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US Will Keep Ground Troops in Libya

In a press briefing at the Pentagon today, African Command leader Gen. Thomas Waldhauser announced that the US intends to keep ground troops in Libya for the foreseeable future to support “friendly forces,” and to “degrade” the ISIS forces that remain in the country.

Waldhauser did not specify how many US troops are in Libya now, or how many will stay, but did estimate that there were less than 200 ISIS fighters left in Libya. The US had announced the end of the anti-ISIS campaign in Libya back in December, but never fully withdrew from the country.

The US forces were in Libya trying to help the “unity” government defeat ISIS in the city of Sirte. US officials repeatedly claimed the city was totally surrounded, and that no ISIS fighters would get away, though when the fighting finally ended, a substantial number of ISIS fighters did in fact get away.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Translation: this is "military-speak" for the reality that the US government is never leaving Libya because of the oil and the oil pipelines.




(*but if we stand with Trump , We will get a wall on our southern border , and keystone will get it's pipeline , so pretend that you never heard that US Will Keep Ground Troops in Libya , because Hillary did the bad thing in Libya, and Trump needs to stay there , to straighten everything out , like it used to be, or would Trump say that Libya is not a comcern , but there'll be a lot of Americans out of work , if we pull out now , in which case would that not constitute Trump trying to make good on his campaign promise , and this , too , is a great day for jobs ? SO , SEE ? I JUST DUG UP ANOTHER PASS FOR TRUMP !o)

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