts say.

Jul 06 02:30

Trump says he'll pay 'Pocahontas' Elizabeth Warren $1M to take a DNA test, blasts 'low-IQ individual' Maxine Waters, says Putin is 'fine' and defends ICE in freewheeling speech at Montana rally (but doesn't mention his departing EPA chief)

President Donald Trump went on the attack at a Montana campaign rally while praising the Russian President
Swiped at 'liberal' Montana senator Jon Tester and said he wanted to DNA test 'Pocahontas' Elizabeth Warren
Dismissed critics who he said claimed 'Putin is KGB and this and that' and said he is 'prepared' for a summit
Claimed Democrats want 'anarchy' and for violence central American gangsters MS-13 to be able to 'run wild'
But no mention of former EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, who resigned on Thursday after months of scandals

Jul 05 16:08

Voodoo Sex-Trafficker Who Forced Victims To Drink Blood Jailed For 14yrs

A sex-trafficking nurse has been jailed for 14 years after subjecting Nigerian women to voodoo rituals in order to force them to work as prostitutes in Germany.

Jul 05 16:05

Exposed! How Britain’s anti-Semitism scaremongers operate

"This article about the British charitable organisation, the Campaign against Anti-Semitism (CAA), and its officers, Gideon Falter and Steve Silverman, examines events in England but ought to serve as a cautionary message for Canadians and Americans.

"The article will delve into the corrosive methods of the CAA; review the manner in which this ultra Zionist group “discovers” anti-Semitic “incidents”; examine their inaccurate statistical “studies” and see how they seek to intimidate political parties, venues, the press and others; and look at the court cases which the CAA has prosecuted. In the guise of fighting anti-Semitism, the CAA has managed to manoeuvre British society into abdicating its core liberal values, intimidate the prosecutorial and judicial system, and silence criticism of Israel in both social media and the mainstream media.

Jul 05 15:56

Ex-‘Secret Prison’ Inmates Demand Inquiry

Former UK nationals who were tortured by US authorities in the aftermath of 9/11 are demanding a judge-led inquiry into the level of UK involvement in torture and detention during the “war on terror.”

Jul 05 15:35

Do We have to Worry About President Trump Using the NDAA?

Now since Hillary is not president and Donald J Trump is now the commander-in-chief. He has a lot of laws that were meant to put down the Patriot movement now can be used against the globalist assets. It is not talked about but I can tell you it probably has the globalist scared.

Jul 05 15:22

Boeing Unveils Plans For Hypersonic Mach 5 Passenger Airliner

About four months after China revealed its plan to design a hypersonic passenger airliner, Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) has decided to join the race for hypersonics by partnering with hypersonic specialists at the company’s Research & Technology unit to examine the feasibility of Mach 5 travel capable of crossing the Atlantic in 2 hours or the Pacific in 3.

Jul 05 14:59

The Organic Prepper

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Website of today's radio guest.

Jul 05 13:54

How smart TVs in millions of U.S. homes track more than what's on tonight

Samba TV has struck deals with roughly a dozen TV brands — including Sony, Sharp, TCL and Philips — to place its software on certain sets. When people set up their TVs, a screen urges them to enable a service called Samba Interactive TV, saying it recommends shows and provides special offers “by cleverly recognizing onscreen content.” But the screen, which contains the enable button, does not detail how much information Samba TV collects to make those recommendations. 67

Samba TV declined to provide recent statistics, but one of its executives said at the end of 2016 that more than 90 percent of people opted in.

The big draw for advertisers — which have included Citi and JetBlue in the past, and now Expedia — is that Samba TV can also identify other devices in the home that share the TV’s internet connection.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This just sounds more than a little creepy to me.

Jul 05 13:47

‘Reprehensible!’ Footage of ‘cesspool’ district Maxine Waters represents, but doesn’t live in, shocks Twitter

Rep. Maxine Waters doesn’t miss an opportunity to screech against President Trump but many are blasting her for ignoring her own “cesspool” of a district.

