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To All Q-people Who “Trusted the Plan”


There is a gambling expression: "bet against the dead"


It means when you see someone totally out of luck, losing hand over fist, just bet the opposite whatever this losing "dead" fellow picks.

I have a similar "dead" news source: a self-styled "in the know" nillionaire who spams my cell with outlandish news flashes that I can tell they are total bunk just by the fact that he forwarded them. Eternal life potions, Martian bases under DC, grocery shortages, you name it. QAnon came from him too, so I didn't even need to research it, I just deleted his text on the fly. He is such a valuable time saver; the inverse of an AI news filter. :)

The author apparently has his own agenda...

Tian Shan

by stating "Trump’s failures in the past four years".

Trump's accomplishments is a long list.

These links reflect the White House page that was taken down. (I didn't try to use Chrome's "cache" feature since I avoid anything Google.)

Original link scrubbed: