Oct 26 09:02

Flame retardants don’t save us, they kill

Your grandchild has higher levels of toxic flame retardant chemicals in their blood than a child in any other part of the world. And you are at unnecessarily high risk for thyroid disease and cancer because of the toxic load you carry.

But it isn’t your fault.

This insidious poisoning of our population began long ago, when Big Tobacco decided to put their profits ahead of your health.

Profits before people
Decades ago, cigarette companies saw a threat to their ever-increasing wealth. The number of deaths caused by smokers falling asleep with a lit cigarette, on their chair couch, or bed, was skyrocketing.

Instead of developing a cigarette that wouldn’t incinerate, tobacco companies responded to pressure for a solution by teaming up with another greedy industry, and starting a chain of lies that is only now being exposed.

Oct 26 08:55


Oct 25 13:36

The Universe Shouldn’t Exist, Scientists Say After Finding Bizarre Behaviour Of Anti-Matter

Our universe shouldn’t exist, scientists say.

The most elite scientists in the world are still struggling to find why exactly our universe didn’t destroy itself as soon as it came into existence. That’s what science says should have happened – but it clearly hasn’t, since you’re here reading this, as far as we know.

Oct 25 13:32

Judge refuses to force Trump admin to pay Obamacare subsidies – reports

A US judge will not block the Trump administration's decision to halt Obamacare subsidy payments to insurance companies, according to reports.

Oct 25 11:47

Chinese Chicken Alert For The USA

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Who, in their right mind, ever would have thought the U.S. would be importing cooked Chinese chicken meat with all the chickens produced and processed in this country? Well, we are, and you can chalk it up to a seemingly quid pro quo deal penned by U.S. Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdueand a deal whereby the Chinese agreed to accept U.S. beef imports after a thirteen year Chinese hiatus due to a “mad cow disease” scare.

Investigative journalist Martha Rosenberg published her findings about Chinese food production, and it’s not an appetizing picture...

Oct 25 10:21

Scientists plan to halt global warming by DIMMING the sun

Experts are considering ploughing sulphate aerosols into the upper atmosphere which would cause some of the suns rays to be reflected back out into space.

This could potentially cool the Earth down and help counter the effects of climate change, scientists say.

Oct 25 10:04

MPs shame the UK's plastics industry for producing Lucozade and Ribena bottles that are IMPOSSIBLE to recycle

Britain's plastic industry has been shamed by MPs for producing Lucozade and Ribena bottles that are impossible to recycle.

The soft drinks bottles are wrapped in a plastic film that gives the bottles a 'grab factor' to consumers, a select committee was told.

But the plastic wrappers contaminate other plastic recycling as bottle makers use plastics for which no facilities exist to process.

Oct 25 09:31

Why it is GOOD to daydream: People whose minds wander at work are more efficient, intelligent and creative, new study suggests

Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology found that people whose minds tend to wander from the task at hand tend to score higher for intelligence and creativity.

When they compared the scores to brain scans of the study participants, they found that daydreamers may just have more efficient brains, leaving them with leftover cognitive energy for thoughts other than the task at hand.

Oct 25 08:57

Rolling Back The Tide Of Pesticide Poison, Corruption And Looming Mass Extinction

An anthropogenic mass extinction is underway that will affect all life on the planet and humans will struggle to survive the phenomenon. So claims Dr Rosemary Mason in a paper (2015) in the Journal of Biological Physics and Chemistry. Loss of biodiversity is the most urgent of the environmental problems because this type of diversity is critical to ecosystem services and human health. Mason argues that the modern chemical-intensive industrialised system of food and agriculture is the main culprit.

Oct 25 08:33

Depopulation by Food

Depopulation by Food
Food contact materials and the depopulation program. Food contact materials are used to adulterate our food with endocrine disruptors / depopulation poisons. This segment was filmed in a Carrefour store in Brussels, Belgium, on the 20th of May 2017.

Oct 25 08:08

A Soft Landing in the Middle East?

Trump fans, that endangered and vanishing species, are going through hard times. Even a devoted admirer of the Orange Man couldn’t swallow his strange battle of words with Kim, his threats to Iran, his UNESCO farce – and keep a straight face. The only comfort is that Hillary would have been even worse. Is he a comic miscast, a buffoon? Actually, Trump is doing the thankless job of soft-landing the US Empire.

Oct 24 12:30

Missing Las Vegas Shooting Witness Shot Dead Outside Church

A key witness in the Las Vegas shooting massacre, who mysteriously vanished shortly after giving a statement that conflicted with the "official" narrative, has been shot dead outside a central Las Vegas Valley church.Chad Nishimura was a valet worker from the Mandalay Bay hotel, who parked the suspected Las Vegas shooting gunman's car, and gave an interview saying Stephen Paddock was a "normal guy" who "didn't have many bags".

Unable to confirm this.

Oct 24 10:40

Protester Breaches Security As Trump Enters Capitol [VIDEO]

A protester managed to breach security at the Capitol Building as President Donald Trump arrived for a lunch with Republican Senators to talk tax reform.

The protester, who some reporters have identified as Ryan Clayton, the president of Americans Take Action, began yelling within the press gaggle and threw Russian flags on the floor as Trump passed.

Oct 24 10:01

New Groundbreaking Research Shows Glyphosate Persists in Soil

A new research study from the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and two Dutch laboratories shows that 45% of Europe’s top soil contains glyphosate residues, demonstrating the over-reliance of the EU agricultural model on this harmful herbicide chemical.

Oct 24 10:00

Six Middle Eastern Countries Ban Glyphosate Herbicides over ‘Probable Carcinogen’ Fears

Oman’s Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed that six Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman have banned the use of glyphosate herbicides since last year, after reviewing IARC’s classification of glyphosate as a ‘probable human carcinogen’.

Oct 24 10:00


For those who haven't, a bit of a review might be necessary. When GMOs first came into play during the administration of G.H.W. Bush (who else?), I.G. Farbensanto (our code for the big "agribusiness" companies) developed the principle of "substantial equivalence" to avoid the normal procedures of testing products. Substantial equivalence simply meant that, as far as regulatory policy was concerned, GMO products were no different than ordinary natural seeds and crops; GMO corn and soy beans and so on were to be treated exactly the same as their natural counterparts, and hence, there was no need for "a closer look." If it looks like a potato and tastes like a potato, then it's a potato.

Oct 24 09:26

Mars has a TAIL: NASA mission discovers 'twisted magnetotail' unlike any other in the solar system

An invisible magnetic ‘tail’ shaped unlike any other in the solar system is trailing behind Mars, NASA has discovered.

While other planets, such as Venus and Earth, are known to have so-called magnetotails, the feature observed at Mars is twisted far more dramatically than expected.

Data collected by NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission (MAVEN) spacecraft suggest the processes behind the twisted tail could also be contributing to the thinning of Mars’ already sparse atmosphere.

Oct 24 06:47

M 6.7 - 141km NNE of Palue, Indonesia

Oct 23 15:51

Monsanto’s RoundUp is more dangerous than we realized: Even the inert ingredients have proven to be dangerous

What role do “inert” ingredients play in disrupting human endocrine systems, cellular processes, and assisting the permeation of toxins across the blood-brain barrier?

“Inert” ingredients are designed to enhance glypohsate’s toxicity as an herbicide. Since glyphosate is also a registered antibiotic, it is inevitably doing great damage to human gut health. Becoming part of the food and water supply, glyphosate and its host of inert ingredients work together and deplete the good bacteria that control much of the human digestive and immune systems.

The inert ingredients of Roundup that often go ignored, are actually powerful adjuvants that make glyphosate more pervasive in the environment, delaying the breakdown and decay of glyphosate, while allowing the carcinogen to more readily penetrate tissues. These “inert” ingredients are making glyphosate more of a nightmare long term.

Oct 23 15:32

ROTARY International argues that vaccine-derived polio, caused by polio vaccines, is somehow caused by NOT ENOUGH children being vaccinated

In a superior example of the circular “logic” of mainstream medicine, Rotary International has announced that a recent polio outbreak in Syria, caused by the polio vaccine itself, could have been averted if more kids had been vaccinated. That’s right: The polio vaccine is giving kids polio, so we should be sure to vaccinate more kids as quickly as possible. Wait, what?

Oct 23 15:31

BOMBSHELL: Genetic modification proven ineffective — pests have become immune to the poison of modified crops in less than five years, but we still have to eat it

After looking at 36 cases examining how insects respond to crops that were modified to produce the insect-killing Bt protein, they discovered that bugs developed resistance that made the GM crops substantially less effective in 16 cases. Another three were starting to show “early warnings of resistance.”

They took their data from cases involving 15 different species of pests in 10 countries, including the U.S. China, Brazil, Spain, Mexico, Australia and the Philippines. Their results were published in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

The study also reported that pests’ resistance to Bt crops has been evolving more quickly in recent years as their resistance to already-introduced strains can breed cross-resistance to different Bt proteins that are introduced in future GM Bt crops.

Oct 23 15:28

Black death kills nearly 100 people as plague infects 1,150 in TWO MONTHS

A PLAGUE epidemic has killed nearly 100 people in just two months as officials warn the number of people infected is “growing by the day”.

Hospitals in Madagascar have seen more than 1,150 cases since August, despite the picturesque island nation commonly recording a few hundred cases of plague every year.

And as the disease spreads to urban areas, health workers battling to slow the rate of infection have warned the stigma associated with the illness is undermining their efforts to contain it.

Latest data from the World Health Organisation (WHO) says 39 healthcare workers had been infected so far, and the Red Cross is reportedly using the same burial methods employed during the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

Oct 23 12:46

Madagascar Hospitals On High Alert: ‘No One Is Safe’ From The Black Plague

Travelers are being warned to keep their distance from areas of Madagascar affected by the bubonic plague. As the outbreak worsens, some doctors are even warning that “no one is safe” from the disease.

The outbreak of the black plague in Madagascar has so far killed 97 people, and doctors are warning that it will be continuing to spread and worsen, meaning no one is safe. Health officials say the disease, which contributed to the deaths of more than 50 million people in Europe during the Middle Ages, has spread from rural areas to the more urban areas not usually affected. Hundreds of cases are reported on the tropical island every year, but experts are warning the epidemic is “much more dangerous” than in previous years.

Oct 23 11:25

London Introduces Carbon “T-Charge” Tax On Diesel and Older Petrol Vehicles

By Aaron Kesel

As part of the plan to begin phasing out gas and diesel car sales over the next three decades, drivers of diesel vehicles and older petrol cars in the UK will now face a tax called T-Charge for driving into the financial district and parts of west London, Reuters reported.

Drivers are already charged 11.50 pounds ($15) under a congestion charge. But those driving petrol and diesel vehicles typically before 2006 will now need to pay an additional 10 pounds ($13.19). That means if you have an older vehicle before 2006 or a diesel vehicle you will be paying a total of 21.50 pounds or ($28.19) just to get into the city...

Oct 23 10:09

The Global Food And Health Crisis: Monsanto’s Science Is Bogus

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the new director general of the World Health Organization (WHO). With a $4 billion annual budget, WHO’s decisions affects us all and its decisions also affect the bottom line of some of the most powerful corporations on the planet.

Oct 23 09:50

E-cigarettes can trigger deadly lung diseases as easily as tobacco products, study says

Researchers found that e-cigarette smokers were likely to develop dangerous proteins associated with lung diseases such as COPD and cystic fibrosis and that the devices are no better for people than regular cigarettes.

