Jan 23 11:59

Satanic Temple challenges Missouri’s abortion law on religious grounds.

There will be a showdown with Satan on Tuesday in the Missouri Supreme Court.

Not with Lucifer himself, but with a group called the Satanic Temple that is going to bat for a woman identified as "Mary Doe." She contends the state’s informed consent law, which required her to wait 72 hours before having an abortion in May 2015, violated her religious beliefs.

Jan 23 11:53

Syrian Kurdish Forces Launch Powerful Counterattack Against Turkey

Turkey is hoping for a quick victory in Afrin, but its soldiers and allied Syrian militiamen are facing counter-attacks by Kurdish forces on villages close to the border. The Kurds are reported to be readying reinforcements to join the battle from their bases in north east Syria where they have thousands of troops who until recently were fighting Isis.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan says there would be “no stepping back from Afrin” which means that the campaign, bizarrely named ‘Operation Olive Branch’, will continue. But it will take time to drive the Kurdish YPG paramilitary forces out the Afrin enclave north of Aleppo. So far the Turkish offensive has captured only a few villages close to the border in three days of fighting and there are a total of 350 villages in Afrin.

The population of the enclave is estimated to be 200,000, many of whom will be come refugees if Turkey and Arab militiamen take control.

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And we have that story accompanied by the following:

Turkey escalates attacks on Syrian Kurds

Jan 23 11:49

US Struggles With Fighting Between Turkey, Syrian Kurds, Two Key Allies

US warnings and calls for restraint have failed, and Turkey has invaded Syria’s Afrin District, beginning what could be a protracted battle with the US-backed Kurdish YPG. Two major US allies are in open conflict.

US allies have often clashed in the course of the Syrian War, but this is shaping up to be a long military campaign by Turkey, which has been looking to push against the Kurds for quite some time.

The US is so far just calling for “restraint,” but their involvement in the fight could come quite quickly, as Turkish officials have repeatedly said after Afrin, they’ll be attacking the YPG-held city of Manbij, a city that has US troops embedded within.

The US initially sent troops to Manbij to try to deter a Turkish invasion, betting they wouldn’t want to risk causing casualties to a fellow NATO member. That the fight is already ongoing now may change that calculation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So let me get this straight; the US military has troops embedded with the YGB in Mandij, the city in Syria Turkey has announced it will attack next.

Is the White House planning to create an exit corridor through which the American troops be able to leave, and quickly, or are they "sacrificial lambs" with which to justify a full-on invasion of Syria and/or Turkey?!?

This is about to get ugly, quickly.

Jan 23 11:24

Satanic Temple challenges Missouri’s abortion law on religious grounds

There will be a showdown with Satan on Tuesday in the Missouri Supreme Court.
Not with Lucifer himself, but with a group called the Satanic Temple that is going to bat for a woman identified as "Mary Doe." She contends the state’s informed consent law, which required her to wait 72 hours before having an abortion in May 2015, violated her religious beliefs.

Jan 23 11:22

Same sex couple sues State Department over decision on son's citizenship

Washington (CNN)A married same-sex couple living in London is suing the State Department over the determination that only one of their two sons is recognized as a US citizen.
According to a complaint filed in US District Court, US citizen Allison Blixt and her Italian national spouse, Stefania Zaccari, have two sons -- one carried by Zaccari and the other by Blixt. The couple say both children were conceived and born during their marriage, and they are both legal parents to their two sons, who, they argue should be eligible for US citizenship as a result.

Jan 23 10:57

In-N-Out Employees Can Work Their Way Up To $160,000 A Year With No Degree Or Previous Experience

There's a secret sauce to In-N-Out Burger's success. It pays employees really well.
The West Coast burger sensation pays store managers an average yearly salary of more than $160,000, which is about triple the industry average , according to the latest California Sun newsletter . There is no college degree or previous management experience required .

Jan 23 10:57

China Just Overtook The U.S. In Scientific Output For The First Time.

A national report on the state of US science has concluded the United States is still the world leader in science and technology – except by one vital, historic measure.

