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Jun 18 10:51

Value investor: Risk happens fast

Jun 18 10:35

Studies Based on Three Continents Show Higher Than Recommended Doses of Vitamin D Prevents Cancer

By Joe Battaglia

Research utilizing combined data from 17 studies that included more than 12,000 people from the U.S., Europe, and Asia found that optimal levels of vitamin D for colon cancer prevention are higher than the current U.S. recommendation of 600 international units (IU) per day.

In the absence of Vitamin D from sunlight, disease increases more than 1000 percent. Experts suggest that the chances of getting vitamin D from your diet are very low...

Jun 18 10:32

'Worst Devastation I've Seen.' Angelina Jolie Visits Mosul a Year After Liberation From ISIS

“This is the worst devastation I’ve seen in all my years with UNHCR,” Jolie said in a video shared by the organization. “These people have lost everything, and the trauma and the loss that they’ve suffered is unparalleled. They’re here on their own with very little support — next to nothing. And they’re rebuilding themselves with their bare hands. They’re moving the rubble with their bare hands.”

Jun 18 10:22

Trump Administration Imprisoning 1,500 Immigrant Children In Old Walmart Along Border

By Aaron Kesel

The Trump administration is holding 1,469 teen and pre-teen boys separated from their parents in captivity along the Mexican border at an old abandoned Walmart called Casa Padre, Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The old Walmart has now been renovated with classrooms, recreation centers, and medical examination rooms to hold the boys now under federal custody. The boys are allowed two hours outside each day, including one hour of physical exercise and one hour of free time in between long days of learning. There are two separate shifts of education due to the number of boys at the facility...

Jun 18 10:22

UN experts denounce 'myth' pesticides are necessary to feed the world

The idea that pesticides are essential to feed a fast-growing global population is a myth, according to UN food and pollution experts.

A new report, being presented to the UN human rights council on Wednesday, is severely critical of the global corporations that manufacture pesticides, accusing them of the “systematic denial of harms”, “aggressive, unethical marketing tactics” and heavy lobbying of governments which has “obstructed reforms and paralysed global pesticide restrictions”.

Jun 18 10:19

How party dips can give you Norovirus and even HERPES (and sour cream is the worst for spreading bacteria)

Norovirus, streptococcus - which gives you a sore throat - and herpes simplex - the cold sore virus - could all be lurking in your favourite sauces if just one party-goer has committed the ultimate party faux pas of double dipping: the act of putting the same crisp or crudité back in a dip after taking a bite.

Jun 18 10:12

Vitamin D can prevent BREAST CANCER: Women with high levels are a FIFTH less likely to develop the disease, study finds

Those with 60ng/ml are a fifth less likely to suffer from the condition than those with just 20ng/ml, which is the recommended amount, a study found.

Lead author Sharon McDonnell, from the non-profit organisation GrassrootsHealth, San Diego, California, said: 'Increasing vitamin D blood levels substantially above 20ng/ml appears to be important for the prevention of breast cancer.'

Jun 18 10:11

Head of VW's Audi arrested in Germany over diesel scandal

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Volkswagen (VOWG_p.DE) was holding crisis talks on Monday to find a stand-in boss for its Audi brand, a source familiar with the discussions said, after German authorities arrested Audi CEO Rupert Stadler as part of a probe into emissions test cheating.Stadler is the most senior company official to be detained so far since Volkswagen (VW) admitted in September 2015 to using illegal software to rig U.S. emissions tests on diesel engines.

Jun 18 10:10

Geopolitics with Dawson

Jun 18 10:09

Google Is Training Machines to Predict When a Patient Will Die

A woman with late-stage breast cancer came to a city hospital, fluids already flooding her lungs. She saw two doctors and got a radiology scan. The hospital’s computers read her vital signs and estimated a 9.3 percent chance she would die during her stay.

Jun 18 10:09

Giant plant that causes third-degree burns, painful blisters and permanent blindness is spotted in Virginia

Officials are warning people to stay clear of the Giant Hogweed plant, which has never before been reported in the state.

The sap of the plant makes the skin so sensitive to sunlight that normal exposure can cause severe burns - a process called phytophotodermatitis.

A brush against the plant can result in painful blisters, permanent scarring and the skin can remain sensitive to sunlight for years after being exposed.

If the sap gets into the eyes, there is potential for blindness.

Jun 18 10:08

FBI Agent Peter Strzok Is Willing To Testify Before Congress

The FBI agent caught sending anti-Trump text messages to his lover has agreed
The FBI agent caught sending anti-Trump text messages to his lover has agreed to testify before the House Judiciary Committee and any other congressional committee that wants him to speak up, according to his lawyer.

Jun 18 10:02

Shake Shack Eliminating All Min Wage Jobs

Jun 18 10:00

“Palestinian” Muslims prep 5,000 kite bombs to mark end of Ramadan in Gaz

“Palestinian” Muslims prep 5,000 kite bombs to mark end of Ramadan in Gaza (The poor Israelis only have Tanks, machine guns, attack helicopters....)

Jun 18 09:51

It's About Time To Sell Stocks