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Scientists turn stem cells into pork

Call it pork in a Petri dish — a technique to turn pig stem cells into strips of meat that scientists say could one day offer a green alternative to raising livestock, help alleviate world hunger, and save some pigs their bacon.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It all sounds good (so did Global Warming) but the first question I have is that if we cannot buy food for the world's people, how can we afford all the lab equipment and raw chemicals needed to create food in a Petri dish?

This experiment is just that; an interesting experiment, but it is far from a practical solution to world hunger. And like the "green" claims made for Ethanol, I suspect that the environmental impact for creating all the chemical precursors for this growing of pork in Petri dishes, coupled with waste disposal, will make us all long for the days when a pen full of pig slop was all we had to worry about.