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Firms with Obama ties profit from health push

- President Barack Obama's push for a national health care overhaul is providing a financial windfall in the election offseason to Democratic consulting firms that are closely connected to the president and two top advisers.

Coalitions of interest groups running at least $24 million in pro-overhaul ads hired GMMB, which worked for Obama's 2008 campaign and whose partners include a top Obama campaign strategist. They also hired AKPD Message and Media, which was founded by David Axelrod, a top adviser to Obama's campaign and now to the White House. AKPD did work for Obama's campaign, and Axelrod's son Michael and Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe work there

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If this legislation were truly so great for the American people, it wouldn't have to be "sold" like toothpaste.

What We the People wanted when Obama was elected last November was to stop these bloody wars without end, and for the government to utilize that money to create a working, functional health system which really benefits all the American people.

What we have in this monstrous legislation, well over one thousand pages long, (which apparently none of the members of congress confronted at those town-hall meetings have actually read) is simply a huge victory for the drug and insurance companies.