Feb 18 18:22

Army recruitment numbers PLUNGE after 'DISASTROUS' decision leaves THOUSANDS dropping out

FURIOUS Army veterans have complained of staff shortages despite a record number of people applying to join the Armed Forces that blamed “red tape” for the gaff, it has been reported.

Thousands of those wishing to serve their country on the front line dropped out last year after they became frustrated with the application process that takes an average of 300 days to complete.

SAS veteran Andy McNab described the blunder “absolute madness” as he labelled the process a “bureaucratic nightmare”.

Mr McNab added: “How you can go from over 100,000 trying to join to less than 8,000 signing up defies belief.

Feb 18 11:10

Mueller: No Collusion Between Trump and Putin, But the Russia Card Is Bigger Than Ever

Sheer hypocrisy and crass dishonesty incarnate.

Now, a few days later—and thirteen indictments from one of Mueller’s grand juries, announced by the very same Rosenstein, specifically against more “Russian players” who reportedly “meddled” in the 2016 American elections, but without any connivance by the Trump campaign—and Rosenstein is feted as a veritable savior of the republic by those same commenters. Those Neocons who now selectively support the president and those bitterly anti-Russian Fox pundits (with the possible exception of Tucker Carlson) are absolutely giddy with delight! For too long, in their defense of President Trump against the charge of collusion, they had found themselves in the extremely uncomfortable situation (for them) of having to mount an attempt to exculpate the Russians, or at least lessen their culpability.

Feb 18 08:53

British PM Wants London and Brussels to Work Jointly to Resolve Security Issues

The 2018 Security Conference is under way in Munich, where British Prime Minister Theresa May is due to deliver a speech titled Road to Brexit: A Security Partnership.

In an upcoming address to world leaders attending the 2018 Munich Security Conference, UK Prime Minister Theresa May will tout a new UK-EU treaty on intelligence and security. She will also say that the safety of European citizens should not be jeopardized by "rigid institutional restrictions" and "deep-seated ideology."

"The challenge for all of us today is finding the way to work together, through a deep and special partnership between the UK and the EU, to retain the co-operation that we have built and go further in meeting the evolving threats we face together," according to May.

Feb 17 18:11

New Year fitness craze fails to boost retail sales as consumer spending flounders

PUMPED up spending on gym wear and fitness equipment could not prevent UK retail sales sagging in January. Concerns mounted that cash-strapped consumers will struggle to power economic growth after official figures showed sales volumes edging up by just 0.1 per cent from the previous month, when they declined by 1.4 per cent.

This was well below economists’ forecasts of 0.5 per cent growth, while the 1.6 per cent year-on-year improvement also undershot predictions.

Feb 17 18:07

Guy Verhofstadt mocks 'STUPID' Brexiteers and boasts EU is MORE popular since Leave vote

GUY Verhofstadt has continued to mock Brexiteers, describing the vote to exit the EU as “stupid” and boasting that Europe is now more popular and more united since the referendum took place.

Feb 17 10:17

Churchill Sent 2 Mil Russian Refugees to Certain Death at End of WWII

We recently stumbled across this remarkable article from 1988! in the journal Imprimis, and when we read it, we could scarcely believe our eyes. When we started asking people about it, we heard different things - one person said this has been disproven, others said it was true and that they knew eye-witnesses who were deported.

Apparently the British government sued Tolstoy when he made these charges in an attempt to shut him up. We don't know if the charges are true or not, but it makes for extraordinary reading, and I appeal to people who know something about this to please help us fill out our knowledge in the comments section below. It is situations like this where our commentors are simply invaluable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This sad chapter of history was briefly referred to in the James Bond movie, "Golden Eye."

Feb 16 07:19

EU Backs Down on Brexit Deal ‘Punishment Clause’ After Mogg Declares: ‘We Won’t Roll Over’

The European Union has backed down from its plans to insert a ‘punishment clause’ into its Brexit deal with the United Kingdom, after leading Leave campaigners including Jacob Rees-Mogg said the country would not “roll over” for Brussels.

The European Commission, led by President Jean-Claude Juncker, and chief negotiator Michel Barnier wanted Britain to agree to a sanctions mechanism throughout the so-called ‘transition’ period which will — assuming a deal is made — run for roughly two years after Britain’s formal exit from the EU in 2019.

