Sep 17 23:31

Fascism in America, Government Complicit in Covert Spraying of the Gulf

Today on The Intel Hub, award winning journalist Dahr Jamail reported some starling information on the situation in the gulf. The Gulf of Mexico has been poisoned beyond relief yet BP has continued to spray toxic dispersant. How is this happening in America? Agencies within the government have seemingly merged with the private sector, essentially creating a fascist American dictatorship.

Armed with a clever name, BP has set up an operation that enables them to find oil throughout the gulf and immediately disperse it. The Vessel of Opportunity Program has tasked BP workers with finding the oil, punching the coordinates into their GPS, and relaying it to command. Skiffs armed with toxic dispersant then descend upon the oil, continuing the cover up and chemical rape of the gulf.

Sep 17 20:11

Independent lab tests reveal toxic dispersant in Gulf waters

James Fox – We spoke with government officials on September 15, 2010. They maintain that Gulf waters and beaches are safe and that there is no evidence to suggest the contrary. We then met with an independent lab and locals: what we found was not consistent with the governments position.

Sep 17 19:35

Obama Oil Spill Commission INTIMIDATING Scientists Over “Illegal” Samples

“We were contacted by the national commission on the BP oil spill,” [Marco Kaltofen, a scientist and head of Boston Chemical Data in Massachusetts] said.

President Barack Obama created the commission to look into the oil spill, hold hearings and eventually make recommendations based on their findings. Yet, the two scientists said the phones calls were unsettling.

Sep 17 11:49

Bacteria in the gulf mostly digested gas, not oil, study finds

The discovery tempers hopes that microorganisms have eaten up most of the spilled oil in the gulf, as other scientists had recently suggested, the lead author says.

Bacteria that attacked the plumes of oil and gas resulting from the Deepwater Horizon gusher in the Gulf of Mexico mainly digested natural gas spewing from the wellhead — propane, ethane and butane — rather than oil, according to a study published in the journal Science.

The paper doesn't rule out the possibility that bacteria also are consuming oil from the spill, the authors said. Instead, it suggests that natural gas primed the growth of bacteria that may have gone on to digest "more complex hydrocarbons" — oil — as the spill aged and propane and ethane were depleted.

Sep 17 05:38

Where's the oil? On the Gulf floor, scientists say

NEW ORLEANS – Far beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico, deeper than divers can go, scientists say they are finding oil from the busted BP well on the sea's muddy and mysterious bottom.

Oil at least two inches thick was found Sunday night and Monday morning about a mile beneath the surface. Under it was a layer of dead shrimp and other small animals, said University of Georgia researcher Samantha Joye, speaking from the helm of a research vessel in the Gul

Sep 17 00:46

Big Oil’s Long Term Energy Plan? A One World Government and Global Depopulation

For those looking for proof of the global elite pushing plans for global depopulation and a one world governments need to look no further than the massive amount of propaganda being spread by Big Oil under the label of “Peak Oil”.

On the surface the propagandists argue that demand for oil will soon surpass the world’s ability to produce oil.

Beneath the surface is a network of the super elite including Government spooks, lawyers, doctors and other wealthy and highly influential people whose publications openly call for martial law, a one world government and global depopulation to deal with the “inevitable collapse of the entire industrialized world.”

Sep 16 10:36

U.S. requires idle wells in Gulf of Mexico to be plugged

The federal government said Wednesday that it will require oil and gas companies operating in the Gulf of Mexico to plug in nearly 3,500 non-producing wells and dismantle about 650 production platforms that are no longer being used.

"We have placed the industry on notice that they will be held to the highest standards of planning and operations in developing leases and today's notice reiterates that mandate," Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said in a statement.

The order issued requires operators to plug wells that have not been used in five years. The 3,500 wells are currently capped with a "subsurface safety valve," according to the Interior Department.

Federal regulations already require idle wells, platforms and pipelines to be decommissioned -- a process that involves plugging wells and dismantling and removing platform structures and pipelines -- within one year of the lease's expiration date.

Sep 16 09:57

Whistleblower: Oil 30 miles by 5 miles reported and Feds won't respond, "wanted to run tests"

Sep 16 09:40

HELPLESS, TEARS: Dealer says load of crab "contaminated with oil" -- STATE TRYING TO COVER IT UP

Sep 16 09:37

New Orleans man was paid by U.S. to rate news coverage of oil spill cleanup

The federal government hired a New Orleans man for $18,000 to appraise whether news stories about the government's actions in the Gulf oil spill were positive or negative for the Obama administration, which was keenly sensitive to comparisons between its response and former President George W. Bush's much-maligned reaction to Hurricane Katrina.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Forget Katrina; it's Chernobyl this is being compared to!

