Russia sells arms to Asia to maintain peace in the world | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Russia sells arms to Asia to maintain peace in the world

Russia and China have recently held joint military exercises in the Baltic Sea. China is not the only country where Russia ships its arms to. Russia develops military cooperation with the countries whose interests intertwine with interests of Beijing: Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and India. Pravda.Ru conducted an interview about Russia's defence exports in Asia with director of the Tauride Information and Analytical Center, candidate of political sciences Alexander Bedritsky. "According to the Asia Times, Russia's activities to sell arms to Asian countries weakens China's position in the region. Does Russia want China a strong or a weak partner? Do they want to set Russia against China not to let the friendship happen?" "Russia has very good relations with China and India. At the same time, India and China remain in antagonistic positions, sometimes it even comes to military clashes on the border. Russia carries out defence cooperation both with India and China. "Russia tries to build a multi-vector policy and maintain good relations with China and India, including within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, bringing their positions closer. Russia does not sell its weapons abroad so that foreign buyers could use those weapons to the detriment of their adversaries. Russia sells its weapons to other countries to build parity relations. In fact, Russia acts as a dampener should contradictions between regional states occur...