The Commission’s draft proposals instructed Britain to “abstain, during the transition period, from any action or initiative which is likely to be prejudicial to the [European] Union’s interests”, and provided for the bloc to suspend Britain’s trade access without reference to the European Court of Justice in the interests of saving time.

Feb 15 19:25

Royal Navy Commander ‘took his eye off the ball’ as £1billion nuclear submarine hit ship

A ROYAL Navy officer crashed a nuclear submarine into a tanker after he “took his eye off the ball” during an exercise to train future commanders, a court martial heard yesterday.

Commander Justin Codd, 45, was in charge of one of Britain’s latest and most advanced submarines, the £1billion HMS Ambush, during the “toughest military command course in the world”.

But he failed to spot the 24,000-ton tanker MV Andreas looming overhead off the coast of Gibraltar in July 2016.

Feb 15 17:28

Homeless man found dead 'on doorstep' of Parliament

A man has been found dead in a Tube station underpass that leads to the Houses of Parliament.

The man was homeless and often seen at the entrance to Westminster underground station, politicians said.

MPs have called on the government to make a commitment to end rough sleeping after the "terrible tragedy".

Feb 15 14:12

The UK’s hidden hand in Julian Assange’s detention

"It now emerges that the last four years of Julian Assange’s effective imprisonment in the Ecuadorean embassy in London have been entirely unnecessary. In fact, they depended on a legal charade.

"Behind the scenes, Sweden wanted to drop the extradition case against Assange back in 2013. Why was this not made public? Because Britain persuaded Sweden to pretend that they still wished to pursue the case.

"In other words, for more than four years Assange has been holed up in a tiny room, policed at great cost to British taxpayers, not because of any allegations in Sweden but because the British authorities wanted him to remain there. On what possible grounds could that be, one has to wonder? Might it have something to do with his work as the head of Wikileaks, publishing information from whistleblowers that has severely embarrassed the United States and the UK." >>

Feb 15 08:14

'We won't roll over!' Rees-Mogg tells 'unreasonable' Barnier UK will not abide by EU rules

BREXITEER Jacob Rees-Mogg has warned the EU's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier the United Kingdom will not "roll over" and accept to abide by the bloc's regulations once Britain leaves the bloc.

Feb 15 08:14

Brexit budget shortfall set to deepen EU cracks amid TOXIC fight with Poland and Hungary

THE EU will be roiled by a “toxic debate” between the Commission and some central and eastern European countries over the budget shortfall created by Brexit, according to the director of European think tank Bruegel.

Feb 15 08:13

Britain urges Ukrainian Navy to "ruthlessly sink" Russia's legendary Black Sea Fleet

"The Ukraine should prepare to destroy the Russian Black Sea Fleet in the event of an invasion."

This was stated by the British Colonel Glen Grant, who previously worked as an adviser in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and is the author of a resonant article on the problems in the Ukrainian army.

"Naval forces as a structure must be taken very seriously. You have already lost your main port and oil wells, that was a huge part of the national wealth. And your vulnerability from the sea is greater than anywhere else" he said in an interview with the Ukrainian media.

Feb 14 08:48

'Change their minds' Billionaire Richard Branson joins Soros in latest bid to STOP Brexit

BILLIONAIRE Richard Branson called on MPs to vote against the withdrawal bill at the end of the Brexit negotiations despite polls showing the majority of British people would still vote to Leave.

Feb 14 08:25

'Greedy b******s!' Britons LET RIP at Remainers wanting to THWART the Brexit vote

BRITISH people have voiced their fury at “greedy” Remainers who are out to stop Brexit - insisting they must accept the democratic vote and “follow it through”.

Feb 14 08:22

Intolerable, undemocratic, a disastrous betrayal: Defiant Boris will today draw his red lines on Brexit and warn Theresa May she CANNOT let the Britain stay shackled to the EU

Boris Johnson will today warn that keeping Britain shackled to EU laws after Brexit would be 'intolerable, undemocratic' and make it all but impossible to sign trade deals.

In a major speech titled 'A United Kingdom', the Foreign Secretary will call on Leave and Remain campaigners to come together for the future of the country.

Setting out his upbeat vision, Mr Johnson will say leaving the EU is 'grounds for hope, not fear' – and will warn that any attempts to reverse the referendum would be a 'disastrous mistake and a betrayal'.

Feb 14 08:07

EU united front DISINTEGRATES as Austria warns Brussels to cut spending after Brexit

THE European Union’s long-term funding plans have been thrown into chaos after Austria refused to pay more to help plug a £11.5bn budget black hole caused by Brexit.

