Feb 03 12:36

US Ambassador To UN Condemns Russia's 'Aggressive Actions' In Ukraine

The new US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has strongly condemned Russia’s “aggressive actions” in Ukraine even as the administration of US President Donald Trump seeks to improve ties with Moscow.

Feb 03 12:34

New UN Ambassador Threatens Russia Over Ukraine Violence, Demands ‘Return Of Crimea’

What a week in US foreign policy! First President Trump approves a commando raid in Yemen that was a total fiasco, leaving one US soldier and scores of innocent women and children dead. Then Trump’s Iran-obsessed National Security Advisor, Gen. Michael Flynn, hijacks a White House Press conference to put Iran “on notice” over its legal testing of a missile and the false claim that it is involved in the Yemen war.

Feb 03 12:03

New UN Ambassador Threatens Russia Over Ukraine Violence, Demands ‘Return of Crimea’

But today marks an own-goal hat trick! Today, President Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley used her first appearance before the UN Security Council to condemn Russia for the renewed violence in eastern Ukraine.

Haley told the Security Council:

I consider it unfortunate that the occasion of my first appearance is one in which I must condemn the aggressive actions of Russia. It is unfortunate because it is a replay of too many instances over many years in which United States representatives have had to do that.

What were the “aggressive actions of Russia”? She did not say. Does she accuse Russia of another “invasion” of Ukraine, as Obama’s mouthpieces endlessly claimed without proof? What exactly did she mean?

But it got even stranger.

Haley went on to tell the Council that US sanctions on Russia would not be lifted until Crimea is returned to Ukraine.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A memo to Ambassador Haley; your narrative could not possibly be more ham-fistedly, pig-headedly far from the truth.

The world, and your brother and sister Americans are recoiling at the hysterical idiocy of this premise, that Russia, in some way, "annexed" Ukraine.

It would actually be funny, if it weren't so deadly serious, in terms of such a statement being a potential prelude to a war against Russia.

And I can firmly assure you, Ambassador Haley, that neither Americans or the world have SMD (selective memory disorder) as to why Crimea had the referendum to decide whether to stay with Ukraine, post-putsch, or join the Russian Federation.

Let me take you back to the events of 2014, when the US/IMF/EU/NATO initiated a coup in Kiev, during which the more Russian-centric Yanukovich was thrown under proverbial bus, and Poroshenko, the pro-western puppet, was "installed" in an election more crooked than a dog's hind leg. Obama actually admitted this publicly:

Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup: Obama admits that US “Brokered a Deal” in Support of “Regime Change”

And let me remind you, Madam Ambassador, of Victoria Nuland's very public "gloat" about how much the US had spent to regime change Kiev:

Regime Change in Kiev: Victoria Nuland Admits: US Has Invested $5 Billion In The Development of Ukrainian, "Democratic Institutions"

And sorry, Madam Ambassador, neither I, or the world, can unsee the video of that presentation.

When Crimean leadership understood that there was no more legitimate government in Kiev, they did to things.

First, in an honest, and free, referendum, it asked its people whether they wanted to stay with the US regime-changed government in Kiev, or join the Russian Federation. Overwhelmingly, the people of Crimea voted to petition Russia to join the Russian Federation.

95.7% of Crimeans in referendum voted to join Russia - preliminary results

There was no "annexation" of Crimea by Russia; the Crimean people, in an exercise of peaceful self-determination, as sanctioned by the UN charter (something with which you should, my dear, at least peripherally acquaint yourself), held a referendum, and decided to petition the Russian Federation to become a part of it, which it did.

Madam Secretary, I am simply an American citizen, with a deep respect for actual history, and the truth; and if in fact, I can put this together, using publicly available resources, why is your ultimatum to Russia at the UN so completely, utterly, fact-free?!?

This is the kind of threat which is a prelude to war; it is a war that neither the American people, nor the Russia people want at all.

But of course, that is of utterly no matter to the American Deep State, to which you have proven, through these utterances at the UN, to be your ultimate master.

Another very troubling evaluation of these moves comes to us from Steven Lendman, from global

Trump's policy on Ukraine could lead to war with Russia, and it states, very honestly, that Haley's rhetoric sounds like Samantha Powers had never left the UN.

Feb 03 10:51

Putin on E. Ukraine flare-up: Kiev trying to extort US, EU cash by playing the victim

The Kiev government provoked the latest escalation of violence in east Ukraine as it needs money from its Western partners, which is easier to achieve when a nation pretends to be a victim and facing aggression, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.
“The Ukrainian leadership today needs money, and the best way to extort money is [to do that] from the European Union, from certain countries in Europe, from the United States and international institutions, presenting itself as a victim of aggression,” Putin said.

The Russian leader made the comments during a joint press conference with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest.

Putin also noted that after supporting a particular candidate in the US presidential elections – apparently hinting at Hillary Clinton – the Ukrainian government is now seeking to establish closer ties with the new administration under Donald Trump.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Poroshenko is desperately trying to goad Russia into some kind of an attack posture, and this is absolutely not working on Putin one single bit.

Putin understands that if he can just wait long enough, Poroshenko's government is going to collapse under the weight of its own corruption and misjudgment, and there will not be much the US can do about preventing it from happening, unless its goal is all out war against Russia (a spectacularly idiotic idea).

Feb 03 10:08

UN envoy Nikki Haley criticises Russian aggression in Ukraine

“Crimea is a part of Ukraine. Our Crimea related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control of the peninsula to Ukraine,” said Haley, who was formerly governor of South Carolina.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is very worrying. And it reinforces my view that Trump's greatest weakness is that his view of the world is based on what he has seen on TV. However there may be something else going on which we will discuss on the radio show today.

Feb 03 09:52

Ukraine – Coup Government Tries To Sabotage U.S.-Russia Rapprochement

Fighting in east Ukraine has restarted. This is an attempt by “deep state” forces to prevent any rapprochement between the U.S. and Russia under the new Trump administration.

The west-Ukrainian forces under command of the coup government of President Poroshenko started a large attack against the Russian supported Ukrainian self-defense forces in Donetsk and Lugansk governate.

Feb 03 09:51


While Trump’s Syria plan has been incredibly vague up until this point, we are now seeing the position of the Trump administration coming into view. While, at this point, it might not be as bad as what was called for under Obama and Clinton, the new approach to Syria is concerning to say the least.

This is because mainstream news reports have revealed that the Trump administration is going ahead with a plan to arm Kurdish militants in Syria who are battling the Islamic State. Of course, these Kurdish fanatics are interesting in only one thing – independence and the creation of their own Kurdish state that eventually crosses the border of Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. They are not interested so much in fighting terror since they have allied themselves with terrorists to achieve their own goals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am having a palm to forehead moment here, at velocity.

Are we looking at more "fake news" here, to attempt to sell US citizenry on the narrative that the US needs to be more thoroughly involved in a military solution to the many problems in the Middle East, rather than viable political solutions?!?

And I would politely like to remind President Trump, that doing the same thing, in precisely the same way, over and over, yet expecting a different outcome, is one of the most classical definitions of insanity.

IF in fact these reports are true, it appears that both the Russian and US governments are hell-bent in balkanizing the Middle East, and bending it to their liking, and have made the decision that an independent Kurdistan will horrifically weaken the political ambitions of Syria; Turkey; Iran; and Iraq.

But what will be the cost in blood and money to make such a military adventure a "success"?!? And how long are the US and Russia committed to pursuing this dangerous game of regime change?!?

Were I a bookie in Vegas, I really would not bet against the resurrection of the draft in this United States right now, possibly coming at the end of President Trump's first year in office.

Feb 03 08:52

Asininity From McCain "Send Weapons To Ukraine"

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) is calling on President Trump to send lethal aid to Ukraine after attacks this week were blamed on Russia-backed rebels.

“Vladimir Putin’s violent campaign to destabilize and dismember the sovereign nation of Ukraine will not stop unless and until he meets a strong and determined response,” wrote McCain, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Send McCain to Ukraine! They love songbirds over there!

Feb 03 08:25

RUSSIA WARNS: Serbs, beware, plan from hell is prepared for an attack on you

Judging by the information provided by the Russian intelligence provided to our secret services, Albanians are preparing to invade the north of Kosovo, while Croats are preparing the same scenario for the western part of the Republic of Serbian(Bosnia and Hercegovina)!

In this wicked plan allegedly involved some NATO officials.

The plan is to carry out attacks in the next two weeks and at the same time, in order to prevent Serbia to react and protect their compatriots.

Their intention is to direct false motives for the attacks, but the goal is that in the next 24 hours Albanian special forces come to Jarinje, and Croatian Army Republic of Serbian cut in two!

For fear of a possible alliance between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, they want as quickly as possible to implement his plan to work, because they realize that this is perhaps the last good moment to attack.

Feb 03 07:58

'Germany, not Donald Trump, is biggest threat to the EU'

We were told Germany would never be allowed to rearm. They now have got 300,000-400,000 men and arms, and they are now moving tanks into Lithuania. Why? To confront Russia. But Russia isn’t the threat, Graham Moore, political commentator, told RT.