Jan 23 10:53

Chelsea Handler shamed a man for wearing a bathrobe in a restaurant — and she was right to do so

Chelsea Handler might be known for her often vulgar comedy, but she still apparently plays by Emily Post’s sartorial rules.
Handler shared a photo of a recent interaction she had on Instagram, with the caption, “This man thought it was okay to wear a bathrobe in `restaurant. It’s not, and now he knows.” In the image, she appears to be scolding the man, while he looks like he’s defending himself in his cozy white robe. Handler is tugging on her white tee, seemingly to help demonstrate what appropriate attire is.

Jan 23 10:51

Canada, TPP members agree to revised deal without the U.S.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Eleven countries aiming to forge a new Asia-Pacific trade pact will hold a signing ceremony in Chile in March.

Canada and the remaining members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreed Tuesday to a revised trade agreement without the United States.

Jan 23 10:50

Johnson & Johnson loses $10.7B after sweeping US tax changes

Johnson & Johnson posted a rare quarterly loss, a whopping $10.71 billion, due to a $13.6 billion charge related to the recent U.S. tax overhaul.
The health care giant on Tuesday also reported sharply higher spending on production, marketing, administration and research, offsetting a big jump in sales.

Jan 23 10:40

Singer Neil Diamond Has Parkinson’s Disease…

Neil Diamond announces he has Parkinson's and says his touring career is now over.


Jan 23 10:35

Republican House Bill Would Criminalize Poverty For Dreamers

House Republicans have introduced a bill that would criminalize Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (“DACA”) program recipients (“Dreamers”) who fall below certain income metrics.

Jan 23 10:35

NYPD Cops Allowed 20 ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ Cards For Friends And Family Per Year

Officers with the New York City Police Department (“NYPD”) are allotted 20 so-called “get out of jail free cards” per member, according to multiple media reports.

Jan 23 10:32

CNN’s John King | ‘Why Did DEMOCRATS Shut Down Govt In The First Place?’ – Vote Was 81-18 To Reopen…

Nice hit from John King. Rare truth spoken on CNN…


Jan 23 09:59

Immigration Authorities Detain Woman On A Greyhound Bus After Asking Everyone For ID

A video reportedly showing Customs and Border Protection agents demanding proof of citizenship from Greyhound bus passengers in Florida last week has sparked fresh outrage over the Trump administration’s hard-line immigration policies.

Jan 23 09:58

What Is REAL ID? Trump Administration Enforces New Identification Cards To Combat Terrorism After 13 Year Delay

California began issuing new identification cards Monday that will eventually be mandatory across the U.S. in order to board airplanes.
The newly minted documentation is part of the REAL ID Act—the implementation of a 2005 appropriation from Congress to fight "The Global War on Terror" under President George W. Bush. The law outlined the minimum security standards for state-issued driver licenses and identification cards following the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Jan 23 09:55

First GM Rice Just Approved By The U.S. FDA

Will the first ever GM rice from China make its way to the American table soon? As we reported last summer, Big Agri pulled some maneuvers and made major inroads in China despite major opposition from China’s...

Jan 23 09:47

Fragments of the 2000-year-old Dead Sea scrolls at a laboratory in Jerusalem. MENAHEM KAHANA/AFP/Getty Images The 364-day calendar also contained the sect's previously unknown word for days that marked the changing of the seasons: tekufah. The word, whose

Before 2001, Budweiser was the top-selling U.S. beer, but it relinquished that crown to Bud Light. Coors Light knocked Budweiser out of the second spot in 2011.

Jan 23 09:45

World Dead Sea Scrolls: One of Last Two Encrypted Ancient Writings Deciphered in Israel, Revealing Secret Calendar

After decades of work, one of the final two encrypted Dead Sea Scrolls that had resisted efforts to decipher its meaning has at last been decoded, revealing an ancient Jewish calendar.

Jan 23 09:15

Border Patrol agents board Florida bus and ask for citizenship papers

U.S. Border Patrol agents took someone off a Greyhound bus outside the Fort Lauderdale station after allegedly asking everyone on board for proof of citizenship, according to witness video and immigration advocates.