Feb 13 10:59

EON caught wrongly telling customers they NEED to upgrade to smart meter

BIG SIX energy firm E.on is falsely sending letters and texts telling their customers they “need” to upgrade their gas and electricity meters to a smart meter.

The messages sent out by the energy provider ask some of its customers to install the smart meters into their homes as part of a nationwide upgrade programme, despite not being compulsory.

While all Big Six energy providers are obliged to offer a smart meter to all eligible customers by 2020, according to a government target, customers do not have to take up the offer.

Feb 13 10:43

Steele Dossier an MI6 Operation Backed by Anti-Trumper Theresa May?

Indeed, it’s not even clear the Russiagate investigation itself will be impacted. After all, the narrative may have flipped on one variable – from Trump campaign collusion to Democratic and FBI collusion – but the constant remains the same: Russia. Trump’s defenders are as insistent as his detractors that the real culprit is Russia! Russia! Russia!

Sean Hannity of Fox News has been particularly hyperventilative that the entire Steele Dossier lying at the black heart of the mess consists of “phony, fake-news Russian propaganda” and “Russian intelligence lies” from British MI6 (supposedly “former”) spymaster Christopher Steele’s “Russian sources.” Even level-headed observers like Paul Sperry and Patrick Buchanan characterize the file as a “Kremlin-aided smear job” and “Russian dirt [that] Steele was spoon-fed by old comrades in the Kremlin’s security apparatus.”

Christopher Steele is not Russian

Sure, maybe Vladimir Putin personally whispered every word of the dossier into Steele’s ear.>>>

Feb 12 10:57

Billionaire Soros Vows to Spend Additional $138,300 on Anti-Brexit Campaign

Hungarian-US billionaire George Soros and his Open Society Foundations (OSF) are set to pledge a new donation of 100,000 pounds, or roughly $138,300, to the campaign to stop Brexit, according to media reports.

The latest pledge comes on top of 400,000 pounds that Soros had earlier decided to contribute to Best for Britain campaign, the Telegraph newspaper reported on Sunday.

The spokesperson of UK Prime Minister Theresa May said Thursday, in a comment on Soros' donation, that London's position on the withdrawal from the European Union would not change and there would be no second referendum.

Feb 12 07:24

Barclays Bank charged over Qatar loans

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has charged Barclays Bank PLC with "unlawful financial assistance" related to billions of pounds raised from Qatar in 2008.

The same charges were bought against Barclays PLC in June last year.

The move to charge Barclays Bank as well is significant because it holds the banking licence that allows it to operate in different countries.

So, if Barclays was found guilty, it could lose that crucial licence.

Feb 11 18:34

Soros ‘proud supporter’ of plans to scupper Brexit

Liberal billionaire George Soros has defended his donation to an anti-Brexit campaign, saying he fully supports efforts to prevent Britain leaving the European Union.

The Hungarian-born investor faced allegations of meddling in British politics last week when it emerged that he had donated £400,000 ($558,000) to the pro-EU lobby group 'Best for Britain.’

On Thursday the Telegraph reported that Best for Britain is trying to recruit major political donors and business leaders to undermine Brexit.

The group is reportedly lobbying MPs to vote down the final deal, a move that could initiate another referendum or a general election.

Feb 11 10:35

Navy's new nuclear submarine could be SCRAPPED as MoD tries to plug budget black hole

ONE of Britain’s newest nuclear submarines may be delayed or even scrapped as the Ministry of Defence tries to plug a £21bn back hole in its budget.

A high-level Royal Navy document has revealed plans showing the seventh Astute class submarine could be pushed back by five years or “cancelled”, adding that any change in the programme could pose a “significant impact on capability”.

It will mean having only six of the £1.6bn “hunter-killers” instead of eight, the number originally identified as necessary to effectively protect Britain’s Trident-carrying submarines and safeguard our shores from Russian predators.

Feb 11 10:32

MPs could block Theresa May's Brexit plan - Anna Soubry

Pro-European Conservative MPs could join forces with Labour to block the kind of Brexit Theresa May wants, a Tory rebel has warned the PM.

Anna Soubry claimed there would be a Commons majority against leaving the single market and customs union.

Labour's Chuka Umunna, appearing alongside Ms Soubry on the Andrew Marr show, agreed with her comments.

