Sep 17 09:11

Ann Coulter accuses GOP candidates of pandering to ‘f–ing Jews’; ADL responds

By Golly! I think I like her!

By Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times - Thursday, September 17, 2015

Ann Coulter is being vilified on social media after she accused GOP presidential candidates of pandering to “f–ing Jews” during Thursday night’s CNN debate.

“Cruz, Huckabee Rubio all mentioned ISRAEL in their response to: ‘What will AMERICA look like after you are president,’” the annoyed pundit tweeted to her 664,000 followers. “How many f–ing Jews do these people think there are in the United States?”

Sep 17 09:04

Refugees break gates and enter Croatia in large numbers

It is estimated over 8000 refugees entered European union from Croatian side in the last 24 hours. More is expected in the coming days.

Sep 17 08:22

Ex-Stasi Jewish Activist Tasked with Eradicating “Xenophobia” on Facebook in Germany

On Monday Facebook sent a delegation to meet with the Minister who has set forth a plan – namely that a special task force scour Facebook and delete comments deemed inappropriate by the State.

“The goal is to ease identification of criminal statements” – says Heiko Maas to Bild.

The task force’s members are appointed by the government and Facebook, but the the left-wing organization Network against Nazis (“Netz gegen Nazis”) will also be represented.

The network was founded in the year 2007 by the Antonio Amadeu Trust, led by the Jewish-German left-wing activist Anette Kahane who, during the years 1974-82, worked as a secret agent for the East German Security Service known as Stasi.

Today Anette Kahane works as a professional anti-racist and last year proclaimed in an interview with RT that European countries must open their borders and adapt completely to immigrants from the third world.

Sep 16 23:01

Juncker’s Quotas: Requiem for Baltics

In July the European Commission had agreed to admit 40,000 refugees into the EU, divvying them up among 28 different countries, but now Jean-Claude Juncker is insisting that that figure be quadrupled. The quotas for the “young Europeans” of the Baltics were also revised. Now Latvia must accept 776 refugees, Lithuania – 1,105, and Estonia – 523. Brussels had already brandished its iron fist in warning: Juncker announced that the quotas for the EU member states were mandatory and that any country refusing to accept the migrants would be subjected to financial sanctions.

Sep 16 13:32

Obama gives Muslim refugees priority over homeless military vets

Obama and his minions are in the process of calculating how many refugees fleeing the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) will be brought to U.S. communities, with some claiming as many as 70,000 will be the start of the U.S. humanitarian program. The plan is expected to include housing, food, clothing, healthcare and other necessities which will be waiting for the arrival of those fleeing war-torn Syria and Iraq.

Unfortunately, Americans who served in Iraq or Afghanistan or both do not have the benefits being afforded to the Muslim refugees. The veterans who are homeless in America -- between 130,000 and 200,000 -- are between one fourth and one-fifth of all homeless people. Almost 500,000 veterans are struggling with paying their rents and are at risk of ending up on the streets and homeless.

Sep 16 13:08

Social networks are filled with advertisements for "travel agents" for smuggling illegals

Come to Europe and live like a king! This is the slogan of one of the so-called travel agents for migrants. In social networks there are now thousands of them...

Sep 16 12:33

Dutch journalist pays €750 for Syrian passport with PM Rutte’s photo

A Syria-based reporter of a Dutch news magazine has paid just €750 for a Syrian passport with a photograph of Mark Rutte, the prime minister of the Netherlands, in a bid to prove that IS fighters could infiltrate Europe disguised as refugees. "All you need is a phone number from one of passport forgers and converted €750. And within 40 hours you will have a passport," Harald Doornbos who works for Nieuwe Revu magazine said in his article published on Wednesday. "Since the outbreak of the Syrian conflict, thousands of blank passports and the Assad government’s printers have fallen into the hands of Sunni insurgents," Doornbos said. "And they are ready to sell a passport to anyone who wants to pay."
He said that the availability of fake passports would make it more difficult for security services to detect terrorists coming from Syria to Europe, and the consequences could be terrible.

Sep 16 12:10

5 Things the Media Won't Report About the Refugee Crisis

Sep 16 11:48

Transit Trash: Locals angry over garbage left behind by migrants and refugees

Blankets, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes scattered on the ground. That’s the current state of the Hungarian-Serbian border.