Sep 16 09:00

Congressman: BP "Openly Blackmailing the American Government"

BP wants the federal government to meet its demand for continued access to oil and gas leases in the United States. If the oil giant can't keep drilling here, its promise to compensate victims of the Deepwater Horizon disaster might go unfulfilled—or so the company claims.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More proof (if more was needed) that the US government does not work for We the People: it works for corporations only.

Sep 16 08:42

Whistleblower with VOICE CHANGER: Oil 30 miles by five miles reported and Coast Guard didn’t respond, “wanted to run tests” — Worried about his kids (VIDEO)

Unidentified member of oil spill recovery team:

“(I feel) helpless, like my hands are tied. Future generations are gonna have water that they can’t fish in,” he said. “My biggest concern is there’s five miles by 30 miles out there that was reported and no one responded. The Coast Guard said for days that they wanted to run tests, and if they don’t test it when it’s called in, they’ll never find it.”

Sep 16 07:43

BP Gulf Oil Spill as seen outside the USA

Sep 15 22:49

Australian Mainstream News Reports Gulf Diaster Truth, Police State Action in the Gulf

Wilma Subra, an environmental activist and patriot has documented thousands of cases of sick people in the Gulf. While the corporate news has continually refused to report the truth, people like Wilma and Project Gulf Impact have done everything in their power to document the horrors caused by the toxic combination of oil and dispersantt.

BP, with the help of the federal government, has hired goon squads to terrorize independent journalists in an attempt to silence free speech.

Sep 15 17:05

Congressman: BP "Openly Blackmailing the American Government"

BP now claims they can't possibly be able to compensate all the victims of the Deepwater Horizon spill without the government giving them more drilling permits.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Seize BP and auction it off in whole or in part to pay off the damages.

Sep 15 17:03

West Beach Pass, Gulf Shores- BP Oil is underwater.

Sep 15 17:02

FLASHBACK - BP’s Fake Cleanup: Worker quits, says “They told us not to dig”; “Forbidden” to clean beneath surface when oil is buried 12 inches deep

Former oil clean-up worker Candi Warren says… the tide and surf buried oil overnight. But they were forbidden to dig it up. … She said she was told to only clean the surface of the sand, that this is all cosmetic. …

Sep 15 17:00

"WORST CASE SCENARIO": "Oil may be emerging on to the west Florida shelf" via Desoto Canyon

Sep 15 16:58

Is Gulf Oil Sitting on the Ocean Floor? MUST WATCH VIDEO

Scientists contradict government reports that 75 percent of oil had disappeared.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am amazed that ABC News has covered this. I may have to take back some of the nasty things I have said about them!

Sep 15 16:05

Homeland Security works for the oil companies

According to recently leaked documents, the Pennsylvania Office of Homeland Security has been using high-tech tracking of anti-gas drilling groups and their meetings.

It has then sent bulletins to gas companies drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

Sep 15 13:54

Congressman: BP "Openly Blackmailing the American Government"

BP now claims they can't possibly be able to compensate all the victims of the Deepwater Horizon spill without the government giving them more drilling permits.

Sep 15 13:05

Where's the oil? On the Gulf floor, scientists say

"I expected to find oil on the sea floor," Joye said Monday morning in a ship-to-shore telephone interview. "I did not expect to find this much. I didn't expect to find layers two inches thick. It's weird the stuff we found last night. Some of it was really dense and thick."

Joye said 10 of her 14 samples showed visible oil, including all the ones taken north of the busted well. She found oil on the sea floor as far as 80 miles away from the site of the spill.

Sep 15 11:35


The Gulf of Mexico's sea floor is covered for miles with a "fluffy and porous" layer of oil, scientists discovered Sunday night and Monday morning, and it's beyond anything produced by natural oil seeps. "I've collected literally hundreds of sediment cores from the Gulf of Mexico, including around this area," says University of Georgia marine scientist Samantha Joye. "And I've never seen anything like this." The oily fluff is more than 2 inches thick in some places, and in addition to being studded with tiny tar balls, it has also trapped a menagerie of dead shrimp, worms and other invertebrates.