The study adds to a growing body of evidence proving that e-cigarettes might not be the ideal alternative smokers addicted to tobacco are looking for.

Oct 23 09:45

Prozac in sea water is causing crabs to lose their inhibitions and 'take dangerous risks'

Crabs exposed to Prozac, a drug used to treat depression and other mental health disorders, causes them to engage in risky behavior.

In a study, researchers found that Oregon shore crabs exposed to the drug exhibit behaviors that make it easier for predators to catch them.

The study is important because it sheds light on how pharmaceuticals found in the environment could affect animal behavior and survival.

Oct 23 09:10

Smallpox Could Again Be a Serious Threat

But synthetic biology, like many other emerging technologies, is dual-use. The technological advances that fuel the amazing discoveries and products featured at the SynBioBeta conference can also be misused to cause harm.

The most recent dual-use concern about synthetic biology involves one of humanity’s oldest foes: smallpox. Smallpox was eradicated from nature in 1980, and all known stocks of the virus are located at World Health Organization–supervised repositories at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States and at the Vector Institute in Russia.

However, a Canadian scientist funded by the American biotech company Tonix has recently demonstrated the ability to create pox viruses from scratch.

Oct 23 08:37

Eating This One Food Strengthens Beneficial Brainwave Frequencies

By Joe Battaglia

A new study by researchers at Loma Linda University Health has found that eating nuts on a regular basis strengthens brainwave frequencies associated with cognition, healing, learning, memory and other key brain functions...

Oct 22 12:00

Israeli Merkava Hit by Hezbollah in 2006

This is what Hezbollah fighters did to Merkava MBT's in 2006 with Kornet ATGM's. The Israelis advanced up valleys without clearing the ridges. The Kornet outranged the Israeli's tank guns by over 1,000 meters and the Israelis couldn't elevate their tank cannons enough to shoot back anyway. They were out thought and out fought.
The IDF has been fighting unarmed people in the main since 1973. Hezbollah,the Iranians and Syrians are experienced blooded fighters with good weapons and tactics as well as strategy and they are backed up by The Bear. All the Israelis have left are nukes and the weakened US.
A very dangerous situation for the Planet and the People indeed..

Oct 22 09:30

California seeks to combat unusual hepatitis outbreak - 18 dead, 600 infected and growing

Thank you so much you ultra liberal idiots. You are responsible for the invasion of illegals and the increase in homeless on US streets. Any politician that goes along with those policies are also complicit for the downfall of this nation.

Oct 22 09:30

‘Patient Zero’ in San Diego Hepatitis A Outbreak is Homeless Man From El Cajon Area

As San Diego’s hepatitis A outbreak has continued to grow, so has a fascination about the identity and importance of “patient zero,” the first person believed to be infected in a surge of illness that has now killed 19 people.

At first unwilling to say much about this mysterious person, San Diego County health officials disclosed twice during public meetings in late September that the apparent first patient — what epidemiologists often call an outbreak’s “index case” — was a homeless man who tested positive for hepatitis infection in East County.

Dr. Eric McDonald, chief of the county’s Epidemiology and Immunization Services Branch, reiterated in an email this week that this man was treated in a La Mesa hospital and “when interviewed said that the exposure period was mainly in El Cajon.”

Oct 22 09:08

Manatee Sheriff: Opioid overdoses, deaths declining

Dealers lace heroin with synthetic opioids fentanyl and carfentanil knowing they are causing overdoses and deaths, Wells said. “Drug addicts have no idea what they’re taking.”

His agency’s emphasis has not been on arresting addicts but on getting the dealers behind bars, Wells said. This year his investigators have confiscated thousands of grams of synthetic opioids with a street value of almost $400,000.

Until recently, synthetic opioid possession did not carry the same penalties as heroin possession. Dealers would be back on the street after posting $1,500 bail.

A state law that took effect Oct. 1 now imposes the same penalties for fentanyl and carfentanil possession as that for heroin. Offenders can receive prison sentences ranging from three to 25 years.

Oct 21 09:48

British Musician Takes On Vaccine Issues With A Musical Video

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Isn’t there something dramatically and incongruously wrong about such a deliberate refusal to stop medical child abuse perpetrated upon infants, toddlers and teens by federal, state and local health agencies with apparent greased lightning support of advertising and lobbying from Big Pharma to extol vaccines as safe and effective?

Nevertheless, one songwriter, Daz Nez, has stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with his song “Word to the Wise” he co-titled to “Always Reject Vaccines” with a video version of it...

Oct 21 09:29

Latest Fear Mongering About Self Sufficiency: Salmonella in Backyard Chickens

By Joe Jarvis

I just read a report about how the trend of raising backyard poultry is contributing to a rise in salmonella infections. Fox, the New York Times, NPR and other popular outlets have reported the same thing within the last few months. CBS actually titled their article: “Backyard Chicken Trend Turns Deadly.”

All the reports are based on a Centers for Disease Control warning about the “outbreak” of salmonella among small-scale chicken keepers.

Now I certainly don’t object to good information about staying healthy while raising livestock. A lot of people who keep chickens on a small scale are new to it.

But looking at the numbers of infections, I doubt the salmonella risk is even as great as buying chicken and eggs from the store...

Oct 21 08:26

China to ‘Compel’ Saudi Arabia to Trade Oil in Yuan – Ending Petrodollar as World Reserve Currency

The jig is up for the NWO gang that murdered JFK back in 1963 and has run America into the ground ever since.Their day is ending!

This week, a leading economist predicted a major paradigm shift, as Carl Weinberg, chief economist and managing director at High Frequency Economics told CNBC that China will “compel” Saudi Arabia to abandon the petrodollar, and instead, begin trading oil in yuan—a move he says is likely to precipitate the rest of the oil market following suit and abandoning the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency.