Jan 23 09:14

Amazon pulls kids clothes bearing 'Slavery gets shit done' slogan

Children's clothes bearing the slogan 'Slavery gets shit done' have been pulled from sale by online retail giant Inc after criticism from shoppers and anti-slavery groups.
A range of products featuring the slogan, from mugs and bags to T-shirts modelled by young children, were listed by third-party sellers and have been removed from sale, Amazon said.

Jan 23 09:06

On Wedding Anniversary, Melania Trump Cancels Trip With President to Davos

First Lady Melania Trump has cancelled plans to join President Donald Trump at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to mark the couple’s 13th wedding anniversary.

Jan 23 09:05

Man gets life for murder of teen returning Redbox movie

A Texas man was sentenced to life in prison for killing a young woman he kidnapped while she was returning a Redbox movie. Antonio Cochran, 36, was sentenced Monday for the 2015 murder of 18-year-old Zoe Hastings, who was abducted from a Walgreens parking lot in Lake Highlands, according to the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office. Hastings stopped at the pharmacy to return a movie when Cochran got into her minivan and kidnapped her, prosecutors said. Cochran allegedly sexually assaulted the young woman before stabbing her to death. Hastings was found dead with her throat slashed the next morning near a local creek bed, according to officials. Cochran’s DNA was reportedly found on the murder .

Jan 23 08:54

WATCH nuclear-powered icebreaker rip through ice within meters of Arctic car expedition

A Russian Arctic expedition crew in factory-stock pickup trucks has had a close encounter with the gigantic Taymyr nuclear icebreaker.
It occurred as the team was driving on the iced Yenisei River, as the nuclear-powered Taymyr sailed a few meters away from them.

Evgeny Shatalov, one of the drivers, said he managed to get close to the giant ship and touched it, posting his claim on Instagram. He also jokingly regretted that no one on the team touched the icebreaker with their tongue, as that would surely bring good luck to the whole endeavor. When the ship passed by, it was some -50 Celsius.

Jan 23 08:46

Duterte tells Philippines military and police: 'Shoot me if I become a dictator - it is your solemn duty'

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte told the army and police to shoot him if he becomes a dictator or stays beyond his term.

The firebrand leader made the solemn warning on Monday to eliminate speculation that he ordered loyalists in Congress to change the constitution.

Jan 23 08:43

Kellyanne Conway Mocked For Speaking 'Trump's English' During Heated Exchange With Chris Cuomo

Kellyanne Conway has muddled her words once again in a fiery interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo, prompting the presenter to snarkily ask if she was speaking “Trump’s English.”
The pair entered into a heated exchange on Monday evening’s Cuomo Primetime while discussing the government shutdown, which the administration blamed on Democrats, who in turn are blaming the GOP.

Jan 23 08:42

Doctor who aided hunt for bin Laden languishes, forgotten

Shakil Afridi has languished in jail for years — since 2011, when the Pakistani doctor used a vaccination scam in an attempt to identify Osama bin Laden’s home, aiding U.S. Navy Seals who tracked and killed the al-Qaida leader.

Jan 23 08:42

Trump's voter fraud commission requested records for all Texans with Hispanic surnames

Donald Trump’s controversial voter fraud commission asked for files on every Texan with a Hispanic surname, newly released documents show.

Jan 23 08:42

US immigration officers arrest Michigan doctor who has lived in US for 40 years

A respected doctor who has been in the United States for nearly 40 years has been picked up by American immigration agents after the Trump administration denied his attempt to renew his green card.

Jan 23 08:30

Tokyo Holds "First Ever" Missile Attack Drills

Two months ago, we reported that Hawaii was restoring an air raid warning system that hadn't been operational since the Cold War. Only this time, it's due to the rising tensions between the US and North Korea...

Indeed, these tensions nearly caused a panic last week when one employee at Hawaii's Emergency Management Agency accidentally selected the wrong dropdown menu choice, broadcasting a "Ballistic Missile Threat" warning to the cellphones of Hawaii residents.

On Monday, Tokyo activated the government's "J-alert" system in a drill for the public to practice their response to a missile strike, RT reported. Once activated, the system warned people to "evacuate calmly inside a building or underground."

