Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

American people rarely listen to Putin’s speeches. Few opportunities to do so unless they go looking for it; They just assume their media is right and Putin‘s a “brutal dictator” who’s “trying to re-establish the Soviet empire”, end of story.

In western media Putin could soon find himself painted as the new combination Hitler/Stalin in a looming WWIII—another so-called “just war” which US will be “morally compelled to fight”, to “save the world from tyranny”. Christian dominionists will be calling it Armageddon—the final battle between Good and Evil before the return of the King!

Why, after all that’s gone down through the decades, WHY do Americans persist in trusting the government (which they say they don’t trust) AND the media (which they also say they don’t trust)? Both have been proven, again and again, to be lying to the people on important things; but they still retain a patina of respectability with the people. We may “distrust” them, but we will always distrust, even more, the leaders and countries they tell us to distrust. Like good little sheep. Ugh!