Sep 16 10:26

France’s Le Pen Says Europe Migrant Crisis Is Same As ‘Barbarian Invasion of Rome’

Marine Le Pen, the current French presidential front-runner, claims that Europe’s migrants and asylum seeker trend is the same as when the barbarians invaded Rome. Le Pen also compared it to the ‘Nazi invasion of Europe’. Sadly, Le Pen is not currently articulating France’s roles in the following: the sacking of Libya (although she has commented intelligently on Libya in the past), France’s support for the foreign proxy insurgency in Syria, and NATO’s failed 15 year takeover attempt in Afghanistan – all of which have been the key drivers in the synthetic ‘migrant crisis’. These realities continue to stump one dimensional politicians and their media pilot fish.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"look; we're trying to create Eratz Israel here. These people have to go someplace, so you should just let them move into your country and shut up about it already!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Sep 16 09:53

Libyan Immigrant stabs 6 people in public nightlife area in Malta

The 20 year old Libyan immigrant started randomly stabbing passers by while shouting "Allahu Akbar "in St George's street , Paceville .

Sep 16 08:29

Refugee crisis: Divisions leave Europe paralysed as borders close to refugees

The razor fences, closed borders and detention of refugees have been met with a chorus of mutual recrimination among Europe’s leaders. Today, the continent is more divided than ever by the crisis, unable to agree on quotas, and unwilling to allow free movement between its member states.

A day after refugee relocation plans were stalled by EU interior ministers, and with many countries following Germany in closing their borders, the EU’s top diplomat warned that Europe’s credibility was on the line. Its foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, said the recent clumsy handling of the surge in refugees would hurt the EU’s foreign policy effectiveness.

“Our lack of internal unity has an impact on our external actions and credibility,” she said. Even a call from the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, for a crisis meeting on the situation remains under review until Thursday.

Sep 16 07:03

Hungarian police use tear gas on refugees at border crossing – media reports

Hungarian police have deployed tear gas against asylum seekers, who broke through razor wire fence at the border crossing with Serbia, media reports say.

Reuters witnesses added that Hungarian police also used water cannon against the asylum seekers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'll wager Europe isn't going to have such a casual attitude towards US wars of conquest from this point on!

Sep 16 07:00

Angela Merkel meltdown

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision that Germany accept nearly a million Muslims arriving from the Middle East and North Africa has got many people scratching their heads in wonder.

Has Angela Merkel lost her mind? You be the judge when you watch this recent video or read the transcript of her semi-coherent answer to a crystal clear question:

Sep 16 06:55

Afghan-Kosovo Mafia Migrant Smuggling Ring and More Refugee Chaos in Macedonia (Video)

This story proves that this migrant invasion started more than a decade ago, but then nobody was writing about it because the numbers were small. (By the way, that former interior minister is in prison for that case).
So after 2010 the problem began to escalate. I was seeing Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis at the Skopje bus terminal (in the capital) being hidden by the smugglers on a daily basis, and to be fair, our police was catching them and deporting them back to Greece. But some of them were part of the smuggling network. I have witnessed a couple of times migrants been taken off the bus because they did not have proper papers. The Macedonian and the Serbian police were trying to tackle the problem in the early stage and they did that successfully. Some of these migrant-pioneers applied for asylum in Macedonia and Serbia. At the time nobody knew why, but after a while the reason was clear (Ali Baba’s mafia).

Sep 16 05:04

Minister Warns Latvia May Be Kicked Out of EU Over Lack of Refugee Policy

Kozlovskis had earlier warned that disagreements among the country's ruling coalition government could make Latvia the only country in the EU not to accept refugees. Interior ministry advisor Dajga Holma expressed Monday that it is critical for the issue to be "resolved on the internal political level" as soon as possible. Latvian media has reported that Kozlovskis and members of the Alliance party will discuss the issue with President Raimonds Vejonis, who had stated earlier that Latvia "cannot distance itself from the humanitarian crisis faced by our partners."

Sep 16 00:18

Russian lawmaker says Europe running risk of losing its identity amidst migrant crisis

In conditions of mass influx of migrant from the Middle East the biggest threat to Europe was not in social or economic problems but first of all in the sphere of multiculturalism and European identity erosion. It is colossal threat to the future of Europe’s identity.
As for other threats - the areas of economics, security, European institutions, "the margin of safety in the European Union is enough to cope with these problems in the foreseeable future," Kosachev said, adding that European countries possessed experience in handling most difficult problems. He said he hoped Europeans would be able to find answers to challenges in the sphere of multiculturalism. "But the most important thing for that is to find the root of the problem that is definitely outside the bigger Europe," he added.

