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The Goal of ‘Not Losing’ in Afghanistan

Trump is in a bind. As Taliban forces continue to rack up military and political gains across their country, no serious expert can possibly believe that continued U.S. intervention will deliver “victory.” Sixteen years of experience show that almost every U.S. tactic has not only failed, but backfired.

Far from winning hearts and minds, nighttime Special Forces raids and bombing runs have turned countless villagers against the Afghan government and its foreign backers. Far from bolstering Kabul’s resources, tens of billions of dollars in U.S. aid created an epidemic of corruption that decimated the government’s credibility and put money and weapons in the hands of the Taliban.

Far from defeating Islamist tyranny, the United States has empowered viciously cruel warlords. Far from promoting law and order, U.S. anti-drug campaigns turned poppy-growing peasants into allies and funders of the Taliban. And far from closing off Taliban sanctuaries in Pakistan, Washington’s surly relations with Islamabad have amplified dangerous anti-American sentiments in that nuclear-armed, Islamic state.

A Parallel Disaster

“It is most disturbing to find that after [many] years [the country] appears less, not more, stable than it was at the outset,” said one prominent U.S. senator. “It appears more removed from, rather than closer to, the achievement of popularly responsible and responsive government.”

That was actually the observation of Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield, D-Montana, reporting on a study mission to Vietnam in the fall of 1962. It applies just as well to Afghanistan today.

Yet as Trump’s national security experts huddle with the President, most are almost certainly advocating an increased troop commitment to Afghanistan — not to bear the brunt of the fighting, but ostensibly to train government forces to stand on their own. That, of course, was the mission of U.S. military advisers sent to Vietnam in the early 1960s, before that war ballooned into a national disaster.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am waiting for President Trump's speech to the nation regarding Afghanistan; and I am waiting for him to announce a "surge" in troops (yet again), as the US government and military have done so many times before, in this 16 year war.

I am waiting to be disappointed yet again with this alleged "new strategy" in Afghanistan, which cannot be more than a complete rehash and recombinations of older, failed strategies, wrapped with "new packaging, yet incapable of really fixing the situation.

And I know, as surely as I am sitting and typing this, that this surge is not about training Afghani forces to fight on their own; and this surge is not about giving the Afghani people the "gifts of freedom and democracy".

This surge is all about controlling Afghanistan's pipelines; controlling Afghanistan's vast mineral wealth; and controlling its opium poppy production, which funds various US "alphabet soup" agencies' "off the shelf" operations upon which Congress has utterly zero oversight.

It is just that simple, folks; and nothing President Trump will say tonight will convince me otherwise, unless he is talking complete NATO and US drawdown, just as safely as it can be managed.

And I think that is as likely as pigs discovering their ability to fly.