Feb 11 09:32

Hungarian Government Slams Anti-Brexit Plot: ‘Why Do We Say “Stop Soros”? Just Ask the British People’

The Hungarian government has weighed in on the revelations concerning a plot by billionaire globalist George Soros to topple the British government and trigger another EU referendum.

“Soros is funding groups that are working to overturn Brexit, to reverse a decision taken at the request of UK voters, and to possibly topple the democratically elected government of Theresa May in the process,” observed Dr Zoltán Kovács, the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy.

“Let that sink in for a moment.”

Feb 10 13:06

Grassley Memo Shocker! Did The UK Meddle In Our Elections? With Guest Phil Giraldi.

Grassley Memo adds several fascinating layers to the story of who was meddling in the 2016 US Presidential election.

For some reason the Sen. Grassley Memo released earlier this week is being largely ignored by the media.

Former CIA officer Phil Giraldi joins today’s show to discuss the operatives behind the scenes…

Feb 10 12:14

The Nunes Memo Needs More Work – Philip Giraldi

As a former intelligence officer, the first thing I noticed was that the claim by Democrats on the Committee that the memo’s release amounted to “treason” and would compromise classified information does not hold water.

Even the FISA court is aware of FBI inventiveness.

FBI procedures and ambiguities aside, this is nevertheless serious business.

If it can be determined that the omissions in submissions to the FISC were deliberate and calculated, the astute blogger Publius Tacitus has correctly observed that some senior FBI and DOJ officials who signed off on misleading or fraudulent applications concealing the antecedents of the so-called Steele Dossier to the FISC are now facing possible contempt-of-court charges that would include prison sentences. They include James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Sally Yates, Dana Boente and Rob Rosenstein.

Feb 10 12:08

The FBI and the President – Mutual Manipulation

Seldom has there been greater collusion in the perpetration of crimes against civil liberties, electoral freedom and free and lawful expression as what has taken place between the FBI and the US Justice Department.

Few government organizations have been engaged in violation of the US citizens’ constitutional rights for as long a time and against as many individuals as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Seldom has there been greater collusion in the perpetration of crimes against civil liberties, electoral freedom and free and lawful expression as what has taken place between the FBI and the US Justice Department.

Feb 10 10:40

Britain's Mirror buys Express for £126.7m as sales drop

The publisher of Britain's left-wing Daily Mirror newspaper struck a £126.7 million deal on Friday to buy a series of titles including the right-wing Daily Express in a bid to stem a decline in advertising revenues and sales.

The papers were the biggest two in Britain after World War II but are both seeing big drops in circulation, according to the latest figures.

The £126.7 million ($176 million, 143.6 million) deal signals a major consolidation for a sector that is struggling against falling revenues in Britain.

The Daily Mirror had a daily circulation of around 580,000 in December 2017, a drop of 18.84 percent since the same month in 2016, while the Daily Express fell to around 364,000—a decline of 6.82 percent.

Feb 10 08:56


At least six prominent donors to the Leave campaign have received identical death threats in the past week as part of a concerted campaign of intimidation from a group calling itself “The Real 48 Per Cent”, Guido can reveal. The chilling letters, which were typed but sent in handwritten envelopes, told the recipients: “You have stoked the fires of Brexit and led us to this moment. You can no longer be tolerated. We are coming for you. We are going to kill you”.

Feb 10 08:46

Farage: Money Soros Gave to Anti-Brexit Campaign Is ‘The Tip of the Iceberg’

Brexit campaign leader Nigel Farage has welcomed mainstream exposure of the ‘Soros Web’ after a plot by the billionaire globalist to thwart Brexit was revealed by The Telegraph newspaper.

“Since those twin shocks of Brexit and Trump back in 2016, one of the main narratives from the establishment has been, ‘These things happened because of outside interference’,” he told listeners to his regular LBC show.

“Yes, we’re back to our old friends, ‘The Russians!’ We’ve had Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP, standing up in the House of Commons, and saying that Russian money was put into the Brexit campaign.

“In America, we’ve reached levels of total hysteria — so much so that, apparently, I was acting as a Russian agent,” he laughed.

Feb 08 13:16

Professor Stephen F. Cohen: Rethinking Putin – A Critical Reading

Professor Cohen is right: the real Putin has absolutely nothing, nothing at all, in common with the pseudo-Putin the Western media presents to its infinitely gullible and zombified audience.

