Breaking: It's Official! CNN Just Blocked The President Of The United States!! | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Breaking: It's Official! CNN Just Blocked The President Of The United States!!


Speaking as a devil's advocate


(*I'm kind of tired of hearing him squak about Fake NEWS all the frickin' time , that's Rivero's job .If Trump was set to go on CNN and start , that's not NEWS . FOX is available , and would happily alot some time for a Presidential Plug , and , at the same time diss their competition .
He could rewrite the law that allows the media to lie , in his first week in office , but forget that , 2/3 into the first quarter of his era . Nope I'm holding . Fake NEWS serves Trump , and his mob mentality supporters .
So does the deep state . So does CNN blocking him . It's all those entities fault he can't get anything done , SURE !
I'm also pretty sure Sean Spicer got tired of being the Whitehouse attack dog , too !
Now , if Trump was fixing to go on the air to start scaring the crap out of The Philippines and Venezuela , again , let the other whores run with it .)



(*I STILL don't have cable , because I made up my mind CNN was fake after their coverage of The Tylenol scare . FOX when they went along with the 9/11 official story , and went along with W Bush as the Imbedded Press in Iraq , and lied and lied and lied . Trump's legacy , from where I'm looking , will be his amazing ability to point out the obvious , while doing absolutely nothing to correct the problem . YES! America , Your TV NEWS Outlets Are FAKE , and apparently your President is going to take four years to alert you to that fact . Cut your cable now , because that might be the only service he provides us , in his tenure .
And when you tuck the kids in , on nights they go to bed without dinner , you can encourage them by pointing out that , sure we didn't have supper , and daddy knows your hungry , but honey , CNN blocked The President , so our sacrifice is very small , compared to our multibillionaire president being the biggest victim , in the country , again today , of Fake NEWS
and , at the same time , your humongous cable bill , and get the kids fed , forcryinoutloud , because if your waiting for this government ...
But , you probably won't, because you most probably know you'd also be cutting Trump's greatest asset)