Jul 06 09:34

Over-the-counter lipoic acid may slow the progression of multiple sclerosis, study finds

In a pilot study, researchers found that taking a high dose of lipoic acid every day for two years reduced whole brain atrophy by 68 percent compared with a placebo.

Jul 06 09:20

Chemotherapy could cause cancer to SPREAD and grow back even more aggressive, new study claims

Chemotherapy could cause cancer to spread and become more deadly, new research claims.

The treatment is often regarded as the first option for breast cancer patients to shrink tumors and even blitz the disease altogether.

However, scientists at New York's Albert Einstein College of Medicine have found evidence that this is only a short-term solution.

Their research suggests that, while shrinking the tumors, chemotherapy simultaneously opens a gateway for tumors to spread into the blood system, making it easier to grow back stronger.

Jul 06 08:45

First robotic kidney transplant performed in Maharashtra

Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre here performed the first robotic kidney transplant surgery on a man suffering from renal failure, a hospital spokesperson said on Tuesday.
Leena, 55, the wife of patient C.N. Murlidharan, donated one of her kidneys to enable him to live a normal life. The 59-year-old, who was on dialysis for the past 18 months, is now on the path of recovery after the surgery last Sunday.

Jul 06 08:37

Montana earthquake

An earthquake strong enough to rouse sleeping residents more than 30 miles (48 kilometers) from its epicenter struck western Montana early Thursday.

A magnitude 5.8 earthquake hit at 12:30 a.m. about 6 miles (9.7 kilometers) southeast of Lincoln, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. A magnitude 4.9 quake rattled the same general area about five minutes later.

The USGS noted seven other quakes ranging from magnitude 3.5 to 4.4 over the next hour. Two others followed, with the most recent being a 3.6 quake at 7:15 a.m.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The epicenters of these quakes are about 150 miles northwest of Yellowstone, but the area where the recent swarm of tiny quakes sits right on the line from the Montana epicenter to the Yellowstone caldera.

Jul 06 07:53

Amish Farmer Found Guilty of Mislabeling Products Not Approved by FDA – Faces Up to 48 Years in Prison

A jury found Kentucky Amish farmer Sam Girod guilty last week of breaking FDA laws in mislabeling his home-made herbal salve product. His sentencing hearing will be on June 16 at 10am, and he reportedly faces up to 48 years in prison.

The Honorable Danny C. Reeves
United States District Judge
US District Court
101 Barr Street
Lexington, KY 40507

See our original coverage of this story by Sally Oh of the KY Free Press here:

Jul 06 07:44

M 6.5 - 3km NNE of Masarayao, Philippines

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No tsunami threat here.

Jul 06 06:39

The secret to living past 100 can be found in this remote Chinese village

When Dr. John Day first heard about a remote Chinese village where the residents — despite having few modern amenities — suffered virtually none of the diseases associated with getting old, he was rightfully skeptical.
“They don’t have doctors, medications or hospitals, yet the villagers live these remarkably healthy lives,” Day tells The Post. “It challenged everything I thought about aging.”

Jul 05 20:15

Astronomers detect large quantity of methanol around Saturn's moon Enceladus

Using a ground-based telescope, astronomers have detected large quantities of methanol around Saturn moon Enceladus - a finding that may have implications in the search for alien life.
Enceladus`s plumes are thought to originate in water escaping from a subsurface ocean through cracks in the moon`s icy surface. Eventually these plumes feed into Saturn`s second-outermost ring, the E-ring.

Jul 05 15:49


In Congress, a new bill entitled Stop the Importation and Trafficking of Synthetic Analogues Act of 2017, aka SITSA, was introduced to both the Senate and the House.

Not surprisingly, a major sponsor of the bill is Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) long known for her hatred of human rights. And Senator Charles E. Grassley.

In an emailed statement, Feinstein said:

This bill provides federal law enforcement with new tools to ensure those peddling dangerous drugs, which can be lethal, are brought to justice.
Feinstein is sponsoring her chamber’s version of the bill which has moved on to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Feinstein is the top-ranking democrat on this committee and Grassley is its chair.

Jul 05 15:46

Major New Study Shows Pesticide Risk To Honey Bees

Scientists have found for the first time that neonicotinoid pesticides can harm honey bees in the real world.

The major new study from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) found that pesticides called neonicotinoids can cause harm to bees, a development that is likely to increase calls for a ban of the chemicals across Europe.

Jul 05 15:42

Chemotherapy may spread cancer and trigger more aggressive tumours, warn scientists 

Chemotherapy could allow cancer to spread, and trigger more aggressive tumours, a new study suggests.

Researchers in the US studied the impact of drugs on patients with breast cancer and found medication increases the chance of cancer cells migrating to other parts of the body, where they are almost always lethal.

Around 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Britain every year and 11,000 will die from their illness.

Many are given chemotherapy before surgery, but the new research suggests that, although it shrinks tumours in the short term, it could trigger the spread of cancer cells around the body.

It is thought the toxic medication switches on a repair mechanism in the body which ultimately allows tumours to grow back stronger. It also increases the number of ‘doorways’ on blood vessels which allow cancer to spread throughout the body.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Cancer patients, and the people who love them, have known about this for quite some time; yet, doctors keep silent about what the nasty effects of chemo can ultimately be.

Additionally, there are very few doctors who understand the relationship between nutrition and wellness, and are able to suggest complementary supplementation to keep their patients' systems healthier.

Jul 05 15:40

Antibacterial soaps found USELESS at killing germs and cause harmful mutations (while posing a health risk to pregnant women and babies)

Antibacterial soaps containing triclosan, triclocarban, and 19 other bactericides are useless for killing germs because these chemicals cause infectious bacteria to take on new traits so they can survive and dominate their environment. On top of all this, experts warn that these chemicals are disrupting the hormones of pregnant women and are harming babies at crucial development stages.

Jul 05 15:32

Raising Robots: Can Morals Be Taught To AI Through Parenting Skills?

It is a dimwitted fantasy to treat Artificial Intelligence and robots as sentient human beings, when they are not, nor can they ever be. Yet, as Japanese men are having sex with silicon dolls, others are trying to teach morals to robots using ‘parenting skills.’ ? TN Editor

Intelligent machines, long promised and never delivered, are finally on the horizon. Sufficiently intelligent robots will be able to operate autonomously from human control. They will be able to make genuine choices. And if a robot can make choices, there is a real question about whether it will make moral choices. But what is moral for a robot? Is this the same as what’s moral for a human?