Sep 16 00:15

Russian lawmaker suggests US may have provoked EU refugee crisis on purpose

Russian State Duma Speaker Sergey Naryshkin has said that it is possible that the United States wanted to destabilize the Middle East deliberately so that refugees should flow to Europe.
"It is clear for everyone that the United States is the ideologist behind the aforementioned interventions," Naryshkin told journalists. "I am not a supporter of conspiracy theories but the question arises by itself - is Europe the final aim of those destabilizing the situation in North Africa and Middle East over the last years with such maniacal persistence?" he added.

Sep 15 15:07

Assad: “Worried About Refugees? Stop Supporting Terrorists”

Russia Today was recently granted a rare interview with other foreign media outlets at Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s home, wherein he summed up the entire refugee issue:

“It’s not about that Europe didn’t accept them or embrace them as refugees, it’s about not dealing with the cause. If you are worried about them, stop supporting terrorists. That’s what we think regarding the crisis. This is the core of the whole issue of refugees,” he said.

(read more)

Sep 15 13:47

Sky Finds 'Handbook' For EU-Bound Migrants

Refugees heading to Greece on people smugglers' boats are given a 'migrants handbook' packed with tips, maps, phone numbers and advice about getting across Europe.

Among discarded life jackets and punctured rubber dinghies, Sky News discovered a tattered copy of the unique travel guide washed up on a beach on the Greek island of Lesbos.

Sep 15 12:48

Child refugee sends a message to Europeans

Sep 15 12:02

Beginning of The End: Migrant Crisis Will Be 'Europe’s Suicide'

Refugees are becoming a real threat to the foundation of internal stability in Europe, an article published in the Hungarian edition of Magyar Hirlap online reported. “Old Europe is apparently fed up with the previous decades of peace and stability. Europe is slowly bringing a gun to its head and pulling the trigger,” the publication wrote.
The author of the article further mentioned that Europe had always been diverse, but it managed to retain its identity. Europe has been tormented by world wars, crimes against humanity and the fires of civil war. But Europe managed to survive all of that. “But if Europe does not take its finger off the trigger, then it is possible that a new and unrecognizable Europe will emerge. As now it is threatened by an unprecedented outside threat,” the author of the publication writes.

Sep 15 11:16

German Vice Chancellor: US should take blame for refugees in Europe

Opening a conference on migration policy in the German Bundestag, Sigmar Gabriel, the Vice Chancellor, demanded the US and Persian Gulf states to contribute as well, to support the Middle East, which takes refugees. The Conference was carried out under the aegis of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. "I call on Europe once again to allocate 1.5 billion euro, and also demand the US and Persian Gulf states to contribute analogous amounts. Otherwise, we will have to deal with a lost generation that could lead to a growth in not only refugees, but new Islamic State and other terrorist group fighters," Gabriel claimed during live broadcast.
Lebanon and Jordan have taken the biggest amount of refugees from Syria and Iraq so far, as well as Turkey. The Lebanon itself has 1.5 million refugees for the moment.

Sep 15 10:43

Hungarian PM Slams Soros-Funded Advocacy Groups: They “Are Drawing A Living From The Immigration Crisis”

Embattled Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has lashed out at pro-migration non-governmental organisations (NGOs) today, singling out those funded by Hungarian-American George Soros for criticism. He said they are “are drawing a living from the immigration crisis” while Hungary is simply trying to protect its standard of living.

Sep 15 09:13

U.S. Aerial Surveillance is Being Impaired Off the East Coast Until October 1st Due to “Military Activities”

UH!OH! Can you say FALSE FLAG children!

In a nutshell, it appears that aerial surveillance across much of the East Coast will be impaired until October 1 due to “military activities.”

Submitted by Michael Krieger, Liberty Blitzkrieg:

A notam issued Sept. 1 announced that, beginning Sept. 2, both ADS-B surveillance and TCAS may be unreliable in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, as well as in airspace extending approximately 200 nautical miles off shore. The situation is expected to last through Oct. 1 as a result of military exercises in the area.

But similar military exercises in the past have caused no interference with civilian ADS-B or TCAS, and AOPA is asking the FAA to explain both why the notam was issued so late and what has changed to raise these new concerns.

Sep 15 08:21

Refugee Crisis Reminds Europe There is a Real War in Syria

Refugees are not the problem; war is. If the war in Syria doesn’t stop, the flow of refugees will only continue. The refugee wave, marked by the dramatic image of tens of thousands of Syrians trying to reach Germany from Hungary, is a phenomenon that until very recently has been confused, perhaps deliberately, with mass migration. There is an important difference: migrations are frequently driven by financial or social exclusion. What is happening now in Europe is the inevitable consequence of unresolved crises in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, and Afghanistan – all related to the collapse of these countries’ respective states, the result of wars for which the West bears much responsibility.

Sep 15 08:21

Turkey Pushes Refugees To Europe; Part Of NATO War Plan, False Flag, Police State?

By Brandon Turbeville

When observing the tragic humanitarian crisis that has fully engulfed virtually all of Europe as a result of the mass migration of people from war-torn and third world countries, many may be prompted to wonder just how all of these refugees came to take part in a mass exodus at the same time as if they were acting on cue. After all, the Syrian crisis has been unfolding for 4-5 years now and the Libyan crisis even longer still. Other countries have found themselves on the wrong end of NATO but, until now, we have not seen the massive migration such as that taking place across Europe today and very soon to include the United States.

After all, if the Syrian refugees were escaping Syria because of Assad’s cruelty, why did we not witness an immigration crisis in 2008? 2009? 2010? In fact, why have we not seen such a mass exodus until now?...

Sep 15 07:19

Donald Trump Dallas Campaign Rally Live Stream: How To Watch The Sold-Out Texas Event

More than 20,000 people packed into a Dallas sports arena for a glimpse of Donald Trump on Monday night, just two days before the Republican Party front-runner was scheduled to take the stage for a presidential debate on CNN. Trump drew roaring cheers from the sold-out crowd, most notably when he addressed illegal immigration issues and how undocumented immigrants affect the border state.

Sep 14 23:44

Germany Cracks Down With Border Controls: “Papers Please” for Refugees

The weight of the Syrian migrant crisis, flooding Europe in recent weeks, has been testing its humanitarian limits... with strict new border controls that some see as harkening back to a more, well, authoritarian time:

“Can I see your passports, please?” a federal police officer asked, halting the men in their tracks at Freilassing, a key land crossing for travellers between the Salzburg region and the southern German region of Bavaria.


Sep 14 22:13

LaRouche: 'Most Momentous Weeks in Modern History—We Must Now Take This Moment'

Within the next two weeks, Russian President Putin will arrive in New York with a proposal for creating a truly international coalition to crush ISIS and the other barbaric terrorist organizations spawned by the Bush-Cheney-Obama criminal wars of destruction. Russia's military initiative is already being launched in Syria, leaving President Obama and his White House team in utter confusion, exposed by Putin's brilliant flanking operation, which would make Gen. Douglas MacArthur proud.

Sep 14 21:57

Public School Students Are the New Inmates in the American Police State

By John W. Whitehead
September 14, 2015

“Every day in communities across the United States, children and adolescents spend the majority of their waking hours in schools that have increasingly come to resemble places of detention more than places of learning. From metal detectors to drug tests, from increased policing to all-seeing electronic surveillance, the public schools of the twenty-first century reflect a society that has become fixated on crime, security and violence.”—Investigative journalist Annette Fuentes

In the American police state, you’re either a prisoner (shackled, controlled, monitored, ordered about, limited in what you can do and say, your life not your own) or a prison bureaucrat (police officer, judge, jailer, spy, profiteer, etc.).

Sep 14 21:47

Homeschool parents sue New Jersey, allege ‘unlawful, unconstitutional home intrusion’

By Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times - Sunday, September 13, 2015

Nothing really changed after a New Jersey state social worker banged on Christopher and Nicole Zimmer’s front door, and yet everything was different.

Over the next two hours, the social worker quizzed their 15-year-old son, Chris, including questions on whether his parents fought or did drugs. She wanted to see his homeschool curriculum. She wanted to inspect their firearms. She told the Zimmers to sign papers agreeing to turn over their son’s medical records.......

Sep 14 18:37

Migrant Crisis: The Footage the Media Refuses to Broadcast

Sep 14 14:43

New UK Labour Leader Corbyn Unveils Shadow Cabinet

Labour Party economic adviser John Weeks discusses Corbyn's economic policy, new shadow cabinet, and his first acts as the leader of the Labour Party: addressing the #EuropeSaysWelcome: European Day of Action for Refugees

Sep 14 13:45

Refugees: Pawns on Chessboard

It stands to reason that Brussels does not have any direct political and legal mechanisms to impose a mandatory refugee allocation quota system on Serbia. At the disposal of the European Commission, however – which is currently Germany-centric in every way possible – is an even more sophisticated way to use the territory of Serbia in its own interests: to turn the country into a cesspool for all those illegal immigrants that Germany, Austria and the other ‘civilised’ EU members refuse to accept.