President of the European Council Donald Tusk on Wednesday called US President Donald Trump one of the major external threats to the EU.

Feb 03 07:44

NATO Warning to Russia German Panzergrenadier Battalion Deploys Next Door to Russia 2017

Feb 03 04:13

Sean Spicer Fields Questions On Easing Russian Sanctions! Freedom Of Speech And Terrorists Threats!

Press Secretary Sean Spicer briefed reporters at the White House and responded to their questions on a variety of topics, including one on whether the U.S. is now easing sanctions on Russia to allow U.S. companies to do business with the Russian security service.

Feb 03 03:22

Avdeevka in the sights of Ukrainian propaganda war

I just finished having a long conversation with my friends in Donetsk. I also managed to Skype with residents of Avdeevka who just today managed to leave the city. In summary, I’ve received information on the situation in Avdeevka (a satellite city of Donetsk under the control of Ukrainian armed forces since the beginning of the conflict) and other cities of the Donetsk People’s Republic...

Feb 03 02:09

OSCE observers fraternize with Ukrainian tankers using residential Avdeevka as human shields

Yesterday the residents of Avdeyevka shared photos and videos taken in the afternoon showing OSCE observers having a sympathetic discussion with Ukrainian soldiers near the Ukrainian army tanks that were in the middle of the residential area, at Number 20 Molodyozhnaya Street. While the deputy head of the OSCE mission, Alexander Hug, is trying to have the ceasefire respected (which allowed the repair work of the water treatment plant to take place and to restart), his subordinates in territory controlled by the Ukrainian army protect the Nazis who used artillery and tanks from the dwellings of Avdeyevka to fire on the cities of Donetsk, Makeyevka and Yasinovataya. All this gives the impression that some representatives of the OSCE are trying to aggravate the situation by informing the Ukrainian army of the best places and times to shoot, to reach vital infrastructures, or prevent repairs from taking place.

Feb 03 02:00

Scientists not allowed to land on sub-Antarctic island

Australian authorities did not permit a Russian scientific mission on board the The Academician Treshnikov scientific vessel to make a landing on the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island, the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring of Russia (Roshydromet) said. "It was planned to make a landing the sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island, but, unfortunately, the Australian side did not issue the required permits, although scientists from this state actively participate in this expedition," said Alexander Makarov, the deputy head of Roshydromet’s Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. The Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute, the ship's owner, earlier said it was the first expedition of this kind. "It is the first round-the world scientific expedition, which will go round the Antarctic to visit the main sub-Antarctic islands," the institute’s press service said.

Feb 03 01:41

Kiev forces launch heavy shelling of southern Donetsk republic’s village

Ukraine’s forces began heavy shelling of the Leninskoye village in the south of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic early on Friday, an acting head of the local administration said. "The Ukrainian military have been shelling Leninskoye for around 40 minutes already," Anatoly Yanovsky told the Donetsk News Agency, adding that no casualties have been reported. Three houses in the village, located in the Novoazovsky district, were damaged on Thursday evening, he added. Late on Thursday, the Ukrainian forces opened fire at the territory of Donetsk from 152mm caliber artillery weapons and the Uragan multiple launch rocket systems. Two civilians were killed and 13 others were wounded during the shellings of the Kalininsky district in the city. Another person was wounded in the Kievsky district of Donetsk.

Feb 03 01:37

Kiev troops shell Russian observers near Yasinovataya

The Kiev troops shelled two Russian observation points of the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) near Yasinovataya late on Thursday, said Maj. Gen. Albert Budyshkin, who heads the the Russian mission to the JCCC. "Yet again, the "Yasinovataya" and "Bezymennoye" JCCC observer groups were shelled," he was quoted as saying by the Donetsk News Agency. "The shelling was conducted with the use of 152-mm field guns and mortars. In both cases, the observers had to take shelter in basements." He said the Yasinovataya observation point was shelled four times this week, including from multiple launch rocket systems. Recently, a group of observers from the JCCC and the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, led by OSCE SMM deputy chief Alexander Hug, was shelled by Ukrainian troops in Yasinovataya.

Feb 03 01:36

UN reports ‘heavy losses’ among Kiev troops, militia in Avdeyevka

The clashes near eastern Ukraine’s Avdeyevka resulted in "heavy losses" on both sides, UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman told the UN Security Council. He said the organization received "reports of civilian casualties, including at least four deaths since the escalation on 28 January, and heavy losses among the combatants on both sides." The UN also received reports about the "recorded damage to civilian houses and a school" in populated areas of Avdeyevka, which raise "serious concerns about possible violations of international humanitarian law by all sides." "There are now reports of clashes that are directly endangering civilian crossing points, residential areas and crucial civilian infrastructure, such as water purification plants and delivery systems, power lines and heating supply lines," Feltman said... In the past few days, the situation along the line of contact has deteriorated drastically.

Feb 03 01:33

Sanctions should remain until Crimea returns to Ukraine — US Diplomat

The United States should keep its anti-Russian sanctions in place as long as Crimea remains a part of Russia, Washington’s UN Ambassador Nikki Haley told the UN Security Council. "Crimea is a part of Ukraine," she said. "Our Crimea-related sanctions will remain in place until Russia returns control over the peninsula to Ukraine." She added that her country was seeking to improve relations with Moscow, at the same time asserting that Crima’s reunification with Russia was "aggression," "occupation" and "military intervention."

Feb 02 16:20

Ukraine – Coup Government Tries To Sabotage U.S.-Russia Rapprochement

Fighting in east Ukraine has restarted. This is an attempt by “deep state” forces to prevent any rapprochement between the U.S. and Russia under the new Trump administration.

The west-Ukrainian forces under command of the coup government of President Poroshenko started a large attack against the Russian supported Ukrainian self-defense forces in Donetsk and Lugansk governate.

Feb 02 14:50

Kiev court authorizes detention of former President Viktor Yanukovich

A district court in Kiev has answered a petition by the Prosecutor General's Office to authorize detention of the former Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovich, said a resolution of the court published in the country's Unified Register of Judiciary Resolutions. "The agency in charge of pretrial investigation will have permission to detain the suspect for the purposes of considering a pretrial measure in the form of custody," the court's ruling said.

Feb 02 14:49

Source claims European court to examine lawsuit on 2014 Odessa massacre

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has started to examine a lawsuit filed by persons hurt in the 2014 Odessa massacre, the press office of Ukraine’s Opposition Block party said on Thursday, citing Verkhovna Rada deputy Nikolai Skorik. "A lawyer of those hurt in the May 2 tragedy has received a notice from the ECHR Secretariat saying that the case files submitted by the relatives of the Odessa tragedy victims who do not agree with the Ukrainian authorities idleness in investigating the circumstances of the deaths of their nearest and dearest have been accepted by the court for examination," the Opposition Bloc quoted Skorik as saying.

Feb 02 14:47

Trump denies easing sanctions against Russia

US President Donald Trump on Thursday denied making any decisions to ease sanctions, including against Russia. "I haven't eased anything," the president told reporters who were present at his meeting with Harley-Davidson staff. Under a document headlined the General License No. 1, posted on Thursday by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the US Treasury Department, "all transactions and activities" with participation of the Russian Federal Security Service, prohibited earlier by executive orders of the US President of April 1, 2015 and December 28, 2016, are authorized with certain exceptions. At a briefing earlier in the day, White House press secretary Sean Spices dismissed lifting the sanctions, saying it was "a fairly common practice" for the Treasury Department "to go back and look at whether or not there needs to be specific carve-outs for different, either industries, or products and services that need to be going back and forth."

Feb 02 14:39

Dangers Of Democratic Putin-Bashing

The Washington establishment’s hysteria over its favorite new “group think” – that Russian President Vladimir Putin put Donald Trump in the White House – could set the stage for the Democratic Party rebranding itself as America’s “war party” alongside the neoconservative wing of the Republican Party.

Feb 02 13:49

The Central Bankers/Elite Push Their Agenda To Bring About Chaos

Trumps regulatory freeze halts 180 billion dollars that would have been spent. The White House will not send surrogates to CNN. California wants to be come the first sanctuary state by taxes the people.

Feb 02 12:33

Trump administration modifies sanctions against Russian intelligence service

The Trump administration on Thursday altered sanctions against companies doing business with Russia's domestic intelligence agency.

The Treasury Department said it will allow American companies to make limited transactions with the FSB, the successor to the KGB, if it needs them to get approval to import or distribute technology products in Russia. The exception will also apply to situations in which companies need to comply with rules administered by the FSB.

The implications of the move were not immediately clear, but the U.S. has taken similar steps in the past to help businesses avoid unintended consequences on cross-border transactions.

Feb 02 11:25

Putin dismissed 16 generals, and the reason is a secret

Russian President Vladimir Putin today dismissed 16 generals from office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations (MOE), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and the Investigative Committee.

According to the decree signed by Russian President, all 16 generals were dismissed from their positions, and two were retired. The reasons for the reorganization were not disclosed.

