US military suicides hit record high in 2009 | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

US military suicides hit record high in 2009

Despite a wide range of prevention efforts, suicides in the US military have risen to a new record high in 2009.

The Department of Defense has reported that 160 active-duty army soldiers committed suicide in 2009, up from 140 in 2008.

The report says the military service members have come under severe strain from years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Repeated deployments and combat stress have been fueling the depression and marital problems resulting in suicidal impulses, it goes on to explain.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The report deliberately avoids the true motivation for many of these suicides.

Yes, combat stress, coupled with multiple deployments, depression, and marriage difficulties can bring this about.

However, in the background, lurks the reality that many of these men and women, once deployed, understand with absolute clarity.

That is, unfortunately, that with these continuous invasions and occupations of other countries for private profit (oil fields, oil pipelines to control oil fields, and the profit from illegal drugs) the US is absolutely on the wrong side of history.