West Decries Iran's Latest Nuclear Offer | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

West Decries Iran's Latest Nuclear Offer

Western officials said the Iranian foreign minister's weekend comments that Tehran would be willing to make a uranium trade in small batches, and on Iranian soil, fell well short of their demands.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What the US (Israel, really) wants is for Iran to ship all of its uranium for reprocessing, then wait like a good little drone for the western powers to deign to give it back.

Of course, the last time Iran did so, they got screwed when France took their unprocessed uranium and simply kept it.

Iran is totally in compliance with the NNPT. The US is simply looking for a reason to start a new war and between the lies used to start the war with Iraq and the lies about Human-Caused Global Warming, the people of the world and not about to accept the rush to war with Iran at face value.

At this point, the credibility of the US and Israeli governments is so bad that nothing short of Israel nuking the Vatican on Christmas Day and blaming Iran for it is likely to get more than passing notice from the people of the world.