Jul 05 15:20

Chemotherapy may spread cancer and trigger more aggressive tumours, warn scientists

Chemotherapy could allow cancer to spread, and trigger more aggressive tumours, a new study suggests. Researchers in the US studied the impact of drugs on patients with breast cancer and found medication increases the chance of cancer cells migrating to other parts of the body, where they are almost always lethal.

Jul 05 14:53

Submerged SUPER-VOLCANO at favourite Brit holiday destination alarms scientists

Volcanologists are warning over the destructive power of the Phlegraean Fields, also known as Campi Flegrei, near to Naples, Italy, as it is showing signs of erupting.

The huge volcano - technically an eight-mile wide caldera - which is mostly underwater in the Bay of Naples, is bigger than the nearby Mt Vesuvius – which is responsible for one of the deadliest eruptions in human history when it obliterated the nearby Pompeii in 79AD.

The ancient volcano last erupted in 1538 although it was only minor, lasting for eight days.

However, its formation some 39,000 years ago saw lava and rocks thrown hundreds of kilometres away in what was the most violent eruption in the past 200,000 years in Europe.

Jul 05 14:32

The mystery of the methanol 'burp' on Enceladus: Researchers baffled by detection of chemical around Saturn moon that could hold life

It is one of the best hopes of finding alien life - and now the mystery of Enceladus has deepened.

Researchers unexpectedly found the organic molecule methanol around it in groundbreaking research.

Researchers say the discovery suggests that material spewed from Enceladus undertakes a 'complex chemical journey' once vented into space.

Jul 05 10:43

Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN): “Wonder Drug”!

Op-Ed by Neenah Payne

Low Dose Naltrexone has been used since the 1980s for over 200 diseases including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s disease, HIV/AIDS, and a wide variety of cancers. Yet, most doctors still don’t know about LDN since it is inexpensive and not promoted by drug companies. Low Dose Naltrexone works by strengthening the immune system and is non-toxic...

Jul 05 08:57

An END to long lists of side effects on drug ads? FDA considers scrapping warning summaries amid concerns that TV viewers don't listen to them

Have you experienced fatigue as a side effect of reading lists of side effects in drug commercials? The Food and Drug Administration may have the cure for you: abolish the warnings altogether.
Health officials have proposed a study to assess whether consumers are actually reading the warnings on adverts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I can assure you that Claire and I certainly read and listen to the warnings. I think this has more to do with boosting pharmaceutical sales than concern about viewer fatigue!

Jul 05 08:37

UK, Netherlands: wrong sperm, three parents, ultimate agenda

And now we have this emerging scandal in the Netherlands: A sperm bank owner in Rotterdam, Jan Karbat, who died two months ago, is being accused of secretly fathering dozens of children. According to 23 families, Karbat switched sperm samples and substituted his own for the donors’.

As grisly as these scandals and practices are, they are mere covers for a much deeper agenda: making conception, pregnancy, and birth AN INCREASINGLY SYNTHETIC PROCESS.

Jul 05 07:35

US vows it will 'never accept a nuclear North Korea' after new missile test

They already have nukes Rex. Trump,dissing China by tweet isn't going over well either.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson vowed Tuesday that the U.S. would "never accept a nuclear-armed North Korea" while U.S. and South Korean forces held joint ballistic missile drills after the Communist nation successfully tested an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Jul 05 06:51

One thought equivalent to less than a single proton in mass

Fraction required to equal one Katie Hopkins column still unknown

Jul 04 15:06

Don’t Criticize What You Can’t Understand (About The Science Of Vaccine Neurotoxicity)

A Collection of Recent Journal Articles Solidifying the Connections Between America’s Over-Vaccination Agenda and the Epidemics of Autism Spectrum Disorder and Chronic Autoimmune Disorders In an obscure interview back in 1956, the entertainer Elvis Presley was quoted as saying: “Don’t criticize what you don’t…

Jul 04 14:53

Herbs are Special

with over 30 years of extensive research, knowledge and experience in growing herbs, collecting, and using herbs, spices, fruit trees, rare edibles, seed varieties, sprouts, culinary herbs and medicinal herbs, natural herbal remedies, alternative herbal medicines, natural herbal pain relief, herbal nutrition and Self-Sufficiency...

"With degenerative diseases plaguing many people today. We need to realise that pills and surgery are not fixing the problems.

We need to realise that to maintain our immune system, vitality and health, a diet containing living enzymes and antioxidant rich foods and herbs, is essential."

Isabell Shipard’s passion is herbs, and she loves to inspire and share the joys and wonders of natural herbs...

so, Isabell has now put her many years of extensive research, knowledge and experience into the form of easy to read books and DVD courses.

How can I use HERBS in my daily life?

Jul 04 13:09

Racial Disparity In US Infant Mortality Increasing – Study

The gap between black and white infant mortality rates is growing wider after a decade of shrinking, a new study has found.

Jul 04 12:30

Second Sight: Russian Docs Install First Bionic Eye Implant in Blind Patient

For the first time in the history of Russian surgery, a retinal prosthesis was implanted in a patient with complete sight loss, giving him the opportunity to see the world again in a month.

On June 30, scientists and doctors from the Research and Clinical Center of Otorhinolaryngology at the Federal Biomedical Agency of Russia successfully completed a surgery process to implant a bionic eye, connecting it to the nervous system of a 59-year-old patient from Chelyabinsk who completely lost his sight due to a progressive disease.

"This is the first operation, and in the nearest future, we plan to conduct another similar surgery. We are currently selecting a patient for the second implantation; this complex multi-stage selection will be completed in about a month," Igor Tikhomirov, a representative of the "Art, Science and Sport" fund supporting such operations told Sputnik.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Congrats to the US engineers who created this, and to the Russian doctors who performed the surgery; prayers that this man's vision is restored, and that such surgeries continue to be successful (and affordable for patients) in the future.

Jul 04 10:38

SMART PHONES MAKING PEOPLE DUMB? Shocking Affects on The Human Brain

It's been 10 years since the first iPhone was sold in stores — and the millions of people who now own one likely won't dispute that having the internet, social media and countless apps at their fingertips can sometimes be a distraction.

Jul 04 10:34

What Are the Best Cannabis Strains for Pain?

Personally recommend Blackberry Kush and Afghan landrace Mazar I Sharif.

One of the most common applications for medical marijuana is pain, whether it's inflammation, headaches, neuropathic pain, muscle soreness, spinal injury, fibromyalgia, or cramps. Patients have seen varying degrees of success with cannabis in treating various pain-related ailments, depending on the type of pain, the intensity, and the individual's own physiology.

