Pope Breaks Silence on McCarrick: ‘I Knew Nothing, Nothing, Nothing’ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Pope Breaks Silence on McCarrick: ‘I Knew Nothing, Nothing, Nothing’

Pope Francis has finally broken his silence regarding accusations leveled last August that he had known of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s serial homosexual abuse and yet reinstated him to a position of influence in the Vatican.
“About McCarrick I knew nothing, obviously, nothing, nothing,” the pope told Mexican reporter Valentina Alazraki in a lengthy interview released Tuesday by Vatican News.

“But you know that I knew nothing about McCarrick, or I wouldn’t have kept silent, would I?” he asked.

Last August the former Vatican nuncio to the United States, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, released an 11-page report in which he declared he had personally informed Pope Francis about McCarrick’s misdeeds in 2013 but that Francis had restored him to a position of trust, consulting him regarding the naming of future U.S. bishops.

Pope Francis “knew from at least June 23, 2013 that McCarrick was a serial predator,” Viganò stated, and yet, “although he knew that he was a corrupt man, he covered for him to the bitter end; indeed, he made McCarrick’s advice his own.”