Nov 13 07:58


The rare frilled shark is considered a “living fossil,” because evidence of its existence dates back to at least 80 million years ago. This summer, researchers found one alive and thriving off the coast of Portugal, adding yet more clues about the resilience of this ancient sea creature.

Nov 13 07:55

Madagascar plague expert fears Black Death that has killed 140 people could become untreatable and spread to the UK

He told the Daily Star: "If it reaches the UK, Europe or the US it would be similar to the Ebola outbreak.

"We would probably have a few isolated cases but it shouldn’t spread like it has in Madagascar."

Nov 13 07:35

Pfizer Vice President Blows the Whistle: Reveals Dark Truth About Pharmaceutical Industry

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine.” – Dr. Marcia Angell, a physician and longtime editor-in-chief of the New England Medical Journal (NEMJ)

“The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.” – Dr. Richard Horton, the current editor-in-chief of the Lancet – considered to be one of the most well respected peer-reviewed medical journals in the world.

Nov 13 07:19

Extremely dangerous M7.3 earthquake hits Iran - Iraq border region - more than 400 killed

A very strong and shallow earthquake registered by the USGS as M7.3 hit Iran - Iraq border region at 18:18 UTC (21:18 local time) on Sunday, November 12, 2017. The agency is reporting a depth of 23.2 km (14.4 miles). EMSC is reporting M7.2 at a depth of 19 km (11.8 miles). This earthquake can have a high humanitarian impact based on the magnitude and the affected population and their vulnerability.

Nov 13 07:12

Madagascar plague expert fears Black Death that has killed 140 people in Madagascar become untreatable and spread to the UK

Professor Paul Hunter also warned it was possible for the disease to reach Europe and North America like the Ebola virus did in 2014 following an outbreak in West Africa. Hunter, who lectures in health protection at the University of East Anglia, said: "As with any disease, it's a real worry that it mutates and become untreatable."

Nov 13 07:12

Are Electric Cars As Clean As They Seem?

The whole process requires power, which more often than not is sourced from fossil fuels, not renewables or nuclear energy. This is similar to the issue electric-car charging stations face when evaluating the efficiency of their establishments in eliminating pollution from the environment. In most parts of the U.S., if the stations source their electricity from the grid, they’re just increasing demand for fossil fuels since coal, oil, and natural gas power the majority of the country anyway. Some states, like California, are obvious exceptions because of their heavy investments in green energy, but for the most part, the pattern holds.

Moreover, lithium batteries need proper facilities in order to be recycled once they reach the end of their lifespan. Tesla’s Gigafactory, which promises to produce the electric car manufacturer’s batteries in an environmentally conscious way, says it will lead a program to recycle the hardware responsibly.

Nov 13 06:58

BLACK DEATH WARNING: Madagascar plague expert fears Black Death that has killed 140 people in Madagascar become untreatable and spread to the UK

A MEDICAL expert has warned that the plague, which has already killed 140 people in Madagascar, could mutate and become untreatable.

Professor Paul Hunter also warned it was possible for the disease to reach Europe and North America like the Ebola virus did in 2014 following an outbreak in West Africa.

Hunter, who lectures in health protection at the University of East Anglia, said: "As with any disease, it's a real worry that it mutates and become untreatable."

He told the Daily Star: "If it reaches the UK, Europe or the US it would be similar to the Ebola outbreak.

"We would probably have a few isolated cases but it shouldn’t spread like it has in Madagascar."

The island, located off the southeastern coast of Africa, has seen 143 of its citizens from over 2,000 people infected.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Madagascar ... is an island.

Can some one in their right minds still tell me, please, why the airport and ports have not been locked down, to prevent this contaigon from spreding?!?

Nov 12 08:18

Breaking: Prominent Holistic Doctor and entire family found shot dead in AZ home

It is with very heavy heart that we announce that holistic Dr. Annie Fairbanks, 39, husband Jason Fairbanks, 39 and their 3-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son died in a shooting Friday afternoon November 10th. The Scottsdale Police Department released their names Saturday morning, November 11th.

Annie and her 9 month old son (photo courtesy of Facebook and AZ Central)

Sgt. Ben Hoster, Scottsdale Police Department spokesman claims, within hours of the shooting, that Jason Fairbanks must have killed his wife, 2 small children, and then turned the gun on himself.

Dr Fairbank’s patients, friends and loved ones were writing us today, some saying they doubt this claim that was made so quickly. We don’t know enough to personally make a call at this time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That makes 77 on the list of strange deaths of holistic doctors and researchers.

Nov 12 08:15

Disneyland shuts down water coolers after breakout of DEADLY bacterial DISEASE

Disneyland voluntarily shut down two water cooling towers in one of its backstage areas after discovering they contained high levels of the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ Disease, according to local reports.

The towers were chemically treated to combat the problem and there is no ongoing threat to guests’ health.

The Orange County Health Agency said 12 cases of Legionnaires’ disease were found three weeks ago, nine of which were people who visited the park in September, the LA Times reported.

Nov 11 10:42

DEA Says It Won’t Arrest CBD Oil Users

By the way.CBD works best in synergy with THC. The battle is being won!

“They are not a priority for us… it would not be an appropriate use of federal resources to go after a mother because her child has epileptic seizures and has found something that can help and has helped,” Rusty Payne, a spokesperson with the DEA, told news channel WTHR.

Nov 11 10:19

Why Were Vatican And RC Church Hierarchies NOT Unnerved About Infertility “Ingredients” In WHO’s African Tetanus Vaccine Campaign?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

The Roman Catholic Church has strict rules and unyielding dogma regarding religious beliefs and congregants practices but, unfortunately, seems to turn a deaf ear and a blind eye and subscribes to “going along to get along” especially regarding the pseudosciences regarding GMO ‘phood,' and what the medical industry submits as ‘gospel truth’ when it comes to pharmaceutical vaccines!...

Nov 11 10:07

Plague fears grow as Malawi becomes tenth African nation put on alert for the spread of the killer disease

Malawi is bracing itself for an outbreak of the plague after the deadly disease continues to spread across the island nation of Madagascar.
At least 143 people have died and more than 2,000 others have been infected in Madagascar since an outbreak in early August this year.

