Oct 01 09:45

Impeachment…or CIA Coup?

You don’t need to be a supporter of President Trump to be concerned about the efforts to remove him from office. Last week House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced impeachment proceedings against the President over a phone call made to the President of Ukraine. According to the White House record of the call, the President asked his Ukrainian counterpart to look into whether there is any evidence of Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 election and then mentioned that a lot of people were talking about how former US Vice President Joe Biden stopped the prosecution of his son who was under investigation for corruption in Ukraine.

Democrats, who spent more than two years convinced that “Russiagate” would enable them to remove Trump from office only to have their hopes dashed by the Mueller Report, now believe they have their smoking gun in this phone call.

Oct 01 09:33

Ray McGovern on the Red ‘Whistleblowing’ Herrings

On CNLive Friday evening, Ray discussed the new “Ukraine-gate” whistleblower, who is reported to be a CIA officer who spent some time on detail to the White House. Ray begins with a brief discussion of the intelligence officer-policy maker nexus – particularly the need for the intelligence officer to keep abreast of the interests and needs of the policy maker without becoming seduced into active advocacy of this or that policy.

Oct 01 09:25

Ukrainian Scandal: Trump Phone Call? How about Money Laundering by Clinton-Crime Capo Joe Biden

The Borderlands of the Ukraine have been a decisive battlefield for centuries. Here Stockholm, Berlin and Moscow vied for dominance. Karl XII had lost here to Peter the Great; Stalin defeated Hitler; now the Clintonites are likely to suffer in the Ukraine their ultimate defeat. The Democrats had made their biggest political mistake of the century in attacking Trump for the Biden affair — that is, if the Americans retain any common sense.

Vice-President Biden extorted millions of dollars in personal bribes from the vulnerable Ukrainian client state. When this sordid affair came under investigation, he blackmailed Ukrainians, using his position and American taxpayer money to force the sovereign state to fire its Attorney General for investigating the bribes.

Oct 01 09:17

Now Schiff Wants All Of Trump’s Calls With Putin

Having managed to secure at least a partial transcript of a call between President Trump and Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff seems to think he’s on a roll. After learning that the White House had been keeping records of the President’s various phone calls with other world leaders under tight security, Schiff is now thinking about demanding some more of them as part of the ongoing impeachment hearings. What’s not been made clear is the reason he might offer for the request, or what he suspects he will find.

Oct 01 08:37

BREAKING: Author Peter Schweizer Drops Biden Corruption Documents – Shows Hunter Involved in Sale of US Company to China with Potential Military Applications

Schweizer is author of the book Secret Empires detailing the vast corruption of the Washington DC elites. Schweizer is an expert on the Biden family billion dollar pay for play scandals with Ukraine and China.

Peter Schweizer told the FOX and Friends hosts he is releasing new documents today on Joe Biden’s pay-for-play scandal with China.

Oct 01 08:36

While El Salvador’s Security Improves, It Loses Ground in Freedom of Press

By Melissa Vida

In El Salvador, President Nayib Bukele is popular. The Twitter-savvy entrepreneur arrived at the presidency on June 1, 2019, without a clear ideological line at the heels of decades of disappointment in governments from the left and the right. Years of high-level corruption, gang violence, lack of jobs and forced migration made the population believe that Nayib Bukele could be the captain to steer El Salvador in the right direction...

El Salvador has been considered one of the relatively better countries in Central America to be a journalist, but it is now losing its position...

Oct 01 08:34

PIERS MORGAN: If we swapped the name Hunter Biden for Donald Trump Jr, the Democrats and media would be going absolutely nuts - so it's time to start asking Joe Biden the key Ukraine questions he doesn't want to answer

I have a question about this Ukraine scandal.

It’s a simple question, but I think a relevant and important one given the current explosive cacophony of Impeachment noise erupting all around Washington.

And it’s a question that I know will provoke an instant new onslaught of hysteria from all sides.

