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Pentagon can’t decide which rebels to train in Syria

As reports surfaced on Monday suggesting the group that calls itself the Islamic State is close to capturing the Syrian town of Kobani, The Guardian revealed that the Pentagon is still far from taking the next steps towards tackling the militants.

Despite American officials warning for weeks now that the group formerly known as ISIS poses a dire risk to the Middle East and the security of the United States and its allies, representatives for the Pentagon acknowledged to the British paper that efforts to organize a trained army to go up against the violent militants have yet to materialize.

The US Department of Defense and President Barack Obama succeeded in convincing Congress last month to approve a measure that authorizes the government to fund, train and equip moderate rebels in Syria in order to provide anti-ISIS forces with the resources to counter the campaign that continues to let the group seize entire cities in the Middle East as recently as this week. Nevertheless, a spokesperson for the Pentagon told the Guardian for an article published on Monday that exactly who will lead those rebel forces remains unresolved.

“No decision has been made as to who will lead the program,” commander Elissa Smith, the Pentagon spokesperson, told the Guardian.