Scott Adams: The FBI, H1B VISAs, Steve King, Terrorist Deprogramming, and Climate | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: The FBI, H1B VISAs, Steve King, Terrorist Deprogramming, and Climate

Plus bonus addendum: Quick Tutorial on Using Engineering to Take Politics Out of the Wall

CNN says Steve King said white supremacy is okay
Did he think that and say that? He clarified later, said no.
Even if true…would he have said it in public?
President Trump tweets to promote citizenship for H1B people
We want productive people, nothing to do with race
Your worldview, should be able to predict the future accurately
Look at your worldview carefully if it isn’t predictive
Social media companies change our opinions by what they feed us
In effect, they’re programming us, brainwashing us
Self-radicalized by the CNN silo
Self-radicalized by the FOX silo
Dogs for immigration patrolling
Study: White males most likely to question climate change
Study also said, the more they knew about topic…
…the more they questioned climate change
The topic education process creates skeptics?
Fraudulent skeptic chart about CO2 and temperature not tracking
Chart omitted the sun. With the sun, they do track
The sun matters, it’s included in scientists calculations
Invalid rebuttal to say that the climate is always changing
Everyone agrees it’s changing, the issue is the rate
CO2 increases cloud formations, which increases heat retention
Sounds logical, but debate exists, might not be correct
Presentation of arguments by both skeptics and believers
Climate models seem closer to BS than science
The basic argument seems pretty solid, but not the models
2 dumb arguments…”it’s the water vapor”, “it’s the clouds”

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