Sep 15 04:25

The Importance of a Bugout Bag

Since the beginning of May I’ve been watching the oil disaster unfold in the Gulf of Mexico. The ongoing tragedy made me realize that I wasn’t prepared for it as much as I should be. So I came to the conclusion that I at least needed to put a bugout bag together.

A bugout bag is something that everyone should have, whether or not they have a disaster on their doorstep. A bag can be something as simple as a duffle bag with a few survival tools in it, or it can be as complex as a large frame pack containing hundreds of items...

Sep 14 22:18

PROOF -- BP Deepwater Horizon Drilled TWO Wells That Blew Out on FEB 13 and APR 20

Look at the positions on the map to see where the first abandoned and blown out well is positioned in relation to the current well they supposedly capped. The first well, WELL A, has been spewing oil into the Gulf since February 13, 2010. WELL B (meant to be a relief well) commenced on or about February 20 and blew up Deepwater Horizon on April 20.

Look at the plans and the facts. Look at the maps. Do searches and see for yourself. All that's necessary is to read what has already been revealed.

Sep 14 10:57


Sep 14 10:53

Dead whale and thousands of dead fish found near Venice shipping canal

Thousands of fish and a dead whale on Monday were found dead at the mouth of a shipping channel in Venice.

Species include crabs, sting rays, eels, drum, speckled trout and red fish.

Sep 14 10:34

National Security Used As Pretext to Confiscate Samples and Notes On Dispersant, Homeland Security Works For BP

I’m an adjunct professor here at A&M, and we were also in the Gulf, but got thrown out. We were testing a theory that the chemical composition of the dispersant they were using was causing the oil to sink. And we’d been there for approximately three days, and federal agents flat told us to get out. And it wasn’t Fish and Wildlife officers. These were Homeland Security officers, and we were told that it was in the interest of national security.

So basically The Department of Homeland Security is working FOR BP!? This is open treason and should be prosecuted accordingly! If this was just a normal oil disaster why would Homeland Security be confiscating scientific samples?

Sep 14 09:11

Oil From the BP Spill Found at Bottom of Gulf

Professor Samantha Joye of the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Georgia, who is conducting a study on a research vessel just two miles from the spill zone, said the oil has not disappeared, but is on the sea floor in a layer of scum.

"We're finding it everywhere that we've looked. The oil is not gone," Joye said. "It's in places where nobody has looked for it."

All 13 of the core samples Joye and her UGA team have collected from the bottom of the gulf are showing oil from the spill, she said.

Sep 14 07:52

BP And Partners Say Most Victims Not Yet Entitled to Sue

BP and its partners in the blown-out Gulf well said on Monday that thousands of fishermen, seafood processors, restaurants, hotel owners and others may not yet have the right to sue over the spill, according to court papers.

BP and its partners such as Transocean Ltd and Halliburton Co said the majority of alleged victims who have brought about 400 lawsuits must first take their claims to a $20 billion fund established by BP.

The $20 billion fund is dependent upon the US granting BP continued access to deep water drilling.

Sep 14 06:38

Yesterday near Bay Chaland, Louisiana: FOUR FOOT wide, four inch thick “oil patty” + 100,000s of dead fish = NO TESTING TO SEE IF FROM BP’S OIL

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser said to WWL, “This is different because usually the kills happen to only one or two species of fish.” Many species were observed dead including crab, sting ray, eel, drum, speckled trout and red fish. A whale was also reported to have died.

Nungesser added “There is no testing going on to determine if it’s from the oil spill.”

And according to the AP, “Plaquemines Parish officials have asked state wildlife experts to investigate… Parish officials say the fish were found in an area that has been impacted by oil from the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico.”

Sep 14 01:04

Evidence Mounts of BP Spraying Toxic Dispersants

Shirley and Don Tillman, residents of Pass Christian, Mississippi, have owned shrimp boats, an oyster boat and many pleasure boats. They spent much time on the Gulf of Mexico before working in BP’s Vessels Of Opportunity (VOO) program looking for and trying to clean up oil.

Don decided to work in the VOO program in order to assist his brother, who was unable to do so due to health problems. Thus, Don worked on the boat and Shirley decided to join him as a deckhand most of the days.

Sep 13 06:23

Gulf Clean Up Contracts Expose Corruption as Usual

WASHINGTON — The federal government hired a New Orleans man for $18,000 to appraise whether news stories about its actions in the Gulf oil spill were positive or negative for the Obama administration, which was keenly sensitive to comparisons between its response and former President George W. Bush's much-maligned reaction to Hurricane Katrina.

