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'Some crimes speak for themselves': ICC probe brings back raw memories in Gaza

Palestinian survivors of the 2014 war welcome the International Criminal Court's investigation into Israel, but ask why it has taken so long.

They wouldn't bring back our children'
Ahed Bakr, a father, grandfather and uncle of four children who were killed on a Gaza beach in a deadly attack on 16 July 2014, says it is "promising that there are finally international steps taken to at least recognise Israel's crimes against Palestinians after all this silence".

"What have they been waiting for, for more than five years, to finally take action? Everything was already documented by cameras," he says.

Ahed Atef Bakr, 10, Zakariya Ahed Bakr, 10, Mohammad Ramiz Bakr, 11, and Ismail Mahmoud Bakr, aged nine, were killed when Israeli forces shelled a beachfront in the west of Gaza City, during Operation Protective Edge.

The boys were killed in full view of a hotel filled with foreign correspondents reporting on the conflict, which led to harrowing first-hand accounts of the attack.

"The four children wanted to have some fresh air after nearly two weeks of intensive bombing. They went to the beach and played war," Ahed Bakr recalls. "Ismail ran near the Gaza port, before he was directly targeted. When the other three attempted to flee in the opposite direction, another raid targeted them."

'Any convictions that will result from the investigation will not satisfy me. They will not bring back our children. This will always be a devastating heartbreak until I die'

- Ahed Bakr

Following the news of ICC's announcement to open an investigation into alleged war crimes, Bakr did not seem excited.

"I cannot say I am happy with the announcement when the incident was documented in video and pictures by international journalists and activists, and then, five years later, the international community say they will be investigating alleged war crimes," he adds. "Some crimes speak for themselves. They do not need all this time and hesitation to be condemned."

One year after the attack, an internal Israeli investigation into the incident cleared its military of culpability, announcing that no criminal charges would be brought against members of its army responsible for the attack.

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The question I have, is how are the ICC members supposed to get into Gaza, other than fly into Ben Gurion, where they are almost certain of getting kicked off the flight, and placed in a flight right back to where they came from?!?