Weinberg noted that China is poised to clearly dominate the global landscape in terms of oil demand since surpassing the U.S. as the “biggest oil importer on the planet,” adding that Saudi Arabia will “pay attention to this because even as much as one or two years from now, Chinese demand will dwarf U.S. demand.”

Oct 20 12:57

Texas City To Residents: Sign Loyalty Oath to Israel or No Hurricane Harvey Relief Funds

By Aaron Kesel

U.S. citizens in the state of Texas are being asked to support Israel if they want Hurricane Harvey relief funds, a move which experts are calling illegal, Houston Press reported.

The city of Dickinson is demanding its citizens sign a loyalty oath to Israel that states they will never seek to boycott the apartheid state for access to the Harvey Relief Fund during the application process to receive money...

Oct 20 11:45

The Global Food And Health Crisis: Monsanto’s Science Is Bogus

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the new director general of the World Health Organization (WHO). With a $4 billion annual budget, WHO’s decisions affects us all and its decisions also affect the bottom line of some of the most powerful corporations on the planet.

Oct 20 08:17

What Is Sustainable Development? - corbettreport

Published on Oct 20, 2017SHOW NOTES AND MP3:

We've all heard of "sustainable development," but what does it actually mean? Is it really about protecting the earth, or is it just another tool for foisting an agenda of carbon eugenics and technocracy? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we rip off the green mask of the oiligarchs and expose the 2030 Agenda for what it really is.

Oct 20 08:11

14 years of rising opioid deaths in Colorado REVERSED after marijuana was legalized

As reported by Reason Magazine, since the legalized sale of recreational marijuana began in January 2014 after voters in the state approved a measure permitting it (recreational use still remains against federal law, however), the state has witnessed a 6.5 percent fall in opioid deaths.

Oct 20 08:09

The case of the disappearing insect. Boffin tells Reg: We don't know why... but we must act

"Insects are at the bottom of the ecosystem," the lead author of a study into a massive decrease in collected insects told The Reg. Their loss, he added, is "likely to collapse the entire pyramid".

Between 1989 and 2016, boffins used nets to fill about 1,500 one-litre bottles with flying insects from 63 conservation sites in Germany. Every week in 1989, they collected about 50 grams of the critters, but in a week today, they get only about 10 grams.

A new study in PLOS One has found that between 1989 and 2016, for reasons that are unclear, the total biological mass of insects collected at these "protected" nature sites has fallen about 76 per cent, considering changes in seasons and climate. Flying insects make up over 90 per cent of the roughly 33,000 insect species in Germany.

Oct 20 07:17

Spectacular Orionid meteor shower will be visible TONIGHT with up to 20 shooting stars every hour: Here's how to see it

Stargazers are expecting to see a meteor shower peak this weekend, with dozens of shooting stars streaking across the sky as Earth passes through debris of Halley's Comet.

The Orionid meteors appear every year, with showers producing around 20 meteors every hour.

Oct 20 06:28

‘I now hate my ship’: Surveys reveal disastrous morale on cruiser Shiloh

“It’s only a matter of time before something horrible happens,” one shipmate warned.

“Our sailors do not trust the CO,” another noted.

It’s a “floating prison,” one said.

“I just pray we never have to shoot down a missile from North Korea,” a distraught sailor lamented, “because then our ineffectiveness will really show.”

Frequently in focus is the commanding officer’s micromanagement and a neutered chiefs mess. Aycock was widely feared among sailors who said minor on-the-job mistakes often led to time in the brig, where they would be fed only bread and water.

Oct 19 20:02

Flashback: Antidepressant prescriptions in England double in a decade

The number of antidepressants given to patients in England has doubled in a decade, official figures show.

In 2015 there were 61m such drugs prescribed and dispensed outside of hospitals. They are used to treat clinical depression as well as other conditions such as generalised anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and panic attacks.

The total was 31.6m more than in 2005 and up 3.9m, or 6.8% on 2014, according to a report from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).

Oct 19 20:01

Flashback: High antidepressant dose linked to self harm in youths

For the study, Miller and colleagues looked at the health records of 162,625 privately insured people ages 10 to 64 treated for depression with three popular antidepressants best known by the brand names Celexa, Prozac and Zoloft.

They compared otherwise similar patients — based on the intensity of their depression symptoms, previous self harm and other factors — who got either typical starting doses or higher doses.

The typical starting doses were 20 mg. a day for Celexa and Prozac and 50 mg. a day for Zoloft.

Result: After a year, children, teens and young adults were twice as likely to engage in deliberate self harm if they started at higher doses. Such acts were especially common in the first three months. No such link between starting dose and self harm was found in adults 25 and up.

Oct 19 19:59

'Steep rise' in self-harm among teenage girls

Since 2001, girls have had much higher rates of self-harm than boys - 37.4 per 10,000 compared with 12.3 in boys.

While self-harm rates stayed constant among 10- to 12-year-olds and 17- to 19-year-olds, there was a 68% increase among 13- to 16-year-olds over the three-year period studied.

This took the rate in girls from 45.9 per 10,000 in 2011 to 77 per 10,000 in 2014.

The researchers, from the University of Manchester, looked at data for nearly 17,000 patients from more than 600 GP practices.

Oct 19 17:40

Hate to break it to you, but billions of people can see Uranus tonight

Some may even glimpse the ring

Oct 19 17:11

The Global Food And Health Crisis: Monsanto’s Science Is Bogus

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the new director general of the World Health Organization (WHO). With a $4 billion annual budget, WHO’s decisions affects us all and its decisions also affect the bottom line of some of the most powerful corporations on the planet.

