Aug 30 07:55

Colorized Vintage Photos of 1931 Moscow (77 photos)

Colorized Vintage Photos of 1931 Moscow (77 photos)

Aug 30 07:49

City Drops Poison On Foxes Risking Lives Of Dogs

“They seizure, they froth, they die.”

Aug 30 07:46

One little girl’s decision to forgive ISIS continues to be a lesson for us all

Incredible stories of forgiveness hold the intrinsic power to inspire and encourage. One such story about a little girl named Myriam and her willingness to forgive ISIS militants who had deeply affected her life proves just how much of an impact simple acts of forgiveness can have on the masses.

SAT-7, a Christian ministry that provides faith-based satellite programming throughout the Middle East and North Africa, captured Myriam’s incredible story on the SAT-7 KIDS show “Why Is That?” back in 2014. The aftereffects of that interview were monumental.

Aug 30 07:32

Alabama school’s hilarious ‘opt out’ fundraising letter goes viral, gets points for honesty (2 Pics)

An Alabama high school is getting high marks and gratitude from parents for its creative approach to the inevitable fundraising efforts in the upcoming school year.
Auburn High School’s letter to parents about student fundraising this year went viral thanks to a mother of two who called the note a “breath of fresh air.”

Aug 30 07:31

Ripon College Bans Poster For 9/11 Memorial Claiming It Singles Out And/Or Harasses Muslim Students (2 Pics)

A Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter at Ripon College in Wisconsin was told by campus administrators that they could not hang their flyers publicizing their 9/11 memorial because “students from a Muslim background would feel singled out and/or harassed,” according to YAF.
The flyers are provided by YAF for their "9/11: Never Forget Project" and feature pictures from various terrorist attacks including 9/11, the 2017 Pulse nightclub shooting, and the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis, among others.

Aug 30 07:29

VIDEO: Syrian Army uncovers US-made weapons in Hama

YUP! The US Military caught once again supplying material aid to terrorists!

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (4:50 P.M.) – Based on accurate intelligence info, the Syrian Army has unearthed a huge weapon cache in Tulul al-Humur village in southern Hama countryside.

Aug 30 07:25

Combat Footage: ISIS collapses in east Swaida as Army gains more ground

Any attack by the US and it's allies will be in support of terrorists.
The Syrian War has exposed the US and it's armed forces as the biggest supporters of terrorism on the Planet!

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (5:15 P.M.) – The Syrian Army continues to overrun the Islamic State in its last stronghold of the eastern countryside of Swiada; seizing more territories from the terror group.

Aug 30 06:41

Water shut off in all of Detroit’s public schools; found to be tainted

The water has been shut off in all of Detroit’s public schools after hazardous levels of lead and copper were discovered in water supply lines at nearly one-third of the locations.

Aug 30 06:00

Sarah Palin excluded from John McCain’s funeral

Breitbart News has independently confirmed an earlier report in People magazine, which reported that Palin was not sent an invitation, and was told through intermediaries to stay away from the ceremony.

Aug 30 02:47

Facebook employees REVOLT against left-wing authoritarian culture inside their own company

The left-wing tyrants at Facebook may be pushing for an increasingly authoritarian digital world, but the resistance is growing. A group of over 100 people employed by the social media company are revolting against the liberal, politically intolerant culture. Brian Amerige, a senior engineer at Facebook, started the movement by criticizing the “monoculture” that plagues their offices last week. Since then, Facebook employees have formed a group called “FB’ers for Political Diversity.”

Aug 30 01:07

The Left’s Long War on Conservative Free Speech

The “new” war on conservatives on the internet is the same old attempt by desperate liberals to shut down their competitors in the marketplace of ideas. If you can't beat 'em, deplatform 'em. That's the progressive way.

Aug 30 00:24

Bad Apple? Entire Police Department Nearly Wiped Out After Most Officers Criminally Indicted

Illustrating the nature of the bad apple theory is the fact that grand jury indictments against officers in Llano Police Department, including their Police Chief Kevin Ratliff, have nearly wiped out the entire department. -- There are eight law enforcement officers employed by the Llano Police Department, according to the LPD’s website, and now, as of August 13, two thirds of the entire police force has been indicted. -- Does that seem like “one bad apple,” or a potentially much greater problem?

