The U.S. must stand up to Israel or exit the Israeli-Palestinian peace process | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The U.S. must stand up to Israel or exit the Israeli-Palestinian peace process

The Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, has been playing by America’s rules for years and received nothing for his efforts apart from empty promises. Unlike his fiery predecessor, Yasser Arafat, until now he’s adopted a non-combative, compromising stance and been taken to task by his Palestinian critics as being too compliant. But since Israel’s seven-week-long onslaught on Gaza that robbed so many innocent lives and left 10,000 families homeless, he’s put diplomatic-speak on the shelf, as evidenced by his no holds-barred speech at the United Nations General Assembly last week.

Israel perpetrated “war crimes carried out before the eyes of the world,” he told delegates. “We will not forget and we will not forgive, and we will not allow war criminals to escape punishment,” he said, while accusing Israel of committing “genocide.” Furthermore, he has petitioned the UN Security Council to pass a resolution giving Israel three years to withdraw from occupied Palestinian territories. The three-year deadline is no coincidence. Analysts suggest that if Israel continues building on Palestinian land at the current rate, there will be virtually nothing left for a meaningful Palestinian state; not that any such state can be truly independent when Israel refuses to contemplate anything other than a toothless, demilitarized entity without control over its own borders or air space.