Jul 04 10:28

Court Delivers Trump’s EPA A Defeat Right Before Independence Day

A federal court has overturned the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) stay on the implementation of regulations on methane emissions for new oil and natural gas drilling wells.

Federal judges gave environmentalists a legal win Monday by preventing the Trump administration from staying an Obama-era global warming rule while the EPA considers repealing it altogether.

The court ruled that the “EPA’s decision to impose a stay, in other words, was ‘arbitrary, capricious,'” because “it was thus not ‘impracticable’ for industry groups to have raised such objections during the notice and comment period.”

Jul 04 10:25

Big Pharma Losing Grip as Study Shows Nearly 100% Cannabis Users Give Up Rx Pain Meds

A landmark study helps explain why Big Pharma is so afraid of the medical benefits of cannabis. The pharmaceutical and alcohol industries, both powerful influences in Washington, have long lobbied against cannabis legalization in order to protect their profits.

Jul 04 09:24

Where’s a Real Environmentalist When you Need One?

These two photos were taken 13 days apart. One was taken on an area protected since 1997. The other was taken on private land managed by a rancher aware of the ecological value of using his livestock to perform functions vital to natural ecosystem health, as described by Allan Savory in the Summer 2015 issue of RANGE. [“Cows Can Save the World,”]

If the “protected” area of Verde Riverand the spikedace could do so, my bet is they would be thinking, “Where’s a real environmentalist when you need one?” No spikedace have been seen in the protected stretch of the Verde since 1997.

Jul 04 09:16


On July 1, 2017, thousands of people in Nevada waited in line at dispensaries for hours to purchase marijuana — a plant that has been cultivated for thousands of years and has never killed anyone.

The night before, parties raged in celebration of the ability to purchase it for recreational purposes.

Though the right to purchase marijuana in Nevada is exciting, there are some lesser-known facts about its “legalization” few are aware of.

As Vin Armani explains in the video below, it is still considered a FELONY to possess an ounce of weed. Additionally, residents are not allowed to grow cannabis unless they live 25 miles or more away from a dispensary.

In addition to explaining the difference between legalization and decriminalization — and why activists should be pushing for decriminalization nationwide, Armani exposes how the government has created a cannabis cartel to profit more than the entrepreneurs who have devoted themselves to cultivating high-quality weed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US would do well to look to the incontrovertible success of Portugal, when it decriminalised all drugs:

6 incredible things that happened when Portugal decriminalized all drugs

Jul 04 09:11

Fears over a catastrophe in space after two parts fall off a communications satellite over the US and Mexico

Debris that has broken off a satellite over the US and Mexico could cause a catastrophe in space if it collides with other satellites.

The debris is from a huge communications satellite known as AMC-9 sent up by operator SES, which went off-radar last month following a 'significant anomaly'.

This contact has now been re-established, but SES has warned that two huge pieces of the satellite may have broken away somewhere over the two countries.

While the debris is unlikely to cause damage on Earth, as it will burn up when re-entering the atmosphere, it could cause havoc for other satellites orbiting nearby.

It could knock navigation satellites off course, for instance, or damage other key communication satellites in orbit.

Jul 04 07:41

Popular heartburn drugs Prevacid, Prilosec & Nexium linked to 25% higher death risk

Popular heartburn drugs called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) have been linked to a variety of health problems, including serious kidney damage, bone fractures and dementia. Now, a new study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis shows that longtime use of the drugs also is associated with an increased risk of death.

Jul 04 07:23

UK: NHS tainted blood shame: Secret files reveal health bosses knew for FIVE years patients were being infected with deadly contaminated samples

Patients were given deadly contaminated blood for at least five years after health officials became aware of the danger, damning documents reveal.

Jul 04 07:16

WHAT IS OUT THERE? NASA probe to fly over Jupiter's mysterious 'red spot' for first time

The Juno space probe is set to orbit a 10,000 mile-wide storm on Jupiter on July 10, after a year of circling the gas planet.

A NASA spokesman said: "This will be humanity's first up-close and personal view of the gigantic feature - a storm monitored since 1830 and possibly existing for more than 350 years."

Jul 03 18:50

A satellite may be falling apart in geostationary orbit [Updated]

In the early hours of 1st July, the SES Satellite Control reestablished contact to AMC-9. SES and the satellite manufacturer Thales are working around the clock to evaluate the status and define the next steps.

Tracking information received on 29 June had suggested that at least two separate objects were located in the vicinity of AMC-9. Their source has still to be determined. The new piece of information was included by Thales and SES in their investigations.

All relevant operators and agencies are being kept informed and will receive regular updates from SES. The current assessment is that there is no risk of a collision with other active satellites. AMC-9 and its status continue to being tracked by SES and agencies, including the Joint Space Operations Centre (JSpOC) and ExoAnalytic, a private firm and tracking service provider.

Jul 03 12:42

NHS patient information illegally shared with Google DeepMind

Data belonging to 1.6 million patients was illegally shared with Google after a National Health Service (NHS) trust tested a medical app with the tech giant. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) ruled on Monday that the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust had not complied with the Data Protection Act when it provided information to Google’s DeepMind program.

Jul 03 11:05

Rough cut video of AMC-9 satellite on Friday night.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The object at center is AMC-9. The other objects are unidentified and normally wide separation is kept between satellites in geostationary orbit. But it looks like one of the unidentified objects collided with AMC-9 and started it tumbling and spinning off debris.

Jul 03 10:28

NHS wastes £70million in a year by prescribing paracetamol when the pills can be bought for pennies

The NHS – which is in the grip of a funding crisis - spent more than £70 million giving paracetamol to patients in England last year.

GPs issued more than 21,740,000 prescriptions of the everyday painkillers at a cost of £3.23 per item – when the pills can be bought for as little as 19p in supermarkets such as Asda.

Jul 03 10:09

SPACE WARNING: Satellite is SPIRALLING out of control above Earth

A SATELLITE is spiralling out of control and could head towards Earth, its operator has confirmed.

Spacecraft construction company SES says it lost control of its satellite on June 17 and is now struggling locate it.

SES’s AMC-9 satellite, which was 36,000 kilometres above the Earth’s surface, began spiralling out of control following a “significant anomaly”.


ExoAnalytic's CEO, Doug Hendrix, told ArsTechnica: "We have seen several pieces come off of it over the past several days.