Aug 29 21:09

Trump administration mulls new college rules for sexual misconduct cases: NYT

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos will issue new rules to colleges and universities for addressing sexual harassment or assault cases, lessening their liability for incidents that happen off-campus, the New York Times reported on Wednesday.

Aug 29 20:59

Andrew Gillum wins Florida Democratic primary in bid to become state's first black governor

Andrew Gillum pulled off an upset victory Tuesday night in Florida’s Democratic primary in a bid to become the state’s first African-American governor.
Gillum, the progressive mayor of Tallahassee who had been endorsed in the raceby Sen. Bernie Sanders, narrowly defeated former U.S. Rep. Gwen Graham, the Associated Press reported. Polls showed him surging late in the race, and his victory shocked most political observers in Florida who assumed it was Graham’s to lose. In part, that was because Graham is the daughter of Bob Graham, a former Florida governor and U.S. senator.

Aug 29 19:24

Dad, partner plead not guilty in toddler's compound death

The father of a 3-year-old boy found dead in a filthy New Mexico compound and his partner pleaded not guilty Wednesday to new charges of child abuse resulting in death after lesser charges were dismissed against them and other members of their extended family as the result of a deadline missed by prosecutors.

Aug 29 13:31

Facebook Whistleblowers Alert the World to their Massive Internal Political Bias

Facebook Whistleblowers Alert the World to their Massive Internal Political Bias

Every sane person already knows that silicon valley has a systemic bias

Aug 29 13:24

German Riots in Chemnitz Following Murder: The Breaking Point for Migration?

German Riots in Chemnitz Following Murder: The Breaking Point for Migration?

2 migrants murder a German man protecting a woman from unwanted sexual advances.

Aug 29 13:23


Interview Of Russian President To Austrian TV

Russian President Vladimir Putin Gives Interview to Austrian ORF television channel.

Aug 29 13:20

Report: 22 Islamic Compounds Exist in U.S.

Report: 22 Islamic Compounds Exist in U.S.

A recent report sheds light on FBI documents, confirming dozens of Islamic compounds

Aug 29 11:59

St Vincent And The Grenadines Suspends Imports Of Glyphosate Herbicides

The government of St Vincent and the Grenadines has just placed an immediate suspension on importations of any herbicides that contain glyphosate.

Aug 29 11:47

What Really Happened FEED @wrhfeed

Aug 29 11:28

US Rejects Russia's Data on Chemical Weapons Provocations in Syria - Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Wednesday that it seemed the US had issued threats to Damascus in order to prevent the expulsion of terrorists from Idlib province.

According to Lavrov, Russia cited more and more facts that confirm the forthcoming staging of the use of chemical weapons as a false flag in order to blame the Syrian government.

US officials "say that this is not true, but they cannot bring any facts to the basis of their position," he added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ever the statesman, Lavrov has called this correctly.

It is not a question of IF, but when, such an attack will take place; I would imagine that the Trump administration will order it at a precise point in time to maximize the effect of such a false flag over the coming Holiday weekend, which means we could be looking at it happening from any time potentially from tomorrow, or Friday, forward.

The US response will be so draconian and so swift, that there will be no real time for discovery of who, and why, this was done, and no time for critical thinking, or conscious, questioning voices to be heard.

Aug 29 11:17

Argentine Currency Collapses Most Since 2015 As Investors Finally Lose Faith

Mauricio Macri’s presidency was meant to lead Argentina out of a dismal period of debt defaults, currency controls and recession. But, as Bloomberg reports, markets show investors are losing faith in the new dawn for South America’s second-largest economy.

Despite all the constant propaganda spewing forth from officials in Argentina (and at The IMF), we leave it to an old friend and veteran EM trader to sums things up: "The Argies are proper f**ked."

Indeed, judging by today's market action and headlines, he is right, as despite the promise of a USD 50 billion International Monetary Fund (IMF) bailout (which is now being accelerated), the Argentine peso continues to collapse, inducing the next wave of inflation, and it could shortly usher in the next recession/depression.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This does not augur well for the financial future of Argentina.

Aug 29 11:15

"Green" California Is More Reliant On Foreign Oil Than Ever Before

California’s biggest source of crude oil imports is now Saudi Arabia with more than 98 million barrels in 2017.

Environmentalists want Gov. Jerry Brown to stop issuing new oil and gas leases.

However, that will only make California more reliant on foreign countries.