At the same time, the President appointed two deputy minister for emergency situations, such as Vladlen Pavel Aksyonov and Barišev. Aksjnov previously served as deputy director of the fire and rescue department of the Ministry, Lieutenant-General Barišev was at the head of the Academy of Civil Defence EMERCOM of Russia in Novogorsk in the Moscow region.

Putin is the city prosecutor of the Republic of Crimea appointed Oleg camsylate, and Leningrad oblast Boris Markov. The same command at the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia in Sevastopol is for five years is set Viktor Tanifu.

Feb 02 09:32

Ukraine Sabotages Trump’s Russia Detente

Less than two weeks into office, President Trump faces one of the first big tests of his non-confrontational policy toward Russia. As new fighting erupts in Eastern Ukraine, the Kiev regime and its U.S. supporters are predictably demanding a showdown with Vladimir Putin.

Feb 02 08:08

Russian Ice Breakers Stuck in Ice, Yachts over Underwater Volcanoes

Russian Ice Breakers stuck in unexpectedly and unusually thick sea ice, but hey we were told the sea ice is disappearing. Private yacht sails through floating pumice and then after see an underwater volcano where they sailed over. New Zealand Herald, epic article as a case study into "Warm Weather Media Bias"

Feb 02 07:08

Putin visits PM Orban to talk business with Euroskeptic Hungary

Vladimir Putin is paying a return visit to Budapest, a year after Viktor Orban’s trip to Moscow set the tone for enhanced bilateral cooperation. The two leaders, similarly unpopular in Brussels, are set to discuss current and prospective mutually lucrative trade deals.

Feb 02 07:08


On February 1st and 2nd, heavy clashes continued between the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF), backed up by pro-Kiev paramilitary groups, and forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in the Adveevka industrial area near the DPR capital of Donetsk. At the same time massive artillery strikes were reported along nearly all of the DPR contact line.

Pro-Kiev forces deployed more heavy military equipment and made two fresh offensive attempts against DPR forces positions at the Adveevka industrial area, but were pushed to retreat, suffering casualties. Both sides are claiming heavy death tolls.

Feb 02 06:49

US Tanks Fire Salvos in Poland as 'Message' to Russia -- NATO General Ben Hodges

When 62 ton American tanks fire off salvos into the night in Poland the commander of US forces in Europe, General Ben Hodges, wants you to know this is "not just a training exercise". To the contrary, it's a message to Russians:

"We're serious — this is not just a training exercise. We are here to convey a strategic message that you cannot violate the sovereignty of members of NATO ... Moscow will get the message — I'm confident of it."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 02 06:10

Why the West should not lift sanctions from Russia

As of 2016, Russia has reached 90 percent of self-sufficiency in vegetables. The domestic production of greenhouse vegetables has increased by 8% - to 691,000 tons... Earlier, Pravda.Ru reported that Russia's food embargo had affected the domestic restaurant industry. Surprisingly, however, Russia has demonstrated an impressive culinary revolution unfolding... The results of the culinary revolution have turned out to be both amazing and mouth-watering at the same time. Russian restaurants have returned to the roots of the Russian cuisine. Traditional Russian food products have become popular again, while restaurants do not suffer from the lack of visitors owing to affordable dishes. Even respectable Western publications had to acknowledge that Moscow was becoming a real paradise for gourmets...

Feb 02 05:59

NATO delays missile defense talks with Ukraine not to anger Moscow

NATO has postponed missile defense talks with Ukraine over the fears of harsh reactions from Moscow against the backdrop of Donald Trump's intention to improve relations with Russia... At the same time, NATO does not intend to shelve missile defense talks with Kiev - the talks have been postponed. Ukraine will not be able to become a member of NATO during the upcoming several years, because the alliance does not see any reasons for Kiev to join the military bloc. The NATO press service said that Ukraine's prime goal for the time being is to conduct reforms. The North Atlantic Alliance supports Ukraine's course for modernizations and reforms, but it does not mean that Ukraine is going to join NATO soon. The alliance does not understand how Ukraine could strengthen the security of other members of the organization.

Feb 02 05:40

Enough - It Is Time to Lock Up John McCain and Lindsey Graham

The two US senators' latest attempt to set off World War III during their visit to Ukraine is the last straw. Something must be done... The dastardly duo made a trip to the Donbass front line just after the new year, where they gave incendiary speeches egging on Ukrainian troops to restart hostilities. Unbelievably, Graham sought to directly instigate a new attack, speaking these words: "Your fight is our fight, 2017 will be the year of offense. All of us will go back to Washington and we will push the case against Russia. Enough of a Russian aggression. It is time for them to pay a heavier price". John McCain was no less provocative: "I believe you will win. I am convinced you will win and we will do everything we can to provide you with what you need to win"...

Feb 02 05:36

ICRC says it is ready to act as neutral intermediary to protect civilians in Donbass

"We're ready to act as a neutral intermediary to protect civilians & infrastructure needed for their survival on both sides of contact line," the ICRC said on its official Twitter account. "In October, with the water supply to some 600,000 people under threat in the Lugansk region due to a lack of agreement between the sides, the ICRC exceptionally stepped in to pay electricity bills for a period of two months in order to resume the water supply to the people had been cut off owing to unpaid electricity bills," she went on. "Currently, over 600 families have registered loved ones as missing with the ICRC. The ICRC has proposed the creation of a mechanism where all concerned parties could work together to share information relating to people who have gone missing due to the conflict that could lead to cases being solved," the spokesperson said.

Feb 02 05:16

Ukraine UN ambassador says new US administration won’t accept Crimea as part of Russia

Ukraine’s UN ambassador Vladimir Yelchenko on Wednesday quoted his US counterpart as confirming that the new US administration won’t recognize Crimea’s accession to Russia. "I had a meeting with Nikki Haley a couple of days ago, my impression from the meeting is very good," Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN said on Wednesday. "She simply confirmed very basic things about the U.S. policy towards Ukraine, that they fully support our territorial integrity and independence. Basic thing which we also touched upon in our conversation with the U.S. Ambassador is that there are different things: one thing is the bilateral relations between the U.S. and Russia and another thing - U.S. - Ukraine. The first is not happening on the price of Ukraine". He said he has been "through at least four or five changes of the U.S. administration from one party to another" and Washington’s stance on an independent Ukraine remained unchanged.

Feb 02 04:43

Russian Defense Ministry summons Ukrainian attache over An-26 plane incident

"On Wednesday night, the Ukrainian military attache was summoned to the Defense Ministry where he was handed a note," Gen Igor Konashenkov, the Defense Ministry's official spokesman told reporters. "The ministry offered a protest to the attache over an incident where an Antonov-26 turboprop of the Ukrainian Army made two runs-in at Tavrida and Krym-1 drilling rigs at a minimal admissible altitude, which jeopardized the safety and security of their personnel," he said, adding that the incident occurred between 11:30 and 12:00 Moscow Standard Time. "The note says the Russian side sizes up the actions of the Ukrainian plane as a provocation"... The dismissed the Ukrainian officials’ claims about gunfire, which Russia forces had allegedly opened at the turboprop, as an absolute lie. During the second target run of the plane, a guard at one of the oil rigs shot up for flares from a signal pistol to prevent the turboprop’s collision with the jackknife of the rig.

Feb 02 04:37

Russian Interior Ministry prevents $50 mln damage from cyberattacks

The Russian Interior Ministry over the past 18 months has prevented $50-million damage from cyberattacks, the chief of the bureau of the Interior Ministry’s special technical operations, Aleksey Moshkov, said on Thursday. "Over the past 18 months the Interior Ministry’s C (Cyber) department prevented more than 3 billion rubles ($50-million) from being stolen from Russian banks and also eliminated two crime rings that attacked credit and financial institutions," Moshkov said at the 19th national forum on international security Infoforum-2017.

Feb 02 04:35

Russian MP lambasts Poroshenko over remarks on NATO membership referendum

Poroshenko announced his plans to hold a referendum on Kiev’s NATO membership in an interview with Germany’s Berliner Morgenpost newspaper. He also asserted that he wants the anti-Russian sanctions to be lifted "more than anyone else." "The present Ukrainian government is ready for any scam to show its pro-Western approach to maintain fading interest on the part of NATO hawks discouraged by the incompetent and corrupt Maidan leaders," Zheleznyak told reporters on Thursday. The politician emphasized that the NATO Charter and public statements made by senior officials in the countries determining the alliance’s policy "make all Kiev’s hopes for prospective NATO membership futile"...

Feb 02 04:25

Is the War in Donbass Back On? 3 Possible Scenarios

Over the course of bombardments, dozens of homes in the Donetsk People’s Republic have been damaged. There are dead and wounded among civilians. Water shortages have started in Donetsk. In Avdeevka, the civilian population’s evacuation has been partially suspended as some residents have refused to leave the village. Full supplies to the village have still not been restored. The Avdeevka Coke Plant is still under threat of closure. According to several reports, an attempt at seizing Akhmetov’s assets and fighting over supremacy in the Opposition Bloc, in which Akhmetov is partially involved, are ongoing under the guise of war. The junta has stated that their losses over the past day amount to 1 killed and 9 wounded. But the US State Department revealed in its statement on the situation that the UAF’s losses number in the dozens, which is closer to the figures suggested by the Ministry of Defense of the DPR. The DPR’s losses also appear to be very serious.