Some will furiously accuse me of playing ‘whataboutery’ to try to distract attention from what they see as the real story.

Others will furiously applaud me for highlighting what THEY see as the real story.

The rest who read it will either be so furious they can’t express themselves at all due to all the foam spewing from their mouths - a common malady in these shrieking social media times – or they don’t care.

Oct 01 08:19

Pompeo Slams Democrats for 'Bully'-Like Tactics in Impeachment Investigation

On 24 September, the Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced the initiation of an impeachment inquiry against Trump following his 25 July phone call with Ukraine's President Volodymyr Zelensky.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has gone on Twitter to express concern over details of the country’s House Committee request related to President Trump’s impeachment probe.

Pompeo also accused Democrats of sticking to what he described as “bully”-like tactics pertaining to the investigation.

Oct 01 08:10

DEEP STATE PANIC! AG Bill Barr Met with British and Italian Intel Officials on Obama Officials Spying on Trump Campaign

As was previously reported there are suggestions that Italian officials were working with the US Deep State in 2016 to set up Trump campaign officials.

Now this week Attorney General Barr is working in Italy.

George Papadopoulos: AG Barr has been on official travel in Italy for the past two days. As I explained months ago, on Fox and in my book, Mifsud was an Italian operative handled by the CIA. Italy holds the keys to the kingdom. Right government, right time.

Oct 01 08:07

Pelosi Legislative Aide is Female Ukrainian Party Girl Connected to Military and Government

Nancy Pelosi is neck deep in Ukraine politics. Her legislative aide, Ivanna Voronovych, is from the Ukraine and is connected to the Ukrainian Embassy, the Ukrainian military, the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian party life.

Young Ivanna Voronovych was a party girl in the Ukraine and somehow managed to make her way into a position as a Legislative Aide to Nancy Pelosi –

Oct 01 08:00

Elizabeth Warren Once Called Joe Biden A Fake Champion Of Women

In Warren’s 2003 book, “The Two Income Trap,” she said Biden’s support for the Violence Against Women Act concealed the fact that he sold out working women by supporting a 2001 bankruptcy bill backed by industry lobbyists.

Oct 01 07:11

Top 10 Reasons Why Greta Thunberg Is a Fraud

A professional actress with an imdb page.

And backed by George Soros to boot!

Here are some of the top reasons why Greta Thunberg is a pawn and a fraud, manufactured by PR firms and used by an army of globalist climate change alarmists that seek to gain more financial and political control. They are creating an apocalyptic cult obsesses with the end of the world.

Oct 01 07:03

CIA, Climate And Conspiracy: More Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

This writer has it about half right

Take off the revolutionary’s mask, and it’s the CIA.
Take off the terrorist’s mask, and it’s the CIA.
Take off the news man’s mask, and it’s the CIA.
Take off the filmmaker’s mask, and it’s the CIA.
Take off the professor’s mask, and it’s the CIA.
Take off the billionaire’s mask, and it’s the CIA.
Take off the whistleblower’s mask, and it’s the motherfucking CIA.
These monsters are raping our sensemaking faculties.

Oct 01 06:35

What a Coincidence! Why Did Adam Schiff Send a Staffer to Ukraine in AUGUST?

And just wait until you see who sponsored that TRIP! Do we need to open up a corruption investigation into Schiff, now?

This ‘whistleblower’ issue is shaping up to look an awful lot like the Kavanaugh shakedown all over again, isn’t it?

The same piece of Schiff whose privileged access to classified information gave him the ability to make accusations nobody could question (like the bogus ‘more than circumstantial evidence‘ he claimed to have that Russia colluded with Trump… despite a Mueller investigation tasked to find precisely that evidence coming up empty) is in right in the thick of something else, now.

