Judicial Watch vs. North Carolina’s Dirty Voting Rolls | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Judicial Watch vs. North Carolina’s Dirty Voting Rolls

“Any American; Conservative, Democrat, Leftist, Independent should oppose voting by mail the way the Left is proposing it if they’re concerned about their right to vote being stolen,” Tom Fitton states in this week’s Weekly Update.

Committed to election integrity nationwide, Judicial Watch leaves no stone unturned when it comes to ensuring clean, and fair elections. North Carolina is no different. In the state, our investigations have revealed “up to 1 million extra names on the rolls,” Fitton affirms. To be exact, “about 17% of North Carolina’s registrations were inactive,” making them the 5th highest in the Nation for inactive voters. What’s more, in 19 NC counties, 20% or more registrations were inactive, with another 3 NC counties reaching 25% inactive voters on the rolls. “Large proportions of these registrations have shown no activity for over 5 years,” Fitton states, “that’s before the November 2014 elections!”

North Carolina’s voter roll inaccuracies raise additional questions with regards to what Fitton has described as the Left’s “disastrous” proposal of nationwide mail-in voting. NC’s failure to uphold NVRA (voter registration) guidelines, joined by California, Pennsylvania, Virginia and other states, raises new concerns about the possibility for electoral malfeasance in nationwide voting-by-mail. They’re “using the pretext of the coronavirus crisis to push for a radical overhaul of our election system in a way that would undermine election integrity, upending the November 2020 presidential elections,” Fitton states. “Ballot harvesting,” an idea which is gaining traction with the Left amid the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, would involve election officials “banging on doors and collecting ballots, yet another opportunity for voter fraud and voter intimidation.”

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Mail-in ballots?!?

Worst... Idea.... Ever!!