The government also spent $10,000 for just over three minutes of video showing a routine offshore rig inspection for news organizations but couldn't say whether any ran the footage. And it awarded a $216,625 no-bid contract for a survey of seabirds to an environmental group that has criticized what it calls the "extreme anti-conservation record" of Sarah Palin, a possible 2012 rival to President Barack Obama.

Sep 13 05:52

10 Reasons Our Fresh Water Supply is in Deep Trouble

Jeffrey Green
Activist Post

Fresh clean water is essential to all life forms. It seems that a resource so vital should not be corralled, controlled, or corrupted by any corporation or government. However, with fresh water supplies under assault on multiple fronts, governments seek to further clamp down on individual human usage, while doing very little to reduce the reasons for the contamination. At the same time, corporations that repackage water and sell it back to the public enjoy financial benefits from the scarcity of their "product."

Sep 13 01:27

Orange Beach pulling EMS staff from BP sites because ‘BP won’t pay their bills,’ mayor says

Alabama — Tired of waiting for millions in lost tax revenue and expense claims, Orange Beach officials are packing up staff and medical equipment and moving out of BP PLC contractor work sites on Monday, Mayor Tony Kennon said Saturday.

“We’re going to pull out all of our firemen and paramedics because BP won’t pay their bills,”

Sep 12 08:22

Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Seafloor

Scientists on a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico are finding a substantial layer of oily sediment stretching for dozens of miles in all directions. Their discovery suggests that a lot of oil from the Deepwater Horizon didn't simply evaporate or dissipate into the water — it has settled to the seafloor.

The Research Vessel Oceanus sailed on Aug. 21 on a mission to figure out what happened to the more than 4 million barrels of oil that gushed into the water. Onboard, Samantha Joye, a professor in the Department of Marine Sciences at the University of Georgia, says she suddenly has a pretty good idea about where a lot of it ended up. It's showing up in samples of the seafloor, between the well site and the coast.

Sep 11 10:21

Scientists Find Thick Layer Of Oil On Seafloor

Scientists on a research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico are finding a substantial layer of oily sediment stretching for dozens of miles in all directions. Their discovery suggests that a lot of oil from the Deepwater Horizon didn't simply evaporate or dissipate into the water — it has settled to the seafloor.

Sep 11 01:43

Why is Oil Giant BP Helping Develop California Schools Environmental Curriculum?

Should an oil giant responsible for the worst oil spill in U.S. history play a role in what public-school children learn about the environment?

If you’re in California, there’s a good chance they will. BP has helped develop a new environmental curriculum for California’s public schools

Sep 10 14:11

Expert: ‘Gusher would continue until the well bore hole collapsed or pressure in the reservoir dropped to a point where oil was no longer pushed to the surface’

The gusher would continue until the well bore hole collapsed or pressure in the reservoir dropped to a point where oil was no longer pushed to the surface, said Tad Patzek, chair of the Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering Department at the University of Texas-Austin.

Sep 10 14:10

Feds now say relief well kill may be pushed back to OCTOBER

Sep 10 03:11

There was a bad cement job': BP report shifts blame for Gulf of Mexico oil spill to American contractors

BP triggered a further backlash last night as it tried to shift the blame for the Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

In a report released yesterday into the cause of the spill, the beleaguered British oil giant claims two other multinational companies were largely at fault.

The 193-page internal investigation plays down BP's culpability for America's worst ever oil leak, which took 87 days to plug and strained relations between the U.S. and Britain

Sep 09 20:04

Oil and Corexit in the Water Near Ocean Springs Mississippi

This is just another example of the dispersant that continues to poison the Gulf. While corporate scientists and media puppets declare the disaster over, the people of the Gulf continue to experience sickness with no end in site.

How can this be happening in America? The corporate banking cabal that has worked tirelessly towards a one world government apparently finds the Gulf people, and all people for that matter, expendable

Sep 09 14:39

Researchers find “layer of oil buried about 3 cm deep” 30 km from wellhead; Bottom-burrowing creatures appeared to be “NUKED”, only things alive are the microbes

Sep 09 11:41

Transocean, Halliburton blast BP report on cause of blowout, oil spill

Halliburton and Transocean on Wednesday rejected BP's characterization.

"This is a self-serving report that attempts to conceal the critical factor that set the stage for the Macondo incident: BP's fatally flawed well design. In both its design and construction, BP made a series of cost-saving decisions that increased risk – in some cases, severely," Transocean said in a statement.

