Hawaii panel asks state to prepare for North Korea attack | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Hawaii panel asks state to prepare for North Korea attack

- Hawaii lawmakers want state officials to update plans for coping with a nuclear attack as North Korea develops nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles that can reach the islands.

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The state House Public Safety Committee unanimously passed a resolution Thursday.

Committee Vice Chairman Matt LoPresti says he's not trying to spread fear. But he wants the public to know the government is taking steps to protect them in the worst case scenario.

He's aiming to get state funding to re-equip Cold War-era fallout shelters.

The resolution that moved forward Thursday said that in 1981, Oahu had hundreds of fallout shelters -- "many stocked with medical kits, food, and sanitary kits." But in later years, funding dried up, and stocks were thrown out.

Hawaii Emergency Management Agency Executive Officer Toby Clairmont showed lawmakers a response plan from 1985 that hasn't been updated since.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Considering the immense, nearly pathological dysfunction of the various areas of the Hawaiian government, I would encourage every resident of Hawaii not to count on the government of the State to truly be able to do anything concrete to help you, and encourage you to plan - and prep - for yourself, and for the people you care about.


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