There’s a growing call for California Gov. Jerry Brown to stop issuing oil and natural gas leases in the state, with some even arguing that all state fossil fuel production should be shuttered.

Yet continuing the current trend of dwindling in-state crude production wouldn’t mean California stops using oil. The state, ranked as one of the “greenest” in the country, would still use lots of oil, it would just come from other countries.

In fact, more than 56 percent of the crude oil received by California refineries were extracted in foreign countries, according to California Energy Commission data. California, once the third-largest oil state, is now more reliant than ever on foreign oil.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

California's oil consumption is absolutely at complete odds with its desired "green-forward" goals.

Aug 29 11:12

Facebook Engineer's Stunning Admission: "We Tear Down Posters Welcoming Trump Supporters"

On Tuesday morning, President Trump lashed out at Google, with his remarks later broadening to include Twitter and Facebook, accusing it of "rigging" search results by presenting only results "from National Left-Wing Media" and accused "Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good."

Those companies "better be careful because you can’t do that to people," Trump said later in the Oval Office. "I think that Google, and Twitter and Facebook, they are really treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful. It is not fair to large portions of the population.”

Google immediately responded, condemning Trump's charge, and claiming that "Search is not used to set a political agenda and we don’t bias our results toward any political ideology."

And yet, as so often happens, in Trump's crude delivery, the politically incorrect truth was once again found.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but perfectly predictable from this corporate culture!!!

Aug 29 11:02

A Message From Ben Garrison

Aug 29 10:02

NAFTA, Trump, McCain, and Q Anon. Michael Rivero - August 28, 2018

Aug 29 09:02

15 YO Italian Girl Raped At Beach & 21 YO German Student Thrown Off Cliff

Italy - More Invader Enrichment -

Aug 29 08:52

‘I have the right to defend my property by force. And I will’– SA White farmer

set to become first to have his £10m game reserve seized says land grab policy is THEFT

Aug 29 08:50

All Search Results For #JohnMcCain On Twatter Are Glowing Praise While ...

All The Uncensored Platforms Are Calling Him Out As The Traitorous, War Mongering Terrorist Cunt That He Is

Aug 29 08:30

The incredible moment a surfer collapses on a beach with a heart attack during a FIRST DATE and is saved by his doctor sweetheart who ‘kisses' him for the first time when she performs live-saving CPR

Andi Traynor, 45, had been on her first official date with Max Montgomery, 56
She watched him collapse on a beach in Santa Cruz and couldn't find his pulse
Springing into action, she immediately ran over and performed life-saving CPR
Within minutes Max was taken off the beach and revived using a defibrillator
His collapse was accidentally captured on camera by a Los Angeles composer

Aug 29 07:43

‘Dine-and-dash-dater’ faces more than 10 years in prison for ditching new dates at restaurants

A California man dubbed the “dine-and-dash-dater” is facing numerous felony charges and potentially more than a decade in prison, Los Angeles prosecutors revealed Monday.
What are the details?
Paul Guadalupe Gonzales faces seven counts of extortion, two counts of attempted extortion, and one count of grand theft — all are felonies in the state of California.
His alleged crime? Prosecutors accuse Gonzales of “taking financial advantage of women.” They say he met women online and went on dates with them only to “dash” before the bill had been paid, leaving his dates to pay for the food and drinks they consumed.

Aug 29 07:41

Student yanks MAGA hat off another’s head, calls it ‘a racist and hateful symbol.’ Cops arrest her.

A California high school student was arrested and may face battery charges after allegedly yanking off a fellow classmate’s “Make America Great Again” hat while in class.
The student also reportedly struck a teacher in the melee.
What are the details?
According to KOVR-TV, the incident occurred Monday at Union Mine High School in El Dorado, California.
Cellphone video shows a teacher attempting to break up a dispute over a student’s MAGA hat.

Aug 29 07:40

The Worst Bullies In America

LGBT activists have succeeded in shutting down another adoption agency. This time Catholic Charities of Buffalo was compelled to discontinue its adoption services because Catholic Charities committed the crime of being Catholic. The organization would not send children into households with same-sex parents. For that, it was forced to shutter. LGBT activists have closed adoption agencies across the country and the world on this same basis.