Yet Malawi's health secretary confirmed the country is ready for any reported cases of the disease amid mounting concerns of Africa's 'porous borders'.
Dr Dan Namarika, principal secretary in the ministry of health, said the country were working in conjunction with Mozambique to help best prepare for a possible outbreak.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Madagascar... is an island.

It would be a simple thing to close down the airport and the ports, to keep the contagion from spreading, yet this has not been not done by the government of Madagascar; why?!?

Nov 11 08:42

Encryption is Dead: China Performs Quantum Messaging Over Longer Distances

Quantum-encrypted data cannot be eavesdropped because a third party tampering with the communication channel causes a quantum message to change, and both the recipient and the sender will know that someone is attempting an intercept. Due to the nature of quantum physics, any observation using our large-scale instruments influences — and so alters — the object of observation, an effect known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Nov 11 08:16

Human Brains And Bodies Could Be Hacked To Create Life In Hostile Environments, Experts Argue

HUMANS of the future could have enormous lungs to live in underwater kingdoms, or biohacked brains where memories can be bought and sold for a fee.

Nov 10 22:53

Epileptic girl sues Sessions to legalize medical marijuana nationwide

A 12-year-old girl suffering from epilepsy is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions in order to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes on a federal level. A motion by the US government to dismiss her case has been denied.
Alexis Bortell, 12, was joined by four other plaintiffs in her lawsuit, filed in US District Court in the Southern District of New York on July 24, according to court documents. Other defendants named in the case are the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the Acting Director of the DEA Chuck Rosenberg and the US government.

Nov 10 22:42

Monsanto’s monster-herbicide blamed for killing millions of crop acres

Agro-chemical giant Monsanto’s new version of an herbicide called dicamba is allegedly wiping out millions of acres of farmland across the US Midwest, according to farmers from 25 states litigating with the company and calling for stiffer rules.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the farmers have submitted more than 2,700 claims to state agricultural agencies that neighbors’ dicamba spraying destroyed 3.6 million acres of soybeans. About 900,000 acres of crops were reportedly damaged in Arkansas alone, more than in any other state. The herbicide is also blamed for destroying other crops, such as cantaloupe and pumpkins.

Nov 10 22:38

Epileptic girl sues Sessions to legalize medical marijuana nationwide

A 12-year-old girl suffering from epilepsy is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions in order to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes on a federal level. A motion by the US government to dismiss her case has been denied.


Since beginning her THC treatment, Bortell has been seizure-free for two and a half years. “As the seizures got worse, we had to move to Colorado to get cannabis because it's illegal in Texas,” Bortell said, KDVR reported.

While describing the difference between past treatment proposals and her current use of a THC liquid, Bortell said: “I'd say it’s a lot better than brain surgery.”

Nov 10 17:12

Switching To Non-GMO Diet Led To Impressive Recovery From Health Problems

A peer-reviewed survey showed that digestive problems, obesity, allergies and fatigue cleared up for the bulk of the people who switched to non-GMO food.

Nov 10 16:56

Cannabinoids For Cancer Treatment, Journal Supports Changing Federal Schedule

A review bemoans the federal classification of cannabis as illicit drugs, because of its potential anti-cancer benefits When cannabinoids such as those...cause cancer cell death...

Nov 10 16:42

Human Brains And Bodies Could Be Hacked To Create Life In Hostile Environments, Experts Argue

HUMANS of the future could have enormous lungs to live in underwater kingdoms, or biohacked brains where memories can be bought and sold for a fee.

Nov 10 15:36

Ishi, last 'wild' Indian, found refuge in S.F.

For 4 1/2 years, a unique saga played out on San Francisco's Parnassus Avenue. On that lofty street at the base of Mount Sutro, overlooking Golden Gate Park, Marin and the Farallon Islands, the last "wild" Indian in North America, Ishi, spent his final years living in a museum where he was looked after, and befriended, by California's most eminent anthropologist.
There is no more extraordinary and poignant episode in the city's history.

Nov 10 15:11

GM Food Crops Illegally Growing In India: The Criminal Plan To Change The Genetic Core Of The Nation’s Food System

The GM Contamination Register database is run by Genewatch and Greenpeace and contains cases of genetically modified (GM) contamination dating from 1997. The authors of a 2014 paper, published in the International Journal of Food Contamination, analysed 400 or so cases in the database by crop and country.

Nov 10 14:00

NASA Building Very Own ‘Big F**King Rocket’ To Rival SpaceX (VIDEO)

Not to be undone by Elon Musk and SpaceX, NASA boffins are busy developing their own huge rocket they hope will soon be capable of bringing humans and massive amounts of cargo to the Red Planet and beyond.

Nov 10 12:28

BOMBSHELL science paper documents the depopulation chemical covertly spiked into vaccines

Just days after the release of a jaw-dropping video lecture called the Science Agenda to Exterminate Blacks, a bombshell science paper has emerged that confirms the use of covert sterilization chemicals in World Health Organization vaccines deployed in Africa. Entitled, “HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World,” the paper documents the covert deployment of an infertility chemical in vaccines that are administered to young black women in Kenya:

Oller, J.W., Shaw, C.A., Tomljenovic, L., Karanja, S.K., Ngare, W., Clement, F.M. and Pillette, J.R. (2017), HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World. Open Access Library Journal, 4: e3937.

Nov 10 12:17

Setting the Record Straight: The Beirut Barracks Bombing

The White House wants to blame Iran, but they're wrong. I was there.
By LAWRENCE KORB • November 9, 2017

The crucial turning point occurred in early September, when the U.S. began providing naval gunfire support for the U.S.-backed Lebanese Army—something that was opposed, as journalist Nir Rosen has pointed out, by the State Department, the CIA, and even Marine Commander Col. Timothy Geraghty.

In an article he wrote on the 25th anniversary of the attack on his marines, Geraghty recalled the situation:

Nov 10 12:05

NASA's New Plane Design Is a Simple, Brilliant Fuel-Saver

NASA's idea is pretty straightforward: place a large turbofan engine on the rear of a plane, where it will collect the slow-moving air traveling along the plane's body. This lets the wing-mounted turbofans be built smaller, which means less drag and a higher fuel efficiency.

