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Onward global army ... maybe sooner than later?

The beauty, in the eyes of some, is that when things get really bad for the general population and more and more uprisings occur, an international army will better be able to step in and do crowd control (you know, keeping the peace) than a local army would, local soldiers being possibly reluctant to shoot real bullets at their own people. That may also be one of the reasons for the partnership with the US Northern Command - so that US troops could step in to put down a Canadian uprising, and vice versa.

Last, but still worth considering: maybe recruitment centres won't be needed if a draft is imposed, which of course would only occur if the predicted WWIII is not just a conspiracy fantasy.

I'm also getting the feeling our economy is going to tank (further), which means there will be lots of unemployed youth with no place to go but the military.


If the soldiers won't shoot live bullets at their own people...


They could always use the cops. Seems like some of the "just following orders" sadists they have policing the G20 protests, for example, would probably be thrilled at the chance to upgrade from teargas, pepper spray and rubber bullets to live hand grenades and hollow points.

Maybe the DHS has already figured that out with their recent order for millions of rounds of hollow point ammo.