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Aug 22 14:04

Charlottesville residents fed-up with their city council

City Council members were shocked to find out that they could not conduct business as usual after scores of angry residents showed up in attendance to Tuesday’s meeting where they attempted to communicate their grievances to officials.

Aug 22 14:03

Fmr. Spec. Forces Officer: ‘Trump plans to build the Afghan Army not the nation’

On Tuesday, Lt. Col. Michael Waltz told Fox News anchor Bret Bayer that he is “proud of our president” in regards to Donald Trump’s recent announcements on the deployment of 4000 troops to Afghanistan and said that we are not going to see any “nation building” over there anytime soon.

Aug 22 13:29

Will Britain’s Crackdown On Internet Trolls Undermine Freedom Of Speech?

New measures designed to crack down on hate crime could have a “chilling effect” on freedom of speech, warn civil liberties campaigners.

Fresh guidelines issued on Monday by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) would see online abuse treated with the same “robust and proactive” approach used to address offline offending.

Aug 22 13:28

Tillerson: US Supports Afghan Peace Talks That Result In Taliban 'Legitimacy'

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says the US is ready to help negotiate a peace deal between Taliban militants and the Afghan government that would give the Taliban “political legitimacy.”

Aug 22 13:28

Trump Censures Pakistan Over ‘Safe Havens For Terrorists’

US President Donald Trump says Washington can no longer remain silent towards Pakistan’s “safe havens for terrorists.”

The president was referencing the Taliban and other groups posing a threat to the region and beyond during a prime time address to the nation on Monday, in which he elaborated on a new US strategy towards Afghanistan.

Aug 22 13:02

Video: Canada Clashes: Left-Wing Activists Brawl With Police During Anti-Immigrant Demo In Quebec

A group of anti-racism protesters have clashed with police in Canada after they attempted to disrupt a right-wing rally in the city of Quebec.

Aug 22 13:01

Ernst Zundel talks about criminal charges against him in Germany for his 9/11 research

at the 3:30 mark in this interview with Ernst Zundel, he talks about the 12 charges placed against him in a German court for his research on 9/11. Zundel says that tbis fact is not widely knkwn -the charges were not merely for holocaust revisionism, but for his 9/11 resarch, and that the government didn't want him to "open this can of worms."

Aug 22 12:57

Journal Documents How Wealthy Democratic Donor Hooked Young Black Gay Man on Meth Before His Death

Democrat donor Ed Buck’s ‘Gates of Hell’ - New Victim Comes Forward

update re - Gay escort dies of meth OD at the home of high-profile Democrat donor Ed Buck


Aug 22 12:49

Democrat donor Ed Buck’s ‘Gates of Hell’ - New Victim Comes Forward

update re - Gay escort dies of meth OD at the home of high-profile Democrat donor Ed Buck

Aug 22 12:38

Islamic State Used British Companies To Finance Terrorist Attacks Against West

Islamic State used British companies operating out of an office in Cardiff, Wales, to ship equipment to Spain and finance terror plots against the West, according to United States intelligence files.