Footage supposedly from the California Democrat’s district 43 revealed eye-popping images of the shameful state of life in the Los Angeles district that Waters has represented for nearly three decades.

No telling how the congresswoman continues to be reelected when she allows her district to exist in this state while she comfortably lives in a multi-million dollar mansion in a wealthy L.A. neighborhood.

“How’d she afford a place like that?” Fox News; Tucker Carlson asked in a segment one year ago. “How does she keep getting reelected despite not living in her own congressional district? ”

That district, according to Carlson, had the “second highest percentage of African-American residents” in the state while the neighboring area where Waters actually resides has only a six percent black population.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I cannot believe that the voters in her district don't want to live and work in better conditions than we see in this video; but the primaries in "safe" Democratic districts are usually more crooked than is a dog's hind leg.

Jul 05 12:54

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Apprehended 34,114 Illegal Aliens Along Southwest Border In June Alone!

In June a total of 34,114 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on our Southwest Border, compared with 40,338 in May and 38,243 in April. CBP is continuing to monitor sustained levels of illegal immigration, which is especially hazardous this time of year as the number of rescues by the U.S. Border Patrol continues to increase along with the temperature. Border Patrol agents rescued 896 people in May and June compared to 621 rescues during those months in 2017.

Jul 05 12:54

U.S. Border Patrol Agents Apprehended 34,114 Illegal Aliens Along Southwest Border In June Alone!

In June a total of 34,114 individuals were apprehended between ports of entry on our Southwest Border, compared with 40,338 in May and 38,243 in April. CBP is continuing to monitor sustained levels of illegal immigration, which is especially hazardous this time of year as the number of rescues by the U.S. Border Patrol continues to increase along with the temperature. Border Patrol agents rescued 896 people in May and June compared to 621 rescues during those months in 2017.

Jul 05 11:52


Longtime broadcaster Ed Schultz died of natural causes Thursday, July 5, at his home in Washington, D.C., according to RT America, where he was the host of “The News With Ed Schultz.” He was 64.

Jul 05 11:44

No, The New Mexican President Did Not Tell His People To 'Flood The Border"

Full texts and a fun contest at source.

He was taking up the cause of those who had chosen to immigrate, not telling others to join them. The context is the aftermath of the focus, on both sides of the border, on migrating families and the fate of children separated from their parents by what he calls "arrogant, racist, and inhumane" policies of the current administration.

This news seems faked on purpose. Google translate and a couple brain cells were all that was needed to do better...

Like the local high school principal telling all the students they had the right to raid their next door neighbor's liquor cabinet. And demand that it be stocked...


Jul 05 09:54


Our culture is ill.

Our families have been depreciated and demoralized. A lot of people don't get along with their families. They don't have any family connections. Or they see their relatives once every few years or something.

Of course this is understandable in an economy where we have where people are always moving around. You have to move for your job. Or you have to move for your kids' schools. There's a dozen reasons why you've got to move far away and then lose connection to your family of origin. Distance makes it much more difficult to maintain. But, however it occurs, this loss of sense of family is a core factor plaguing our culture.

Jul 05 09:52

Evidence suggests the militarization of police forces leads to more civilian deaths.

Why do some police officers resort to lethal force so quickly? Why do police kill, even in situations where their lives—or the lives of others—do not seem to be in danger? The militarization of American law enforcement has become the topic of much discussion—among scholars, in the media, and in the general public—over the last several years, and has become the target of those who desire reforms to reduce the number of civilian deaths. However, most of the scholarship on militarization is limited, either focusing on certain specific behaviors that result from militarization, on the existence of police Special Response Teams (also known as Special Weapons and Tactics or SWAT teams) as a way to capture the spread of militarization, or on county-level, but geographically narrow and theoretically limited, use of federal programs that allow police departments to acquire surplus military equipment.

Jul 05 09:48


Update: And here come the 'Russians did it' allegations...

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said the substance which has left two people critically ill in Amesbury was nerve agent Novichok.

