Guamanians Don't Feel Safe with U.S. Military | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Guamanians Don't Feel Safe with U.S. Military

As tensions grow on the Korean Peninsula, the Guamanian academic and anti-US colonialism campaigner Lisa Natividad speaks out about her nation, Guam, in the the cross-hairs of the war of words between Washington and Pyongyang. A US colony since 1950, Lisa also speak on Guam's contemporary history, and the fight of her people for freedom from oppression and explotation... Lisa Natividad: The Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice is an organization based in Guahan (Guam) that was founded by a group of women in 2006, following the announcement of the signing of an accord between the United States and Japan, to transfer 8,000 U.S. Marines from Okinawa and South Korea to Guahan. We women got together in horror of how our lives would be impacted if the US Department of Defense increased its occupation of our island. We decided that it was time to take a stand and claim our power by fighting for our rights and our homeland. Our coalition has focused on the issues of political decolonization and demilitarization of our island. We have done this primarily through organizing conferences, public forums, engaging the media, presenting our issues before international entities such as the United Nations, and speaking campaigns in other countries...