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US ambassador expands on Washington’s new Afghan strategy

The US Ambassador to Russia John Tefft has provided explanations regarding the new US strategy in Afghanistan at a meeting with Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Igor Morgulov, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported on Tuesday. "The Russian side outlined a number of issues requiring clarification in terms of parameters and modalities of the US military presence in Afghanistan," the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed. "It was noted that the new strategy is aimed at resolving the Afghan problem through the use of force, its consonance with the ‘recipes’ of the Obama administration, which, as it is known, have yielded no positive results." "Special attention was paid to the lack of transparency in the US military’s actions, which gives rise to well-grounded concern from Russia and other regional partners," the ministry noted. "It was stressed that Moscow does not share Washington’s policy aimed at exerting pressure on individual countries in the region, is in favor of equitable cooperation and coordination of approaches towards resolving the situation in Afghanistan taking into account the interests of all regional countries without exception," the ministry noted.