He’s up to his neck in the Ukraine controversy. And an interesting smoking gun has arisen:

Oct 01 06:32

Feminism Has Ruined Women and Damaged Men

Paul Craig Roberts

My recent article, “No Motherhood, No People” (https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2019/09/28/no-motherhood-no-people/ ) resulted in some perceptive comments. Here is one slightly edited comment:

Sep 30 19:02

The Shot Heard Round the World: The Battles of Lexington and Concord

The Shot Heard Round the World:
The Battles of Lexington and Concord

By the rude bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April's breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood,
And fired the shot heard round the world.
The foe long since in silence slept;
Alike the conqueror silent sleeps;
And Time the ruined bridge has swept
Down the dark stream which seaward creeps.
On this green bank, by this soft stream,
We set to-day a votive stone;
That memory may their deed redeem,
When, like our sires, our sons are gone.
Spirit, that made those heroes dare
To die, and leave their children free,
Bid Time and Nature gently spare

Sep 30 18:28

FCC Keeps Losing Court Cases, but 5G is Still Being Installed In U.S. Communities — Probably Even Yours

By B.N. Frank

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed protect the public by regulating the Telecom Industry. It is NOT a health or environmental agency even though its decisions affect public health and the environment. Unfortunately, employees have a long history of not protecting the public and the “Race for 5G” has made this more dangerous. The Telecom Industry has provided NO scientific evidence that 5G is safe. Many experts say it isn’t and for a variety of reasons.

Businesses, communities, and organizations have filed lawsuits against the FCC because of forced 4G and 5G small cell installation There have been lawsuits filed against the FCC for other unscrupulous actions as well...

Sep 30 18:21

Joe Biden’s Digital Ads Are Disappearing. Not a Good Sign, Strategists Say.

Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s presidential campaign has sharply scaled back his online advertising, cutting spending so severely since August that he is now investing only a fraction of what his top rivals are on Facebook and Google, the two dominant internet platforms.

In a race where many voters are following politics on their smartphones, Mr. Biden’s pullback is an unusual and potentially worrisome sign about his appeal among the Democratic activists, young people and donors who are especially engaged on social media. Candidates rarely withdraw so much money from their online campaigns unless they are seeing weak results in online fund-raising, according to interviews with digital strategists.

Sep 30 12:11

VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Is Launching Her 2020 Presidential Campaign This Week

It might not be an official launch but there should be no doubt that this is the week that Hillary Clinton is launching her 2020 campaign. Her media appearances no doubt about this. Sunday she appeared on CBS's Sunday Morning who made it clear in not so many words that she would be eager to run against Donald Trump next year.

Hillary will also be appearing on Stephen Colbert and "The View." Don't be too surprised to see Joy Behar gushing over Hillary and begging her to run again. Also look for news articles speculating on the possibility of a Hillary run. This is definitely all orchestrated and not accidental.

The one who should get full credit for predicting that Hillary would run in 2020 is H.A. Goodman who has been saying this since early 2017. If the news media were fair, Goodman should win a Pulitzer prize for being the ONLY one to predict this stunning political development.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, I predicted it long before then.

Sep 30 11:57

With Biden Damaged And Warren Surging, Could Hillary Clinton Still Enter The Presidential Race?

Just a few weeks ago, it seemed exceedingly unlikely that Hillary Clinton would enter the race for the White House in 2020. But now the Biden campaign is deeply struggling, and the constant focus that the impeachment inquiry is putting on his son’s dealings in Ukraine has already significantly damaged his chances. Joe Biden’s numbers are sliding nationally, and in the early voting states they are really starting to plunge. The only thing that made him a strong candidate in the first place was the fact that he was Barack Obama’s vice-president for eight years, and unfortunately for Biden his weaknesses are really being exposed over course of this campaign.

Sep 30 11:52

Ex-FL Police Chief Suspects Jeffrey Epstein Was Tipped Off To Raid, Had Case Against Him Leaked to His Defense

NBC News buried the lead of their own bombshell report featuring former Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter saying he suspects Jeffrey Epstein was tipped off to their first raid on his house in Palm Beach in 2005 and had the police's case against him leaked to his defense.