Jan 23 08:23

7.9 magnitude earthquake hits Alaska

An earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale jolted the southern Alaskan coast in the US on Tuesday, prompting a tsunami warning along the coastline.

The quake hit 300 km southeast of Kodiak at a depth of 10 km at 12.21 a.m., the US Geological Survey said.

The US National Tsunami Warning Centre issued a tsunami alert for areas that included the coast of Alaska to British Columbia and the border with Washington State, and a tsunami watch all the way down to the border of Mexico and the coast of Hawaii, the New York Times reported.

Jan 23 08:13

Bill Cosby performs surprise show ahead of retrial

80-year-old comic jokes with friendly crowd in hometown jazz club

Jan 23 08:12

Girl, 15, says Nassar assaulted her at medical appointments, and MSU still sending bills

Michigan State University officials are reviewing whether to reimburse victims for medical appointments in which they were assaulted by former MSU doctor Larry Nassar.

Jan 23 08:10

‘1 dead, multiple injured’ in KY. high school shooting - governor

One student has been confirmed dead and at least five students were shot Tuesday morning at a high school in Kentucky. The school was placed on lockdown and emergency responders are already on scene.

The suspect has been apprehended by police according Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin who confirmed the “tragic shooting” by saying one person has been confirmed dead with “multiple others wounded”, however much is still unknown, he wrote on Twitter.

“Please do not speculate or spread hearsay...Let’s let the first responders do their job and be grateful that they are there to do it for us,” he wrote.

Jan 23 08:07

US asks Pakistan to expel Taliban leaders after Kabul terror attack

The US has asked Pakistan to immediately arrest or expel Taliban leaders who are carrying out terror attacks across the border in Afghanistan, days after the militant group attacked a landmark hotel in Kabul that left 22 people dead.

The terse White House statement came after the Taliban claimed responsibility for a major terror attack at the Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul on Saturday that killed at least 22 people, including 14 foreigners and eight Afghans.

Jan 23 08:03

Total and Complete Surrender: Democrats’ Schumer Shutdown Cave Endangers Leftists, Emboldens GOP Walking into Midterm Elections

Congressional Democrats on Monday, the third day of the government shutdown, completely caved to the Republicans—getting absolutely nothing policy-wise for their efforts.

Jan 23 07:23

Artificial intelligence predicts corruption

Two researchers from the University of Valladolid have developed a model with artificial neural networks to predict in which Spanish provinces corruption cases could appear with more probability, after one, two and up to three years.

Jan 23 07:19

After Denver hired homeless people to shovel mulch and perform other day labor, more than 100 landed regular jobs

In the first year after the program’s launch in November 2016, Denver Human Services says 284 people worked at least a day — with all but 10 sticking around longer — performing landscaping duties in parks, helping out at the Denver Elections Division, aiding public-works crews and other job assignments.

Jan 23 06:18

Democrat Congressman Claims The American People Are Too Stupid To Understand Government Corruption

Adam Schiff believes that a memo revealing criminal action committed by the government should be witheld because the American public is too stupid to understand it.

Jan 23 05:58

Scientists warn: Brain-wasting ‘zombie deer disease’ could spread to humans

Deer across North America have been dying from a disease which attacks their nervous system gradually destroying it. And now scientists are concerned that this brain-wasting “zombie disease” could spread to humans.

Jan 23 05:53

The Cabal Begins Operation 'Wetwork', Time To Cover Their Tracks

The lost text between Strzok and Page do not make sense because in the initial reports it says they had them. Two individuals were murdered and they are linked to the Clinton Haiti Relief Charity.

Jan 23 05:53

Russian spy ship spotted 100 miles off NC coast

The Russian spy ship, the Viktor Leonov was spotted 100 miles south east of Wilmington, NC in international waters, according to a US military official, just days after the vessel was seen leaving the capital of Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain.

Jan 23 05:44

Tsunami headed for Alaska after 8.2 magnitude earthquake

A powerful 8.2-magnitude earthquake detected in the Gulf of Alaska has triggered tsunami warnings in Alaska and tsunami watches across several Western states through British Columbia all the way down to San Diego…

Jan 23 04:16

Japanese diners call police after they are charged £1,000 for three steaks and fried fish in Venice.