The same agent that was allegedly used to poison former Russian spy Sergei Skripal just a few miles away (who miraculously survived the 'deadly' nerve agent along with his daughter).

So why are "the Russians" now poisoning some random - non-former-Russian spies - British people?

One can only wonder at the timing of this second seemingly random poisoning with a deadly nerve agent coming so close to President Trump's scheduled summit with President Putin.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF the same lab at Porton Down which is now testing the substance which made the people ill, and cannot state that it is definitively NOVICHOK (which they were unable to do with the sample from the Skribal case), then the headline is absolutely skewed when it screams "UK POLICE CONFIRM 2ND CRITICALLY ILL COUPLE POISONED WITH NOVICHOK NERVE AGENT". Because unless the UK chemical lab can logically confirm this, the UK police have no business making that statement.

But I will tell you what the timing of this incident has been most likely engineered to poison; the atmosphere of the meeting between Trump and Putin in Helsinki in a couple of weeks.

This has the very embarrassingly juvenile fingerprints MI5, MI6, and those of Teresa May, fighting to not lose power by her very awkward handling of the Brexit, all over it.

Jul 05 09:41

Network Coverage of Wildfire Ceases Once Suspect Is Revealed as Illegal Alien

Network news outlets have abruptly stopped covering the Spring Fire in Colorado, which previously had been receiving consistent airtime since late June. The dearth of new reporting is not due to the story having flamed out; on Monday morning the fire was declared the largest in the state, and it remains only five percent contained. Interestingly, coverage across ABC, CBS, and NBC ceased completely once it was revealed that the man responsible for starting the wildfire was an illegal alien.

Jul 05 09:33


With just hours left until the US officially declares trade war on China at midnight on Friday, when the Trump admin enacts tariffs on $34bn in Chinese products and Beijing retaliates instantly, China on Thursday rejected "threats and blackmail" ahead of a threatened U.S. tariff hike, once again striking a defiant stance in the dispute which companies have warned could flare into a full-blown trade war and chill the global economy.

A government spokesman said Beijing will defend itself if U.S. President Donald Trump goes ahead Friday with plans to raise duties on Chinese goods in the escalating conflict over technology policy. The Chinese government has already issued a list of U.S. goods for retaliation, but the Commerce Ministry said it will wait to see what Washington does.

“China will not bow in the face of threats and blackmail, nor will it be shaken in its resolve to defend global free trade,” said ministry spokesman Gao Feng at a news conference.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

THIS... is about to get ugly!!

Jul 05 09:30


For years, conspiracy theories about smart phones listening to users without their permission to show them advertisements have abounded. While some researchers have shown this could happen, a first of its kind study just found something far more insidious. Academics at Northeastern University have just proven that your phone is recording your screen—as in taking video—and uploading it to third parties.

For the last year, Elleen Pan, Jingjing Ren, Martina Lindorfer, Christo Wilson, and David Choffnes ran an experiment involving more than 17,000 of the most popular Android apps using ten different phones. Their findings were alarming, to say the least.

Jul 05 09:28

It wasn't about race, 'the police were not doing their job right': Lancaster man shot with Taser

The 27-year-old Lancaster, Pennsylvania, man shot in the back with a Taser as he sat on the curb said the incident wasn't racially motivated -- it was incompetence.

"I don't believe it was driven by race -- it was driven by the fact of the matter that the police were not doing their job right," Sean Williams told "GMA." "At the end of the day, I followed every directive that was given to me, and I feel as though no matter what race you are, what color you are, what background you are, that should not be done to you as a man or as a woman or whoever you are.

"Nobody should be Tased in the back in a situation where they're not doing nothing wrong. If they're following every directive that's being given to them, there's no reason that somebody should get stunned in the back to the point where they could be traumatized for the rest of their life."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I would really like to know just where the hell Jeff Sessions is, every time an incident like this happens, yet he continues, in the most tone dear manner humanly possible, to declare that there is a war against cops, rather than a war on innocent Americans.