"We are tracking at least one of the pieces. I would hesitate to say we know for sure what happened.”

While it is expected that any pieces that do fall to Earth will simply burn up when re-entering the atmosphere, the real worry is that it adds to the already congested space of the thousands of pieces of space junk in the planet’s orbit.

Jul 03 10:00

Vagina surgery 'sought by girls as young as nine'

Girls as young as nine are seeking surgery on their genitals because they are distressed by its appearance, the Victoria Derbyshire show has been told.

Dr Naomi Crouch, a leading adolescent gynaecologist, said she was concerned GPs were referring rising numbers of young girls who wanted an operation.

Jul 03 08:35

Trump: Right About Fake News Media, Wrong About Most Everything Else

Support the Constitution and The Bill of Rights!

At a Saturday rally, Trump was right, saying the “dishonest media(’s) agenda is not your(s)” – omitting self-criticism, failing to explain his agenda serves wealth, power and privilege exclusively.

Long forgotten are inaugural day promises. He’s a warrior president servant of power like his predecessors.

Saying he’d “fight for you with every breath in (his) body, and never, ever let you down” proved hollow rhetoric.

So was promising noninterventionism. He escalated Obama’s wars, perhaps intends new ones on Iran and/or North Korea.

Jul 03 08:07

A woman vomited after finding a rotting mystery corpse in a restaurant salad — it tested for “very high” levels of E. coli

Last April, Pierrette Caouette was traveling for work when she stopped into a Normandin restaurant in Quebec City in Quebec, Canada. She ordered a salad, but what arrived at her table was so revolting that it’s culminated in a $200,000 lawsuit that was just filed against the Canadian restaurant chain.

Jul 03 07:34

11-Year-Old Texas Boy Invents Device to Prevent Hot Car Deaths

Bishop Curry looks for ways to fix the world.
For an 11-year-old boy, he's unusually curious about big-picture problems, his dad says — from natural disasters to civil rights. And he's always loved to tinker.
That's why it wasn't a surprise when Bishop, after seeing an upsetting local news report about a 6-month-old who died when left in a hot car, resolved to make sure something like that never happened again.

Jul 02 20:29

High Potential for Collapse: New Study Shows Two Radioactive Hanford Tunnels Are Not Stable

Engineering studies made public Friday reveal serious structural problems with two tunnels at the Hanford Site where highly radioactive materials are stored.

Jul 02 20:17

NASA's new mission to deflect a near-Earth asteroid

NASA is developing the first-ever mission that will deflect a near-Earth asteroid, and help test the systems that will allow mankind to protect the planet from potential cosmic body impacts in the future.
The Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) - which is being designed and would be built and managed by the John Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory - is moving from concept development to preliminary design phase, the US space agency said.

Jul 02 16:39

Farmer Faces $2.8 Million Fine After He Bought 450 Acres of Land and Began Plowing It

By Organic & Healthy

A lawyer for Duarte Nursery said the case is important because it could set a precedent requiring other farmers to obtain costly, time-consuming permits just to plow their fields.

“The case is the first time that we’re aware of that says you need to get a (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers) permit to plow to grow crops,” said Anthony Francois, an attorney for the Pacific Legal Foundation...

Jul 02 12:42

PEI Approval of Rollo Bay Facility Puts Wild Salmon at Risk, Groups Say

By Canadian Biotechnology Action Network

Charlottetown, June 27, 2017: Today, local and national environmental groups expressed profound concern over a decision by the Government of Prince Edward Island to approve construction of the world’s first factory to grow genetically modified (GM, also called genetically engineered) fish...

Jul 02 09:08

Connecticut Governor signs GMO labeling bill into law

On Wednesday, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy made history by signing into law a bill that requires all foods containing genetically modified organisms for human consumption to be properly labeled. It is the first bill of its kind to be signed in the United States and represents a huge step forward for advocates of organic food and honest labeling. However, the bill, which was passed by Connecticut voters back in June, will not go into effect until other states in the Northeastern region with a combined population of 20 million pass similar labeling laws.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, Vermont already has a similar law.

Jul 02 08:52

Ukraine becomes an associate member of CERN

Today, Ukraine becomes an associate member State of CERN. This follows official notification to CERN that Ukraine’s Parliament has ratified the agreement, signed with CERN in October 2013, granting Ukraine that associate member status.

"Our hard and consistent work over the past two decades has been crowned today by a remarkable event - granting Ukraine the status of CERN associate member. It is an extremely important step on the way of Ukraine's European integration," said Yurii Klymenko, Ukraine’s Ambassador to the UN in Geneva.

"It is a great pleasure to warmly welcome Ukraine into the CERN family. The laboratory has worked closely with Ukrainian colleagues over many years, and we look forward to strengthening this collaboration in the framework of associate membership," said CERN Director General, Fabiola Gianotti.

Jul 02 08:19

The Role of Vitamin C in the Treatment of Terminal Cancer

Studies in the 1970s showed an extraordinary survival gain in terminal cancer patients with vitamin C, a “simple and relatively nontoxic therapy.” It’s no wonder it got a lot of attention. But studies in the 1980s found no such benefit, so scientists were “left with the inevitable conclusion that the apparent positive results [in the original study] were the product of case-selection bias rather than treatment effectiveness.”

Jul 02 08:17

Asteroid Day - Watch NASA's special broadcast on how it is protecting Earth from space rocks

NASA is marking the event with a special television program featuring the agency’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office and other projects working to find and study near-Earth objects (NEOs) at noon EDT Friday, June 30, beginning at 9 a.m. PDT.

Jul 02 08:04


The US isn't yet grappling with the economic disaster that is a shrinking population - unlike Japan. Though it's starting to look like a not-too-distant possibility. US birthrates fell to yet another historic low in 2016 as a whirlwind of economic and cultural factors inspire more women to delay, or forgo, having children. According to provisional data for the fourth quarter provided by the CDC, the US birthrate has declined to 62 births per 1000 women – its lowest level on record, and down from 62.5 in 2015.

This is especially troubling because demographers worry that a dwindling birth rate will hurt economic growth and tax revenues needed to fund transfer payments to a growing elderly population, as more members of the baby boomer generation age into retire.

Jul 01 17:21

What They’re Not Telling You About Marijuana Legalization In Nevada

In this video, Vin Armani examines the marijuana law in Nevada to see what’s really in it. No, you’re not free to grow it. Read the fine print. Over an ounce is still a FELONY. What did they actually legalize? Government made themselves a cannabis cartel to profit more than entrepreneurs from every joint sold. Watch below:

Jul 01 09:41

Torrential rain leads to intense flooding in Berlin

Extremely heavy rains hit Berlin on June 29, leading to flooded streets, evacuations, and disrupted public transport. Firefighters have called a state of emergency.

