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Famous Last Words: BP's Inside Game

In a rare display of emotion, Obama ranted for 20 straight minutes. The target of his anger wasn't BP but the press. He fumed that he was being unfairly portrayed as being remote and indifferent to the mounting crisis in the Gulf. "Hell, this isn't our mess," Obama railed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yes Obama, it is your mess. You are the President. You wanted the job and now you have it and a big part of that job, indeed the largest, is to make sure this country is running efficiently and smoothly and safely. Even as you came into office it was known that the Minerals Management Service, supposedly the protector of America's interests with regards to oil exploitation, was corrupt, lazy, and failing to enforce the existing safety regulations. Your first job, before that bible was even cold, should have been to start firing the governmental incompetents and replacing them with men and women who understood that they were not working for benefit of the oil companies (who dopnated so generously to your campaign), but the people of the United States.

But you did not do that.

So yes, President Pansy, this is indeed your mess!