Feb 02 04:09

SCANDAL: Ukrainian blogger says Poroshenko-Akhmetov feud behind Donbass bloodbath

The escalation of the conflict in Donbass is the result of a conflict between Ukrainian President Poroshenko and oligarch Rinat Akhmetov, famous Ukrainian blogger Kirill Tyutyunnik suggests. Tyutyunnik explained: Here’s a little insider information. People sometimes forget about what country and world we live in. Now I’ll tell you the essence of what is happening in Avdeevka. Everything is so banal and cynical that when you understand that they’re going [on an offensive] for the sake of money and power, it becomes very, very sick. Poroshenko rolled out a bill to Akhmetov in the amount of $200,000,000 as taxes to be paid, or for a kickback - how you prefer. To the question of "I’m sorry, but what is this for? I’ve already given everything normally,” [the] Avdeevka [situation] followed and Akhmetov’s Avdeevka Coke Plant is left without power. People are talking about Putin and his attack. Volunteers are gathering aid.

Feb 02 00:30

Trump Is Being Sabotaged by the Pentagon — Paul Craig Roberts

How is Trump going to normalize relations with Russia when the commander of US forces in Europe is threatening Russia with words and deeds?

The Pentagon has also sent armored vehicles to “moderate rebels” in Syria, according to Penagon spokesman Col. John Dorrian. Unable to prevent Russia and Syria from winning the war against ISIS, the Pentagon is busy at work derailing the peace negotiations.

The military/security complex is using its puppets-on-a-string in the House and Senate to generate renewed conflict with Iran and to continue threats against China.......

Feb 01 17:18

NATO Chief: World War 3 With Russia “Very Likely”

U.S. Army and NATO Generals have warned that the planet is teetering on the brink of World War 3 between the U.S. and Russia.

Feb 01 16:56

Russian Paralympians Barred From 2018 Winter Games Qualifiers

The International Paralympic Committee has declined a bid from the Russian Paralympic Committee to allow their athletes to compete in the qualifying rounds for the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games.

Feb 01 16:05

The Color Revolution in the US

It amazes me to see that the very same people which have demonized Putin for years are now demonizing Trump using exactly the same methods. And if their own country has to go down in their struggle against the common people – so be it! These self-declared elites will have no compunction whatsoever to destroy the nation their have been parasitizing and exploiting for their own class interest. They did just that to Russia exactly 100 years ago, in 1917. I sure hope that they will not get away with that again in 2017.

Feb 01 14:26

Russia Denies Shooting at Ukrainian Military Plane In Black Sea

With the US State Department in a state of protracted hiatus for the time being, tensions are again rising between Russia and Ukraine, and especially in East Ukraine, where over the past few days the number of soldiers killed in an offensive by pro-Russian separatists has reportedly risen to seven, Ukraine's military said on Monday, in the deadliest outbreak of fighting in the east of the country since mid-December.

The clashes between Ukraine's military and the pro-Russian separatists coincide with U.S. President Donald Trump's call for better relations with Moscow that has alarmed Kiev while the conflict in its eastern region remains unresolved. According to Ukraine sources, the rebels began attacking government positions in the eastern frontline town of Avdiyivka on Sunday. Five soldiers were killed and nine wounded on Sunday and two more were killed on Monday, they said.

Feb 01 13:39

Kiev BUK missile hits Makeevka: Ukraine's Malaysian Boeing lie is now exposed

Yesterday evening, January 31st, the tail section of a BUK missile launched by the Ukrainian army from the outskirts of Avdeevka fell in the residential sector of the city of Makeevka.

The missile part fell right in the yard of a private home and caught fire.

Feb 01 11:41

Deputy Defence Minister of Ukraine admitted that his army attack Donetsk Republic

That Kiev - as usual - the first set, confirmed Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Igor Pavlovski, saying Avdejevke eye on the situation in which the lives of 30,000 people: "Our guys are heroic move forward. They do it - meter by meter - wherever they can "

Sergey LAVROV: "Behind it all is Peter Poroshenko, which aggravates the situation that Ukraine would not be forgotten. Only he signed agreements Mine, and all this on his conscience "

A representative of the Army DNR Aleksandar Matjušin: "There are prerequisites to move on and create avdejevski boiler in the Avdejevku triangle Gorlovka- Donetsk airport-finding Jasinovatsko"

Feb 01 09:46

Kiev Claims Ukrainian Transport Plane Came Under Fire Over Black Sea

A Ukrainian military transport plane came under fire on Wednesday while conducting a training flight over the Black Sea, Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak said.

Feb 01 08:02

UN Security Council Calls for Immediate Return to Ceasefire in Ukraine

Members of the UN Security Council in a statement on Tuesday condemned the recent intensification of violence in eastern Ukraine and called for an immediate return to the ceasefire regime.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope Trump is paying attention to those warhawks who want to stick him with a war!

Feb 01 07:33

New York Times' Paul Krugman betrays his utter ignorance of Russia

Leaving the twelve months of mass celebrity expiration behind and welcoming a fresh epoch, I made a New Year bet with a colleague. That, before St Patrick’s Day, an established American media outlet would refer to its own government as a “regime.”

Now, it turns out I was overly conservative in my estimate. Because we haven’t even reached the end of January and the New York Times has already obliged. And €20 is winging its way to me.

However, what I hadn’t countenanced is how the first writer to break the proverbial levee would style the incumbency as “the Trump-Putin regime.” Which is a level of absurdity Samuel Beckett would have strangulated at conception. Not to mention, how the accompanying piece provides zero evidence of any Kremlin collusion in the US President’s projects.

Feb 01 07:31

Berlin blames Kiev for deteriorating situation in Donbass

Berlin believes that Poroshenko is determined to do almost everything to prevent the lifting of sanctions against Russia, Germany’s Suddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported

Feb 01 07:31

Ostashko: Russia should wait out the coming global disorder

In fact, Trump’s critics don’t understand his main chip: his voters simply love when the liberal public in the US and Europe are writhing in anger and spitting poisonous saliva in television studios and newspapers. For the new American President’s voters and supporters, every tear of Madonna, Rihanna, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain are proof that Trump is real, that Trump is not like all the rest, and that Trump is exactly what America and the whole world need. When Merkel and Hollande criticize Trump for banning refugees, they’re primarily hurting themselves and showing that US-Europe relations have no future.

Feb 01 07:06


On January 28th, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) and pro-Kiev paramilitary groups launched a large-scale offensive against forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR). At the same time, the UAF delivered a high number of artillery strikes across the contact line with the DPR.

The main attack of Kiev forces took place south of Avdeevka near the DPR capital of Donetsk. Since then, heavy clashes between pro-Kiev units and DPR forces have been ongoing there.

Sides use various military equipment and artillery, including multiple rocket launcher systems. Heavy artillery shelling was reported along the whole DPR contact line.

Jan 31 15:24

US Evaluating Nuclear Attack On Russia, China

US intelligence agencies are working with the country’s military forces to update previous assessments about a possible nuclear attack against Russia and China.

Conducted by the Pentagon’s Strategic Command and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the study is trying to find out whether the Russian and Chinese leadership could survive a nuclear strike and keep operating, Stars and Stripes reported on Monday.

Jan 31 15:02

Russian Cyber Security Agents Accused of Treason for Working with CIA

Russian security agents, Sergei Mikhailov and his deputy Dmitry Dokuchaev, have been accused of treason because they were cooperating with the CIA. The arrests of spy officials who worked for the KGB successor FSB’s Center for Information Security were first reported by Russian media earlier this month.

Jan 31 14:03

‘Russian Army Hogwarts’: RT Looks Into Daily Routine At Elite Military Boarding School

The Suvorov Military School is a famous Russian boarding school which prepares teenagers for service as officers in the Russian Army.

Jan 31 13:25

New Cold War with a different enemy

As all the alarm bells ring continuously that the Russian Federation is the cause for the latest cold war, the actual risk for a hot conflict or an intentional brinkmanship of worldwide proportions should focus on the real enemy of humanity. The Brexit campaign was about more than just leaving the European Union. Likewise, the Trump movement is about a great deal more than just keeping Hillary Clinton from the oval office.

Jan 31 10:05

ATTACKED NOVORUSSIA: Losses of Ukrainian Armed Forces in the last two days - 150 people

About 80 Ukrainian soldiers were killed and more than 70 wounded in the last two days in the Donbass, the report said Chief of General Staff of Ukraine Viktor Muženka who intercepted intelligence-a DNR, said the Donetsk news agency "Novosti", referring to the representatives of the Ministry of defense DNR-a.

"According to the report, which we have in morgues and military-medical institutions of Ukraine of 29 bodies in the morgue in Selidovou, 41 body in the morgue in the town of Krasnoarmeysk, 60 wounded in a military hospital in the Chasovu Jaru, eight dead and 14 wounded in 66 military -medical hospital 'New Labour', "said a representative of the military departments DNR-a.

The Ministry of Defence added that these losses Ukrainian soldiers endured when trying to break the rebels' positions 29 and 30 January.

Jan 31 08:42

Bullhorns: Russia-USA

The presidents of Russia and the United States have had their first historic phone call. By all accounts, restoring the countries’ bilateral relationship is underway.

Jan 31 08:15

Does Rachel Maddow Want Russia Bombed?

Here’s why I ask. Maddow devotes many minutes on MSNBC stirring up hatred of Russia in order to establish that there is a vague possibility that President Donald Trump might be corrupted by a foreign government.

Jan 31 08:07

Soviet Jokes Kept Secret for Decades in Recently Declassified CIA Docs

Two pages of Soviet jokes were found among other documents in newly-declassified intelligence archives released online on January 18, according to the CIA database.

The short comic narratives criticizing the Soviet authorities belong to the times of "perestroika," a political reformation initiated launched by Gorbachev in the second half of the 1980s. Neither the sources, nor the reason for creating this list was revealed. Intelligence operatives had only noted the origin of one joke, which was "heard in Arkhangelsk."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Зачем этот цыпленок переходил дорогу?*








*Why did the chicken cross the road?

Jan 31 08:02

Trump Quiets Some Russian Doubts

Donald Trump’s desire to establish constructive working relations with Russia got off to a rocky start, although for reasons that he might not have understood. In an interview with The Times of London just days before the Inauguration, Trump proposed changing the metrics used for possible lifting of sanctions on Russia from full implementation of the Minsk Accords, regarding the Ukraine conflict, to progress on curbing the nuclear arms race and disarmament.

Jan 31 08:01

US troops hold joint drills in Poland to ensure ‘unlikely attack from East even more unlikely’

US and Polish soldiers, alongside newly delivered American military hardware, have conducted joint drills as part of the biggest US deployment in Europe since the end of the Cold War.

Jan 31 08:00

Russian paralympians barred from 2018 Winter Games qualifiers

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has declined a bid from the Russian Paralympic Committee (RPC) to allow their athletes to compete in the qualifying rounds for the 2018 Winter Paralympic Games.

The IPC Executive Committee discussed the issue at its meeting in the German city of Bonn on January 29, and decided to decline Russia’s bid, the RPC said in a statement, citing a letter from the IPC.

Jan 31 07:25

Bullhorns: Russia-USA

The presidents of Russia and the United States have had their first historic phone call. By all accounts, restoring the countries’ bilateral relationship is underway. Putin and Trump want this – but will it happen?

Jan 31 04:37

FSB brings extremism charges against deputy head of outlawed Crimean Tatar Mejlis

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has brought extremism charges against Ilma Umerov, deputy chairman of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis outlawed in Russia, the FSB’s branch for the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol reported on Monday. "He is pressed with charges of committing crimes under article 280.1 of Russia’s Criminal Code ("Public Calls for Actions Aimed at Violating Territorial Integrity of the Russian Federation"). The case files will be shortly transferred to the republican prosecutor’s office and subsequently to a court of law," the FSB’s branch said. The charges against Umerov were brought by the FSB’s investigative department, it said. As was reported earlier, Umerov who stayed on the territory of Ukraine in March 2016 publicly voiced calls in a live broadcast of the Ukrainian TV Channel ATR for the need to violate Russia’s territorial integrity. Umerov’s words were disseminated in the Internet and were the cause for instituting criminal proceedings against him.

Jan 31 04:23

Russian fire control plane gets down to firefighting in Chile

Chilean authorities have introduced an emergency situation in six regions - Valparaiso, Santiago, O’Higgins, Maule, Bio Bio, and Araucania - in the wake of spreading wildfires. The Russian government sent the Ilyushin-76 on a mission there pending a request from the Chilean government. The Russian crew has been assigned to one of the knottiest areas where a woodland fire is threatening the town of Portosuello, home to several thousand people. "The Ilyushin-76 is engaged in an operation near that town and its main objective is to protect the town and localize the blaze," the spokesperson said. The crew has a long record of participation in firefighting efforts complicated by poor visibility and a heavy smoke screen. The turbofan is equipped with water bombing installations and has a capability for discharging more than 42 tons of water in one go on the areas engulfed by fire.

Jan 31 04:19

Poroshenko urges to convene Contact Group emergency session. Ukraine’s forces shelled the DPR territory 1,912 times over the past 24 hours

Earlier on Monday, spokesman for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic command Eduard Basurin said "the situation in the republic sharply deteriorated". "Ukraine’s forces shelled the DPR territory 1,912 times over the past 24 hours," he said... Ukrainian President Pyotr Poroshenko has given instructions to convene an emergency session of the Contact Group for the settlement in eastern Ukraine over a deteriorating situation around Avdeyevka, a settlement in Donbass, deputy head of the president’s administration Konstantin Yeliseyev said on Monday... He spoke of "a very tense situation, with critically important infrastructure destroyed" in the area. Poroshenko also instructed Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin to stay in close touch with representatives of the UN Security Council. Besides, according to Yeliseyev, "the OSCE is also preparing its reaction to what is going on around Avdeyevka".

Jan 31 04:14

Kremlin hopes Trump will keep stance shown in phone talk with Putin

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov has refused to comment on some assessments that US President Donald Trump may be unpredictable. "In this case, it is not us who should give any characteristics to the US president - this is the domestic affair of America," Peskov told reporters. "Now we judge by the stance stated during the recent phone conversation (between the Russian and US leaders). We are satisfied by it," he said. The Kremlin said late on Saturday that the heads of the two states had discussed a wide range of issues in their first conversation since Donald Trump took office on January 20, including antiterrorism efforts, trade and economic ties, as well as situation in the Middle East, Ukraine and the Korean Peninsula. The two leaders have also agreed to maintain regular contacts and tasked their teams with working on the date and time of a meeting in person. According to the Kremlin, the conversation was held in a positive and businesslike atmosphere.

Jan 31 04:12

Russian deputy PM mocks Lithuania's disavowal of claims to Kaliningrad region

Earlier this month, Lithuanian MP Linas Balsys, a representative of the Green Party, said at a conference titled ‘World in 2017: The View from Vilnius’ that Russia had lost legal rights to the Kaliningrad region after what he described as the "annexation" of Crimea and the status of the exclave, which is part of the former German province of East Prussia, needed consideration at the international level. "Time has run out for Kaliningrad," Balsys alleged. "Kaliningrad was not given to Russia in perpetuity, either at the Potsdam Conference or at Helsinki. It was [only] said that the region would be put under Soviet administration until a final European peace agreement is signed." Russian political analysts dismissed the claim, saying Balsys was apparently seeking political promotion for himself.

Jan 30 18:50

Russia Willing To Cooperate With U.S. On Syria “Safe Zone” If Syrian Gov’t Is Consulted

By Brandon Turbeville

The Trump administration caused major consternation amid the pro-Syria community when it announced, in the context of Trump’s executive order on refugees, that it was directing the Pentagon and Department of Defense to begin drawing up a plan to create “safe zones” in Syria under the guise of repatriating refugees that have settled in the United States and other countries. Trump’s plan sounds eerily similar to the many names given to the concept of a “No-Fly Zone” in Syria, a plan which will amount to nothing short of war with Syria and most likely Russia if ever implemented.

The terminology of the previous administration has changed several times; from No-Fly Zone, to ISIL-Free Zone, to Safe Zone but it always meant the same thing – Libya 2.0...

Jan 30 13:09

Ukraine's Prosecutor Proves Russia Was Invited To Stabilize Ukraine

Ukraine's Prosecutor unintentionally has proven That President Putin was invited into Ukraine. According to the letter that was discovered, written by President Viktor Yanukovych, inviting Russia in to help stabilize his country that was headed to Civil war.

Jan 30 12:01

A “color revolution” is under way in the United States

It amazes me to see that the very same people which have demonized Putin for years are now demonizing Trump using exactly the same methods.

A hatred of what I would call the “simple America” or the “daily America”

While I did predict that “The USA are about to face the worst crisis of their history” as far back as October of last year, a month before the elections, I have to admit that I am surprised and amazed at the magnitude of struggle which we see taking place before our eyes. It is now clear that the Neocons did declare war on Trump and some, like Paul Craig Roberts, believe that Trump has now returned them the favor. I sure hope that he is right.

Jan 30 10:08

Lavrov: Syria ‘safe zones’ possible if Damascus agrees

Russia may support the US initiative to establish so-called ‘safe zones’ for refugees in Syria, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said. The plan would require close cooperation with the UN and approval from Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government, he added.

Jan 30 08:38

Potential Foreign Buyers Drooling Over The Newest Russian MiG-35 Jet

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That's going to keep Lockeed-Martin up late!

Jan 29 15:39

Putin & Trump Discuss Joint ISIS Fight, Ukraine Crisis, Future Meeting In First Phone Call

Russian President Vladimir Putin has had his first telephone conversation with new US President Donald Trump.

Jan 29 09:09

UK’s May puts The Donald on best behavior… but who got the deal?

So how did May pull it off, that is, tame the tycoon?