Among BP's cost-saving moves that Transocean said compromised safety are the following:

1) BP opted for a single long run of pipe rather than an alternative approach that would have increased the barriers to gas flow.

2) BP failed to conduct a "cement bond log" test to evaluate the integrity of the cement at the bottom of the well, which was what blocked gas and oil from emerging up the production pipe.

3) BP installed fewer than one-third of the recommended number of centralizer devices, which Transocean said had the effect of "dramatically increasing the risk of cement channeling and gas flow."

Halliburton, for its part, said BP officials were in charge and signed off on every step of its work as it pumped concrete to the bottom of the well to block the emergence of oil and gas.

Sep 09 09:38

U.S. Government Loaned Mexican Government More Than $1 Billion to Drill Oil in Gulf of Mexico Last Year; Has $1 Billion More Planned For This Year

The U.S. Export-Import Bank, an independent federal agency, loaned more than $1 billion to the Mexican state oil company PEMEX in 2009 to support the company’s oil drilling in the southern Gulf of Mexico. The bank has another $1 billion in loans in the pipeline for 2010, unless Congress objects.

On May 27, after the British Petroleum oil spill, President Obama imposed a moratorium on U.S. deepwater drilling in the Gulf, effecting 33 deepwater drilling rigs in the region.

Sep 09 07:05

Gulf Oil Spill: Details Of The Days And Hours Before The Blast

Something was wrong.

BP was preparing to plug its well 50 miles off the Louisiana coast, and longtime technical adviser Jesse Gagliano was running computer models to finalize details.

"We have a potential problem here," the Halliburton employee told three colleagues he met in the hallway in BP PLC's Houston headquarters. He said his computer model was predicting a "serious gas flow problem" with BP's well abandonment plan.

Sep 08 10:35

Blood tests on Gulf residents show ethylbenzene and other hydrocarbons

Sep 08 09:47

Gulf Oil Spill Science Experiment On All Says Biologist

Sep 08 05:53

BP says Transocean missed danger signs on rig

BP deflected much of the blame for a rig blast that led to the United States' worst-ever oil spill, releasing an internal report on Wednesday which said that drilling contractor Transocean had missed danger signs.

BP defended its much-criticized well design and said failures on the rig, operated by Transocean, led to gas swamping the platform and creating the conditions for the explosion.

"Over a 40-minute period, the Transocean rig crew failed to recognize and act on the influx of hydrocarbons into the well," BP said in a statement.


But don't forget that US government officials allowed everyone to cut corners for some cash, some drugs and some hookers. That makes it all better.

Sep 06 19:45

BP spill: White House says oil has gone, but Gulf's fishermen are not so sure

No one, it seems, believes the assurances from the White House or government scientists that the oil is largely gone.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

After all, Obama said combat was over in Iraq, too!

Sep 05 20:11

From the Gulf Stream to the BloodStream, and Why What You’re About To Read Is The Alarm Bell of The Pending Gulf Disaster

When Is Enough, Enough?

For nearly five months, the BP oil disaster has consumed the minds of millions of people worldwide. In addition to the horrific impacts that the crude oil and chemical dispersants have daily on the environment and the economy, a fatal threat has quietly slipped by the public’s proverbial radar.

The harm dealt by this silent enemy is beginning to creep into the lives of those living and working in the Gulf.

Sep 05 13:22

Gulf Residents Test Positive For Oil In Blood

Grand Isle – Several gulf residents have tested positive for oil in their blood as documented by Matt Smith and Heather Rally

Further testing is currently being preformed to find out if the chemical dispersant Corexit, made by Nalco, has entered the bloodstreams of gulf coast residents.

Smith, who is on scene in Louisiana had this to say:

“It’s deadly because it’s accumulative…. the issue here is that these are residents these aren’t even the workers… everyone is getting sick….. it has turned into an aerosol in the air, and no one is talking about this, no one.”

Sep 05 10:22

No Safe Harbor on Gulf Coast; Human Blood Tests Show Dangerous Levels of Toxic Exposure

Even as BP and US government officials continue to declare the oil spill over at Mississippi Canyon 252 and the cleanup operation an unqualified success, for the first time blood tests on sickened humans have shown signs of exposure to high levels of toxic chemicals related to crude oil and dispersants. Some of the individuals tested have not been on the beaches, were not involved in any cleanup operations or in the Gulf water -- they simply live along the Gulf Coast. Several of them are now leaving the area due to a combination of illness and economic hardship.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is very simple, really: the US government and BP are lying to the people of this country about the damage to humans and the ecosystem this disaster has created, and the corporate media simply refuses to report on it.