Outraged visitors - from the University of Bologna - ordered steak and fish meals
As they had just water to accompany their meal, they were shocked at £1,009 bill
Mayor of Venice said he would investigate to see if 'shameful incident' happened

Jan 23 04:15

Speeding 62-year-old driver hits an astounding 155mph as unmarked police car battles to keep up on motorway

Craftsman John Hornby was spotted by PC Foster driving at high speed on M3

PC Foster chased down his Audi S4 super-saloon as they passed Basingstoke

Prosecutor told court that this was 'amongst the highest speeds' he had seen

Jan 23 04:14

Freed from the house of horror: Video shows the moment 13 children were rescued by police after years of being being kept chained to their beds and tortured by their evil parents

David and Louise Turpin's 13 children seen rescued by police in the new CCTV footage which emerged today

Dramatic rescue came after their eldest daughter, 17, escaped through a window at the home and called 911

Some youngsters can be seen running from the house in Perris, California, as younger siblings were carried

Last week, the evil parents pleaded not guilty to multiple torture and child abuse counts at a California court

Jan 22 20:52

LAUSD Teacher Strips Naked On Elementary School Playground, Chases Nearby Students

Cali: Land of fruit and Nutzs!

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A physical education teacher at Carthay Center Elementary School outraged parents and upset students when he stripped naked on campus Friday and proceeded to chase nearby second-graders and fifth-graders.

Watch what happens next!

Jan 22 20:15

Sisters Sasha & Malia Obama Like to Share Clothes

Sasha and Malia Obama might live in a big white house, be trailed by secret service, and have a parent who knows the nuclear codes, but they’re still just normal teenagers. On a recent summer escape from Washington, DC, the First Family vacationed in Martha’s Vineyard, where they went on family bike rides, played golf, and most likely went to the beach.

Jan 22 20:12

Vermont Governor Signs Marijuana Legalization Into Law

Vermont is officially the ninth state to legalize marijuana, and the first to end cannabis prohibition through an act of lawmakers.

Jan 22 20:11

Government shutdown fizzles on spending, immigration deal in Congress

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Congress voted on Monday to end a three-day U.S. government shutdown, approving the latest short-term funding bill as Democrats accepted promises from Republicans for a broad debate later on the future of young illegal immigrants.

Jan 22 19:41

Michelle Obama is powerful in plaid while talking friendship, social media, and parenting

Michelle Obama commanded the stage at the Obama Foundation summit in Chicago on Wednesday, wearing an eye-catching plaid dress.

Jan 22 19:39

Michelle Obama Promotes 'Let Girls Learn' in Pretty Preen Dress

Michelle Obama is in London for just two days (before moving on to other parts of the United Kingdom and to Italy for a weeklong trip), and she’s already off to a fashionable — and productive — start.

Jan 22 19:38

The #SchumerShutdown Hashtag Is Getting A Big Boost From Russian Bots


Jan 22 19:25

China Has Banned Hip-Hop Culture and Tattoos From TV Shows

The country’s top media regulator — the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT) — now “specifically requires that programs should not feature actors with tattoos [or depict] hip hop culture, sub-culture (non-mainstream culture) and dispirited culture (decadent culture),” Sina, a Chinese news outlet, reports.

Jan 22 19:24

VIDEO: Officer tackles handcuffed 17-year-old female student during disciplinary matter

A school resource officer is under review after a video surfaced of him throwing a handcuffed student to the ground during a disciplinary matter.

Part of the interaction at Helix High School in La Mesa, California was recorded by other students and shared across social media.

Jan 22 19:19

City in Texas funds program to pay homeless people to clean up the city

The city of Fort Worth is paying homeless people to pick up trash as part of a unique program to clean up the city and turn lives around.
Frank Crist, 53, earns $10 an hour to pick up litter in the area southeast of downtown where many homeless people live. He also gets paid vacation and benefits.