That by itself would mean a minor improvement to fuel use, but NASA decided to go a step further. The engineers also added generators to the wing-mounted turbofans, and the electricity generated by these engines is used to power the tail-mounted one. This means that the rear turbofan that provides much of the plane's thrust doesn't require any fuel to operate.

Nov 10 12:00

Children are Being Educated in School to Obey the Government’s Vaccination Agenda

By Christina England, BA Hons

Children around the world are being taught in school from an early age to believe that vaccines are safe and effective as part of their education. Not only is there evidence to support this fact, but there is also evidence that many children are being regularly brainwashed to believe that if they do not receive their vaccinations, they could get ill and die from vaccine-preventable diseases.

The Learning Network, which works in conjunction with The New York Times, lays out a series of lesson plans for teachers in the US, including a lesson titled Fighting Disease: Researching the History and Biology of Vaccines. This lesson in particular should interest the many parents who are unaware that their children are being brainwashed to think in a particular way when they send them to school...

Nov 10 11:08

Confirmed Health Harms from Microwaves In Smart Meters And Other Smart Devices

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Have you ever wondered what the real deal is regarding RF EMFs from cell phones, Wi-Fi, all smart devices, but specifically from AMI Smart Meters being forced upon everyone’s utilities?...

Nov 10 10:26

Special Report: The decisions behind Monsanto's weed-killer crisis

The resulting rash of illegal spraying that year damaged 42,000 acres of crops in Missouri, among the hardest hit areas, as well as swaths of crops in nine other states, according to an August 2016 advisory from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The damage this year has covered 3.6 million acres in 25 states, according to Kevin Bradley, a University of Missouri weed scientist who has tracked dicamba damage reports and produced estimates cited by the EPA.

Nov 10 10:03

How hospitals keep their patients sick by feeding them Ensure, a “junk food” nutrition shake

Once upon a time, long long ago, doctors used to take some time to educate their patients on how to maintain a healthy body and mind through nutrition and stress reduction. Unfortunately, a horrible and evil monster invaded the land (let’s call it Fraudzilla) and decided that this idea of nutrition was nonsense and the people’s ills were better managed through synthetic and toxic medications created in a lab. Since the lure of money was so promising, doctors took the bait and abandoned all common sense and logic with regards to helping patients overcome chronic health problems.

It was the beginning of the end for quality health care, as this method of medicine became ingrained in nearly all areas of the world. Doctors became busy pill pushers, and any semblance of nutrition advice went out the door, along with the patient’s chances of a solid recovery.

Nov 10 09:53

GM Food Crops Illegally Growing In India: The Criminal Plan To Change The Genetic Core Of The Nation’s Food System

The GM Contamination Register database is run by Genewatch and Greenpeace and contains cases of genetically modified (GM) contamination dating from 1997. The authors of a 2014 paper, published in the International Journal of Food Contamination, analysed 400 or so cases in the database by crop and country.

GM rice accounted for about a third of contamination cases, despite the fact there is officially no GM rice grown anywhere in the world. They also focused on cases of contamination arising from unauthorised GM crops: those without any authorisation for commercial growing anywhere in the world. Nine cases were discovered of GM contamination of these unauthorised (non-commercialised) GM crops that haven’t undergone any environmental or food safety analysis. The authors argue that once GM contamination has happened, it can be difficult to contain.

Nov 10 09:40


Monsanto thought they had developed an amazing scheme to corner the Midwest farming market when they developed new genetically engineered seeds that were resistant to their new herbicide called dicamba. The resistance of Monsanto's new magical seed crops to dicamba meant that the herbicide could be sprayed liberally by farmers to eradicate weeds and boost yields.
Alas, as we pointed out last week (see: Meet Monsanto's Other Herbicide Problem...), a small problem emerged when spray drifts from those liberal herbicide applications began to wipe out the crops of neighboring farmers who didn't plant Monsanto's dicamba-resistant seeds.

Now, as the Wall Street Journal points out today, after allegedly wiping out millions of acres of farm ground across the Midwest, Monsanto once again finds itself in a familiar spot: the courtroom.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This company is so morally vile that it should be sued out of existence, for all the damage its products have done globally.

Nov 10 08:26

UK will back EU ban on pesticides that have killed millions of bees, says Environment Secretary Michael Gove

The pesticides - known as neo-nicotinoids or 'neo-nics' - are meant to kill insects that eat crops.

They are used in sprays and coatings on seeds – killing sap-sucking weevils and aphids.

But Mr Gove said yesterday the risk to bees and other insects such as butterflies was 'greater than previously understood'.

The European Commission proposed a ban on three neonicotinoids on flowering crops such as oil seed rape in 2013 because of the threat to bee health.

The UK had opposed the ban, but other member states disagreed and the ban was implemented across the EU.

Now Mr Gove said he believed the evidence base had 'grown' and the UK will back a new proposal by the EC to extend the ban to non-flowering crops such as wheat and sugar beet as well.

Nov 09 20:16

GM Food Crops Illegally Growing In India: The Criminal Plan To Change The Genetic Core Of The Nation’s Food System

The GM Contamination Register database is run by Genewatch and Greenpeace and contains cases of genetically modified (GM) contamination dating from 1997. The authors of a 2014 paper, published in the International Journal of Food Contamination, analysed 400 or so cases in the database by crop and country.

Nov 09 19:48

Another "Impossible" Exoplanet | Space News - ThunderboltsProject

Recently, scientists reported in the monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society the discovery of a theory-shattering exoplanet -- one of countless such discoveries in the last two decades. As reported on on October 31, the hot Jupiter “should not exist according to planet formation theory.” In this episode, we outline the fundamental differences between the standard model of planet and star formation versus that of the Electric Universe.

Source story:

Nov 09 14:36

BEX ALERT - No correlation between popular Monsanto pesticide and cancer ? study

A pesticide used by agribusiness giant Monsanto does not cause cancer, a new study states. The findings are likely to impact a legal battle that placed glyphosate, a key ingredient in the company’s popular weed killer, on a list of cancer-causing chemicals.