Sep 14 13:25

Migrants kill Schengen: Czech Republic, Austria, Germany set border control

Inexhaustible flow of migrants into Europe made the Authorities of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic to declare the strengthening of border control.
The Czech authorities claimed they fear because of a temporary suspension of the railway connection between Austria and Germany, migrants may choose way to Germany through their country. Thus, Milan Chovanec, the Minister of Internal Affairs, said there would be imposed new measures of border control, which might be extended given the future development of the migration crisis.
Last week, Thomas de Maizière, the German Minister of the Interior set the same measures. Otherwise, the Germany would not cope with the influx of migrants according to him.
Over 350,000 migrants are reported to have come to the Mediterranean coast of Europe since the beginning of 2015. Another flow aims at Europe from the Middle Eastern countries via the Balkans and Hungary.

Sep 14 13:24

Migrants or refugees? European history goes around in circles

There are economic migrants looking for a better life in Europe and there are refugees, fleeing war zones, torture and persecution. In the middle of all this, hysteria and hype, some genuine feelings of human warmth, some xenophobia, nationalism, scenes of policemen out of control beating terrified refugees with batons for no apparent reason, bananas being thrown out, some good people doing some good work with humanitarian agencies, a confused minestrone mixed in with quips about Assad torturing his people. There are also memories of Islamic State promising to flood Europe with terrorists disguised as refugees and there are misgivings about young men who have forgotten all their documents at home (after all, when you travel, the first thing you bring is your documents) but have not forgotten their cell phones and tablets, among rumors that Islamic State already has chemical weapons and is well on the way to developing biological warfare capacity.

Sep 14 13:22

Lithuania detains Iraqi refugees, sends them to Poland

The Lithuanian police stopped an Opel Astra automobile with the Latvian numberplate, while patrolling Via Baltica highway, which goes to Finland through Poland and Lithuania. Confused passengers prompted the police, they had something to conceal. The Finn resident, who drove the car, showed an Iraqi passport and a Finnish housing permit. Among four other residents, only one of them had a housing permit. Two passengers had no documents at all.
As the driver said, they arrived to Turkey from Iran, and then further to Hungary. Thus, two foreigners with a Finnish housing permit managed to transport illegal migrants through Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and were detained in the territory of Lithuania.
All the detained Iraqis have been handed over to the Polish frontier guards, as they arrived to Lithuania, crossing the border with Poland. Two suspect for illegal migrants transportation have been arrested. The investigation is being carried out.

Sep 14 13:07

Italian opposition calls for Russia's participation to solve Europe's migrant crisis

"It is important to accept refugees but at the same time, this provides no solution to the problem. We should eradicate the phenomenon of mass exodus, which is connected with the spread of Islamic fundamentalism and Islamic State's expansion," Brunetta said. "That’s why we need an agreement with Russia — a member of the United Nations Security Council. Only with Russia’s participation, international interference under the auspices of the UN will become possible."
Brunetta stressed the overriding importance of tackling terrorism to stem the flow of migrants.

Sep 14 09:44

Doctors warn of disease risk at Hungary refugee camp

Medical workers at the Hungarian border warned Saturday of desperate conditions for pregnant women and the risk of disease spreading at the under-equipped camp where thousands of refugees are streaming in daily.

Sep 14 09:44

Thousands flock to anti-migrant demos in E.Europe

Thousands of people joined anti-migrant protests in three eastern European capitals on Saturday after leaders from the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia opposed an EU scheme to fix refugee quotas.

In the Polish capital Warsaw, nearly 5,000 people, many chanting anti-Islamic slogans, marched through the city, an AFP correspondent said. “Islam will be the death of Europe”, one of the banners said.

Organisers claimed the demonstration drew 10,000 people but police refused to confirm the figure.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meanwhile the corporate media focuses on the "Welcome refugee" demonstrations with 15 bored-looking people holding suspiciously identical signs.

Sep 14 09:35

Germans, Czechs Return To "Border Controls" With Austria, Riot Police Dispatched To Contain Refugee Crisis

Two weeks ago, in what was the first official shot across the bow to Europe's long-standing "Schengen" customs union, we reported that the Italian province of Bolzano across from the Austrian border announced it is willing to "temporarily suspend Schengen" and "restore border controls" following a request by the German state of Bavaria.