I do believe that Professor Cohen will eventually go down in history as the most intellectually honest and courageous Russia expert in the US. In the meanwhile, the West is still stuck in its old, ideological ways: imperialism, nationalism and messianic exclusivism on one hand, and a complete surrender to post-modernism, cultural self-hatred, petty minority politics and moral relativism on the other.

Feb 08 13:12

FBI and DOJ Corruption Beget Justice Denied

Both the FBI and DOJ are under the direct authority of the President. Yet their senior staff operates as if they are omnipotent unto themselves.

The facts about the collusion among the Deep State operatives regarding their plan to eliminate the Donald Trump Presidency have been covered in detail.

Feb 08 10:11

‘He is no friend of Britain’s’: Tory MP tells George Soros - the billionaire investor who 'broke the Bank of England' – to ‘butt out’ of UK affairs after it emerged he gave £400,000 to campaign to thwart Brexit

Billionaire George Soros was today told to 'butt out' of UK affairs after it was revealed he had pumped £400,000 into a campaign fighting to stop Brexit.

The US investment mogul is one of the biggest donors behind the Best For Britain group launched by Gina Miller.

The revelation sparked fury among Brexiteers who said 'serious questions' must be asked into why a foreign national can bankroll a UK political campaign.

And they said Mr Soros - who is known as the 'man who broke the Bank of England' after he bet against the pound on black Wednesday -is 'no friend of Britain's'.

Feb 08 10:00

Far-Left Trinity Mirror Group Closes on Deal to Buy Right-Wing Daily Express

One of Britain’s last right-wing newspapers is to be bought up by the hard-left Trinity Mirror group, an organisation which helped found groups like the radical left ‘Hope not Hate’ and has provided a platform for some of the most heinous attacks on conservatism and Brexit.

The shock news comes after months of deliberation between the prospective buyers and Daily Express group owner Richard Desmond.

Feb 08 09:56

'Do you know what you're talking about?' Is this Andrew Neil's most BRUTAL interview ever?

ANDREW NEIL ripped into the international trade minister, Greg Hands and a shadow Labour minister, during an explosive debate over Britain’s position in Brexit negotiations.

Feb 08 09:54

REVEALED: George Soros hands Gina Miller campaign £400,000 in desperate bid to STOP Brexit

BILLIONAIRE investor George Soros has handed £400,000 to a campaign group founded by Gina Miller which is trying to overturn Brexit with a nationwide advertising campaign and Momentum style rallies, it has been reported.

Feb 08 09:51

ANGER as multiple properties in London are only offered to Muslim occupants

London’s secret Muslim only accommodation has been exposed thanks to Rebel Media and the Daily Star

Hundreds of property adverts on websites such as GumTree were only available for those who are Muslim or of Asian descent.

It’s unbelievable that in this day and age, ‘white people’ or anyone who is not Muslim is discriminated against getting living accommodation.

Feb 07 08:25

Man fined 'for helping homeless on Christmas Day'

A man who pulled in to a bus stop on Christmas Day to help a homeless man was fined by a council.

Lee Williamson, of Evington, Leicester, said he stopped to give a homeless man a blanket, hat, gloves, scarf, food, and chat to him.

He later received a £70 fine, despite there being no buses on 25 December.

Feb 06 17:42

Hacker Lauri Love Wins In UK High Court, Will Not Be Extradited To The U.S.

By Derrick Broze

On Monday, after a five-year legal battle against extradition, activist Lauri Love was told he would not be extradited to the United States to face a trial for his suspected hacking of computer networks maintained by the U.S Army, Federal Reserve, NASA, FBI, and Department of Defense...

Feb 06 09:10

Nunes Duels the Deep State

From the Nunes memo, there was, at the highest level of the FBI, a cabal determined to derail Trump and elect Clinton.

From the Nunes memo, there was, at the highest level of the FBI, a cabal determined to derail Trump and elect Clinton. Heading the cabal was Comey, who made the call to exonerate Hillary of criminal charges for imperiling national security secrets, even before his own FBI investigation was concluded.

Feb 06 08:14

Julian Assange arrest warrant still stands - court

A UK arrest warrant against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is still valid, Westminster Magistrates' Court has ruled.

Lawyers for Mr Assange had asked the court to withdraw the warrant, saying it had "lost its purpose".

