Sep 06 06:51

High school student violates dress code, ends up in jail. Here’s how it escalated.

A Kentucky high school student wore a t-shirt to protest her school’s dress code, and by the end of the day she had been arrested, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader.
Isabella Messer of Hopkinsville High School ended up kicking a school resource officer after an encounter with the school principal went south.
“She shouldn’t have been in any kind of trouble. Now it turned out to be where she’s in McCracken [Regional Juvenile Detention Center] because the assistant principal did not like what her shirt had read,” her mother, Theresa Rucks, told the Herald Leader. “They got her with resisting arrest for a shirt that was peaceful protesting,” she said.

Sep 06 06:50

Republican congressman has a hilarious response to protester, and it has gone viral

Rep. Billy Long (R-Mo.) had a hilarious response to a protester who interrupted a congressional hearing Wednesday, and the video of their exchange went viral.
Here’s what happened
Long upstaged a right-wing protester who had interrupted the hearing where Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was responding to questions about bias in the popular social media platform. Dorsey was being questioned by members of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.
“President Donald Trump, help us!” she exclaimed while videotaping with her iPhone. “Please help us Mr. President before it is too late, because Jack Dorsey is trying to influence the election, to sway the election to help Democrats to steal the election! That is why he is censoring and shadow-banning!”
The protester probably didn’t expect Long using his 30 years of experience as an auctioneer to shut down her protest.

Sep 06 06:46

Controversial junior high ‘Whom to Leave Behind’ lesson meant to ‘promote tolerance’: superintendent

A controversial Ohio middle school “diversity” exercise — which asked students to choose certain types of people to leave behind on a doomed Earth while others escape on a space ship — “aligned with the goals” of the school district to “promote tolerance and break down stereotypes,” the superintendent told WJW-TV.
The “Whom To Leave Behind” exercise was given to students at Roberts Middle School in Cuyahoga Falls late last month, telling them to select four people from a hypothetical list of 12 to leave behind as “tomorrow the planet Earth is doomed,” the station said, adding that the remaining eight would be passengers on a space ship to another planet.

Sep 06 06:45

'CRAZYTOWN': RNC Releases Campaign Ad Showing How Unhinged Leftists Are

The Republican National Committee released a new campaign ad on Wednesday showing how the Democratic Party has become completely unhinged as they have embraced leftism.
The ad specifically shows left-wing protesters at Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing this week who were arrested for erratic and disruptive behavior.
Law enforcement officials have had to arrest approximately 143 protesters throughout the confirmation process, which has gone on for two days so far.

Sep 06 03:51

Ayanna Pressley ousts 10-term Massachusetts Democrat in latest primary upset

In the latest upset during the 2018 Democratic primaries, Ayanna Pressley beat a veteran 10-term Democrat in Massachusetts in a House race being watched nationally as an indicator of the future of the Democratic Party.
In her victory speech, Pressley said: “These times demanded more from our leaders and from our party. These times demanded an approach to governing that was bold, uncompromising and unafraid. It’s not just good enough to see the Democrats back in power but it matters who those Democrats are.”


Sep 06 03:12

Bill Would Force NASA Cooperation with Israel Despite History of Israeli Espionage

A new Senate bill would bind NASA to cooperate with Israel’s Space Agency, despite the latter’s history of espionage against the United States.

— A bill that was passed by the U.S. Senate in early August and is currently under consideration by the House would mandate that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) work closely with the Israel Space Agency (ISA) despite the fact that such cooperation in the past was used by Israel to steal U.S. state secrets.

The provision is tucked within the bill titled the “United States-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018.
," which would also provide Israel with $38 billion in U.S. military aid over a ten-year period, the largest military aid package in U.S. history>>>

(*no wonder Trump cut aid to everywhere else ! )

Sep 06 02:35

China’s brain drain to the US is ending, thanks to higher salaries and Donald Trump

Better salaries for postdoctoral research fellows and a more hostile atmosphere in America mean more Chinese scientists prefer to stay at home

China appears to have successfully reversed a “brain drain” among top researchers who have gone overseas in droves for years, mostly to the United States.

