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Now Turks Are Rubbing It In.

My main question here is if Turkey knows that F-35 is a....turkey? I am pretty sure Turks do. Of course, behind all this back-and-forth on S-400 are things much more substantial than even top-notch air defense for Turkey--namely massive economic developments in Eurasia. It is also obvious that Turks are now in the bargain mode with Russia across the whole spectrum of issues--gas, nuclear power, military, tourism, agriculture, to name a few--and that could be indicative of a tectonic shift in Turkey's geopolitical orientation but we cannot be sure 100% yet. On F-35 issue, however, one should not discount the possibility of Turks getting off at the last opportunity from this program in order for a bigger, better thing. This thing are SU-35 of latest modifications and SU-57 which is hitting serial production in 2020 and China expressing interest in this aircraft while already operating full Russian versions of SU-35.



In the WW3 for the Middle East...


... Turkey is a war in full swing, it's just fought with different means. And the US is losing.

Are we sure Obsolete Obama and Crooked Hillary


(*aren't globetrotting around with an Erector Set Toolbox , sabotaging F-35s and Boeing 737s , behind Trump , the nation's international salesman's back ?)

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