Sep 30 11:51

VIDEO: Antifa Mob Intimidate Elderly Woman With A Walker, Call Her 'Nazi Scum'

Shocking video shows an angry mob of antifa protesters screaming at and intimidating an old lady with a walker to block her from attending an event at Mohawk College in Ontario, Canada on Sunday.

Sep 30 11:50

Hillary Clinton Defends Joe Biden After Controversy About How He Interacts with Women and Girls: 'Get Over It'

Hillary Clinton could hardly contain her thoughts on another topic: how former Vice President Joe Biden interacts with women and girls.

Multiple women have said Biden’s boundary-blurring physical affection toward them over the years, including back touches and kisses on the head, was disrespectful and uncomfortable.

Some of his comments on the campaign trail — such as calling an event moderator who was asking questions about his voting record “lovely” and a “real sweetheart” and telling a teenage girl’s brothers to “keep the guys away” — have also raised eyebrows in a race with multiple women running for president. (By contrast, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tells girls at her events that she is running for president because “that’s what girls do.”)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hillary wants to run against Waren in the primaries.

Sep 30 11:43

Former NYPD commissioner calls Trump whistleblower a 'covert operative' who participated in an 'attempted coup'

These people need to be arrested and indicted for Sedition and Treason.

Former NYPD commissioner and author Bernard Kerik called the Trump whistleblower a "covert operative" on "Fox & Friends" Monday, and said the unidentified government worker is participating in an "attempted coup" against the current administration in concert with some lawmakers.

"I can't wait for these so-called hearings," he said. "Because I think you're going to find out there [were] communications between the congressional staff and the alleged whistleblower. I don't like calling him a whistleblower. He's a covert operative that was within the administration that put this stuff out there."

"[He] had no personal knowledge," Kerik continued. "They changed that reporting requirement, basically, so this guy could get this thing public. It's nonsense."

Sep 30 11:40

GOP lawmaker digs up audio of Schiff telling prank callers he would accept Trump dirt from Ukraine

Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz has dug up a nearly two-year-old prank call in which House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff told two Russian radio hosts posing as a Ukranian politician that he would be willing to accept damaging anti-Trump information.

Gaetz on Sunday tweeted an edited clip from the eight-minute-long phone call. It comes as Republicans are pushing back at the House Democratic impeachment inquiry over allegations President Trump pressured the Ukranian president into investigating the family of 2020 rival Joe Biden.

In the clip, Schiff, D-Calif., tells the Russian shock-jocks, who were posing as Andriy Parubiy, the former speaker of Ukraine's parliament, that he would be willing to accept dirt on Trump from the Ukranian.

Sep 30 11:39

These once-secret memos cast doubt on Joe Biden's Ukraine story

September 29, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - Former Vice President Joe Biden, now a 2020 Democratic presidential contender, has locked into a specific story about the controversy in Ukraine.

He insists that, in spring 2016, he strong-armed Ukraine to fire its chief prosecutor solely because Biden believed that official was corrupt and inept, not because the Ukrainian was investigating a natural gas company, Burisma Holdings, that hired Biden's son, Hunter, into a lucrative job.

There’s just one problem.

Hundreds of pages of never-released memos and documents — many from inside the American team helping Burisma to stave off its legal troubles — conflict with Biden’s narrative.

Sep 30 11:37

‘Schiff Should Be in Jail,’ Say Americans of the Democrat; Meanwhile, GOP Lawmaker Introduces Measure to Censure Him

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) on Friday introduced a resolution in the House censuring Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) for his remarks in a televised hearing on Thursday in which the Democrat created and read a “parody” version of a phone call President Donald Trump held with the Ukraine president back in July.

