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Have Fun Bending Over for the Catch 22.

Here I sit in beautiful weather with the sun shining as it has been for some time now. The temperature is in the 70’s and there’s a breeze most of the time but not like the South Pacific trades that are the best in this world. Still… a man could do worse but… I’m uneasy. I’m not comfy. I’m looking over my shoulder and it’s not a personal thing. It’s just that apprehension of no definable origin.

Colin Powell endorsed Obama so you can stick a fork in McCain. This puts the final imprimatur on the thing along with Brezinski bitch-slapping the insufferable Morning Joe. Hey, Joe… that dead girl in your office… what’s up with that? I don’t have a problem with Powell and My Lai… that sort of thing happens in every war and we’re doing it again and much worse. The trailers in Iraq were a bad moment and it made Powell look like a worked whore but… in the military you follow orders even when you don’t want to. All things considered Powell’s not the worst of the lot and I will tell you this… a lot of Americans… more than you would suspect, really respect Colin Powell.

The thing is… it makes the ongoing voter fraud- Joe Stalin- American system much harder to work now. I don’t care how slick they think they are everyone is going to smell a rat if McCain somehow wins.