Jan 22 19:19

Israeli pilots refuse to deport Eritrean and Sudanese migrants to Africa - ‘I won’t fly refugees to their deaths’: The El Al pilots resisting deportation

At least three pilots for Israel’s flag carrier publish declarations publicly refusing to take part in the forced deportation of asylum seekers should they be asked to. The Israeli government is giving tens of thousands of Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers a stark choice: deportation or indefinite imprisonment.

Jan 22 15:54


Awesome stuff from Banzai...


Jan 22 15:26

Ben Garrison Cartoon: … Hits The Fan

Brand new cartoon from Ben Garrison. I can't give away the punch line.


Jan 22 14:47

Congressman Dave Joyce: ‘We Can Find The Lost FBI Texts’

But will Obama deep state officials go to jail...


Jan 22 14:30

At Davos, 6 Feet of Snow Brings Limousines to a Crawl

There is A God!

DAVOS, Switzerland — It may be tempting fate to try to gather 60 heads of state and hundreds of global business leaders in the dead of winter in a Swiss mountain valley. This year, the World Economic Forum’s luck seems to have run out.

Fat, damp snowflakes have been tumbling down for the past six days, burying the town in six feet of snow, three feet of it in the last two days alone. Snow was still falling fast on Monday night, and the steep, pine-dotted slopes were so heavily laden that some neighborhoods here in Davos had to be evacuated for fear of avalanches.

Jan 22 14:29

Is General Kelly Sabotaging The Wall?

Luis Gutierrez implies Kelly is working behind Trump's back...


Jan 22 14:04

Matt Gaetz With Judge Jeanine | ‘FISA Corruption Report Will Shock Nation’s Conscience’...

Congressman Gaetz discusses the FISA-702 House Intel memo with Judge Jeanine.


Jan 22 13:51

RAW VIDEO | Fake Tears Chuck Schumer Throws In The Towel

Here's the clip from Senate floor where Schumer admits Democrats lost the battle.


Jan 22 13:45

Whither Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman’s “moderate” Islam?

James Dorsey says Prince Muhammad has yet to show that fighting terrorism “involves in practice rather than words the countering of an ultra-conservative ideology that breeds intolerance, fosters anti-pluralism and potentially creates breeding grounds for radicalism”. >>

Jan 22 13:43

Why is the Israeli army finally worried about Gaza?

Jonathan Cook argues that Binyamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump “should be listening to Israel’s generals, who understand that there will be no defence against the fallout from the catastrophe looming in Gaza.” >>

Jan 22 13:30

Chuck Todd Triggered By NEW Republican Ad On Immigration

So much for unbiased journalism...


Jan 22 13:06

Women's Marchers Leave Garbage All Over The Streets

"The future is female(s)" throwing their trash all over the place and expecting some pleb man to clean it up.

Jan 22 13:05


Boom! Gutierrez says he will vote for the wall if DREAMERS are protected.


Jan 22 12:57

Joseph DiGenova Exposes ‘Obama’s Brazen Plot To Exonerate Hillary And Destroy Trump’...

Fantastic stuff from former Federal Prosecutor Joseph DiGenova...


Jan 22 12:38

Left, Undone: As Women March, Blacks Increasingly Question the Quality of their Allies

(*Well , for all the ethnicities we're instructed not to get along with , I've always considered white , over weight , holier than thou , bossy , right about everything, level you quicker than Mike Tyson , female caucasians the worst 'group' I have had to deal with .
And if she happens to work in a government agency , registry of motor vehicles , social security office , I multiply my disdain by 10 Xs)

Jan 22 11:59

RIP: Weather Channel founder John Coleman dies – Called ‘global warming’ a ‘hoax’

RIP John!

John Coleman, the dancing, prancing San Diego weatherman who tickled television viewers by the way he would sing out the letter U in KUSI-TV’s call letters, died on Saturday. He was 83. Coleman, who also angered many people by insisting that global warming is a hoax, died at his home in Las Vegas, according to KUSI, where he served as a forecaster from 1994 to 2014, when he retired. The station did not announce the cause of death, but it did say that Coleman was surrounded by family when he passed away. His 2014 retirement capped a 60-year career during which served Coleman as the first forecaster on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” then went on to found the Weather Channel during the early days of cable television.