The U.S. Economy Is In Big Trouble | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

The U.S. Economy Is In Big Trouble

“You’ve really seen the limits of monetary and fiscal policy in its ability to extend out a long boom period.” – Josh Friedman, Co-Chairman of Canyon Partners (a “deep value,” credit-driven hedge fund)

The Fed’s abrupt policy reversal says it all. No more rate hikes (yes, one is “scheduled” for 2020 but that’s fake news) and the balance sheet run-off is being “tapered” but will stop in September. Do not be surprised if it ends sooner. Listening to Powell explain the decision or reading the statement released is a waste of time. The truth is reflected in the deed. The motive is an attempt to prevent the onset economic and financial chaos. It’s really as simple as that. See Occam’s Razor if you need an explanation.



Get The Golan Heights


(*under the command of a Casino Mogul , it'll be , like , A Crap Shoot Roll a winner , may~be Israel "throws us a bone" Toss a Crap-Out looser , they could decide " we no longer need Washington Services" .
Come to think of it , they could come to that very same decision , even if we do manage to get The Heights for them .
Your kids might get a better rifle if they report for duty wearing their MAGA caps !)

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