Sep 14 09:09

British premier pledges $92M to Lebanon's Syria refugees

Visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron Monday revealed that his country would offer an additional 60 million pounds ($92.5 million) to educate Syrian refugees and impoverished children in Lebanon over the next three years.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... so they DON'T show up in Britain!

Sep 14 08:18

Cameron on Surprise Visit to Lebanon to Talk Syria Refugees

UK Prime Minister David Cameron has made an unannounced visit to the Lebanese capital of Beirut, where he is expected to inspect Syrian refugees and meet with his Lebanese counterpart Tammam Salam.

Sep 14 08:17

As Germany Prepares To Implement Border Controls, Flow Of Refugees Backed Up To Serbian Border

The German government said Sunday that it will implement border controls on its southern frontier with Austria in an effort to ease the influx of refugees into the country. The announcement brought trains headed to Austria to Germany to a halt Sunday evening, backing up the flow of refugees all the way to the border between Serbia and Hungary.

Sep 14 07:45


The Schengen Agreement represents a territory in Europe where the free movement of persons is guaranteed. 26 nations signed the treaty. The signatory nations abolished internal borders in lieu of a single external border. Common rules and procedures apply to visas, asylum requests and border controls. The treaty has been under pressure with a huge wave of migrants pouring into Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Italy, and Greece from Syria and other countries.

Sep 14 07:42


The Swedish Minister for Finance, Magdalena Andersson, now considers borrowing large amounts of money from EIB to increase immigration to Sweden. Although the government over the summer has raised a wide range of taxes, there apparently is still not enough money to support all the migrants from the Third World who right now flows into Sweden.

Sep 13 10:31

Exclusive: Obama Admin. Resettling Refugees in Republican States

The Obama administration is mainly resettling migrants in Republican-controlled states, according to analysis.

Sep 13 10:29

10,000 Germans in protesters rally against the Islamic invasion

Sep 13 10:19

Forget the Greek Crisis, Immigration Will Divide Europe Against Itself

Europe has complex immigration rules. As the EU web site shows, there are multiple layers of immigration regulations encompassing both the local national level and the EU level.

But, as the recent influx of refugees and economic migrants has shown, the EU government is able to flex its muscle in an ad hoc fashion in the service of compelling member states to accept the migrants and refugees. The "quota plan" being forwarded by the EU government would divide up migrants and refugees among the EU member states, and, of course, over time, these migrants would qualify for those member states' taxpayer funded public benefits. In Germany, for example, officials "estimate that as many as 460,000 more people could be entitled [next year] to social benefits."

Big Countries vs. Little Ones

Sep 13 10:15

Gaddafi You idiots I had warned you!

Sep 13 10:09

Rabbi says migrant influx into Europe is 'excellent news'

as the 'death of Christianity will bring back the Messiah'

Sep 13 10:08

Obombus wants more Syrian trojan horse terrorist illegals to invade

During a conversation with members of the United States military, black guy Obama explained why he was doing more to bring additional Syrian terrorists posing as refugees into the United States, telling service members it was “not just a European problem” but “a world problem.” "The US needs more democrats who won't fight for their country, Eurabia is leading the example of what we are striving for, a caliphate, Allah Akbar". Obama said the number of 10,000 terrorists earlier this week was a “floor” of what he expected in the future. "We even dipped into the terrorist population of Somalia , plenty more turds we can take into our country so it can be a third world shithole eventually, God willing, of course."

Sep 13 10:07

Merkel calls in the army: 'Generous' Germany faces migrant chaos as troops put on alert

GERMANY has put 4,000 troops on standby as the country buckles under the pressure of the record-breaking number of migrants arriving in the country.

Sep 13 10:07

North to bear brunt of Cameron’s 20,000 Syrian refugees with south east barely affected

DAVID Cameron’s promise to take in 20,000 Syrian immigrants will spark a deep North/South divide across Britain with a single working class northern town taking more refugees than the entire affluent South East region.

Sep 13 09:17

‘We’ve reached our limit’: Germany halts trains from Austria, introduces border controls

Austrian train operator OeBB says Germany has stopped all trains coming in from the country, and Germany’s Interior Ministry has abruptly introduced “temporary” border controls with Austria. More than 2,100 extra police have been dispatched to secure the borders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the US-created refugee crisis, far from leading to a blended global population for the New World Order, is tearing the European Union apart!

Sep 13 09:15

German man could not hear media lies about refugees | Eng Subs

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the English subtitles are not visible, turn them on!

Sep 13 08:41