The study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute Thursday, found no correlation between glyphosate “and any solid tumors or lymphoid malignancies overall, including non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and its subtypes,” according to Reuters.

Researchers did find “some evidence of increased risk of acute myeloid leukemia among the highest exposed group” but said it was “not statistically significant.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Science prostituted by corporate money!

Nov 09 10:53

Apple To Ramp Up Work On Augmented Reality Headset

Apple Inc., seeking a breakthrough product to succeed the iPhone, aims to have technology ready for an augmented-reality headset in 2019 and could ship a product as early as 2020.

Nov 09 09:44

Dr. Cammy Benton: CDC Admits There is No Science Behind the Annual Flu Vaccine

When she finally figured out that her children were being damaged by vaccines, she became very angry towards herself and her profession, for not investigating vaccines prior to believing what she had been told about them, and administering them without question.

Her own pediatrician had vaccinated her children with the flu vaccine behind her back, because she had stated she was against the flu vaccine.

During the interview, Dr. Benton relates how the flu vaccine became mandated during her medical practice. She began to ask questions about the science behind the flu shot, and even asked a senior CDC official about it at an event. But she found no credible studies backing up the science behind the flu shot.

Nov 09 09:09

Hug A Robot? Study Concludes UK Workers Should Embrace Automatons

Workers shouldn’t fear the rise of the robots, argues the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS). Automation should be embraced as an opportunity for economic growth; raising wages of workers and increasing productivity, argued the report’s author Daniel Mahoney.

Nov 09 09:01

The great flu vaccine hoax: new evidence

A new study, published in the PLOS Journal on 10/23, by contributing authors from the Scripps Institute and the University of Pennsylvania, is titled: “A structural explanation for the low effectiveness of the seasonal influenza H3N2 vaccine.”

Oops. Low effectiveness? The public has been taught to believe the vaccine is quite effective.

Here is a key quote from the study: “It is common to use chicken eggs for culturing clinical isolates and for large-scale production of vaccines. However, influenza virus often mutates to adapt to being grown in chicken eggs, which can influence antigenicity and hence vaccine effectiveness.”

Translation: The virus in the vaccine mutates, in the chicken eggs, and therefore the patient’s immune system responds to the wrong version of the flu virus.

Nov 09 09:00

How Silicon Valley Exploits Consumers In Order To “Serve Mankind”

Silicon Valley surely is unrivaled in the American economy in its claims to “serve mankind.” So much so, in fact, that the satirical TV show Silicon Valley has a running joke that whenever a start-up founder is introduced, no matter how absurdly technical his project may be, he assures the audience that he is committed to “making the world a better place.” Paxos algorithms for consensus protocols … making the world a better place.

Nov 09 08:54

How Mueller & President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History

Very interesting!

That night on stage Trump made a shocking promise to Clinton in the event he got elected. “If I win, I’m going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation…we’re going to have a special prosecutor,” Trump said. Clinton responded, “It’s just awfully good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country.” Trump then interrupted and said: “Because you’d be in jail.” Trump’s statement was met with cheers and thunderous applause.

Nov 09 07:55

Astronomers find bizarre 'zombie supernova' that just won't die

Astrophysicists have discovered one of the weirdest stars yet in the universe: one that refuses to die, exploding as a supernova multiple times over fifty years.

Normally when large stars reach the end of their lives they terminally explode as a supernova with a burst of bright light and matter and that is that. But the supernova, known as iPTF14hls, keeps on burning.

Nov 08 16:27

How Silicon Valley Exploits Consumers In Order To “Serve Mankind”

Silicon Valley surely is unrivaled in the American economy in its claims to “serve mankind.” So much so, in fact, that the satirical TV show Silicon Valley has a running joke that whenever a start-up founder is introduced, no matter how absurdly technical his project may be, he assures the audience that he is committed to “making the world a better place.” Paxos algorithms for consensus protocols … making the world a better place.

Nov 08 16:15

China's future satellite navigation will be millimeter-accurate

China's military is updating its satellite navigation system, launching tech that'll offer super accurate guidance for munitions and drones.
On Sept. 29, China launched two Beidou 3 satellites from a Long March 3C rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan province.

Another two Beidou 3 satellites will launch before the end of 2017, part of a network of 20 Beidou 3 and 10 older Beidou 2 satellites set to go up by 2020.

Civilian GPS receivers generally achieve higher accuracy by combining signals of several satellites, and indeed the completed Beidou Navigation Satellite System is expected to provide global coverage, with millimeter-level accuracy.

Nov 08 15:14

Hearing Opinions Spoken Aloud Humanizes Person Behind It

Specific aspects of speech, such as intonation and frequent pauses, may serve as cues that humanize the people who are speaking, making them seem more...

Nov 08 14:07

Climate Engineering Is A Gateway To Global Government

By Derrick Broze

As the U.S. House of Representatives held its first hearing on climate engineering it is becoming clear that the technology will lead to international governance body...

Nov 08 11:30

Tuberculosis Outbreak Of A Multi -Drug-Resistant Strain In Minnesota Is Hard To Fight

An outbreak of tuberculosis has surfaced in Minnesota, and medical officials are concerned. Normally, the disease is treated with antibiotics. But this new strain is resistant to multiple drugs, making it difficult to control.

According to Fox News affiliate, Fox 9, Tuberculosis is treatable with antibiotics, but the multi-drug resistant strain has been more difficult to fight. This strain directly caused three deaths.

“When you have multi-drug resistant disease what that means is the organism that’s causing the TB is now resistant to at least two of the usual drugs that are used, so it’s not that you can’t treat it, but it’s going to take second-line drugs,” said Kris Ehresmann, Director for Infectious Disease, MN Department of Health. The disease is difficult to catch but easily spreads with repeated exposure when someone with infected lungs talks, sneezes, cough, or sings.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 08 11:27

Genetic Roulette The Gamble of Our Lives

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Long, but worth it.

Nov 08 09:27

Iceland volcano latest: 53 quakes in 7 days - Bardarbunga magma chamber refilling

ICELAND’s Bardarbunga volcano has been struck by 53 earthquakes in the last seven days, sparking fears that it could be about to blow.