Oct 19 11:57

Dying Chimp Recognizes Man Who Used To Take Care Of Her

Even for a salty, cynical guy like me, this warmed my heart.


Oct 19 10:23

The Global Food And Health Crisis: Monsanto’s Science Is Bogus

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the new director general of the World Health Organization (WHO). With a $4 billion annual budget, WHO’s decisions affects us all and its decisions also affect the bottom line of some of the most powerful corporations on the planet.

Oct 19 07:30

Giant deep sinkholes of unknown origin appear in Siberia for third consecutive year

Giant sinkholes in the ground formed as a result of emission of gas in the Yamal-Nenetsk autonomous region have grown in size in three years. The sinkholes were discovered in 2014 in the area of the Bovanenkovskoye gas field. The holes were filled the water and turned into lakes. The diameter of one of them on the outer edge was not less than 60 meters at that time. The hole was 200 meters deep, but it continues to grow in size. According to Russian geologists, the giant sinkholes were formed as a result of emissions of methane from the melting permafrost. Satellite observations indicated the existence of several dozens of other deep craters. It turned out that the largest hole, codenamed B2, is surrounded by twenty other similar structures. "I would compare these structures to mushrooms: if you find one mushroom, you will probably find a dozen more nearby.

Oct 18 21:31

Tarred and feathered, lynched in the street and locked up in internment camps: The tragic plight of Germans in AMERICA during the First World War

A fascinating collection of photos have resurfaced showing the hardships faced by German-Americans at the brutal height of the First World War.

As Europe was ravaged by fighting, German immigrants in the US suffered harassment, internment, lynchings - and even the humiliation of being tarred and feathered.

Although a little-remembered part of history today, America was wracked by the fear and paranoia that swept from coast to coast during the Great War.

Oct 18 16:54

Microplastics on Beaches Now Recorded at Insane Levels

By Jason Erickson

More attention is finally being given to determining the ill effects that microplastics (microbeads) are having on human health and the environment...

While their findings varied, researchers found microplastics in EVERY sample taken from 23 locations in 13 European countries...

Oct 18 15:37

DNA feat could boost star forestry species

*What they don't say is that Scion is involved heavily in GE research growing GE pines.*

A world-first DNA feat by New Zealand scientists could boost the way we grow the star species of our plantation forests.

By completing a draft assembly of the radiata pine's genetic make-up, or genome, researchers at Crown research institute Scion have opened the door to a new era of precision forestry for the critically important species.

The genome assembly began in 2013 and was completed last month, using the Rotorua-based institute's newly acquired high-capacity computer server - the largest of its kind undertaking genomics work in New Zealand.

The official announcement on the completion of the genome assembly was made at the Forest Growers Research Conference in Christchurch this week.

Oct 18 15:34

Kiwi scientist helps tackle elusive 'Element 118'

A top Kiwi scientist has helped characterise an intriguing and relatively new chemical element, which had proven a headache to study.

First synthesised as a single atom in 2002 at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Russia, oganesson, or Og, is the only noble gas which doesn't naturally occur and must be synthesised in experiments.

Widely known as Element 118, Og is also one of only two elements to be named after a living scientist, nuclear physicist Yuri Oganessian.

However, studying one of the heaviest elements with the highest atomic number to ever be synthesised - 118 - has been no easy task.

Oganesson is radioactive and extremely unstable with a half-life of less than a millisecond, making it impossible to examine by chemical methods.

This meant computing its electronic structure is the next best thing, which was in itself a formidable task.

Oct 18 12:41

57 Dead, Over 680 Infected As Madagascar Plague Outbreak Escalates

With the ease of spreading the plague, the likelihood that this disease will move to other more densely populated regions of the planet has become a huge concern for many.

Oct 18 12:25

China’s 8½-ton space lab will soon crash to Earth. No one knows where it will hit.

Tiangong 1, which translates to “Heavenly Palace,” is China's first space laboratory, launched in September 2011, serving as a prototype for a permanent space station that it aims to eventually build and launch. But six years after it first went into orbit, the 8½-ton laboratory is soon expected to meet a fiery and uncontrolled end, hurtling down to Earth and crashing somewhere — anywhere — on the planet.

In September 2016, Chinese officials confirmed that they had lost control of the space lab and that it would crash into Earth sometime in the latter half of 2017. In May, China told the United Nations that the lab would reenter Earth between October and April 2018.

Oct 18 10:57


The National Meningitis Association (NMA) convened in New York City this past May to “Advance Vaccine Impact” and spread their fake science propaganda through several industry shills and pharma “panel” mouthpieces, including their insidious leader and vaccine sales puppet Paul Offit. The gathering of shills was moderated by a huckster (Arthur Allen) from Politico, a fake news outfit known for being Nazi sympathizers and pushing their own brand of violence and journo-terrorism.

The ultimate goal of the panel gathering was to cast blame on “anti-vaxxers” for vaccine failures, and to cover up the plague of chemical violence that’s been perpetrated on Americans from the carcinogenic ingredients in vaccines – namely mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, MSG and live “attenuated” virus combinations.

“People are compelled much more by fear than reason” was the motto this year for the vax-terrorists at the NMA convention.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF you have skills and kids, leave this country right the hell now. Pretty soon, I think laws will be passed to compel not only children, but also adults, to have mandiatory vaccinations, whether these vaccines are harmless... or not.

The following articles might shed some light as to why Mike and I do not get vaccinated:

Nagalase and Vaccines

REVEALED: Cancer industry profits 'locked in' by nagalase molecule injected into humans via vaccines... spurs tumor growth... explains aggressive vaccine push

Cancer and Autism: the mysterious deaths of alternative health doctors who had real cures not approved by the FDA

Oct 18 10:24


The rot within manifested by the pharmaceutical industry almost defies description.

The theme this week is The Rot Within.

