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Sweden Defeated The Coronavirus Without A Lockdown - Now Its Companies Are Reaping The Benefits

Progressive critics of the Trump Administration's response to the coronavirus pandemic like to point to Sweden and portray the Nordic country's decision to forego lockdowns as a travesty motivated by greed. Such reductive, black-and-white interpretations are inevitably the result of a childlike analysis where every hero needs to have a hero and a villain. But although Sweden's COVID-19 czar has admitted that he would have changed certain elements of the country's response if he could go back in time, the country's decision to skip lockdowns, and keep the country relatively open, has paid off - even if Sweden does have a significantly higher mortality rate than its neighbors (though still lower than all of the worst-hit western European countries).

Sweden's death-to-infection ratio is relatively high, a reflection of a series of early outbreaks in managed-care homes that led to widespread fatalities among their elderly and vulnerable residents.

And as the US remains engulfed in an election-year debate about how to handle the crisis, and whether mandatory social distancing orders (like mask-wearing mandates) and, if necessary, more lockdowns should be used to fight the outbreak - views differ widely across people of different political orientations. Even Dr. Fauci, who has said some of the worst-hit areas should "think about" imposing stay at home orders if things get worse, has worded his views very carefully so as not to sound like an imperative. But as Q2 earnings season enters one of its most consequential weeks in the US, the FT pointed out in a piece published earlier that Sweden's biggest companies have beaten analysts' expectations across the board.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So one has to ask; how much of the lockdown in this country was scientific, and how much was political, in order to drive the maximum pain to the into the US economy, and it's people, ahead of November's Presidential elections?!?