Aug 29 07:39

Catholic Charities Of Buffalo Shutter Adoption Services Thanks To New York Mandating That They Hand Over Kids To Gay Couples

In the latest blow against religious Americans, the Catholic Charities of Buffalo were forced to shut down their adoption and foster services thanks to state rules that prohibit any adoption or foster agency from refusing to send children to same-sex partners. Catholic Charities of Buffalo explained, “Because Catholic Charities cannot simultaneously comply with state regulations and conform to the teaching of the Catholic Church on the nature of marriage, Catholic Charities will discontinue foster care and adoption services.”

Aug 29 07:22

USA Facts (100 Pics)

Aug 29 06:03

Uncivil Behavior Is Praised Now and This Is How Civil Wars Start

There’s something brewing in America since the last election and that is a complete lack of civility on all sides of the political spectrum. Uncivil behavior isn’t just widely accepted – it’s praised and cheered on. Hatred of one another is becoming the norm and this is how civil wars begin.

Aug 29 06:03

'Next move better be by the FBI & DOJ': Trump warns Justice to investigate Chinese 'hacking' of Hillary's private email server or else 'its credibility will be forever gone'

Trump seized on bombshell new report alleging China hacked Clinton's emails
Congressman and intelligence source claim China hacked her infamous server
Breach allegedly occurred throughout Clinton's time as secretary of state
Now Trump calls on Justice Department and FBI to investigation the claims

Aug 29 05:42

As Land Confiscations Loom, South Africa Rules 300,000 Gun-Owners Turn Over Their Weapons

South Africa should serve as a fair warning to Americans of the dangerous consequences gun control poses.

Aug 29 05:31

The Five Greatest Mysteries Of Human History

The Lost City of Atlantis is one of the oldest and greatest mysteries of the world. Since ancient times, people have been trying to locate Atlantis, which is believed to have submerged after an earthquake or tsunami.

Greek philosopher Plato described Atlantis as a large island located near the Rock of Gibraltar, home of the most advanced civilization and being of unrivaled refinement with a glorious palace. Among its other traits, Atlantis was filled with beautiful citizens, a Poseidon temple and concentric walls and canals.

Aug 29 05:00

Media Too Busy Defending John McCain to Report the News That Actually Affects You

And as the media continues to wax hysterical about Trump’s dishonorable behavior, the real issues remain swept under the rug while the very public the government is spying on is distracted by partisan quibbling and false outrage. The TSA continues to expand its authority, the NSA is collecting growing amounts of data, the use of facial recognition technology and biometrics is on the rise, and the government continues to spend trillions of dollars on wars that have failed to stop terrorism.

But the White House only flew the special American cloth at half mast for a day, and we should all be very concerned.

Aug 29 04:47

Archaeologists Are One Step Closer To Solving One Of North America’s Oldest Mysteries

Technological advances both increase and decrease the number of the world’s apparent mysteries. In the case of the lost Roanoke colony, recent technological developments are helping researchers inch closer to a satisfying conclusion as to why the 16th century colony disappeared — and it all has to do with what researchers have found at a place called Site X.

Aug 29 04:42

It’s Time to Stop Celebrating Criminals

The only way to navigate this sea of lies and propaganda is to develop critical thinking skills and refuse to blindly accept the proclamations of the state and their lackey corporate media. We must focus our energies on empowering ourselves and our communities. Rather than celebrating governmental criminals we should honor and celebrate our own heroes. We should take time to remember those who have served in our communities and our neighborhoods. The real heroes lie in your own backyard, not in the federal government. Once the American people have accepted this and stopped swallowing the false narratives we will finally see a shift in power. Until then, can we at least stop celebrating these criminals?

Aug 29 03:45

F*CK YOU ???? — Myrtle Beach Considers Jail for Profanity…

A person would violate Ordinance 14-61 (b) 1 if he/she uses a language likely to provoke a violent reaction from another person. The ordinance lists several examples of the types of words which are unlawful. The penalty for conviction could include a fine and/or jail time. We encourage everyone to avoid violating this ordinance by speaking to others with the same respect and kindness he or she deserves.

Aug 28 21:47

Royal on the run! Princess Sofia of Sweden gets VERY muddy as she takes on a fiendishly tough Viking obstacle course

She's usually spotted in prim floral dresses taking part in royal engagements, but at the weekend Princess Sofia showed off her sporty side as she took part in a 15K obstacle course race.

Aug 28 19:56

Dont Speak ill of the dead, Virtue Signaling

McNasty was a Monster. he wasn't a hero, he was a traitor. Song Bird