Feb 06 08:13


Feb 06 08:11

New anti-Brexit party to be launched in UK with inspiration and help from France

A new political party inspired by Emmanuel Macron's En Marche movement and supported by some of his French MPs is being launched in the UK. Its aim is to reverse Brexit.

The launch of the new movement called Renew had been kept under wraps in the UK, but word has got out in France where MPs from Macron's En Marche party have been offering advice and support.

Renew will officially be launched next week, according to France Info radio, but the movement already has its own website at

Feb 06 08:08

Bombshell: UK Govt Review into Sharia Admits Systemic Discrimination Against Women, Unknown Number of ‘Councils’, Forced Marriage Victim Made to Appear with Abusers

A controversial review into the state of Sharia law in the United Kingdom and the bodies administering it has revealed the British government to be unaware of exactly how many of the Islamic law councils are operating in the country, an admission of systemic discrimination against women, including the victim of forced marriage being asked to appear alongside her family, with an “inappropriate” adoption of civil legal terms used.

Feb 06 08:05

BBC and Church Elites Attack British Christians for Wanting Lower Immigration

The BBC has attacked Anglicans after a study revealed that nearly nine out of 10 want immigration levels “reduced”, claiming that Christianity demands support for open borders.

Feb 06 08:04

Moment McDonnell calls for 'DIRECT ACTION' against Tory MPs as Rees-Mogg scuffle blows up

THIS is the shock moment Labour’s shadow chancellor John McDonnell called for “direct action” against Conservative MPs and civil disobedience, a sad revelation after Jacob Rees-Mogg was harassed by a group of masked protesters.

Feb 06 07:42

What's brewing? British, American, Canadian Advisers Arrive In Donbass

Citing intelligence sources, the representative of Donetsk, Eduard Basurin, has stated that British instructors have arrived in the Donbass, at the locations of the Ukrainian Forces.

"In the area of 93rd separate mechanized brigade in the vicinity of the city of Volnovaha, a group of foreign instructors has arrived - led by a representative of the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom, for the purpose of training of Ukrainian servicemen on how to carry out sabotage and subversive activities," said Basurin.

"In addition to the British, from February 5th to the 9th, a delegation of the US military will join the Brits. They will assess the expenditure of funds that Washington has allocated to the army."

The DPR stressed that rotation of the Ukrainian military has been completed>>>

Feb 05 14:55

UK Jewish Chronicle Editor Stephen Pollard and freedom of speech

"Stephen Pollard, the caricature of an editor for the rabid Zionist Jewish Chronicle, an outlet that operates as an Israeli mouthpiece and has openly waged intense campaigns against freedom of speech, has once again expressed his support for elementary rights, including the right to offend. In today’s Daily Mail, Pollard writes: “Snowflakes? They’re today’s fascists!”

"Pollard often champions “freedom of speech”. This time he was probably trying to gain credit with the UK Prime Minister’s Office following the attack on Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg as he attempted to give a talk to students at Bristol University. I need not mention that I didn’t see Pollard or the Jewish Chronicle denouncing Zionist hooligans who interfered with my right to play Jazz. Nor did I see the Jewish Chronicle or Pollard fight for Alison Chabloz’s right to perform her cabaret. Maybe in Pollard’s universe freedom of speech is an exclusive realm..." >>

Feb 05 10:21

Lloyds Banking Group has banned Bitcoin buys on credit cards

Lloyds bank has stopped credit card customers from buying bitcoin, amid concerns of a credit risk surrounding the cryptocurrency's rapidly falling value.

Coming into effect today, the ban applies to Lloyds Bank, Bank of Scotland, Halifax and MBNA.

Feb 05 08:36

The GOP Memorandum should be called the Trey Gowdy Memorandum.

Rampant abuse and possible contempt of Court: full analysis of GOP memorandum.

GOP memorandum exposes extraordinary catalogue of due process violations in application for surveillance warrant.

It is in the overwhelmingly strong interest of the United States that the truth about all of this be told...

Feb 05 08:34

'80 hooligans surrounded me' Farage reveals the disturbing attack ‘that changed my life’

NIGEL FARAGE has spoken out against the growing tide of abuse faced by Brexiteers following the shocking incident this week that saw hard-left protesters attempt to shut down a Jacob Rees-Mogg speech.

