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50 Days Until America’s ‘Brexit Prize’ Becomes Reality

The New Republic reports as other publications do that – “A web of wealthy think tanks, lobbying groups, and organizations that seem to blur the line between such distinctions are behind the Brexiteers. These individuals and organizations are bound by a shared dream of deregulating the British economy and opening it up to U.S. markets—billed as the “Brexit prize.”

The American magazine continues:

“The main proponents of a hard Brexit are radical free-market Conservatives with a history of trans-Atlantic ties. A recent blueprint for a future U.K.-U.S. trade policy post-Brexit shined a light on the shared interests their project entails. The proposal listed as contributors a nexus of British and American libertarian organizations and received glowing endorsements from Brexit’s most influential figures.“

That blueprint advocated opening up Britain’s public services—including education, legal services, and, eventually, health care—to U.S. competition. Current EU regulations that prevent certain U.S. products from entering the British marketplace -particularly rules governing food hygiene and environmental standards—should be discarded, it argued, along with the EU’s relatively progressive policies on workers’ rights.

The big problem here being fought out in parliament daily is that under May’s plan, Britain remains tied to the EU’s regulatory system, the consequence is that the barriers to U.S. trade persist.