Schiff “read a statement that was blatantly false, had no corresponding evidence, nor relationship to the actual transcript of President Trump’s conversation,” Biggs said in a video posted to Twitter, as NBC News and other outlets reported.

“What the chairman did is he read something that was made-up, totally false, and later had to excuse it by saying it was a parody,” said Biggs.

Sep 30 11:33

UPDATE: SPEAKER PELOSI AND ADAM SCHIFF Connected to Prominent Ukrainian Arms Dealer – PHOTOS

Speaker Pelosi and Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff are both connected to a Ukrainian arms dealer. This is why they lie in front of the nation. They are afraid of their own deeds being uncovered!

As reported this morning, Adam Schiff leads the House Intelligence Committee and this past week he oversaw the Intel Committee where he attempted to align President Trump with some ‘trumped’ up allegations concerning his phone call with the President of the Ukraine.

Sep 30 11:17

Whistleblower Rules Secretly Changed Right Before Report Filed Against Trump

This whole affair stinks to high heaven!

The Whistleblower Protection Act rules were changed in the months prior to a whistleblower coming forward against President Donald Trump.

The rules used to state that a whistleblower had to have direct, first hand knowledge of what they were reporting on.

But in the time between May 2018 and August 2019 that rule was changed, which has many wondering what involvement the intelligence community had in the complaint, The Federalist reported.

The brand new version of the whistleblower complaint form, which was not made public until after the transcript of Trump’s July 25 phone call with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and the complaint addressed to Congress were made public, eliminates the first-hand knowledge requirement and allows employees to file whistleblower complaints even if they have zero direct knowledge of underlying evidence and only “heard about [wrongdoing] from others.”

Sep 30 11:13

Romney Aid Worked For Same Ukrainian Company As Hunter Biden

The Utah senator, and former Republican presidential candidate in 2012, had an advisor to his campaign serving on the same board as Hunter Biden.

There are not many coincidences in the world of politics, and it could be that the reason Sen. Romney shafted Trump was to avoid this becoming public knowledge.

Sep 30 11:12

Groucho Marx Quotes About Politics

In America you can go on the air and kid the politicians, and the politicians can go on the air and kid the people.

There's one way to find out if a man is honest - ask him. If he says, 'Yes,' you know he is a crook.

How do you feel about women's rights? I like either side of them.

Poverty makes people sub-human Excess of wealth makes people inhuman

Politics doesn’t make strange bedfellows – marriage does.

I read in the newspapers they are going to have 30 minutes of intellectual stuff on television every Monday from 7:30 to 8. to educate America. They couldn’t educate America if they started at 6:30.

Sep 30 11:12

New Docs Contradict Biden Claim That Fired Ukrainian Prosecutor Was Corrupt

Hundreds of documents obtained byThe Hill‘s John Solomon contradict Joe Biden’s claim that a Ukrainian prosecutor investigating his son’s employer was corrupt and inept.

Sep 30 11:01

Donald Trump threatens to arrest Adam Schiff 'for treason' for reading parody version of notorious call at start of committee hearing without explaining it wasn't real

Donald Trump on Monday upped the ante against House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff on Monday, saying he should be arrested for 'treason' because the congressman read a parody version of the phone call between the president and his Ukrainian counterpart.

'Rep. Adam Schiff illegally made up a FAKE & terrible statement, pretended it to be mine as the most important part of my call to the Ukrainian President, and read it aloud to Congress and the American people. It bore NO relationship to what I said on the call. Arrest for Treason?,' the president wrote on Twitter.

Schiff, who's taken the lead for Democrats in the impeachment inquiry, became a target of Trump's wrath after the California Democrat read a mocking version of the transcript between Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a congressional hearing last week.