Now, many of the country’s best and brightest scientists are staying put, as higher pay packages and changing perceptions of domestic scientists increase the appeal of local jobs.

Staunching the exodus of research talent from China is the administration of US President Donald Trump, whose aggressive moves have promoted a climate that is unfriendly to scientists of Chinese origin.
In past years, more than 95 per cent of Chinese students obtaining an advanced degree in a developed country chose to stay there after graduation. By the end of last year, however, more than 83 per cent had returned to China, most within the five years starting in 2012.

Despite the Trump administration’s restrictions on US-bound Chinese students and researchers, many young Chinese scientists have responded to those moves with a shrug given the pay is better back home.


Sep 06 02:17

6.7 Quake Rattles Japan

At least eight dead and scores injured as 6.7 quake triggers huge landslides in Hokkaido, Japan
Dozens of people are missing after a ridge collapsed on homes in the town of Atsumi

A powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.7 on Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido caused huge landslides that engulfed houses early on Thursday, killing at least eight people as well as trapping residents and cutting power in several areas.

Public broadcaster NHK reported eight people had died, six of them in the village of Atsuma, where a landslide engulfed the homes. Nearly 40 people were still missing after the quake triggered dozens of landslides in the mountainous region near the epicentre.


Sep 05 16:05

Alex Jones confronts deep state shill and turncoat Marco Rubio

Radio talk show host and Infowars commander-in-chief Alex Jones interrupted Sen. Marco Rubio (FL-R) while he was giving a press conference at the Senate hearing on social media practices in which Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gave testimony and the entire event was captured and streamed live on video.

Sep 05 14:32

Why are Native American women vanishing? And who’s looking for them?

Native American women and girls — no one knows exactly how many — go missing and are never found, or are found dead. One U.S. senator calls this a decades-old epidemic, linked to inadequate resources, outright indifference and a confusing jurisdictional maze.

Sep 05 13:33

So about those luggage trays at the airport...


Sep 05 13:19

Here we have unelected bureaucrats gloating to the NYT that they’re sabotaging Trump’s presidency and thwarting the will of the people.

Breaking Slime

NY Times publishes anonymous op-ed claiming to be from top Trump official: “I am part of the resistance”

Sep 05 12:25

Outrage Against Nike Explodes Online: “Slave Factories” “Evil Monster Corporation” Makes Users Want to “Puke” +Videos

Outrage is exploding online against Nike, which signed the cop-hating, American flag-hating NFL crybaby Colin Kaepernick to a promotion deal in a desperate act of virtue signaling.

The move cements Nike’s perception as an America-hating, globalist “evil monster corporation” running slave factories for profit while funneling money to the very people who don’t deserve it (like Colin).

Absurdly, the Nike campaign featuring Kaepernick claims people should pursue their dreams “even if it means sacrificing everything.” Yet Kaepernick has made no sacrifice and has lost nothing. He’s another NFL millionaire social justice crybully who has mastered the art of victimhood rather than mastering the art of being a competent professional football player.

Sep 05 12:25

Top Police Organization Urges Boycott of Nike for Its Kaepernick Hero Worship

The National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) is calling on all member officers, their families and friends to join the nation’s real heroes in a total boycott of Nike products as a result of that company’s selection of ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick for its “Just Do It” ad campaign.

Sep 05 11:56

The Age of Emotional Incontinence

Sep 05 11:31

Writing Professor: Milk Is A ‘Tool For White Dominance And Superiority’

In the era of social justice warriors, when racism doesn’t exist, it’s manufactured out of thin air. A sociology professor has now invented a “tool of white superiority” and it’s something most of us – regardless of our race – have sitting in our refrigerators right now.