Feb 05 08:25

Corbyn's been sucking up to IRA monsters for decades: As Gerry Adams says he'd make a great PM, how the Labour been friends with terrorists since before he was MP

Towards the end of his interview with Gerry Adams yesterday, Andrew Marr asked him what difference the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister would make, adding that the Labour leader has ‘always supported a united Ireland and he’s been a big backer of yours over years’.

Of course Adams thought it would be terrific, for he considers his old pal an outstanding politician. Jeremy had indeed ‘kept faith’, as had Ken Livingstone and ‘others’.

Feb 05 07:26

Swamp Watch: The deep state

Listen to Steve Hilton, the host of - The Next Revolution, expound on this sick swampy joke.

Yes, there is a Deep State.

The rise of a permanent ruling class in our Federal Bureaucracy.
The size and scope of the federal bureaucracy has become so unaccountable that it is actually unclear how many federal agencies exist.

?The intelligence bureaucracies have become swollen with unaccountable power and resources since 9/11 attack.??

Feb 04 08:43

Manchester Art Gallery Removes Nymphs Painting In Bid To Erase History, Say It's To 'Prompt Conversation'

The Manchester Art Gallery removed John William Waterhouse's famous "Hylas and the Nymphs" painting to allow a British Afro-Caribbean artist to "takeover" the public space with naked drag queens.

Feb 03 11:43

PEOPLE POWER: 1000s sign petition to force Government NOT to cave in to EU Brexit demands

THOUSANDS of frustrated Leave voters have signed a petition calling for the UK to exit the EU without a transition deal after the bloc set out its terms this week, demanding the country is subject to Brussels laws for the two-year period.

Feb 02 10:26

EU to veto Brexit if Theresa May fails to protect citizens’ rights, Brussels sources say

EU diplomats are threatening to veto any Brexit deal if Theresa May doesn’t backtrack on her “shameful” plans to deprive EU citizens of free movement rights during a transition period, it has been claimed.

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday during a three-day trip to China, the prime minister left audiences baffled when she seemed to suddenly toughen her stance on EU migrants. May said she wanted to make it “clear” that EU citizens arriving after the UK effectively drops out of the EU – set for March 2019 – will be treated differently from those who are already settled.

Resisting the much-spread idea that nothing would change post-Brexit, May said: “What we’re doing now is doing the job that the British people asked the government to do, which is to deliver on Brexit.” She added: “In doing that they did not vote for nothing to change when we come out of the EU.”

Feb 02 10:03

Terror law expert to Why backdoors when there's so much other data to slurp?

Secure end-to-end encrypted comms is a desirable technology that governments should stop trying to break, especially as there's other information to slurp up on crims, UK politicians were told this week.

Blighty's former independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, David Anderson, told the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee on Tuesday that there are plenty of sources of intelligence for law enforcement to get their hands on, rather than banging the drum for backdoors in communications.

In what has now become a frustratingly standard question from politicians about tech companies' role in the war on terror, Anderson was asked if he thought the state would ever get access to encrypted messages for security purposes.

"No," he replied. "Because end-to-end encryption is not only a fact of life, it is, on balance, a desirable fact of life. Any of us who do our banking online, for example, are very grateful for end-to-end encryption."

Feb 02 09:14

UK: Rough Sleeping Reaches Record Levels While ‘Refugees Welcome’

Rough sleeping has soared to record levels, with nearly 5,000 people — including a large number of veterans — estimated sleeping rough last year in England, while local authorities rolled out the red carpet for refugees.

Local authorities recorded 4,751 people bedded down outside in a single night in autumn, marking a 15 per cent increase on the figure for 2016, according to the latest government figures.

The rise to autumn 2017 is the seventh consecutive increase in rough sleeping, with the number of people affected having more than doubled since comparative records began in 2010.

With 217 people sleeping rough, Westminster was the worst affected by the phenomena, while in second place with 178 rough sleepers recorded was Brighton and Hove, which styles itself a “city of sanctuary” for illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

Feb 02 08:51

Foreign Meddling Into Brexit Revealed

The British Broadcasting Corporation has been branded a “supporter of a foreign organization” working against British interests after new allegations of heavy pro-EU bias in selecting guests for BBC’s TV and radio shows discussing Brexit.

The accusation has been levelled by the former Conservative Party chairman Lord Tebbit in the House of Lords in response to reports by the Institute of Economic Affairs and the think tank Civitas which claim that the ratio of guests on BBC flagship discussion shows over the past years has been heavily skewed towards pro-EU advocates.