America's Pharmaceutical industry takes pride of place in this week's theme of The Rot Within, as the industry has raised fraud, exploitation and collusion to systemic perfection.

What other industry can routinely kill hundreds of thousands of Americans and suffer no blowback? Only recently has the toll of needless deaths from the opioid pandemic finally roused a comatose corporate media and bought-and-paid-for, see-no-evil Congress to wonder if maybe there should be some limits placed on Big Pharma and its drug distributors.

The Drug Industry's Triumph Over the DEA (WaPo)

Explosive '60 Minutes' investigation finds Congress and drug companies worked to cripple DEA's ability to fight opioid abuse

Webmaster's Commentary: 

the medical/industrial complex has got this government by the very sensitive extremities, and this cosy relationship, which is ultimately massively unfair to medical clients, is not going to go away easily or quickly.

Oct 18 09:29

Death toll in San Diego's hepatitis A outbreak rises to 19

The death total in San Diego’s ongoing hepatitis A outbreak reach 19 Tuesday, one more than last week, according to a newly-released health department update.

Case counts also increased from 490 to 507, according to the county Health and Human Services Agency. The increases are the latest mileposts in a public health emergency that has grown among the region’s homeless and drug-using residents every week since it was first detected in early March.

Oct 18 07:59

Pediatrician drops a bomb on idea that transgenderism is real — completely destroys it with truth

Chemical castration is what you’re doing when you put any biologically normal child on puberty blockers. It’s treating puberty like a disease, arresting a normal process which is critical to normal development and bad for kids.

Sterilization: not good for kids. Prepping them for what will likely result in a case in girls a double mastectomy at 16 — not how you treat depression or anxiety and I have plenty of experience treating teenagers with depression, anxiety, even suicidal depression. Indoctrinating pre-school kids with the lie that you can be trapped in the wrong body, again, that’s disrupting their normal reality testing and cognitive development. Those things are abusive.

Oct 18 07:48

Marijuana is literally saving lives in Colorado

The study found that after Colorado implemented their new recreational marijuana law, opioid-related deaths fell by 6.5 percent in the following two years.

Oct 18 07:38

Kansas Teacher Barred from Employment for Supporting BDS

Barring longtime math teacher Esther Koontz from renewing her teaching contract, solely for her political beliefs, is a flagrant First Amendment violation.

She righteously supports BDS activism, wanting Israel held accountable for its high crimes against Palestinians.

Kansas House Bill 2409 prohibits state contracts with individuals critical of Israel’s agenda. In NAACP v. Claiborne Hardware Co. (1982), the Supreme Court unanimously ruled for the plaintiff against state authorities, cracking down on boycotts of white businesses, saying authority over economic relations doesn’t limit or deny political speech.

Koontz is a member of the Mennonite Church USA. In July, it voted to divest from US companies, profiting from Israel’s illegal occupation.

She supports Palestinian rights. Her employment papers require a declaration in writing of no support for BDS. She declined and was denied the right to train

Oct 18 07:36

La Palma volcano ALERT: Magma is MOVING! Expert warns ‘significant’ distortion in Canaries

Volcano experts discovered the ground in the area surrounding local hotel Teneguia Princess hotel has risen by about 1cm to the south and 3.5cm upwards over the past year, according to GPS sensors regulating ground deformation.

The shocking results from the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) come after the archipelago was rocked by two separate seismic swarms in the area surrounding the deadly Cumbre Vieja.

One of the world's leading experts in volcanology, Professor Takeshi Sagiya, from the Nagoya University, described the GPS data as ”significant".

Oct 18 07:25

M 6.0 - 100km SSE of Pangai, Tonga

Oct 18 06:59

Schwab Family - CASA Worker Confirms Lies and Deception by Kansas

Kansas is one corrupt state and run by OZ NAZI's IMHO!

Audio from February 2017 provides shocking but not unexpected proof that the State of Kansas has targeted Raymond and Amellia Schwab. (Clips from the 90 minute audio are included - the entire audio is available on YouTube). The worker describes malfeasance by Kansas and the financial beneficiary of child stealing - a commercial entity known as KVC.

The Schwab children were taken by the Kansas Department of Children and Families three years ago while the children were with their maternal grandmother and the parents were moving the family to Colorado. Raymond Schwab, a veteran of the U.S. Navy who was then working for the Department of Veterans Affairs had been transferred from that agency’s Topeka facility to Colorado. Schwab, who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and was deemed 50% disabled by the government, had been recommended medical cannabis by a licensed Colorado physician.

Oct 17 18:32

Earth has a new 'traveling buddy' as researchers confirm mystery object circling the planet is an asteroid and not space junk

Scientists have confirmed the true identity of a mysterious object said to be Earth’s traveling buddy.

The object, called 2016 HO3, was first spotted last year appearing to circle Earth like a ‘quasi-satellite.’

While many suspected it to be an asteroid, some have suggested that it could instead be space junk tumbling around the sun – but now, new observations with one of the world’s largest telescopes reveal it truly is an asteroid.

Oct 17 18:22

Opioids killed more Americans in 2016 than in the entire 19-year Vietnam War, staggering new report shows - as experts warn we haven't seen the worst of it

Opioid drugs have killed more Americans than the 19-year Vietnam war, the AIDS crisis, car accidents, suicides and homicides, a new report shows.

The analysis by independent research group Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) lays bare the scale of the epidemic by analyzing the latest CDC figures.

It breaks down the death tolls of the most devastating events in US history in the last 50 years, to show why addiction is the most deadly issue the country has ever faced.

While the Vietnam war claimed 58,200 lives in 19 years and six months, opioids killed 64,070 Americans in 2016 alone.