Milk is racist, according to George Washington University Law School’s writing professor Iselin Gambert. Ignoring the fact that all human women have the ability to produce milk to feed their babies, Gambert decided to go looking for racism. She also sees milk as a tool of the patriarchy, which is incredibly unsurprising.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What about chocolate milk?

Sep 05 11:28

Alex Jones Heckles Marco Rubio During Interview | CNBC

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Alex is not presenting himself very well here.

Sep 05 11:18

Guam: What it means to be from a US territory

Many people on Guam, and in other US territories, say they are treated as second-class citizens.

They can't vote for the president and the one representative each territory is given in Congress also has no voting power, even though most people living in the territories are US citizens.

"Most members of Congress, they couldn't find Guam on a map and they don't want to because it's completely off their radar," Anne Perez Hattori, a Chamorro History professor at the University of Guam, tells AJ+.

The indigenous Chamorro people in Guam have had their traditional practices stripped away from them over the hundreds of years that they've been colonised by the Spanish, occupied by the Japanese and militarised by the Americans.

Sep 05 10:41

Familiar faces? Twitter compares ‘GRU Novichok assassins’ to Soviets in Schwarzenegger action flick

The latest plot twist in the Salisbury poisoning case has evoked fond memories of trashy ’80s action films, with users on Twitter comparing photos of the just-accused pair of “GRU agents” to the Soviet villains in ‘Red Heat.’

The photographs of ‘Ruslan Boshirov’ and ‘Alexander Petrov’ – the two men now accused by the UK of poisoning ex-Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury in March – reminded some observant Twitter users of the Georgian drug kingpin and his associate from the 1988 action film.


The names of the two suspects are also somewhat noteworthy – mostly for their total lack of noteworthiness.

“Worth noting that both names, ‘Alexander Petrov’ and ‘Ruslan Boshirov’ are ‘John Smith’ equivalents in Russian & Russian Muslim world. The 12 Russians indicted by Mueller in July for DNC hacking also had common, could-be-anybody names,” Amie Ferris-Rotman, the Washington Post’s Moscow correspondent, tweeted.

Sep 05 10:36

Kavanaugh on Roe v. Wade: 'I don't live in a bubble'

Abortion rights took center stage at Wednesday’s confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, with Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., pressing him about whether he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade if appointed.

Sep 05 10:34

'I was victim of her exaggerated claims too': Roxanne Pallet accused X-Factor star Rhydian Roberts of assaulting her on Rocky Horror tour five years ago

Roxanne Pallett and Rhydian Roberts were due to star in Chester's Cinderella
Welsh singer joked yesterday that he would be wearing a go-pro during role
Rhydian reportedly did not know the pair were due to be in show together
Roxanne Pallett allegedly made an 'exaggerated' claim that X-Factor star Rhydian Roberts assaulted her during their Rocky Horror tour five years ago.

Sep 05 10:33

Is YOUR child sitting on a £2,000 windfall? £1.2bn left languishing in New Labour's lost children's savings accounts

Some £1.2 billion is sitting abandoned in savings accounts that were part of a botched attempt by Labour's Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to help children.
Around two-thirds of this is taxpayers' money that was given to parents to invest on behalf of their children and will be wasted unless it can be reunited with them.

Sep 05 09:33

Ron Paul: Americans should be outraged that Pompeo and Bolton are defending al-Qaeda in Idlib

. It’s time for the neocons to admit they lost. It is time to give Syria back to the Syrians

Sep 05 09:12

Is a nuclear false flag being planned for America?

Newly released documents from the early 1960’s show that the USA was prepared for a pre-emptive “no warning” attack against communist Russia and China with civilian casualties the primary metric for success. As we approach the anniversary of 9/11, mainstream media and entertainment are pushing a domestic nuclear holocaust as likely.

Sep 05 09:08

Picture. ..Paid Soros protesters?