US President Donald Trump’s hosting of Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May was billed as the “odd-couple” meeting. After their amiable press conference and Trump’s remarkably subdued behavior – for him – the British leader is entitled to feel satisfied.

On her way to Washington DC, she even hinted at bracing for an odd-couple challenge, by telling reporters, “sometimes opposites attract.”

Jan 29 09:06

The Media Is Now The Political Opposition

Maybe Trump will add to his agenda breaking into hundreds of pieces the six mega-media companies that own 90% of the US media.

Bannon is correct that the US media—indeed, the entire Western print and TV media—is nothing but a propaganda machine for the ruling elite. The presstitutes are devoid of integrity, moral conscience, and respect for truth. Read the comments in which morons define freedom of the press as the freedom to lie to the public.

Jan 29 08:25

Trump orders ISIS plan, talks with Putin and gives Bannon national security role

President Trump on Saturday ordered the Pentagon to devise a strategy to defeat the Islamic State and restructured the National Security Council to include his controversial top political adviser as he forged a partnership with Russian President Vladi­mir Putin in their first official phone call.

Trump and Putin spoke for one hour and vowed to join forces to fight terrorism in Syria and elsewhere, according to the White House and the Kremlin, signaling a potential shift in U.S.-Russian relations that have been marked by high tension.

Jan 29 08:24

Ukraine Just Opened Its Doors to NATO 'Training' Missions. What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

What is Poroshenko's escape plan, considering that he is now less popular than facial herpes, and the right-wing goons that he has cynically used to carry out terror in the Donbass are quickly turning on him?

The answer is very simple: Do everything possible to provoke Russia (an actual war would be ideal).

Jan 29 08:24

LPR leader Plotnitsky slams OSCE and EU for appeasing Kiev war criminals

Unprovoked attacks on the territory of the Lugansk People’s Republic by armed groups controlled by Kiev have recently intensified and become more frequent. In the majority of cases, they are carried out with the use of arms that should be, as agreed upon in the Minsk Agreements, withdrawn from the demarcation line and remain under the control of the Special Monitoring Mission of the OSCE.

Jan 29 08:23

Bavarian Prime Minister Calls for Lifting Anti-Russia Sanctions in 2017

Horst Seehofer, the prime minister of Germany's state of Bavaria, said on Sunday that the sanctions imposed on Russia should be lifted before the end of 2017 and Moscow should return to the Group of Eight (G8) that brings together world’s largest economies.

Jan 29 07:42

Think Tanks Stage Massive Computer Simulation of War With Russia in Warsaw

Defiantly demonstrating that nothing has changed since President Donald Trump's election, organizers of the wargames told Gazeta Wyborcza that the games were held "to help the West understand the essence of the military threat from Russia."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Computer simulations were used to show what would happen from human-caused global warming ... but that never happened. Russia will not invade Europe.

Jan 28 14:35

Russia’s London Embassy Trolls Theresa May Over ‘Beware Putin’ Remarks

Russia’s embassy in the UK has ridiculed Prime Minister Theresa May for her warning to US Republican lawmakers that the West should “engage with, but beware” of President Vladimir Putin.

May invoked the spirit of the Cold War on Thursday, when she warned of a possible “eclipse of the West” if they failed to engage with Moscow “from a position of strength.”

Jan 28 12:43

Syria: Undeclared US-NATO War of Aggression, Using Al Qaeda Terrorism as An Instrument of Death and Destruction

The following eight concepts are intended to clarify the nature of the war on Syria.

It was never “a civil war”. It was an undeclared war of aggression using Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists as the foot-soldiers of US-NATO and their Middle East allies.

From day one, terrorists were involved in the killing of civilians.

It started in Daraa as an insurgency integrated by Salafist mercenaries.

Most of what is presented below is backed up by mainstream and official sources of information.

While Aleppo has been liberated against the scourge of US-NATO supported terrorism, most mainstream media are accusing Syrian government forces of committing atrocities against civilians, describing Aleppo as a humanitarian crisis. What they fail to mention is that for the last four years the Eastern part of Aleppo has been occupied by Al Qaeda terrorists who are now upheld as “opposition” rebels.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I want to take this moment to again commend Hawaii State Representative Gabbard for having had the courage to speak about her fact-finding mission in Syria on CNN, where she stated that there was no such thing as a "moderate rebel" in Syria.

The War Machine in this country is going to attempt to take her out of office, one way or another, but I believe that her courage under fire from the Deep State in this country deserves support and respect from both sides of the aisle; what she discovered means that everything the presstitutes and whorespondents have told US citizens about the situation in Syria is an absolute and complete lie.

Jan 28 07:40

Putin And Trump To Talk Over The Phone This Weekend

US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin are planning to hold their first official telephone conversation together over the weekend.

Jan 28 05:23

Russia's new MiG-35 fighter jet to use laser weapons

The commander of Russian Air Force, Viktor Bondyrev, stated that Russia's state-of-the-art fighter jet MiG-35 would be able to use advanced weapons, including laser weapons.

Jan 27 14:30

Trump Hopes To Get Along With Russia, ‘Knock The Hell Out Of ISIS Together’

In an interview to Fox News on Friday, Trump said it would be to the advantage of both Russia and the US to mend ties and pool their efforts in the fight against terrorism.

Speaking to Sean Hannity of Fox News, US President Donald Trump said that he looks forward to speaking with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin.

Jan 27 13:51

America Has A Moral Obligation To Help Rebuild The Ravaged Middle East

“Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations, entangling alliances with none” - Thomas Jefferson

It is unfortunately incumbent upon the new administration to also pay the proverbial bill, and to fix and rectify the mistakes of the past.

It would be altogether grossly irresponsible and cruel to now leave the entire world in smoke and shambles, burning embers of once great civilizations that have often existed for thousands of years uninterrupted and unmolested.

Jan 27 13:45

Trump’s First Big Mistake – Justin Raimondo

Syrian “safe zones”: a disaster waiting to happen

This idea is a disaster waiting to happen, and could augur the unraveling of the President’s “America First” foreign policy, which supposedly abjures regime change operations in the Middle East and elsewhere. In 2013 testimony submitted to Congress by then chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey, the reality of what this would have to mean was outlined:

“Thousands of U.S. ground forces would be needed, even if positioned outside Syria, to support those physically defending the zones. A limited no-fly zone coupled with US ground forces would push the costs over one billion dollars per month.”

Jan 27 08:27

Kushner's (AKA Trump) Syrian Safe Zone A Spit At Russia and Assad - Morris

Published on Jan 26, 2017

Any US sponsored safe zones will be recruiting places for mercenaries to destabilise the Middle East and increase the sectarianism.

Jan 27 08:07

BBC is 'Worse than a Whore' - Russian TV SLAMS Trump 'Documentary'

Russian media are having a field day with the recent BBC Documentary entitled 'Trump: The Kremlin Candidate', which aired a couple of weeks ago in the UK.

The 30 minute oeuvre is a work of comic genius, and really lays bare how disgracefully the BBC descends, from time to time, into raw propaganda and flat-out lying.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jan 27 02:12

Russia fully prepared for possible nuclear attack

In late 2016, Russian Aerospace Defence Forces successfully completed the deployment of the first phase of the unified radar field of the early warning system (EWS). The radar will thus be able to monitor missile launches around the perimeter of the country's borders within a radius of 6,000 kilometers. The system includes not only specialised "Voronezh", "DTV", "Dnepr", "Volga" radars, but also upgraded "Don" radar station. Previously, the Don station was used to guide missiles, the Izvestia newspaper wrote with reference to a representative of Aerospace Defence Forces. "As a result, the Russian military have received an opportunity to see everything that happens in the air and in space from the coast of Morocco to Spitzbergen and to the east coast of the United States. The second station was put into operation near Armavir in 2009.

Jan 27 01:57

Kremlin says presidential aide’s statement on internet restrictions 'his private opinion'

There have been no suggestions that Russia should employ China’s Internet regulation practice in order to ensure information security, Russian Presidential Internet Advisor German Klimenko told TASS. According to him, during a lecture on information security in Russia, which was a part of the Army and society course, he was just talking on practices employed in various countries. "In fact, I was just talking about various regulation practices. I meant to say that if restrictions are imposed on the Internet, then it is easier to ensure security. I did not suggest that Russia should put restrictions on the Internet like China does," Klimenko said.

Jan 27 01:52

Ukrainian radicals poised to block railways leading to Donetsk, Lugansk

On Wednesday, militants from the so-called volunteer battalions blocked the traffic of cargo trains at the Lugansk-Lisichansk-Popasnaya line, by which coal is supplied to the Lugansk thermoelectric plant. The action affected twelve freight trains with a total of more than 700 coaches. Yuri Garbuz, the head of the military/civilian administration of the Lugansk region wrote in Facebook: "The action undertaken by some deputies (of the Verkhovna Rada) and former fighters of the Donbass and Aidar volunteer battalions poses risks for the country’s energy security". He said the radicals had blocked the traffic of trains carrying coal across the line of contact in Donbass to replenish reserves at the power plants belonging to the government. "The protesting activists blocked empty coaches meant for transportation of coal to the territories under Ukrainian control," Garbuz wrote.

