UK Taxpayers Funded Pakistani Death Courts As They Handed Down "Blasphemy Law" Sentences | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

UK Taxpayers Funded Pakistani Death Courts As They Handed Down "Blasphemy Law" Sentences

New details from a secretive UK aid program reveal controversial Pakistani death sentence courts have been funded by the UK government for the past few years, even while Christians languished on death row as a result of the country's notorious "blasphemy laws". And while the program began as a "counter terrorism" initiative with a British ally, it's come under increased scrutiny after a Pakistani Christian woman was recently acquitted following 8 years on death row for "blasphemy charges". The Guardian reports:

British taxpayers are funding prosecutions in Pakistan that have led to dozens of death sentences, according to newly disclosed details of a secretive UK aid programme.

The documents reveal that the Foreign Office is supporting specialist civilian courts that prosecute terrorist suspects in what the UK government’s global security strategy calls a “rule of law” programme in Pakistan.

Except the courts not only operate in a highly conservative Islamic society which considers the death penalty for things like "blasphemy" and possibly "anti-Islamic" activity like converting to Christianity (as in the case with the 8-year imprisoned Christian woman Asia Bibi), but have very likely killed innocent people considering how many death sentence cases have been overturned on appeal.

And just days ago another Pakistani court sentenced two Christian brothers to state execution for posting material deemed "offensive to Islam" on their personal website. The brothers were sentenced to death by hanging on December 13.

One study cited in The Guardian found the following shocking figures related to death row cases:

Analysis by Reprieve and the Islamabad-based Foundation for Fundamental Rights of nearly 300 reported Pakistan supreme court judgments handed down between 2010 and 2017 found that death sentences were overturned in 77% of cases. From 2015 to the end of 2017, this increased to 81%.

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Absolutely...horrifically... amazing!! And one of the myriad reasons that I never will travel to Islamabad this lifetime.