Sep 05 08:49

Watch The Exact Moment Ayanna Pressley Realized She Won Her Primary Race

On Tuesday night, Boston city councilor Ayanna Pressley won the Democratic primary against a long-term incumbent, ensuring she likely becomes Massachusetts' first black woman in Congress.
Video of the moment she learned she'd won the seat went viral on Twitter.
"We won? We won?" asked Pressley, as she burst into tears, her hand on her heart.
Her husband, Conan Harris, hugs her and Pressley began to sob.

Sep 05 08:48

What are banks doing to tackle Britain's fraud epidemic? As thousands are conned by online criminals, one top bank's tech wizards share their secrets to stop YOU falling victim

Based in the heart of London's financial district, Matt sits at his office desk watching line upon line of numbers and letters flash up on the two computer screens in front of him.

Sep 05 08:47

Novichok suspects are Kremlin SPIES: PM reveals two men wanted over Salisbury attack are 'military intelligence officers' - as CCTV shows them smiling 'after smearing poison on victims' front door'

Two Russian spies became Britain's most wanted men today after they were named as the prime suspects in the Novichok chemical weapons attack in Salisbury.
Astonishing CCTV images show Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov grinning as they walk around the Wiltshire city on the day former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with the military-grade chemical weapon.

Sep 05 08:45

Sheryl Sandberg: We Censor 'False' Stories On Facebook And Show Users 'Alternative Facts'

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said Wednesday before a Senate committee that Facebook is taking a multitude of steps to censor content they deem "false," including by showing users "alternative facts."

Sep 05 08:30

Nike Just Bought Themselves a Whole World of Trouble

Normally, big companies will avoid controversy like the plague. At least, that used to be the case. These days, it seems that corporations are in a race to see which one of them can earn the “Most Woke” award at the year-end LiberalMania ceremony, which we assume is held on some private island owned by George Soros and is accompanied by some of the strangest, most perverse sex parties you’ve ever dreamed of. And probably lots of Beyoncé music. But we’re just theorizing.

California’s In-N-Out Burger has already given up their claim to the award, having donated $25,000 to the Republican Party, so apparently Nike saw an opportunity to grab the brass ring. Thus, they decided, out of all the sports celebrities they could pick to represent the 30th anniversary of the iconic “Just Do It” campaign, there would be no one better to catapult them to the next level than renowned flag-disrespecter Colin Kaepernick.

Sep 05 08:26

James Woods Dumps Nike Stock in Response to Kaepernick ‘Just Do It’ Ad Campaign

Sep 05 08:20

Ready for the Kellogg's rocket and Cadbury rover? Nasa astronauts could soon have their faces on cereal packets as space agency looks to private companies to sponsor missions

Soon Nasa astronauts could have their faces on cereal packets and their rockets branded with private company logos.

This is according to Nasa Administrator Jim Bridenstine, who says the space agency is considering getting corporations to buy the naming rights to missions in a bid to commercialise space activities.

Sep 05 08:05

Sick Ad Campaign Shows Just How Little The Left Values Life

That’s right – NARAL and other abortion groups aligned with the left think that murdering babies is something to be taken lightly. That it should receive no more consideration than choosing what outfit to wear each day.

Their new campaign advertises a partnership with an Oregon ice cream shop, What’s The Scoop? and Pro-Choice Oregon with the introduction of a new ice cream flavor for August – “Rocky Roe v. Wade.”

The special flavor will be sold in pints for around ten dollars, with half of the profits going to support NARAL’s anti-life programs.

Sep 05 07:59

Alex Jones Attends Facebook-Twitter Hearing, Slams Media For Supporting Censorship!

Infowars founder Alex Jones showed up to the Senate Intelligence Committee's hearings with Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter's Jack Dorsey on Wednesday and slammed the media for supporting censorship.

Sep 05 07:43

The Last Word on Snake Oil

Corbert report

Sep 05 07:42

NAFTA, Trump, China, and Political Funerals. Michael Rivero - September 4, 2018

Sep 05 07:33

Missing WikiLeaks Associate Is Latest Mysterious Incident Involving Whistleblowers

By Aaron Kesel

A WikiLeaks associate and well-known information security author behind “Information Security for Journalists” has gone missing according to the WikiLeaks Twitter account...