Nov 08 08:47

Scientists implant tiny human brains inside rats to give them 'enhanced intelligence' provoking an ethical outcry

Tiny human brains connected to the minds of rats have sparked a major ethical debate among researchers.

Two papers being presented at a renowned US neuroscience conference this week claim to have hooked human brain tissue to the minds of rats and mice.

Ethicists have questioned whether the move could one day give the animals a consciousness, meaning they will be entitled to 'respect' in future.

It could even mean injected rodents cross the species barrier with humans to become an intelligent hybrid organism.

Nov 08 08:40

Six dead and 17 sick from major drug-resistant tuberculosis outbreak in Minnesota

A tuberculosis outbreak in Minnesota is now the largest in the country infecting 17 people and killing six.

Fourteen of those who contracted the disease are from the elderly Hmong community, with 10 of those cases believed to have spread through shared activities at a senior center.

Of the six deaths, three have been a direct result of tuberculosis or TB.

Nov 08 08:36

Black Death and incurable Marburg Virus now spreading across Africa’s cities… world’s medical system helpless to stop it

Africa is currently contending with two serious disease outbreaks. The pneumonic plague has been making headlines as it sweeps across Madagascar, but there are concerns about it are being eclipsed by a far more sinister threat: A rare and fatal virus known Marburg virus disease (MVD), which has now broken out in Uganda.

The World Health Organization reports that five cases of MVD have already been identified, and emergency screenings are being carried out at the border between Kenya and Uganda after three people in the same Ugandan family succumbed to the disease.

What makes this situation so worrying is that MVD proves fatal in nine out of ten cases. The disease is clinically similar to Ebola, and the outbreak is believed to have started in September.

Nov 08 07:56

Trump Pentagon pick says its 'insane' for civilians to own semi-automatic weapons

No difference between Hillary and Trump now. Support America and the Constitution not corrupt politicians.

President Trump’s nominee to lead the military health system said Tuesday he thinks it is “insane” for civilians to be able to purchase semi-automatic rifles like the one a gunman used to kill 26 people at a Texas church.

Dean Winslow, a professor at Stanford University and retired Air Force colonel, made his remarks during his confirmation hearing in front of the Senate Armed Service committee, according to the Washington Examiner.

“I may get in trouble with other members of the committee just say how insane it is that in the United States of America a civilian can go out and buy a semi-automatic like an AR-15, which apparently was the weapon that was used,” Winslow said. “I think that's an issue not as much for this committee, but elsewhere.”

Nov 08 07:47


by Jay Robert Nash

Will there never be an end to this? Probably not, since the FBI (and no one else) has ever refuted the FACTS (far beyond my theory) I presented in several books about the shooting at the Biograph Theater on July 22, 1934.

It was not out of Melvin Purvis' grandiosity, but his expediency to appease J. Edgar Hoover's grandiosity, that Purvis, the FBI agent in charge that night in Chicago, allowed the wrong man to be killed. You must know how all this worked in those days. When Hoover took over the Bureau in 1924, replacing William Burns, the Bureau was a corrupt instrument of the Harding administration, with FBI agents like Gaston Bullock Means conducting widespread blackmail and extortion from a corner office in the Bureau and Hoover had a hell of a time getting rid of Means and others.

Nov 08 06:05

Where Are We Going? | The Fall of Three Shields (3) - Suspicious0bservers

If the conclusion of the research is correct then we are about to enter a region of the galaxy where there is no dust and no protective magnetic sheild. Indicators suggest we may be about to witness a pole shift in the near future. A geological mystery solved?

PART 1: Sun's Motion In The Galaxy
PART 2: Exodus From The Cloud

Nov 07 18:31

Groundbreaking 'quarksplosion' discovery can make ten times as much energy as nuclear fusion

In recent years, scientists have made great strides toward harnessing nuclear fusion, in hopes to one day create reactors that produce near-limitless clean energy.

But now, a pair of researchers has discovered a new subatomic event that releases energy in amounts beyond all expectations.

Scientists found that certain types of elementary particles known as quarks can achieve fusion in a powerful ‘quarksplosion,’ resulting in eight times more energy than that released in the individual processes at the heart of hydrogen bombs.

Nov 07 18:26

Mysterious geothermal 'mantle plume' under Antarctica is heating its ice sheet, NASA study confirms

Scientists have uncovered new evidence for an ancient heat source beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet.

The underground mantle plume is thought to be driving some of the melting seen beneath the ice, giving rise to lakes and rivers.

It’s thought to have formed 50-110 million years ago, long before the ice sheet itself, and has likely played a role in rapid collapses that took place during past periods of climate change – and, it could help explain the instability seen today.

Nov 07 14:52

Comedy, Cancer, and Cannabis: Alan Park’s Wild Ride

Now, with the cancer diagnosis a few years behind him, Park says he’s “living proof” that cannabis be used as a treatment tool in the fight against cancer, having fought an “astronomical” prostate-specific antigen (PSA) value of over 700 down to less than two, lower than the normal upper limit of four.

Nov 07 12:51

She Healed Psoriasis With This Diet After She Was Offered CHEMO For Her Skin

Hanna Sillitoe is an interior designer who had one major bane in her life – 20 years of the worst kind of plaque psoriasis. Anyone who has any kind of psoriasis truly suffers...

Nov 07 09:37

Toxic for generations: Kids born to chemo survivors are increasingly infertile, having 72% fewer children

The researchers did find out that daughters of female chemo patients had 71 percent fewer children when compared to the general population. Even worse, the sons of female cancer patients had 87 percent fewer children. The data suggest that chemotherapy is causing DNA damage to women and their children, hindering their ability to procreate.

Nov 07 09:35

One MORE problem with the plastic in the oceans: It acts as a raft, transporting predators to new habitats

Scientists have recently warned that plastics and debris washed into the sea may bring more than garbage to wherever they eventually end up. According to experts, plastics and debris may carry with them predatory marine life that may very well invade new territories. Researchers said dangerous marine animals — such as fish, mussels, and jellyfish relatives — may attach themselves onto these debris and use the floating masses of garbage as a convenient raft in order to cross oceans.