Jan 27 01:45

US general accuses Russia of covertly building anti-satellite laser weapons

Speaking at the Stanford University in California, Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten, who heads the U.S. Strategic Command, accused Russia and China of building weapons in the low earth orbit and in the geosynchronous orbit, as well as systems to manage them from the ground. "In the not-too-distant future, they (Russia and China) will be able to use that capability to threaten every spacecraft we have in space. We have to prevent that, and the best way to prevent war is to be prepared for war. So the United States is going to do that, and we're going to make sure that everybody knows we're prepared for war," he said. The official said that Russia, which has had an anti-satellite capability since the 1980s, is now exploring significant anti-satellite capabilities, including lasers for use in space and other "capabilities that would threaten our satellites, and many of which would create debris" that could hinder access to space.

Jan 27 01:37

Putin-Trump phone talk scheduled for Saturday — Kremlin

"Yes, I confirm this," Peskov said. Trump said in a Fox News interview on Thursday he planned to have a phone conversation with Putin in the coming days. "He [Putin] called me after I won, but I haven’t had a discussion, but I understand we will be having a discussion soon," he said. The US leader also said that it would be mutually beneficial for Washington and Moscow to have improved ties. "I don’t know Putin, but if we can get along with Russia that’s a great thing, it’s good for Russia, it’s good for us," Trump said. "We go out together and knock the hell out of ISIS."

Jan 26 19:31

‘Trump didn’t consult Moscow on Syria safe zone plan, should consider all consequences’ – Kremlin

“Our American partners did not consult with Russia [regarding the ‘safe zones’]. It is their sovereign decision,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters on Thursday.

He noted the importance of considering all the possible outcomes of taking such a step.

“It’s important to make sure that this does not further aggravate the situation with refugees. Evidently, all the possible consequences should be taken into account,” the spokesman said.

Jan 26 14:43

Hedge fund manager Kyle Bass: Short China, long Russia ‘a good place to start’

Hayman Capital Management CIO Kyle Bass discusses President Trump’s tax proposals, border tax adjustability, the Chinese banking system and U.S. trade relations with China. He speaks with Erik Schatzker on “Bloomberg Markets.”

Jan 26 11:14

Get Ready, NATO: The Secret Reason Why Russia's New T-90M Tank Could Be a Total Monster

Russia is developing a new modernized version of the T-90—the third major iteration of the long-serving main battle tank.

Called the T-90M, the new tank will likely feature many of the technologies developed for Russia’s revolutionary T-14 Armata. However, compared to the T-14, the T-90M—most of which will be remanufactured from Russia’s existing fleet of T-90As—will be far less costly than the fearsome, but expensive, Armata.

Jan 26 11:04

Russia is getting superfighter MiG-35 that will carry the laser weapon

• President George OAK Slyusareva: "It is designed specifically for the air combat in terms of the intensity of the conflict intensified in the presence of high density PVO opponent. So far, that has shown excellent results thanks to its avionics and a new optical-lokacionoj station and several times reduced visibility to own other people's radars. Instead of six, there are eight "points" to carry missiles "
• Belongs to a generation "4 ++". Can develop speeds up to Mach 2.23, and tomorrow will be the first time pokzan potential foreign buyers
Russian Armed Forces have begun flight testing super-fighter MiG-35.
Its international promotion will be tomorrow, and Vladimir Putin today said the MiG-35 has a "good export potential."
The Russian leader - performing in the session of the Military-Industrial Commission - emphasized that this plane will substantially improve the impact strength aerospace RF power.

Jan 26 09:49

Trump Expected To Sign Orders For “Safe Zone” In Syria According To Reports

Creation of safe zones, if Trump decides to do so, could ratchet up U.S. military involvement in Syria and mark a major departure from Obama’s more cautious approach. Increased U.S. or allied air power would be required if Trump chooses to enforce “no fly” restrictions, and ground forces might also be needed to protect civilians in those areas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think Trump just made his first foreign policy mis-step. The President has no authority to declare portions of a foreign nation "safe zones" (or anything else). Russia has already voiced their opposition to this move.

Jan 26 08:06

‘Trump didn’t consult Moscow on Syria safe zone plan, should consider all consequences’ – Kremlin

First Trump says he wont take sanctions off Russia unless they give up some nukes. The Russians consider those sanctions unjustified and onerous and now this. Anything good this guy might do will be destroyed by war with Russia.
The Donald is going south and fast!

Moscow has reacted to Donald Trump’s plans on establishing ‘safe zones’ for Syrian refugees, with the Kremlin spokesman saying the question had not been raised with Russia, while also suggesting the US should consider the possible consequences of such a move.
Islamic State, Syria unrest

“Our American partners did not consult with Russia [regarding the ‘safe zones’]. It is their sovereign decision,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told a conference call with reporters on Thursday.

He noted the importance of considering all the possible outcomes of taking such a step.

Jan 26 07:48

BBC Unleashes Frantic Propaganda War on Russia AND America!

The Holy Grail of heavyweight diplomacy in the 70s and 80s was détente between the West and Russia. Now, as a lasting settlement of unresolved issues from frozen conflicts and missile defence becomes possible, with NATO armies parked just 135km from St. Petersburg, hopes for a world that is both safer, and fairer, are under siege from the globalist order.

The BBC, due to its state funding, vast infrastructure, political connections to the elitist cartels, and fervent multicultural ideology is a prime weapon in the unfolding battle between free peoples and the soft totalitarianism of nation-hating globalism.

Jan 26 07:44

European Commission's Mysterious Weapon Against 'Russian Propaganda'

According to an official Q&A on East StratCom, the team, operational since September 2015, was set up to explain key policies of the European Union and create "a positive EU narrative." The group is said to consist of ten communication experts, some of whom previously worked at the EU institutions. They are believed to speak several languages, including Russian.

Jan 26 07:27

Russia's Kaliningrad - Inside the Small Region that Holds Europe in Terror (VIDEO)

Lithuania and Poland incessantly whine about a 'Russian threat' to their security - yet the only border they share with Russia is a small sliver of land totally cut off from Moscow. Russia's Kaliningrad region, hosting a capital city of the same name, is a small exclave sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania. It is less than 200 km wide at its widest extent...

Jan 26 01:02

Defense Ministry: Russian warships need no senseless escort services

"We have paid attention to British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon’s statement about the Russian air carrying task force that is passing the English Channel on its way home after a successful combat mission," Konashenkov said. "Such statements and shows of escorting our warships are geared to divert attention of British taxpayers from the real state of the Royal Navy. First, Russian warships need no senseless escort services as they know the navigation pass and their course. And second, we would suggest Mr. Fallon pay more attention to the British Navy since, according to the British media, there are all the grounds for that." Britain’s The Sunday Times reported earlier about an abortive ballistic missile launch from a British submarine.

Jan 26 00:57

Russian ambassador to India dies in New Delhi

Russian Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, passed away in New Delhi on Thursday, a source in the Russian Embassy in India told TASS. A diplomatic source also confirmed in an interview with TASS that "the ambassador died at 8am on Thursday due to cardiac arrhythmia." Kadakin was born on July 22, 1949, in Chisinau (Moldova). A graduate of the Moscow Institute of International Relations, he served as Russia's Ambassador to India from 1999 to 2004 and was reappointed to the position in 2009.

Jan 25 13:45

Kommersant: Russia’s FSB arrests Kaspersky Lab top manager

Ruslan Stoyanov, head of the computer incidents investigation unit at Kaspersky Lab, was arrested according to Kommersant citing a source close to Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB). The newspaper noted that the arrest might be linked to the investigation of one of the department heads of the FSB’s Information Security Center. Kaspersky Lab press service confirmed the arrest to the newspaper, adding that the investigation is not related to the company and is being conducted against a private individual. Both Stoyanov and FSB information security official, Sergey Mikhailov were taken into custody as defendants in the same case. Detectives are investigating the Information Security Center’s connection to private companies cooperating with the division in the field of cybercrime expert studies.

Jan 25 13:29

Norad Responds after Russian Bombers Zoom around Japan

Old propeller powered Russian bombers "ZOOM" around Japan. GASP! I'm so scared! (Russian patrols are nothing compared to U.S. patrols, and the Ruskies aren't shitting themselves.)

Jan 25 13:26

Russia Passes the Bill Decriminalize Some Forms of Domestic Violence

The Russian Parliament passed the second reading of a controversial bill to decriminalize some forms of domestic violence.

Jan 25 13:20

Japan scrambles fighter jets to intercept Russian bombers

Japanese Air Self-Defense Force fighter jets were scrambled Tuesday to intercept three Russian Tu-95 Bear strategic bombers, the Joint Staff of Japan’s Self-Defense Forces said Wednesday. Japan’s airspace was not violated, the Joint Staff said. The latest similar event involving Russian warplanes near the Japanese borders was recorded about a year ago, in January 2016. From April to September 2016, Japan had to dispatch its fighter jets more than 500 times to intercept foreign military aircraft. The vast majority of the sorties were performed to intercept Chinese warplanes.