Sep 05 07:18

4 Reasons Nike Chose Colin Kaepernick To Lead Its 'Just Do It' Campaign

o, why Colin Kaepernick?
Why did Nike choose, for its 30th anniversary of the Just Do It campaign, an out-of-work quarterback who hasn’t performed well in three years, rode the pine the year after going to the Super Bowl, and ended up jobless thanks to wild incompetence on the field?
There are sound business reasons.
Nike, you see, is a profit-focused corporation. There is real opportunity for profit-making in political pandering. And kowtowing to Kaepernick’s much-ballyhooed kneeling-for-the-anthem routine is political pandering in the extreme.

Sep 05 07:17

‘Shout Your Abortion’ Website Allegedly Steals Photo Of Conservative Girl To Promote Pro-Abortion Article

A conservative woman claims a pro-abortion website stole her photo to help promote their article titled, “I am 23 and I have had 3 abortions. YES I HAVE!,” leading many to believe that she was the author of the article.
The article, which has since been removed with no explanation, was featured on a website called "Shout Your Abortion," which describes itself as "a decentralized network of individuals talking about abortion on our own terms and creating space for others to do the same." The website also declares that "abortion is normal."

Sep 05 07:14

'He's devastated': EVERY penny of the $400,000 raised for good Samaritan homeless man has been spent by the couple who started GoFundMe page for him after he gave them his last $20

Every penny of the $400,000 raised by strangers to give a kind homeless veteran a new start after he spent his final $20 to buy a stranded woman gas has been spent by her and her boyfriend, according to the man's lawyer.

In a devastating outcome for Johnny Bobbitt after what seemed like an end to his strife with the couple, he and his lawyer discovered the fund was depleted on Tuesday after finally winning control of it nine months after it was set up to help him.

'There is no money left. Where the money went, I have no idea,' Bobbitt's lawyer Christopher C. Fallon Jr. told on Tuesday, adding Bobbitt was 'completely devastated' by the discovery.

It comes less than a week after Kate McLure and Mark D'Amico, the couple who set it up then withheld it from him, went on national television to claim there was still 'well over' $150,000 left.

Sep 05 07:11

Bob Woodward’s new book just hit the Trump White House like a bomb — here are the 5 most shocking details

On Tuesday, leaks from veteran journalist Bob Woodward’s expose of the Trump presidency titled “Fear: Trump in the White House,” began to emerge.
They paint a troubling picture, to put it lightly. According to excerpts, top aides hid information from the president and expressed outrage at his lack of expertise.

Sep 05 07:10

The Best Memes on Nike’s ‘Believe in Something’ Colin Kaepernick Ad (10 Pics)

Following the launch of American football kneeler Colin Kaepernick’s Nike advertisement, social media users began to make their own versions mocking the shoe company.

Sep 05 07:05

Nike shares take a knee, boycott mooted as Kaepernick protesters prove idiocy knows no bounds

Nike's shares have dropped 2 percent after the company's decision to use Colin Kaepernick as the face of a new ad campaign, though the step has proved idiocy still knows no bounds as protesters 'boycott' and sabotage merchandise.

Sep 05 06:42

Playing at Death and Mayhem

This “simulated combat” is actually a popular “sport” called “paintball.” It’s been around for a while, having got its start in the early 1980s, when a group of “weekend warriors” (euphemism for those in military reserve units) got the idea of taking gun-like instruments used by foresters to mark trees for harvest and “shoot these guns at each other.”

Sep 05 06:33

Watch: Fans burn Nike apparel to protest Colin Kaepernick's new deal

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played in a game since the 2016 season, but he just got paid in a big way.

Kaep was re-signed by Nike in the form of an endorsement deal, which turned out to be very lucrative. It’s reported to be a “star deal,” so he’ll be making millions of dollars, and will also get royalties on some of the apparel sales, just like current NFL stars get.