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The Same Ol’ Afghan War Fallacies

President Trump’s statement on Afghanistan has numerous shortcomings. It portrays as a “new strategy” what is instead a familiar kicking of a can down the road. It combines Trump’s habit of heaping blame on his predecessors with a warmed-over version of what those predecessors did in Afghanistan.


heaping blame on his predecessors


(*Which started the moment his predecessor placed his hand on The Bible , some say Koran , and was inaugurated . The day before Obama's inauguration , Trump's predecessor was , for all intents and purposes , clean as a whistle . It's hard to conceive that the liberal left media cooked up that January Surprise , but what baffles my mind is if the clear vision on The Right had the goods on Obama , and were running A Strong Leader From The Right , John McCain against the Kenyan born , Former Weatherman at age of nine , Muslim Terrorist , Socialist NAZI Fascist From The EVIL Left , why didn't they put it out BEFORE The Nation Voted ?
After eight years of none stop nagging , blaming , and scapegoating , The Nation was hopelessly addicted to the 'catchy' bad habbit of blaming Obama for everything .)