Jul 01 09:30


Another two plague cases have been reported in the Santa Fe area of New Mexico, health officials report according to USA Today. Two women, ages 52 and 62, have both been treated for the dreaded disease. They constitute the second and third plague victims from Santa Fe County.

Jul 01 09:20

Deadly mosquito-borne pandemic poses a greater threat to humankind than global war and could easily wipe out 10 MILLION, Bill Gates warns

A deadly mosquito-borne pandemic poses a greater threat to humankind than global war, billionaire Bill Gates warns.

In a hard-hitting new documentary, the world's richest man said a killer bug could wipe out 10 million people without warning.

Footage seen by MailOnline, set to be aired next week, shows the philanthropist's worries towards the danger of disease-carrying mosquitos.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Fortunately, I own the rights to a vaccine, which I have named WindozeVacc, that can save you all!" -- Bull Gatez

Jun 30 23:22

America's Death Throes

China and Russia have already ditched the US dollar in their vast energy trade. Now China is leveraging Saudi Arabia to also abandon the greenback for oil sales. No wonder, it seems, that US policies are increasingly lashing out.

US global power depends on its presumed economic prowess and military force. With its economy in long-term decline, precipitated by the teetering dollar, the US rulers are relying increasingly on militarism to project power. That tendency is pushing the world to war.

The challenge is to somehow steer the American military monster into a safe berth without eliciting a world war.

Jun 30 16:07

Two New Studies Confirm Common Insecticide Weakens Honeybee Hives

By Derrick Broze

After years of back and forth speculation and conflicting studies from countries around the world, it seems fair to say neonicotinoids insecticides are causing dramatic weakening of honeybee hives. The “neonics” are a class of pesticide that has previously been linked to declines in bee populations. Neonics were developed in 1991 and commercial use began in the mid-1990s. Around 2006, commercial beekeepers began reporting what is now known as colony collapse disorder — where entire colonies of bees die off with no obvious cause. The disorder has been reported in commercial colonies all over the world. Several studies have implicated neonics, which are used to kill insects harmful to crops. Two new studies seem to confirm the danger of the class of insecticides...

Jun 30 15:51

Incredible self-powering smart window that could save on energy costs by automatically controlling the amount of light and heat in your home

The window, which was developed by researchers from Princeton University, uses near-ultraviolet light to generate electricity, which powers chemical reactions that lighten or darken the glass as needed.

When darkened, the window can block more than 80 per cent of light.

Professor Yueh-Lin Loo, lead author of the study, said: 'Sunlight is a mixture of electromagnetic radiation made up of near-UV rays, visible light, and infrared energy, or heat.

'We wanted the smart window to dynamically control the amount of natural light and heat that can come inside, saving on energy cost and making the space more comfortable.'

The smart window controls the transmission of visible light and infrared heat into the building, while the new type of solar cell uses near-UV light to power the system.

Jun 30 15:38

Teenage girl's memory has been wiped by pioneering treatment to shrink a grape-sized brain tumour that caused her excruciating headaches

A healthy teenager has had her memory wiped by treatment to shrink a grape-sized brain tumour that caused excruciating headaches.

Charlotte Reid, 17, of Sidmouth, Devon, has had her life turned 'upside down' after having innovative proton beam therapy in Florida.


'At the time, we knew she had to have the treatment to save her life. There was no choice but it has had a serious impact. She won't remember what day of the week it is, or even what she had for lunch.

'She never looks forward to things, because she doesn't remember they are going to happen. She doesn't remember if she has had a nice treat.

'It's quite difficult for me as a mum. I spend a lot of time answering questions for her.

'Her memory had been severely affected. She remembers everything before she had treatment well but everything since then is almost gone.'

Jun 30 15:21

Italian Study Finds Cocoa Helps Brain Power

A new review study suggests consumption of cocoa flavanols has a beneficial effect on cognition. Moreover, some researchers go as far as to recommend cocoa as a dietary supplement to protect human cognition.

Jun 30 15:19

More Research Shows Big Surge in U.S. Opioid Use, Addictions

One in five people who gets commercial health insurance from Blue Cross and Blue Shield filled at least one prescription for an opioid painkiller in 2015, a new study finds.

The research also found that the number of members diagnosed with an opioid use disorder rose almost five-fold from 2010 to 2016.

That increase is far higher than the 65 percent increase in the use of medication-assisted treatments, according to the study by the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA).

Jun 30 15:10

Oklahoma sues opioid drugmakers; New Hampshire presses epidemic probe

Oklahoma on Friday joined growing litigation over claims drugmakers misrepresented the risks of opioid painkillers, as New Hampshire cleared a hurdle in its own probe of the role played by companies in the national addiction epidemic.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter filed a lawsuit in Cleveland County District Court against Purdue Pharma LP, Johnson & Johnson, Allergan Plc and units of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

The drugmakers engaged in a "fraudulent, decades-long marketing campaign to profit from the suffering of thousands of Oklahomans," Hunter said.

"The lawsuit claims the companies knowingly marketed their drugs as safe for chronic pain management while downplaying the risk of opioid dependency," he added.

Jun 30 13:59

California Democrats Killed A Bill That Would’ve Saved Billions Of Dollars, Says Economist

California’s Democratic lawmakers blocked universal health care legislation — the culmination of a successful lobbying campaign to portray the proposal as unrealistic and unaffordable. But days later, advocates of a universal health care system in which the government is the single payer got three boosts.

First, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren — a prospective 2020 presidential candidate — said Democrats should support legislation to create a single-payer system. Then influential investor Warren Buffett declared his support for such a system. And most recently, a new poll from Quinnipiac University found 60 percent of Americans now say they support “an expansion of Medicare that would make it available to any American who wants it.”

Jun 30 11:57

President Donald Trump Suggests Republicans Repeal then Replace Obamacare

President Donald Trump suggested in a tweet that if Republicans remain unable to pass their current healthcare bill, they should immediately repeal and then replace Obamacare.

Jun 30 10:28

Large-scale study 'shows neonic pesticides harm bees'

The most extensive study to date on neonicotinoid pesticides concludes that they harm both honeybees and wild bees.

Researchers said that exposure to the chemicals left honeybee hives less likely to survive over winter, while bumblebees and solitary bees produced fewer queens.

