The US Navy Aims To Sink Its Radioactive Warships Off Korea | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The US Navy Aims To Sink Its Radioactive Warships Off Korea

The Pentagon is now facing a hard choice: to scrap its radioactive fleet and dump the mess at Hanford nuclear site and inside veterans hospitals, or arrange a naval war to sink the lethal vessels and their human cargo in foreign waters.

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The US could blame the sinking on North Korea.


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Hmm, this is something to hold in mind should this scenario unfold. Makes lots of sense in view of what we see unfold wondering what the Fuk.ushima is going on. At least those forewarned won't be as gullible as previous conned 'patriots' who went along with the various fake events the government and their propaganda machine aka news media, are using to get the population behind their wars.

Read this article and keep it in mind as the events unfold. Not that we can do a thing about it, but at least we will not wave flags and support this by turning in our 'copper pots, jewelry, and what ever else governments ask of their population in support of these wars that bankers and the industrial-military complex are creating.
“War is good for business. Invest your son" and daughter.



just like 9/11
a blood offer

same amount of steel
same amount of goys

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