Sep 05 10:07

Did BP Just Blow Up The Obama Presidency?

BP is warning Congress that if lawmakers pass legislation that bars the company from getting new offshore drilling permits, it may not have the money to pay for all the damages caused by its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sep 04 10:49

Oil Madness

Sep 04 09:55

Oil Rain In Louisiana?

Sep 04 09:54

is it raining oil here?

Sep 04 09:54

where did the oil come from?

Sep 03 10:59

Is "The Day After Tomorrow" Happening Today -- Ice Age Imminent?

Jeffrey Green
Activist Post

On August 29th, Lord Stirling issued a scary report warning that "The North Atlantic Current is Gone". We were hesitant to post the article before checking with sources to confirm it's validity. After such research, many of the claims that Lord Stirling makes do indeed have some scientific evidence. However, his claims that the North Atlantic Current is "gone" and that the cause is primarily the Gulf oil disaster and subsequent dispersant spraying are slightly premature. Despite these assumptions, Stirling's report has enough support to cause alarm:

Sep 03 09:59

Mississippi officials find 80 to 90 PERCENT of OYSTERS DEAD — claim NO EVIDENCE OIL CONTRIBUTED

Officials from the Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (DMR) voluntarily “took oyster fishermen out on the reefs off the Pass Christian Harbor on Wednesday to give them a preview of what to expect from the upcoming oyster season,” according to Biloxi’s Sun Herald.

What did they find? “An abundance of empty oyster shells… DMR officials dredged for oysters and pulled up catches with about 80 to 90 percent of the oysters dead,” the paper reported.

Sep 03 09:51

BP ultimatum: Let us drill or funds will dry up

Oil giant BP is telling lawmakers that if it isn't allowed to get new offshore drilling permits in the Gulf, it will not be able to afford to pay for the damage caused by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the New York Times reported in its Friday edition.

The Times reports the UK-based oil giant is on the warpath against a drilling reform bill passed by the House earlier this summer that would effectively bar BP from getting new drilling permits in the US.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In a normal world, where representatives of the people of the country actually determined what when on in the country, this threat would be characterized as "blackmail"; however, because BP has certain "male attributes" they are able to squeeze very forcibly in both the White House and Congress, I would almost bet that BP will get those new offshore drilling permits.

Sep 03 08:54

Dead Pygmy Sperm Whale Washes Ashore On Beach

Sep 03 08:53

INLAND fish kill near Destin, FL: Reporter says “red plume replaced the visible bottom” & “Oily sheen with a foamy, bubbling substance with reddish stringy globs”

Sep 03 08:52

More whales wash ashore in Florida

Sep 03 08:50

No Safe Harbor on Gulf Coast; Human Blood Tests Show Dangerous Levels of Toxic Exposure

Even as BP and US government officials continue to declare the oil spill over at Mississippi Canyon 252 and the cleanup operation an unqualified success, for the first time blood tests on sickened humans have shown signs of exposure to high levels of toxic chemicals related to crude oil and dispersants. Some of the individuals tested have not been on the beaches, were not involved in any cleanup operations or in the Gulf water -- they simply live along the Gulf Coast

Sep 03 08:49

BP cleanup worker: "EVERY shovel full was LIQUID OIL" while "actually IN the water" in Pensacola, FL

Sep 03 08:48

Mariner Energy Platform Explodes in Gulf of Mexico

A mile-long (1.6-kilometer), 100-foot-wide (30-meter) sheen of oil was sighted near the burning Vermilion 380 platform, which stands in less than 400 feet of water, the Coast Guard said earlier today, citing a report from Houston-based Mariner.

Sep 03 06:53

Let's send British Petroleum into the Fires of Hell.

When you talk about British Petroleum you have to talk about the Bride of Dracula, the original noxious, bat cave, the Queen of England, also the head of the Black Nobility; or close enough. My favorite picture of this slithering reptile is when she goes around on Christmas Day or New Years and dispenses season’s greetings to the junkies and homeless on the street. After a heartfelt, “Merry Christmas!” and a brisk handshake, it’s on to the next affair of state, which usually involves a senior cabinet member porking his chauffeur.

Sep 03 03:20

Video Gulf Stream dying is making extreme weather - Lord Stirling

The Earl of Stirling makes it clear that the ingrained spin of the West is not going to help the ever worsening Oil Spill, he points to a collapse of the Gulf Stream and the extreme weather patterns developing. This is the first part of a web conference interview.

