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Holocaust Survivor Talks About Obama's Peace Prize

As President Obama accepts a Peace Prize he does not deserve, it's a good time to model what real peacemaking looks like. That's why-at the ripe age of 85-I'll be joining the Gaza Freedom March on December 31. Over 1,000 peacemakers from around the world will join hands with 50,000 Palestinians in Gaza as we walk together to the Israeli border. As Jews, Christians, Muslims, atheists, and members of many faiths we will come together as one humanity to condemn the brutal invasion of Gaza one year ago and demand that Israel lift the siege that has brought 1.5 million people to the brink of disaster.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is one very courageous lady, working for peace in a very concrete, demonstrable way.

The fact that she is herself a holocaust survivor lends a tremendous amount of credibility to her support of the Gazan Palestinian people.

Israeli officials are not going to be happy about her participation in this event.