Oct 17 16:20

Explosive ’60 Minutes’ investigation finds Congress and drug companies worked to cripple DEA’s ability to fight opioid abuse

A joint investigation by The Washington Post and CBS’s “60 Minutes” found that members of Congress alongside the pharmaceutical industry helped fuel the opioid crisis. Drug distributors – the three biggest of which are Cardinal Health, AmerisourceBergen, and McKesson – are in charge of shipping drugs to pharmacies and hospitals around the US.

Oct 17 10:41

NASA’s Ion Thruster Breaks Power & Propulsion Records

NASA’s newest ion thruster has broken previous records of generating maximum power and propulsion in its latest test, suggesting the technology may become the future of deep space exploration.

Oct 17 09:54

ALERT NOW CDC Admits 98 Million Americans Were Given Cancer Virus Via The Polio Shot

Oct 17 09:42

AstraZeneca buy Acerta faked cancer drug data, company admits

Back in 2015, AstraZeneca bought a majority stake in blood cancer biotech Acerta for $4 billion. But over the weekend, it said that some early data for its drug acalabrutinib was falsified.

AZ invested in the biotech for its bruton tyrosine kinase (BTK) inhibitor acalabrutinib (ACP-196). That drug is in a number of early, mid- and late-stage clinical trials across several blood cancers, including CLL and mantle cell lymphoma. It works in a similar way to AbbVie and Johnson & Johnson’s Imbruvica.

But Acerta had to recently retract an abstract, published in medical journal Cancer Research two years back—and just months before the AstraZeneca cash injection—which showed the drug as being effective in treating solid tumours in mice.

Oct 17 09:41

Type 1 Diabetes doubles in Mississippi children, are vaccines to blame?

While much of mainstream medicine would be loath to admit it, there is actually evidence that suggests vaccines can contribute to the onset of type 1 diabetes, in addition to other health problems. As the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) reports, doctors first started noticing signs of trouble back in 1949. At that time, doctors reported that children who received the pertussis vaccine (now part of the DPT shot) had issues with maintaining normal blood glucose levels. According to NVIC, research conducted with mice confirmed that the pertussis vaccine could cause type 1 diabetes.

But it’s not just the pertussis vaccine, now is it?

Oct 17 09:37

BOMBSHELL: Flu shots scientifically proven to weaken immune response in subsequent years… researchers stunned

A medical study conducted at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that women who received flu vaccines had a weakened immune system response in subsequent years.

Lisa Christian, PhD, the lead researcher on the study, concluded, “Growing evidence shows that those who received a flu shot in the prior year have lower antibody responses in the current year.”

Oct 17 09:28

Penguins die in 'catastrophic' Antarctic breeding season

All but two Adelie penguin chicks have starved to death in their east Antarctic colony, in a breeding season described as "catastrophic" by experts.

It was caused by unusually high amounts of ice late in the season, meaning adults had to travel further for food.

It is the second bad season in five years after no chicks survived in 2015.

Oct 17 09:22

Congress Is To Blame For the Opioid Epidemic Plus All Vaccine Tragedies; Investigate Both Now

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Sunday, October 15, 2017, CBS TV news 60 Minutes dropped a proverbial “bombshell” regarding the problems with the U.S. pharmaceutical industry and the “shills” who promote Pharma’s wares—licensed medical doctors, distributors, pharmacists, etc...

Oct 17 09:00

Lost temple of Ramses II is discovered in Giza: Incredible find sheds light on the ruler who fathered more children than ANY other pharaoh

The lost temple of Ramses II has been uncovered by archaeologists, shedding light one of Egypt's most revered leaders.

Among the 3,200-year-old ruins, researchers uncovered motifs devoted to ancient Egyptian sun gods - giving a unique insight into who he worshipped.

The temple, which was uncovered in the Abusir Necropolis in Giza, measures around 110 feet in width and 170 feet (34 by 52 metres) in length.

It is the latest colossal building revealed by archaeologists to have been constructed during Ramses II's illustrious 67-year reign.

Oct 17 07:35


Imagine being paid to be both part of the problem and part of the solution. It would be like having someone pay you to open a bottle of red wine and pour it all over their white carpet. Then they pay you to steam-clean it, too.
Seems silly, but that’s essentially what’s going on with many modern-day pharmaceutical companies. People are paying for products that are making them sick. Then, the same company that produced that product offers another product to treat the problems they caused. Pharmaceutical companies are double-dipping into consumers’ pockets by treating diseases brought about by their own products.

Johnson & Johnson

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The only "cure" for this corporate "illness" is intense jail time for CEOs who sign off on these practices, coupled with a thorough revocation of whatever "golden parachute" deals they may have had regarding their quitting/termination from the companies which hired them.

If this happens enough, the practice of knowingly selling pharmaceutical products which harm people will stop.

Unfortunately, in lightof the fact that pharmaceutical companies are one of the biggest national campaign donors existing in this country, such a move may only happen...when pigs discover they are aerodynamic.

Oct 16 15:15

Is There A Link Between Dental Amalgams And Wi-Fi EMFs?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

One of the most unlikely and neurotoxic practices in public health and consumer healthcare modalities is the use of mercury in amalgam dental restorations, aka “silver fillings.” The amount of mercury in dental amalgams is 50%! When I was writing my 2009 book, Our Chemical Lives And The Hijacking of Our DNA, A Probe Into What’s Probably Making Us Sick, I interviewed a holistic, non-amalgam, practicing dentist and got the lowdown on dental amalgams. Here’s what I wrote about that in Our Chemical Lives… on page 240...

Oct 16 11:23

Penguins die in 'catastrophic' Antarctic breeding season

All but two Adelie penguin chicks have starved to death in their east Antarctic colony, in a breeding season described as "catastrophic" by experts.

It was caused by unusually high amounts of ice late in the season, meaning adults had to travel further for food.