Jun 30 09:58

Composite Wood, Construction: Authorities Close in on Carcinogenic Formaldehyde Emissions

By Christopher Clark

The long list of fraud cases which elude national or regional regulations continues. After the global Volkswagen emissions case, the US and Canadian authorities are turning their eyes to the wood import business, with millions of items being sold on national soil, putting consumer health at risk. The extent of the fraud is still not fully assessed, but regulators in the US and in Canada are already on the move to fill the gap...

Jun 30 09:32

New Nevada Law Legalizes Commercial Hemp Production Despite Federal Prohibition

By Michael Maharrey

Tomorrow, a new Nevada law goes into effect legalizing commercial industrial hemp production in the state, despite a federal ban on the same. The new policy sets the foundation to nullify federal prohibition in practice and effect within the state.

A bipartisan coalition of 12 legislators sponsored Senate Bill 396 (SB396). The new law authorizes the cultivation of industrial hemp for commercial purposes and the production of agricultural hemp seed in Nevada. The statute expands current law...

Jun 30 09:25

Monsanto to Fight “Cancer Causing” Label For Its Signature Weedkiller in California

By Aaron Kesel

Roundup weedkiller maker Monsanto is planning to fight back as California moves closer to labeling the dangerous chemical as “cancer causing.”

Glyphosate will be added to California’s Proposition 65 list of chemicals known to cause cancer effective July 7, the state’s Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) said.

Monsanto argues that the decision is “unwarranted on the basis of science and the law.”...

Jun 30 09:24

The DEA Just Admitted Weed Has Never Killed Anyone and Causes ‘Happiness’

The Drug Enforcement Agency just admitted that cannabis has never killed anyone. Ever. They also acknowledged that the little green plant, which has been used across civilizations for thousands of years, causes “merriment” and “happiness.” But they still want to keep it illegal.

Jun 30 09:22

Fecal bacteria found in Starbucks drinks, says report

If the massive amount of sugar found in most Starbucks beverages hasn’t managed to deter you from going there, the prospect of another unwelcome ingredient found in the coffee chain’s beverages should be enough to send you running in the opposite direction: Fecal bacteria.

That’s right, you could be getting a lot more than you bargained for the next time you order an iced coffee at chains like Starbucks after an eye-opening investigation from the BBC found that 30 percent of the samples of iced drinks taken from Starbucks tested positive for what is known as “fecal coliforms.” The same was true of Caffe Nero, while the UK chain Costa Coffee had fecal bacteria in 70 percent of the samples tested.

Jun 30 09:15

Artificial meat warning: The Health Ranger reveals all that you’re NOT being told about fake meat grown in labs

Also, as the a multiple award-winning investigative science journalist and lab science director of an ISO-accredited analytical laboratory, CWC Labs, Adams says what he is seeing with the artificial meat companies is that they are all turning to various forms of excitotoxins like MSG (monosodium glutamate) and so on “in order to create the savory taste that you normally get from a [real] meat product.”

The end products may resemble meat — like, for instance, a hamburger — but really its a chemical cocktail of poisons and GMOs.

“So people who think they’re going to be saving the planet by eating plant-based meat, or artificial meat, are actually being tricked,” Adams said. “What they’re going to be doing instead is supporting GMO agriculture companies that poison the world with genetic pollution, and they poison the world with herbicides like glyphosate or Roundup or various pesticides.”

Jun 30 08:49

Why Big Marijuana Will Survive Jeff Sessions

I have had Crohn's disease for over 40 years. It affects more than just your digestive system. It causes eye problems.liver,kidney and pancreatic problems. It causes skin problems like Pyoderma Gangreneosum and Erythema Nodosum. With P.G you get big ulcers on your skin that smell bad and really hurt. With E.N.the capillaries under your skin rupture and you leak blood through your skin. The same happens in the whites of your eyes and you look like Dracula. It is a tough disease to have! Cannabis and other natural remedies,herbs ,vitamins and especially amino acids are what I use. Crohn's causes an imbalance in serotonin and dopamine. Cannabis lowers serotonin and raises dopamine. It makes my life bearable.
Why do we have to ask permission to treat our own illnesses as we see fit?

Jun 30 08:33

EVIL: European Court Of Human Rights Sentences 10-Month-Old Sick Baby To Die, Won't Let Parents Come To US For Possible Life-Saving Treatment (11 Pics)

Eight weeks into Charlie Gard’s life, it was discovered he suffered from a rare disorder — a mitochondrial depletion condition — that weakened his body and left him unable to breathe without a ventilator.

Jun 30 08:20

NASA tells Curiosity: quit showing off, no 'wheelies' please

After 18 months of testing, NASA's pushed a patch to the Mars Curiosity Rover – to extend its wheels' life, and eliminate over-exuberant climbs causing “wheelies”.

Written by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Jeff Biesiadecki and Olivier Toupet, the software update went live earlier this month, having been uploaded to the famous robot in March.

Jun 30 08:19

Legal weed comes to Nevada — and alcohol industry wants a piece of the pot

When the recreational marijuana statue was approved by voters, it gave alcohol wholesalers exclusive rights to the distribution licenses for the first 18 months it was enacted. Letters were mailed to eligible license holders in the state, but Chris Thompson, the executive director for the Las Vegas chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) said with few responses, tax commissioners approved a temporary regulation that would allow the department to make exceptions for non-wholesalers.

Jun 30 07:44

Waters at risk? EPA will revoke The Clean Waters Act of 1972

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), under the direction of the Trump administration, will revoke a rule that gives the agency broad authority over regulating the pollution of tributaries and wetlands that flow into the country’s largest rivers. [1]

Jun 30 07:10

Flu Vaccine virtually worthless in people 65 years and older

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) admits yet again that last year’s flu vaccine failed to protect the most vulnerable among us. Flu-related hospitalizations were at an all time high in the winter of 2016-2017 for adults 65 and older. The CDC reports that last year’s flu vaccine was roughly 42 percent effective overall for preventing the kind of serious illness that leads to doctor’s visits and hospitalizations. Worse yet, the CDC confessed that last year’s shot was essentially ineffective for the group of people who are hit hardest by the flu – those 65 and older. The winter was dominated by flu strain, Type A H3N2, which seems to cause more serious illness and death than other flu strains. Even though the vaccine was well matched with the flu strains going around last year, it was a total failure.