Jan 25 13:08

Defense minister says troops in south Russia need to be strengthened over tense situation

"It is important to note that the military and political situation in the south-western strategic direction remains unstable. It is primarily negatively affected by the situation in southeast Ukraine and the activity of international terrorist organizations and groupings on the territory of the North Caucasus," the defense minister said. "In these conditions, work has to be continued to improve the combat structure of the district’s troops, hire contract servicemen and equip troops with new types of armament and military hardware and to develop military infrastructure," the defense minister said. Last year, the Southern Military District’s combat capabilities were boosted by 10%, including as a result of the continued hire of contract servicemen and the arrival of new types of armaments and the improvement of the stationing system, the defense minister said.

Jan 25 12:59

Almaz-Antei finds European court’s decision on sanctions against company 'political'

"We find that today's decision of the European Court is political and is not based on a legal assessment of the case," Group’s CEO Yan Novikov said as quoted by the press service. "We are not going to file an appeal, as it was said today that the decision of the European Court is politicized and, accordingly, we do not believe the European court," the spokesman said. He also said that Almaz-Antei is no longer going to spend money on meetings in the European Court...

Jan 25 12:56

Lavrov points to Moscow’s reciprocal measures for NATO steps changing situation in Europe

"Together with other agencies, we have been taking reciprocal measures for NATO’s steps aimed at changing the military and political situation in Europe, including its military build-up near Russia’s borders and the establishment of the United States’ global missile defense system facilities, particularly in Europe," the top diplomat said. Lavrov added that Russia was a peaceful country. "But our love for peace relies on our capability and readiness to ensure the safety of the country’s citizens at all times," the foreign minister stressed.

Jan 25 12:38

Russia’s culture minister doubts future cooperation with Dutch museums is possible. Artifacts from Crimean museums to be privatized after transfer to Kiev

Russia’s Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky "would take great care" not to lend Russian museums’ exhibits for displaying in the Netherlands, following the Dutch court’s ruling over the Scythian gold, he told reporters on Wednesday...
"Unfortunately, they have neither shame nor conscience. I think Ukrainian officials will line up the collection pieces for ‘privatization’," Aksyonov said, commenting on the words of Crimea’s Culture Minister Arina Novoselskaya that the Crimean museums had filed an appeal against the Dutch court’s ruling over return of the collection to Ukraine. "We should carefully consider [the issue] and, along with the Foreign Ministry, take the required steps," he added. "Russia’s Culture Ministry is providing methodological assistance. The working group should search for correct ways. We do not give up and will fight to the last ditch"...

Jan 25 11:46

PACE President wants Russia's rights reinstated to the fullest

In January 2017, the Russian delegation intended to return to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, only if the rights of the Russian delegation in the work of the body could be restored to the fullest. The Russian Federation has paid the fee to the Council of Europe for 2017, including the part for the work at the PACE. In early September, PACE's President Pedro Agramunt said that he would like to resume dialogue with Russia. Pedro Agramunt stated that the PACE should lift all political sanctions from the Russian delegation. In a conversation with Russian and Ukrainian journalists, Agramunt expressed his regret over Russia's decision not to participate in the work of the Assembly. According to him, Russia should have full rights at the PACE. "I believe that the Russians should be here in the Assembly, and they should have full rights in the organisation. But it is not up to me to make the decision - it is the assembly that should make the decision.

Jan 25 10:50

Trump's Truth Bombs Are Pushing The Elite's Propaganda Out Into The Open

Trump ends TPP and other countries say they are out. Trump stops all grants in EPA, want to see what they are spending money on.

Jan 25 08:08

BEX ALERT - Russia Is Preparing to Attack

Jan 25 08:01

Lavrov: Obama left political 'landmines' to sabotage future Russia-US relations

Jan 25 07:04

From Yin to Yang – Pussy Riot–3, in Washington

The ascent of Donald Trump is more than a change of tenant of the White House on 1600, Pennsylvania Ave. It is a momentous swing from Yin to Yang, from dark feminine to bright masculine paradigm, from Cybele to Christ. Tremendous resistance to the regime change proves its unique importance.

Pussy Riot–3, in Washington, another obscene attempt to use women and their bodies for political and religious anti-Christian purposes.

If you prefer a more up-to-date comparison, this is a new Pussy Riot. Perhaps you remember there was a Russian group of that name. They were anti-Putin like the American lot is anti-Trump; they blasphemed like their American counterparts; they were guided and supported by Louise “Madonna” Ciccone, who starred in Washington threatening to blow up the White House.

Jan 24 17:51

Alleged U.S., Russian Cooperation Called Into Question – Is Trump Also Hostile To Assad?

By Brandon Turbeville

After only a few days in office and a mysterious drone strike in Yemen, many are wondering just what President Donald Trump’s policy on Syria might be. After all, throughout the campaign, Trump hinted around at a stronger relationship with Russia and a realization that Assad was not only the better option but a major force for fighting terror in the region. This was clearly a good sign.

However, days after Trump has taken office, it is still unclear as to just what position Trump is going to take in regards to both Syria and Russia...

Jan 24 17:22

China and Japan's US Treasury Debt Holdings Fall, Russia's Increase

According to the latest reports for November, China’s holdings of the US Treasuries decreased for the sixth month in a row.

Jan 24 16:18

'Trump’s Desire To Work With Russia Against Daesh Is Hopeful'

US President Donald Trump’s willingness to conduct joint airstrikes between US and Russian forces against the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group in Syria “is a hopeful indication,” says a former US Senate policy adviser and diplomat.

“The United States, under the Trump administration, is willing to work with the Russians,” said James Jatras, who is also a specialist in international relations and legislative politics in Washington.

Jan 24 13:05

There Is A War Going On But It's Not Between The U.S. And Russia

Trump signs executive order to ease Obamacare and will let states decide to keep it or not. WikiLeaks says they will hack Trump to expose his tax returns. President Trump Attorney General will keep the surveillance state.

Jan 24 12:17


Ever since Democrats latched onto the “Russian hacking” claims as their reason for President-elect Donald Trump’s defeat of Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, they have been demanding an investigation into just what the Russians did in 2016.

Jan 24 10:11

America’s Putin Derangement Syndrome

Last week as Donald Trump was preparing to take office, The New York Times — reeling from Trump’s interview in which he said he didn’t “really care” if the European Union holds together and described NATO as “obsolete” — declared that “the big winner” of the change in U.S. presidents was Vladimir Putin.

Jan 24 09:00

Trump Willing To Team Up With Putin To Fight ISIS

Donald Trump is willing to work with Russia “or anyone else” the US has a “shared national interest in” to beat the terrorist group, his press secretary told reporters.

Jan 24 08:43

Europe at risk of INVASION FROM PUTIN if Trump pulls troops from continent, general warns

EUROPE is at risk of invasion from Vladimir Putin if Donald Trump withdraws US troops from Nato’s operation on Russia’s border, a senior defence general based in Europe has chillingly warned.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, Europe would miss all those US forces shopping in their stores and propping up Europe's economy with US tax dollars!

Jan 24 08:39

Cleared! FBI Finds NO wrongdoing in call between General Flynn and Russian ambassador

Jan 24 08:17

Polish Ministry Declassifies 2008 Paper on Shifting to Pro-Russian Policy

The Polish Foreign Ministry declassified a document dating 2008 on changing the country’s foreign policy in order to improve relations with Russia, local media reported.

Jan 24 08:15

Mainstream British Press Propaganda Ramps Up Dangerous War Rhetoric against Russia

The British press are in full hysteria propaganda mode when it comes to demonising our new greatest threat on planet earth; not climate change, a global pandemic, international terrorism, or America’s new foe in the South China Sea – but Russia.

The Telegraph 31/12/16: “Systemic, relentless, predatory’ Russian cyber threat to US power grid exposed as malware found on major electricity company computer.”

The Independent 13/12/16: “Highly probable Russian interfered with Brexit referendum.”

The Express 15/01/17: “Russians forcing RAF to abort missions in Syria by ‘hacking into’ their systems”

The Guardian 14/01/17: “Senior British politicians ‘targeted by Kremlin’ for smear campaigns”

In all of these newspaper reports, and there are plenty more of them, not a single scrap of actual evidence other than hearsay is published.

Jan 24 08:08

Economist can’t handle the facts (about RT)

However, of all the – independently verifiable – facts and figures provided by RT to the journalist, not a single one, nor even a fragment of a comment, was actually included in the article that appeared in today’s issue of the magazine.

Instead, the Economist writes that “RT has a clever way with numbers. Its ““audience” of 550m refers to the number of people who can access its channel, not those who actually watch it. RT has never released the latter figure…”

First of all, can we please pause and reflect for a minute on the sheer inanity of passing off a 5-year-old report as something reflecting the current state of affairs, including audience? Particularly in the world of media, where revolutionary changes take place in a much shorter time span.

Jan 23 16:51

America’s Putin Derangement Syndrome

Last week as Donald Trump was preparing to take office, The New York Times — reeling from Trump’s interview in which he said he didn’t “really care” if the European Union holds together and described NATO as “obsolete” — declared that “the big winner” of the change in U.S. presidents was Vladimir Putin.