The animals can travel the world’s oceans for six or more years, clinging onto the plastic debris as such materials do not biodegrade, compared with natural rafts like drift wood or vegetation that do not last as long. According to the research team, the proliferation of plastic debris across the world’s oceans provides potentially harmful marine species an opportunity to spread to various continents and habitats.

Nov 07 09:34

Breast milk the new CANCER cure? Scientists discover tumor-destroying molecules with astonishing properties

The cure for cancer can come from the very substance that sustained us during the earliest stage of our lives. Scientists accidentally discovered that a substance in breast milk could be the answer to killing tumor cells. Nicknamed Hamlet (Human alpha-lactalbumin made lethal to tumor cells), the possible cancer cure reportedly attacked cancer cells without harming healthy cells. Moreover, it doesn’t have any of the crippling side effects of chemotherapy.

Nov 06 18:42

Electric Discharge Clearly Seen on Comet 67P

The "dirty snowball theory" was a sensible suggestion when it was first proposed many years ago since no-one had ever seen the surface of a comet. Quite a few spacecraft have since visited comets and no "dirty snowballs" have been observed. Methinks scientists need to reevaluate outdated theories.

Nov 06 18:05

Is The Taxpayer Paying Psychiatry To Keep Inconvenient People In Line?

By Katherine Hine


As we see psychiatry being used for the first time to take down a sitting federal district judge, John R. Adams of Ohio’s Northern District, we are also now witnessing its use in the first serious effort to take down a sitting U.S. president. Whatever you may think of Trump’s politics or morality, any effort to remove him without impeachment is a matter of unprecedented Constitutional dimension. The main body of the Constitution itself authorizes the removal of a federal judge or a president not for “mental disability” but for “treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”. Even then, removal from office can only be accomplished by a 2/3 vote of the U.S. Senate to convict him following an impeachment proceeding authorized by Article II, Sec. 4 and Article I, Sec. 2 of the Constitution. The framers of our Constitution meant the process to be difficult...

Nov 06 15:30

FDA Cracks Down On Claims That Cannabis Can Cure Cancer

The US Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on companies it says are making unsubstantiated claims that certain products made from marijuana can cure cancer.

This week, the agency responsible for policing the American food and drug market issued warning letters to four companies that are “illegally selling products online that claim to prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure cancer without evidence to support these outcomes.” It said in a statement, “The illegally sold products allegedly contain cannabidiol (CBD), a component of the marijuana plant that is not FDA approved in any drug product for any indication.”

Nov 06 13:35

On Legalization’s 5th Anniversary, Here’s What We’ve Learned

Monday, November 6, 2017, marks the five-year anniversary of the glorious back day in 2012 when Colorado and Washington voted to become the first two US states to legalize recreational cannabis.

Since then, the data generated by those two states have refuted pretty much every dire fear that the nation’s drug warriors predicted would come to pass. Legalizing and regulating cannabis has made for a safer and more just society, while ushering in the beginning of the end of a costly, massively corrupt, and wholly counterproductive war on a largely beneficial plant.

Nov 06 12:23

Russian general reveals truth about 9/11

Konstantin P. Petrov (August 23, 1945, Noginsk, Moscow Region - July 21, 2009, Moscow) - Soviet and Russian military leader, a Russian social and political activist. Candidate of Technical Sciences. Member of International Informatization Academy. Major-General. Prematurely discharged from the Armed Forces in November 1995. Chairman of the Presidium of the Central Council of the political party "Course of Truth and Unity." Head of the department at the Udmurt State University.

Nov 06 11:56

How This Couple Earns Six Figures Per Year Organic Farming On 1.5 Acres of Land

Can small-scale farming in the modern age really generate enough income for the average family to make an honest living? For Jean-Martin Fortier and his wife, Maude-Hélène Desroches, it does. The Canadian couple grows beets, broccoli, salad greens, carrots, and various other types of produce on their modest 1.5 acres of land, from which they generate an average of at least $140,000 per year in sales – not too shabby!...

Nov 06 11:36

2 scientists dumped 12,000 tons of oranges in the Amazon Rainforest.

Nov 06 10:29

Big Pharma Threatens NHS Because It’s Trying To Use Cheaper Treatment

Two multinational drug companies are threatening the NHS with legal action over its prescribing of cheaper medicines that could save the public millions. The NHS is handing out the drugs to patients as a treatment to prevent blindness.

Nov 06 10:11

New 'Black Death' FOUND: Deadly virus WORSE than plague and with no CURE breaks out - WHO

The disease, known as Marburg virus disease (MVD), is similar to Ebola and can be lethal in up to 90 per cent of cases.

Emergency screening has begun at the Kenya-Uganda border in Turkana after three members of the same family died of the disease in Uganda.

Health workers have been asked to work with communities to stop the deadly Marburg outbreak from devastating communities in the rural region.

Dr Zabulon Yoti, Technical Coordinator for Emergencies at the World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa, said: “Community engagement is the cornerstone of emergency response.”

He urged health officials to “work with the communities to build their capacity for success and sustainability” and develop a better understanding of the local customs and traditions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Africa is one of the most under-exploited regions on the planet, harboring an incredible wealths of natural resources; I have to wonder if this was an accidental outbreak, or an attempt at depopulation to make the entire process of expropriation of those resources more cost-effective for the corporations (and the world's military protecting these processes) doing this.

I would also be interested in finding out if this version of Marburg has a genetic marker of any kind; Israeli scientists have been working on this kind of lethal bug for decades, to ultimately be used against Arabs and Palestinians, but which would be harmless to Israelis.

Yes, I am highly cynical; but the more I see of humankind's inhumanity to its brother and sister humans, there are moments when I just cannot keep up; and this is, potentially, one of those moments, if in fact the infection has been deliberately induced.

Nov 06 09:51

Discovery Of Mega Planet May Forces Change To Space Theory

The discovery of a ‘monster’ planet which is way bigger than its star has rocked the foundations of astronomical theories. Scientists will now have to reconsider their beliefs on planet formation after spotting the planet known as NGTS-1b.