Sep 30 10:58

Giuliani claims Trump would have 'violated' Constitution if he HADN'T asked Ukraine to investigate Bidens - as former NYC mayor denies President paid for his globetrotting push for Joe and Hunter probe

Rudy Giuliani said that Trump was only following the Constitution when he asked the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe and Hunter Biden
Giuliani cited Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution, which states 'he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed'
Giuliani also revealed that Trump didn't foot the bill for his trips abroad

Sep 30 10:54

REVEALED: Hunter Biden's business partnership with John Kerry's stepson DISSOLVED because he thought VP's son taking board seat at Ukrainian energy company for $50,000 per month was a dumb idea

Chris Heinz split up with investment firm partner, Hunter Biden, after Biden joined the board of Russian oligarch's energy company
Biden joined Ukraine-based Burisma Holdings' board in 2013
Heinz said that he dissolved their working relationship because of concerns about corruption in the Ukraine and appearances
Biden's board position made headlines due to the whistleblower's complaint

Sep 30 10:45

Is Hillary Gearing Up For Late-Stage Do-Over Against "Corrupt Human Tornado" Trump?

Based on bookies' bets and a few recent actions, speculation is once again starting to grow that Hillary Clinton may be about to enter the Democratic Party presidential nominee race...

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Insert many bad words here (some in a foreign language).

Sep 30 10:39

Scott Adams: Presidential Tweet Persuasion, Ukraine and More

Comments at: https://twitter.com/ScottAdamsSays/status/1178671203273232386?s=20

Ukraine story continuing to unfold
Jake Tapper shreds Jim Jordan over the fired Ukraine guy
Elizabeth Warren’s rally at historically black college
India’s Modi wants nuclear power…and can’t have it
My reasons for promoting nuclear energy
Punchy De Niro’s F bombs and lack of reasons
A “Lifestyle Resister” managing his brand?
Have we moved past a need for reasons?
There’s never been a better Presidential communicator
Analyzing President Trump’s 3 part whistleblower tweet
An argument for allowing transgender athletes to compete
Sports are designed to showcase unfairness

Sep 30 10:31

Octopus PROMIS: The Conspiracy Against INSLAW Software, And The Murders To Cover Up A Scandal Bigger Than Watergate

Massive article from Aaron Kesel at Activist Post covering this little-known history.

This article has been months in the making working with several sources to tell the tales buried in history of “The Octopus” — the INSLAW PROMIS software scandal and those killed in the wake of its tentacles. For the first time ever, new details will be revealed on the decade-old murders of two journalists: a CIA intelligence operative and an NSA whistleblower; and the imprisonment of another CIA whistleblower, in this series aptly titled: “Octopus PROMIS"...

Sep 30 10:14

Census data reveal there are 22 million illegals living in America right now… and Democrats are working to make sure all of them can vote

One thing Democrats accomplish by keeping the president constantly occupied with fake scandals is that it prevents POTUS (and Congress) from making any progress on campaign issues and promises — including ridding our country of people who have no legal right to be here.

Sep 30 09:48

Opioid Drug Crisis: Could the Whole US Congress be Impeached?

By Jon Rappoport

Where are all the opioids that are maiming and killing people coming from? Who is launching these drugs on to the streets of nations?

Three main criminal sources of US opioids: pharmaceutical companies, like Purdue, who’ve filled gargantuan orders they KNOW are going to traffickers; Chinese labs; and Mexican processors and smugglers.

And the law in question is the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, passed by Congress...

Sep 30 09:44

Activists Pushing Efforts to Block Federal Militarization of Local Police

By Michael Maharrey

OAKLAND, Calif. (Sept. 25, 2019) – Activists in Oakland have ramped up efforts to take a first step toward limiting the impact of federal programs that militarize local police.

American Friends Service Committee (AFCS) will host a community town hall on policing and military equipment in support of efforts to pass a city ordinance requiring approval by the Oakland City Council for the acquisition of military equipment, and use policies and reporting for military equipment that the Oakland Police Department has or obtains in the future...