This is about as fascist a police state activity as it gets, folks!

Jul 05 09:19

New emerge surface in Tupac Shakur’s murder case, police clarify

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department says that Tupac Shakur’s murder case still remains open after 20-years despite the fact that the suspect’s cousin came forth with shocking testimony in a new documentary film called Death Row Chronicles.

Jul 05 08:56

America Celebrates Lateral Move From Monarchy To Corporate Rule

Today America celebrates its liberation from the shackles of the British Crown and the beginning of its transition into corporatist oligarchy, which is a lot like celebrating your lateral promotion from housekeeping to laundry staff. Fireworks will be set off, hot dogs will be consumed, and a strange yellow concoction known as Mountain Dew will be imbibed by patriotic high-fiving Yankees eager to celebrate their hard-fought freedom to funnel their taxes into corporate welfare instead of to the King.

Jul 05 08:55

The Values Underlying Independence Day

When Jefferson wrote that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, he was referring to the natural law. The natural law teaches that right and wrong can be discerned and truth discovered by the exercise of human reason, independent of any commands from the government. The natural law also teaches that our rights come from our humanity — not from the government — and our humanity is a gift from our Creator.

Even those who question or reject the existence of the Creator — was Jefferson himself among them? — can embrace natural rights, because they can accept that our exercise of human reason leads us all to make similar claims. These claims — free speech, free association, free exercise or non-exercise of religion, self-defense, privacy, and fairness, to name a few — are rights that we all exercise without giving a second thought to the fact that they are natural and come from within us.

Jul 05 08:01

Native Americans seek to rename Yellowstone peak honoring massacre perpetrator

Mount Doane is a 10,500ft peak in Yellowstone national park, named for Lt Gustavus C Doane, a US army cavalry captain and explorer. In January 1870, he led a massacre that killed around 175 Blackfeet people, and he continued to brag about the incident throughout his life.

Hayden Valley, a broad valley that holds Yellowstone Lake, was christened for Dr Ferdinand V Hayden, a geologist and surveyor. He also advocated for the extermination of tribal people who refused to comply with federal dictates.

Jul 05 07:48

Being Ordinary

The Jewish press in Britain and around the world has seemed thrilled for the last few days. “One of Britain’s most vocal anti-Semites,”( apparently me) “was handed a humiliating court defeat in London on Monday” wrote The Jewish Algemeiner. On Twitter, Israel’s firsters wrote about me ‘grovelling’ at court.

I guess that lying is a bit of an official policy within such circles. In order to remove any questions regarding my position in court, here is my Lawyer’s statement as delivered on my behalf:

Jul 05 07:22

Helicopters in 19 seconds: Las Vegas shooting

As Intellihub reported in mid-November of 2017, Helicopters were airborne behind Mandalay Bay during the 1 October shooting.

The following video posed to the John E. Hoover YouTube channel focuses on a 19 second span of the “First Shots” video which was captured on the night of the shooting and uploaded to the Archangel Studios YouTube channel the following day. In the video, three helicopters can be seen lurking around below the roof lines of Mandalay Bay, the Delano, and Luxor. However, the caveat is the fact that none of the helicopters are showing up on radar, as reported by Intellihub Founder and Editor-In-Chief Shepard Ambellas during his October 2017 appearance on The Alex Jones Show.

Jul 05 06:18

Man assaults Trump supporting teen at Whataburger, steals his ‘MAGA’ hat

Police are investigating after a man approached a Trump supporting teen in a Texas Whataburger where he proceeded to throw ice on the teen and call him profanities before stealing the kid’s ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

Jul 05 04:55

National Emergency: Extreme Heat And Drought Fuel Dozens Of Explosive Wildfires In The Western United States

In Colorado, some of the fires were deliberately set by an illegal immigrant.

Jul 05 04:47

TARGET: Antiwar Barbara Lee Poised to Run for Dem Leadership

(*Thankfully; Peace Sells , but who's buying .
there is no choice)