Jun 30 06:41

Acetaminophen Taken During Pregnancy Can Inhibit Masculinity

Acetaminophen – known in other parts of the world as paracetamol and under various brand names such as Tylenol – is making scientific headlines more and more now. If you are pregnant, you should think twice before popping these pills according to the researchers in a new study. In an animal model, acetaminophen…

Jun 29 22:42

Washington Has Been At War For 16 Years: Why?

Paul Craig Roberts

For sixteen years the US has been at war in the Middle East and North Africa, running up trillions of dollars in expenses, committing untold war crimes, and sending millions of war refugees to burden Europe, while simultaneously claiming that Washington cannot afford its Social Security and Medicare obligations or to fund a national health service like every civilized country has.

Considering the enormous social needs that cannot be met because of the massive cost of these orchestrated wars, one would think that the American people would be asking questions about the purpose of these wars. What is being achieved at such enormous costs? Domestic needs are neglected so that the military/security complex can grow fat on war profits.

The lack of curiousity on the part of the American people, the media, and Congress about the purpose of these wars, which have been proven to be based entirely on lies, is extraordinary.

Jun 29 14:52

Soy Seeds Sales Surge, Giving Monsanto Better-Than-Expected 3rd Quarter

Monsanto has reported better-than-expected quarterly profits after record soybean sales lifted the company above analysts’ estimates.

On Wednesday, Monsanto (MON) reported third-quarter income of $843 million, or earnings of $1.90 per share, compared to the previous year’s $717 million, or $1.63 per share.

Jun 29 11:11

Aspartame & MSG Banned From Italian Restaurants

Italy is considered the healthiest country in the world. Aspartame has been banned from Italian restaurants, illegal even to own it. A friend, Brenda Cassini, once told me it was a saying in Italy," if you want to get embalmed go to America."

Jun 29 11:10

Partial Skull Fossils Found In China Could Be A New Species -‘A Kind Of Unknown Or New Archaic Human’, Researcher Says

Two partial archaic human skulls, from the Lingjing site, Xuchang, central China, provide a new window into the biology and populations patterns of the immediate predecessors of modern humans in eastern Eurasia.

The study of these skull fragments found in China shows that the ancestors of modern humans had features that resembled Neanderthals.

Jun 29 11:06

From driverless cars to robotic workers, the future is going to be here before you know it

Many emerging technologies that you hear about today will reach a tipping point by 2025, according to a recent report from The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society.

Jun 29 10:30

Resveratrol compound in grapes found to kill cancer stem cells

The answer to preventing colon cancer could be literally dangling in front of you. That is, if you’re in a vineyard. Scientists have recently discovered that grapes could hold the answer to killing colon cancer stem cells.

Researchers from the Penn State Hershey Cancer Institute have found a potential cure for colon cancer. They discovered that the compounds found in grapes — resveratrol — could be effective in treating colon cancer, according to Jairam K.P. Vanamala, associate professor of food sciences at Penn State. “The combination of resveratrol and grape seed extract is very effective at killing colon cancer cells. And what we’re learning is that combination of these compounds is not toxic to healthy cells.”

Jun 29 10:08

Ron Paul: Trump is Just Like CNN, Putting Out His Own False News to Start War in Syria

In a peculiar move, the White House announced Monday evening a chemical weapons attack in Syria will be carried out soon by the regime of Bashar al-Assad against civilians — the second government-launched attack on his own people in the past few months — and that the U.S. would pulverize Syrian forces as retribution.

If, that is, gargantuan holes in logic suit your fancy — because nearly every facet of the above ‘facts’ touted by the corporate press and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer depart so far from the truth as to be farcically unrecognizable.

Spicer tweeted.......,

Jun 29 09:58

Toxicity warning: ‘Metal on metal’ hip replacement patients recalled for X-rays

There have been concerns in the past over the devices - with a limited number of patients previously being recalled for tests. But now the issue could be even more serious than first believed.

Now experts have said people could be at risk of muscle or bone damage - and even blood poisoning.

Jun 29 08:16

Trump’s Chaos is Covering for Stealth Escalation Overseas by

Been trying to tell you folks. Opposition to Trump and the resulting chaos and confusion is being used to set the stage for WW3!

While Washington is fixated on President Trump’s tweets, antics, lies and Russiagate, the administration is ramping up a stealth escalation of our military involvement across the Middle East. As Naomi Klein warns, Trump’s “rolling shock of the chaos and spectacle” distracts from radical actions both at home and abroad. Across the Middle East, the administration drives the United States ever further into wars without end, increasing the dangers of direct military confrontation with Russia and Iran, with little awareness and no mandate from the American people. This is a recipe for calamity.

Jun 29 08:16

New Kentucky Law Expands Health Freedom

By Michael Maharrey

While Congressional Republicans have yet to put forth a bill to get rid of Obamacare, a new Kentucky law went into effect today that will help facilitate healthcare freedom in the state. It will also set the stage for people there to nullify federally run healthcare in practice...

Jun 29 07:54

Your Real Age May Be Older or Younger Than Your Years

By Helen Thomson

Age is a peculiar concept. We tend to think of it as the number of birthdays we have celebrated — our chronological age. But this is just one indicator of the passage of time. We also have a biological age, a measure of how quickly the cells in our body are deteriorating compared with the general population. And these two figures don’t always match up.

Just take a look around: we all know people who look young for their age, or folks who seem prematurely wizened. Even in an individual, different parts of the body can age at different speeds. By examining how chronological age lines up with biological age across the population, researchers are starting to pin down how these two measures should sync up...

Jun 29 07:27

Are “Brain Drain” Cell Phones Making Us Dumber?

By Catherine J. Frompovich

Are you aware the more you depend upon your cell phone, especially ‘smart’ phones, the dumber you are most likely to become? A new study explains...

Jun 29 05:34


Insurance will soon be personal rather than product orientated. Driving cars has already become one of them. Technology will alert the insurance company what vehicle is being driven and how aggressively – or otherwise, determining the cost of each drive. The upside says the Times, is that these greater insights provided to insurance companies can reduce premiums to many careful people, but for those it decides are riskier, many may never get cover at all. Gene sequencing will quite likely be used to determine whether an individual is likely to get illnesses or calculate longevity that will price risk. Privacy and discrimination will be the battleground for civil liberty organisations who already know they lost that battle a few years ago.

Jun 28 19:41

Very soon, you may be able to 'FLY' in a car?

The concept of flying cars will soon become a reality as the much-awaited car is expected to come sooner than though before.
At this year's Paris Air Show, you had to search hard to find an aircraft that looked anything like an automobile: but one such model, the AeroMobil, was tucked away under the old Concordes at the Air and Space Museum, just outside the capital.

Jun 28 17:59

This cutting-edge bandage could make flu shots a thing of the past

For the first time, researchers have tested a flu vaccine patch in a human clinical trial and found that it delivered as much protection as a traditional jab with a needle.

Jun 28 17:25

Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas & Great Lakes, Media Ignores

Record Cold USA During Summer in Dakotas & Great Lakes with dozens of cold records set and temperatures at least 10-15F below normal temperatures and the media remains silent.

Jun 28 17:22

FDA wants doctors to recommend acupuncture and chiropractic care for back pain

The FDA has now begun a process of recommending that doctors discuss acupuncture and chiropractic care options with their patients in order to reduce the number of opioid addicts (and deaths).

Jun 28 16:26

“…The Biggest Nuclear Blunder Of All Time!”

By Brett Redmayne-Titley

“This is the biggest nuclear blunder of all time!” – Ray Lutz, Founder/Citizens’ Oversight.

A corruption of human conscience has permitted 3.6 million pounds of highly radioactive nuclear waste to be put in thin-walled steel drums and buried forever – out of sight – in faulty concrete … one hundred feet away and inches above the high tide line of … the Pacific Ocean.

After Fukushima?! ...

Jun 28 13:34

Deep medical fraud: logical insight cancels brain fog

In the course of an investigation, a clue can turn up that changes everything. It exposes massive falsehoods and fraud.

Jun 28 11:50

M 6.0 - 129km S of Raoul Island, New Zealand

Jun 28 11:43

Human lifespan could increase indefinitely

The lifespans of human beings could continue to rise “far into the foreseeable future”, according to two researchers who have dismissed the idea of a natural limit.

Jun 28 10:03

Airplane cabin air found contaminated with toxic chemicals that really can damage your health

The problem arises in the way that air is drawn from plane engines before being mixed with the existing cabin air and then recirculated. The air drawn from the engine often contains toxic fumes developed by the friction between the engine’s moving parts and the oils used to lubricate them. Seals meant to minimize the problem often wear down and fail to do their job. The only current aircraft that does not use this method of supplying cabin air is the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which instead relies on electric compressors to take air from the atmosphere.

The problematic chemicals in the air include organophosphates, which wreak havoc on nerve cell coatings and create diffuse symptoms in the nervous system. Organophosphates have been linked to increased mortality and complications like weakness, seizures and neuropathy. Exposure to these chemicals is also believed to increase the odds of suffering a cardiovascular event.

Jun 28 10:01

2 more plague cases reported in New Mexico's Santa Fe County

The New Mexico Department of Health on Monday confirmed two more human cases of plague.

The recent cases involve a 52-year-old woman and a 62-year-old woman. The first case this year was reported in early June in a 63-year-old man.

Jun 28 09:51

2 Out Of 3 Patients Can't Afford Their Hospital Bills Thanks To Obamacare's Soaring Deductibles

We've spent a lot of time over the past couple of years talking about soaring healthcare premiums brought on by Obamacare. The price increases have been outright crippling for those forced to buy policies on the exchanges, up well over 100% over the past 4 years, on average, with some states up over 200%.

Jun 28 09:30

Faecal bacteria found in ice at Costa, Starbucks and Caffe Nero, investigation finds

Concerning levels of faecal bacteria were present in ice at three major high street coffee chains, according to an investigation.

Samples from drinks at Costa, Starbucks, and Caffe Nero were reportedly found to be contaminated in lab tests carried out by BBC One's consumer series Watchdog.

Faecal coliforms, which contain disease-causing pathogens, were present on 7/10 ice samples in Costa, 3/10 in Caffe Nero and 3/10 in Starbucks, the BBC said.

Jun 28 09:12

Why Do Migraine Sufferers Find Relief In Darkness?

By Mae Chan

People experiencing migraines often avoid light and find relief in darkness. A new study led by researchers at Harvard Medical School and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has revealed a previously unknown connection between the light-sensitive nerve cells in the eye and centers in the brain that regulate mood and a host of physical parameters such as heart rate, shortness of breath, fatigue, congestion and nausea...

Jun 28 09:10

Hampton Creek is now growing its own meat in labs—and it says it will get to stores first

The maker of vegan mayonnaise has been working on getting lab-made meat onto dinner tables everywhere. It’s just that nobody knew about it.

Hampton Creek—a company that built its name on plant-based condiments and vegan-friendly cookie doughs—today revealed that, for the last year, it has been secretly developing the technology necessary for producing lab-made meat and seafood, or as the industry likes to call it, “clean meat.”

Jun 28 07:36

California to list herbicide as cancer-causing; Monsanto vows fight

Glyphosate, an herbicide and the active ingredient in Monsanto Co's popular Roundup weed killer, will be added to California's list of chemicals known to cause cancer effective July 7, the state's Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) said on Monday.

Monsanto vowed to continue its legal fight against the designation, required under a state law known as Proposition 65, and called the decision "unwarranted on the basis of science and the law."

The listing is the latest legal setback for the seeds and chemicals company, which has faced increasing litigation over glyphosate since the World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer said that it is "probably carcinogenic" in a controversial ruling in 2015.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

California has been known from some very weird legislation in the last decade or so, but it is refreshing that their legislators are, finally, doing something which makes sense.

Jun 28 06:51

Scott Adams: The Only Way to Fix Healthcare Insurance in the U.S.

People will look at the number of people covered and stop there. So any Republican bill that covers fewer people than Obamacare is dead on arrival. That’s where we are now. And we don’t have a system of government that can fix this situation.

But what we do have is an active citizenry and social media. That’s a better system for designing a healthcare system. I’ll describe one way to go about it.

Jun 27 18:38

Monsanto Battle: California To Add Glyphosate To Its Cancer-Causing Chemicals List

The state of California has moved ahead in its ongoing legal battle with agribusiness giant Monsanto, announcing it is putting glyphosate, a key ingredient of the firm’s popular weed killer Roundup, on a list of cancer-causing chemicals.

Jun 27 16:53

Man pleads guilty to attempted murder in Las Vegas mannequin attack

WTF........! You gotta read the story! He must have thought he was Thor.

Updated June 27, 2017 - 3:03 pm

A 30-year-old man pleaded guilty to attempted murder Tuesday in an unusual case involving a hammer attack on a mannequin in downtown Las Vegas.

Shane Schindler is expected to receive a sentence of eight to 20 years behind bars.