Sep 30 09:02

The Latest Plot To Topple Trump: Politics According To (Groucho) Marx

The US political, intelligence and media establishments have made even greater asses of themselves before the entire world by cooking up their latest wild concoction of a plot to topple President Donald Trump and – while they’re at it – knock his most plausible challenger former Vice President Joe Biden out of the race as well.

Washington has become a buffoonish theater of the absurd. It is politics according to Marx: But not Karl Marx. The latest scandal is pure Groucho Marx.

It is straight out of the Marx Brothers 1933 comic movie masterpiece “Duck Soup.”

Sep 30 08:59

PCR: Adam Schiff Epitomizes The Total Collapse Of Democratic Party Integrity

US Rep. Adam Schiff, Democrat from California and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, had no qualms about lying through his teeth in his opening statement prior to the testimony of Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire. Everyone present had read the transcript of the telephone conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky, and everyone knew that what Schiff, who said he was reading from the transcript of the telephone call, was saying was not in the transcript.

Sep 30 08:56

HUNTER BIDEN’S Ex Claims He Spent Money on Prostitutes and Drugs – Two Months After Navy Dumped Him for Drugs He Was Put on Board of Burisma Holdings

Hunter Biden has quite a story. The Wall Street Journal reported in October of 2014 that the Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, was released from the Navy for cocaine use.

There was no stopping the Biden’s however. A couple months later, young Biden was on the Board of the largest gas and oil company in the Ukraine making $50,000 a month, an exorbitant amount for a Board member at any company.

Sep 30 08:54

FLASHBACK - Hunter Biden’s new job at a Ukrainian gas company is a problem for U.S. soft power

Around the world, there is a major perception that U.S. foreign policy is dictated by a thirst for oil and gas. For example, a 2002 Pew Research poll found that 75 percent of French respondents felt that the United States-led invasion of Iraq was a simple ruse to gain control of Iraqi oil. And that isn't just what the "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" think either: Establishment figures in the United States such as Sen. John McCain and former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan have both made statements that suggest they buy into it, too.

Such a perception is probably an oversimplification, but there is clearly some truth to the idea. And whether it is true or not, perceptions clearly matter when it comes to international relations.

Sep 30 08:52

The Former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Described How Joe Biden Fired Him for Refusing to Protect Corrupt Officials

The former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin said in an interview to the “Strana.ua” news agency why the former Vice President of the United States Joseph Biden, connected to lobbying business of the former Minister of Ecology Nikolay Zlochevsky, ordered the president Petro Poroshenko to dismiss him.

Shokin said that he was not going to “back away” from the “case of Burisma“, the company of Zlochevsky, the board of which Biden’s son joined soon after Euromaidan, the former president of Poland Aleksander Kwasniewski and also Devon Archer (the close friend of the stepson of the US Secretary of State John Kerry). The work of board members was generously paid.

Sep 30 08:49

Hunter Biden's China dealings -- approved by Obama -- are drawing new scrutiny amid Joe Biden's run

Scrutiny of business deals by former Vice President Joseph R. Biden’s son Hunter now includes his joint venture with a Chinese government entity to buy a U.S. automotive technology company with potential military applications.

The ease with which the 2015 transaction was approved by the Obama administration alarmed Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, who is looking into whether the Obama-Biden White House intervened in the process.

One of the companies in the 2015 deal was Bohai Harvest RST (BHR), a billion-dollar investment fund backed by China that was formed by Hunter Biden and Chris Heinz, the stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

Sep 30 08:46

Former Ukraine Prime Minister says country must investigate Hunter Biden

A former Prime Minister of Ukraine has said that authorities in that country must investigate Joe Biden’s son Hunter to establish whether or not his role on the board of a Ukrainian gas company complied with the nation’s laws.

"It should be investigated so that the 'i's can be dotted and the 't's crossed," Mykola Azarov told Reuters Saturday, adding: "If he [Hunter Biden] was simply on the books and getting money, then that could be seen as a violation of the law."