Gulf Stream & Simmons dead a New Ice Age Earl Of Stirling

Earl of Stirling Oil Spill Spin & Science

Sep 02 21:07

Public Website Created for Examination of Environmental Sampling Data

For weeks, Attorney Stuart Smith and researchers Dr. William Sawyer and Marco Kaltofen have been providing evidence contrary to the federal government's assertions that the oil from the BP DEEPWATER HORIZON catastrophe is gone and that seafood from oil-impacted waters are not compromised.

Now, citizens can examine for themselves data compiled by Gulf Oil Disaster Recovery and the Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) at a public website maintained by Dr. Kaltofen's company, Boston Chemical Data.

"We are thrilled about this new resource," said Marylee Orr, Executive Director, LEAN. "This website allows anyone interested to see what chemicals were found, where they were found, and how much was found. We feel the public has the right to this information."

Sep 02 14:18


Test The Rain Project originated out of concern due to the dispersants being used in the BP gulf oil spill. The EPA along with the Coast Guard provided little oversight over the decisions being made by BP. It was estimated that 1.8 million gallons of dispersant, mainly corexit 9500, had been sprayed into the gulf. Many conflicting reports have come out of the gulf area concerning all aspects of the spill.

Attempting to understand the environmental and health risk associated with the gulf oil spill only raised more unanswered questions. Finding those answers from BP or other Governmental agencies only raised a vale over the spill.

Sep 02 12:19

Corporate Meteors Strike US Gulf (They Got the Whole World In Their Hands)

Perhaps the British Petroleum/Nalco event was the wakeup call we needed in order to look more closely at untouchable corporations that began running the whole world 100 years ago. This is a paper about corporate communism, which is otherwise known as "monopolies" that are now rampant in the US. Monopolies always engage in conspiracy, and their first goal is to conspire to eliminate their competition and choices, establish control over prices and the masses by an elite few. The April 20, 2010, BP oil catastrophe in America's Gulf can be described as a monumental corporate conspiracy. BP was permitted by cronies to dig a hole to China off Louisiana's shores without safety measures or concern for the Gulf's marine ecosystem.

Sep 02 11:37

Oil sheen spreading from rig blast site

A mile-long oil sheen spread Thursday from an offshore petroleum platform burning in the Gulf of Mexico off Lousiana, west of the site of BP's massive spill.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Bill Coklough said the sheen, about 100 feet wide, was spotted near the platform owned by Houston-based Mariner Energy Inc.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Once is a disaster. Twice is stupid!

Sep 02 11:21

Oil sheen spreading from Gulf platform explosion

NEW ORLEANS, La. – A mile-long oil sheen spread Thursday from an offshore petroleum platform burning in the Gulf of Mexico off Lousiana, west of the site of BP's massive spill.
Coast Guard Petty Officer Bill Coklough said the sheen, about 100 feet wide, was spotted near the platform owned by Houston-based Mariner Energy Inc.

He said Mariner had deployed three firefighting vessels to the site and one already was in place fighting the blaze.

The Coast Guard says no one was killed in the explosion and fire, which was reported by a commercial helicopter flying over the site around 9 a.m. CDT. All 13 people aboard the rig were rescued as they floated in the nearby water in survival outfits called gumby suits.

Sep 02 09:39

Well blows out 80 miles off the coast of Vermilion Parish

Coast Guard received reports around 9 am this morning of an oil rig on fire and people in the water.

Sep 02 09:16

Oil Rig Explodes Off Louisiana Coast

How Much more of this are people going to take? What are the odds of another Rig Explosion?

Sep 02 08:46

Dispersant controversy, oil plumes persist in the Gulf

Down a winding road that hugs the water of Bayou La Batre in southern Alabama, out-of-work shrimp boats float quietly along the piers. Near the end of the road, the Alabama state dock houses a dozen twin-engine, steel-hulled boats that BP has under contract to do oil cleanup work. Police cars guard the entrance.

Across the harbor at the end of the public pier, four large white plastic containers sit on pallets labeled: "Nalco Corexit EC9005A. Oil Spill dispersant. Caution: may cause irritation with prolonged contact…do not get in eyes, on skin, on clothing...." Some of the containers have black hand-written letters on the back that says "oil waste water" or "clean water." Another container sits further away on a pallet by itself, with the same warning label but clean.

