Armor Piercing, Toxic Shocking – the US’s Ongoing Depleted Uranium Manifesto | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Armor Piercing, Toxic Shocking – the US’s Ongoing Depleted Uranium Manifesto

February 28th, 2016 marks the 25th anniversary of the end of Operation Desert Storm, the combat phase of the Gulf War, the first war with Iraq. This conflict was a turning point in US and world history, but the ensuing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq turned these war theaters into toxic waste lands. Desert Storm ushered in the widespread use of depleted uranium (DU) ammunition, a topic that few official spokespersons want to talk on the record. Now Syria is fast becoming the latest toxic battlefield where the “real weapons” of mass destruction are being deployed. Even though the Pentagon has professed a reversal of decision on the use of DU munitions, the clear cut evidence still does not support any real effort to reduce their indiscriminate use. It should be noted that US and UK forces during Desert Storm, openly acknowledged having fired some 286,000 kilograms of DU shells in between 1990 and 1991. The vast majority of the amour piecing rounds were fired from US Abrams and M60 tanks, and from A10 and Harrier combat tank killer aircraft. Fast forwarding to today, and we find an obliterated Iraq, a North Africa in various states of edgy turmoil, and Syria ablaze. Within this crucible of death, the toxic shadow of depleted uranium ordinance threatens combatants and innocents alike. The side effects associated with exposure to elements of DUs include; birth defects, miscarriage, unknown cancers, and more.