And the Nakbas continue | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

And the Nakbas continue

The Palestinians’ perseverance and resilience have not broken or wavered, even though it has been 71 years since the Palestinian Nakba, and it continues to grow and intensify. The Palestinians insist on freedom, independence, the restoration of their confiscated rights, and on returning to their homeland and their determination grows and is handed down to generation after generation. The Great March of Return continues despite the obstacles, pitfalls, and conspiracies accompanying it.

Over the past seven decades, the age of the Palestinian Nakba, the number of Palestinians has multiplied by 9, amounting to over 13 million Palestinians. Half of the Palestinian population is inside Palestine, and the other half is outside. The Palestinian struggle to establish an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of Palestinian refugees to their homes has continued nonstop.

In 1947 and 1948, Zionist gangs committed more than seventy massacres in the historic cities and villages of Palestine, killing more than 15,000 Palestinian martyrs. Moreover, they displaced more than 800,000 Palestinians inside and outside Palestine and destroyed hundreds of Palestinian villages and communities. Israel has now usurped over 85 per cent of historical Palestine, amounting to 27,000 square kilometres and about 7 million Israeli occupiers live there.