The huge entity – a 986-degree gas giant thought to be the same size of Jupiter – was recently discovered revolving around a red M-dwarf star. It is the largest planet relative to its star that has ever been seen, and debunks long-held scientific theories that planets of such a massive size cannot be formed by smaller stars.

Nov 06 05:14

Where Are We Going? | Sun's Motion In The Galaxy - Suspicious0bservers

Published on Nov 5, 2017Video and images provided by:
NASA, National Geographic,

Nov 05 18:18

Is Psychiatry a New Weapon in an Old Attack on Independent Federal Judges?

By Katherine Hine

What appears to be politically motivated retaliation against judicial whistle blowing and/or independence is nothing new in U.S. history. What is new is the use of an old weapon – psychiatry- against an Article III federal district judge: Judge John R. Adams of Ohio’s Northern District.


Nov 05 09:24

Deadly Plague at ‘Crisis Point’ in Madagascar - WHO

An ongoing deadly plague epidemic on the island of Madagascar has reached a “crisis” point according to disease experts.

Two thirds of cases have been a result of the airborne pneumonic plague, a lethal strain, which spreads through coughing, sneezing or spitting.

Nov 05 08:07

New 'Black Death' FOUND: Deadly virus WORSE than plague and with no CURE breaks out - WHO

The disease, known as Marburg virus disease (MVD), is similar to Ebola and can be lethal in up to 90 per cent of cases. Emergency screening has begun at the Kenya-Uganda border in Turkana after three members of the same family died of the disease in Uganda.

Nov 04 20:45

Taking Too Much Of This Vitamin May Triple Your Risk Of Lung Cancer

If you think popping a handful of vitamins each day is the key to staying healthy, well, you might be doing it wrong.
In fact, your supplements might actually be putting your health at risk: Taking high doses of vitamin B6 and B12 supplements may increase your risk of lung cancer, especially if you smoke or have smoked in the past, a new study in the Journal for Clinical Oncology suggests.

Nov 04 06:13

BEX ALERT! U.S. report contradicts Trump team: Warming is mostly man-made


Scientists calculated that human contribution to warming since 1950 is between 92% and 123%. It’s more than 100% on one end because some natural forces — such as volcanoes and orbital cycle — are working to cool Earth, but are being overwhelmed by the effects of greenhouse gases, said study co-author Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech.


"Figures often beguile me," he wrote, "particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: 'There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.'" - Samuel Clemens, a.k.a. Mark Twain

Nov 03 10:21


Levels of the herbicide Roundup in human urine have increased dramatically among California residents in the past two decades, a new study reports.

Roundup (glyphosate) is used to protect genetically modified corn and soy crops from weeds and also is used on wheat and oats, said the study’s lead author, Paul Mills. He is a professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California, San Diego.

Urine collected from 100 Californians between 1993 and 2016 show that glyphosate levels have gone up with the advent of genetically modified crops, Mills said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I loved the follow-on statement by one of their contributors:

"Roundup (glyphosate) is used to protect genetically modified corn and soy crops from weeds"

It seems Roundup is also used to protect GMO corn and soy from humans. To be fair they consider most humans to be pests.

Nov 03 04:13

How Pharma Sabotaged the Drug Enforcement Agency and Caused Hundreds of Thousands of Deaths

The three largest drug distributors — Cardinal Health, McKesson and AmerisourceBergen — control as much as 90 percent of the opioid distribution in the U.S., and according to Rannazzisi, they were most certainly aware of the fact that the suspiciously large orders they filled were killing tens of thousands of people each year. The drug makers facilitated these killings as well, by falsely testifying to their safety and low risk of addiction when used for pain. This lie allowed hundreds of thousands of Americans to become addicted and tens of thousands die over the past two decades. As addiction rose, so did “pill mills” — so-called pain clinics that did little more than distribute narcotics. In Rannazzisi’s words, the rapid rise in opioid abuse “made the whole crack epidemic look like nothing.” The main difference was that opioids were distributed by medical professionals rather than street gangs.

Nov 02 21:10

Bigger Than JFK Files: HHS Vaccine Harm Covered-Up

Del Bigtree, producer of VAXXED, joins David Knight blow the whistle on misconduct by HHS (Health & Human Services). When the federal govt took away our right to sue vaccine companies, giving them liability immunity, HHS was tasked as the sole means of protecting the public. But they don’t test vaccines like drugs are tested, they don’t allow discovery in their “court”, they don’t even keep records of those injured. The cover-up is bigger than JFK and may cost you and your children your health, even your life.

Nov 02 16:57

Indigenous Tribe Prepared to Fight to Defend Amazon From Brazilian Mining

By Derrick Broze

Several new reports indicate that the Waiãpi tribe of the Brazilian Amazon remains committed to opposing future mining projects on or around their land. The Waiãpi’s reserve is in the rainforest near the eastern end of the Amazon river in a conservation area called Renca.

The Waiãpi have been under threat of extinction since the Brazilian government’s indigenous affairs department first made contact in 1973. The government first reported that the tribe was made up of only 150 people. More recently the tribe has over 1,200 people...

Nov 02 15:51

Monsanto lobbyist: ‘Pesticide safe for humans to drink, but I’m not an idiot to try it myself'

Nov 02 12:46

House Cleaning Could Save Your Life But Not In The Way You Think

Researchers have found two simple ways to stave off an early death – and one of them is surprising! Indeed, the daily accomplishment of basic house cleaning (or gardening) can do far more for you than you ever imagined...

Nov 02 10:50

What Your MD Doesn’t Tell You Can Harm You

By Catherine J. Frompovich

The opioid problems notwithstanding, has it ever occurred to healthcare consumers and allopathic medicine’s patients as to why you aren’t told the warnings, contraindications or adverse effects regarding the Rx-prescription MDs give you, often as many as 3 “scripts” at a time, when no studies have been done to determine if there are adverse reactions or contraindications from taking various chemical pharmaceuticals and legal drugs simultaneously?

Nov 02 10:12

"This Is Absolutely Crazy": Obamacare Signups Start As Americans Increasingly Balk At Surging Premiums

After years of surging premiums and deductibles, will 2018 finally be the year that America's middle class throws in the towel and brings the whole scheme crashing down?

While we won't know the answer to that question for at least a couple of months, one thing is certain...if it happens it will most definitely be the result of the Trump administration's efforts to undermine the legislation and not the culmination of years of soaring costs that has rendered healthcare unaffordable for most American families. Well, at least that's the The Wall Street Journal's assessment of the situation:

Nov 02 10:12

Common Acid Reflux Drugs Linked to Deadly Stomach Cancer, Study Finds

The long-term use of drugs commonly employed to treat acid reflux is linked to a more-than-doubled risk of developing stomach cancer, new research says.

According to the report, published in the journal Gut, proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), which are commonly used to treat acid reflux and stomach ulcers, increase the risk of developing gastrointestinal tumors.

Nov 02 10:08

Moms of Vaccine-Damaged Kids, Update Nov. 2017

A Few Concerning Examples:

1) The grandchild of a friend has a potentially fatal peanut allergy. How? From peanut oil in vaccines.

2) Children not blest with adequate nutrition in utero, and then fed GMO-junk, by poor or unaware parents, seem to be more vulnerable to vaccine-harm.

To what exactly?

To allergies, auto-immune diseases, "failure to thrive", to Learning Disabilities, to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

3) US children are the most vaccinated in the world, and the least healthy.

4) The Amish, however, do not vaccinate their children. They produce robust farm kids, un-afflicted by Autism. The Amish, who don’t get vaccinated, rarely get autism, cancer, or heart disease - coincidence?

Nov 02 10:02

What Would You Give Up for Alcohol?

Would you give up coffee for alcohol? How about sex, TV, sugar, or even your car?

If you’re like most Americans, chances are you’d be willing to give up at least a few things to keep alcohol in your life. Americans are, after all, big drinkers.

In fact, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 56 percent of Americans over the age of 18 reported drinking at least once in the past month, nearly 27 percent reported binge drinking, and over 86 percent have drunk alcohol at least once in their life.

Based on this data, it’s easy to see why Americans have a difficult time giving up alcohol. But is it stronger than our addiction to our phones or more passionate than our love for sugar and coffee? We asked over 1,000 Americans what they would and wouldn’t give up to keep alcohol in their life. Here’s what we learned.

Nov 02 09:42

Archaeologists discover mysterious void deep within Great Pyramid of Giza

Scientists discovered the void using sensors that detect particles known as muons, which rain down on Earth when cosmic rays slam into atoms in the upper atmosphere. The muons travel at close to the speed of light and behave much like x-rays when they meet objects. Armed with suitable equipment, researchers can used them to reveal the rough internal structure of pyramids and other ancient monuments.

“We know that this big void has the same characteristics as the grand gallery,” said Mehdi Tayoubi at the HIP Institute in Paris, a non-profit organisation that draws on new technology to study and preserve cultural heritage. “It’s really impressive.”

Nov 02 09:32

Earthquake swarm near White Island unrelated to volcano, New Zealand

An earthquake swarm started near New Zealand's White Island volcano on Sunday, October 29, 2017. Over the next 3 days, GeoNet registered a total of 137 earthquakes, with the largest measuring M4.8 at a depth of 7 km (4.3 miles).

"It's a swarm of earthquakes that can happen from time to time," GNS volcano geochemist Agnes Mazot told Radio New Zealand. "There is nothing happening in the volcano... it's not happening in the volcanic edifice."

Nov 02 09:31

New strong explosion at Stromboli volcano, Italy

According to INGV Catania, the explosion was similar to that of October 23, 2017. "Surveillance camera image analysis showed that the explosive sequence started with an intense event from the southcentral crater and was followed by several smaller explosions in the following minutes," the observatory said.

Nov 02 09:30

Fluoroquinolone antibiotics leave patients paralyzed with irreversible damage

Vibrant, athletic young people who are now bedridden and housebound, formerly high-functioning professionals who have trouble remembering simple words – these individuals all have something in common. A common type of medication called fluoroquinolone antibiotics – often prescribed for such routine ailments as urinary tract infections and prostatitis – have caused devastating health conditions.

Fluoroquinolone toxicity, a disorder of the musculoskeletal system that can leave patients paralyzed, has affected tens of thousands of people to date – and experts say the harm may be irreparable.

Nov 02 09:30


The largest producer of genetically-modified seeds and the notorious Roundup weedkiller Monsanto has stopped the launch of a chemical designed to be applied to crop seeds. Multiple reports show the new chemical causes rashes on people. The product, called NemaStrike, is supposed to protect crops from worms. It has been given the green light by US environmental regulators.

Nov 02 09:30

Black Death Plague: Strain is worryingly 'different and can't be explained' - scientists

Experts have said this most recent outbreak however is particularly worrying as there is “something different” about the disease that they have not seen before. The rate of its contagion across the continent is also of concern.

World Health Organisation officials warned this outbreak “could not be easily explained.”

A WHO expert said: ’The risk of the disease spreading is high at national level… because it is present in several towns and this is just the start of the outbreak.'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Covert biowar?

Nov 02 09:25


The DHS's old "IDENT" database is full, with 240,000,000 records in a system designed to hold 200,000,000; so they're paying arms-dealers and erstwhile comic-book superheroes Northrop Grumman $93,000,000 to develop a new system called Homeland Advanced Recognition Technology (HART), which will grow to encompass biometrics for 500,000,000 people, including hundreds of millions of Americans.

Nov 02 07:37

Why Medieval Cats Approved of the Plague

From the 12th century onward there were two distinct attitudes to cats. For many people the cat population operated as important rodent-controllers, and every so often a cat would go beyond being a mere working animal and become a welcome pet inside the house. Working cats and house cats were always popular, but now a negative attitude began to run alongside the friendly one. For some people, the cat was now seen as an evil animal, in league with the Devil. For them, the cat needed to be persecuted if Satan and his followers were to be defeated.

In the following century Pope Gregory IX added his voice to the campaign against the evil cat. He was intent on stamping out a sect of Devil-worshippers in Germany who involved black cats in their rituals.
Webmaster addition: This is what allowed the rats whose fleas carryied the Black Plague to run rampant across Europe.