Sep 02 08:38


WWL-TV in New Orleans has confirmed the Coast Guard is responding to a rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

Dozens are reported injured.

According to the Coast Guard, it happened 80 miles south of Grand Isle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The MMS has had four months to make certain that the oil rigs remaining in the gulf were safe from the sort of explosions that destroyed the Deepwater Horizon April 20th. Obviously, they failed.

President Obama had 400 days PLUS Four Months to make certain the MMS was doing their job. Obviously, Obama failed.

Obama fiddles with Israel while the gulf burns.

Sep 02 08:18

Reader Photos of Corexit Damage to the Everglades

Sep 02 08:02

The Corexit Experiment - Oil Spill Law

Sep 02 07:59

Risks remain with Gulf well cap coming off

NEW ORLEANS — The cap that ended BP's three-month oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico was set to come off Thursday as a prelude to raising a massive, failed piece of equipment and preparing for a final seal on the broken seafloor well.

Engineers and the government were not expecting crude to break out again when the cap is lifted, but the government wasn't offering any guarantees and oil collection vessels were set to be on standby on the surface just in case.

Sep 02 07:59

Wellhead is BENT (not just a tilting BOP) — “It did not pop straight back up”

Sep 02 07:58

Now Naples-area water testing shows “chemical compounds that can only come from Corexit 9527?

Sep 02 07:57

Overhead shot of black blobs seeping from seafloor -- Sep. 1

Sep 02 07:55

Tremendous amount of fast-flowing white chunks (methane hydrates?) at seafloor -- Sep. 1

Sep 02 07:54

Mobile, AL man says dispersants harmed “central nervous systems” and “internal organs”

Christopher Eldridge of Mobile, Alabama… alleges he was injured during BP oil spill response work by exposure to dispersants… according to court documents.

Sep 02 07:53

BP backpeddles on oil in Pensacola Bay

Despite persistent denials from BP last week, thousands of pounds of weathered oil is being pulled from under the surface of Pensacola Bay every day.

During more than a dozen interviews last week, BP officials and spokespeople for a number of government agencies working on the Deepwater Horizon Oil spill response denied knowledge of oil in the bay.

Even as they spoke, however, Escambia County officials and local fishermen were reporting finding weathered oil, as they've been doing for weeks. BP's own crews were hand-scooping it up, and a submerged-oil team from BP's Deepwater Horizon Response Incident Command Post in Mobile was investigating.

Sep 01 20:21

How investors are making a Killing on the BP Oil Disaster

"But it’s not all bad news.
That’s because the worse the crisis, the greater the opportunity. And right now, savvy investors are quietly positioning themselves for game-changing gains in 2010."

Sep 01 15:57

Raw Footage: Dispersant is STILL being sprayed,plumes in Florida and Alabama

Project Gulf Impact has released a new video that shows the dispersant/oil plumes that we reported on a little under a week ago. Some of the dispersant was still in powder form, an indication that it was freshly sprayed!

Sep 01 13:30

State official concerned area to be “COVERED in OIL AGAIN” after storm stirs up underwater plumes

State Director of Coastal Activities Garret Graves said… “We don’t want to pull up all the stakes and send all the skimmers away and everything else only to have a storm come through and stir up the plumes, and next thing we know, we’re covered in oil again.”

Sep 01 11:42

Project Gulf Impact: Three Different Doctors find PAHs, Heavy Metals, and Arsenic in Blood

It’s been a collaboration of a couple of groups working on the oil spill and other people.

They are actually finding the toxins that are in the oil in the blood of the people who live down there.

Its horrifying because they’re cumulative and they’re heavy metals and toxins…

Sep 01 10:37

BP Workers Orderded Not To Clean Up Oil; Dispersants Sprayed At Night To Sink Oil Instead

BP Vessel of Opportunity Workers Allege that Oil Is Not Being Cleaned Up During the Day … Instead, Corexit Is Being Sprayed at Night

Sep 01 10:37

Uncovering Lies About Disappearing Oil And Toxic Dispersants Found In BP Gulf Oil Spill Waters Opened For Fishing

The rampant use of toxic dispersants, out-of-state private contractors being brought in to spray them and US Coast Guard complicity are common stories now in the four states most affected by BP’s Gulf of Mexico oil disaster.

While the government denies these reports and even denies using military aircraft to spray dispersants altogether there is plenty of evidence proving they are lying.

Aug 31 17:30

Report: “Miles of dead fish in lower Plaquemines” in Louisiana — “Many types” floating at Garden Island