It is the second bad season in five years after no chicks survived in 2015.

Oct 16 10:54

Biblical Spice Tested As Possible Breast And Prostrate Cancer Treatment

Cancer surgeon and vigorous researcher Nancy DeMore is like a detective when it comes to testing possible treatments for breast cancer. She joins another researcher to test an ancient, revered substance on breast and colon cancer at the Medical University of South Carolina. We’re talking about ……………

Oct 16 10:34

Flu jab 2017: Vaccine ‘FAILS’ to protect at-risk patients from DEADLY infections

Young leukaemia patients were just as likely to develop flu, regardless of whether they were vaccinated or not, scientists revealed.

Oct 16 09:43

Magic mushrooms may 'reset' the brains of depressed patients, study shows

The active ingredient in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, may have a 'reset' effect on the brain that helps patients overcome depression, scientists have shown.

Many of the study participants voluntarily described a sense of their brains 'rebooting' after just two psilocybin experiences.

The psychoactive substance temporarily disintegrates the 'default mode network' which is a highly-connected set of brain regions that are particularly active during introspection and when we are under stress.

After psilocybin experiences, researchers at Imperial College London found that these areas of the brain reintegrated, became more stable, and that most participants felt immediate and continued relief from their depression.

Oct 16 09:05

Pharmacist who shuttles carloads of pharma drugs to Congress admits they’re senile, brain-damaged patients who “might not even remember what happened yesterday”

Many of the nation’s top lawmakers appear to be pharmaceutical drug addicts who rely on a steady stream of pharma pills being covertly shipped into them daily at Capitol Hill via a local pharmacy in D.C. known as Grubb’s. It’s a quaint little place that a recent article published by featured in an almost sentimental light, while also admitting that many members of Congress who utilize its services likely “aren’t all there” in terms of their brain function.

Oct 16 08:49

What You Need to Know About GMOs and Glyphosate

Are you concerned about the safety of the food you eat and feed to others? I know I am, which is why I’m so glad I had the opportunity to sit down with Institute for Responsible Technology founder and GMO activist Jeffrey Smith.

Jeffrey shared with me some critical new developments related to genetically engineered foods and glyphosate, which is the primary active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup.

In the following video, we discuss the main problems with genetic engineering, the dangers of glyphosate, new genetic engineering technologies, and what you can do to protect yourself and your family.

This is a startling and important video I encourage you to watch now:

Oct 16 08:36

Anti-establishment genius inventing DIY homemade pharmaceutical desktop factory so citizens can bypass Big Pharma price gouging

Would you be willing to take some risks to save yourself thousands of dollars a year on pricey medications? Michael Laufer, a genius who studied particle physics as an undergrad and who speaks 18 or 19 languages, believes that there are thousands of people out there whose financial situation makes them desperate enough to do just that. Stat News recently reported that Laufer, a fixture in the biohacker movement, has started publishing DIY manuals for those who have no other alternative but to make their own medications at home.

Oct 15 10:31

Dubai police have announced they will soon have officers buzzing around the skies on Star Wars-style electric hoverbikes capable of speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour

Dubai police have announced they will soon have officers buzzing around the skies on Star Wars-style electric hoverbikes capable of speeds of up to 70 kilometres per hour. The Hoversurf Scorpion was unveiled at the Gitex Technology Week conference, Gulf News reported.

Oct 14 17:45

Half Of The Universe’s ‘Missing Matter’ Is Finally Found: Elusive Particles Link Pairs Of Galaxies Through Filaments Of Hot Gas

The elusive ‘missing’ half of the universe’s observable matter has been found by two teams of astronomers in a world first.

Scientists think the universe is made up of regular matter, dark matter and dark energy – though experts are yet to detect the latter two.



Oct 14 09:28

Flu Vaccines in Pregnancy and Childhood: What You Need to Know

By The World Mercury Project Team

You want to do everything right for your child, and would never knowingly allow someone to inject a neurotoxin into your infant. Before getting a flu shot, you need to know this: MERCURY is a NEUROTOXIN.

What You Need to Know

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warns pregnant women and young children not to eat fish containing high levels of methylmercury. Yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends pregnant women and infants get influenza vaccines, many of which contain ethylmercury from the preservative thimerosal. Receiving them may result in mercury exposures exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommended maximum levels...

Oct 14 07:38


Americans have never needed to lose weight more than they do right now. According to brand new numbers that were just released by the National Center For Health Statistics, nearly 40 percent of all U.S. adults are now officially obese. That is an all-time record. And as you will see below, more than 70 percent of us are officially overweight. Of course most of the population does not even understand what is being done to them. The elite that own our major food corporations know that eating heavily processed foods is a highway to heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other deadly diseases, but they keep pushing those foods on us anyway. The average American diet is extremely self-destructive, and it is time for a change.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Michael has lost about 100 pounds over the last two years; I have lost about 40, from my heaviest weight. We both have cardiovascular issues in our respective families and knew we needed to slim down, if we wanted a chance for a healthier life as we got older. It's nice to know that I can fit into a Sam's Club size 10 jean comfortably, at 68!!

You have to let your grocery store or big box store manager understand tht you want unprocessed, fresh, organic food; otherwise, you will shop elsewhere where you can find it.

Some suppliers at the "big box store" have already received the message, and are providing more organic food; some still need to.

Even if you have to buy from a health food store, where the prices can be very high, that is a far better investment in your health than buying the crud available at most super markets.

Read the labels; knowledge is power.

And if you have any tendency toward headaches, avoid anything with monosodium glutamate (AKA hydrolized yeast protein) as though it were the plague. It is a known migrane trigger, and comes under a lot of different names, in order to "trick" consumers into buying the product, even if it triggers their headaches.

Corporations have no conscience; they are simply about profits, period, end of discussion.