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Jun 22 17:09

Tory government forced to reverse £400m in Metropolitan police cuts

The Metropolitan Police will not have to find cuts worth hundreds of millions of pounds over the next three years, the Home Office has announced, following calls for the force’s budget to be protected in the wake of two terror attacks.

Jun 22 17:07

Hillary Clinton’s security clearance could be revoked

As TGP previously reported, Crooked Hillary Clinton and her top aides STILL have security clearance as the State Department continues to investigate her email scandal.

Jun 22 17:07

America’s Oligarchs Will Control 70% Of National Wealth By 2021

A new study by the Boston Consulting Group has found that while wealth inequality is growing on a global scale, it has kicked into overdrive in the United States – where America’s 1% are expected to control 70 percent of the nation’s private wealth by the year 2021.

Jun 22 16:30

The Bitcoin Economy, in Perspective

Jun 22 16:20

'I hate Brexit from every angle!' Netherlands PM still 'dreams' UK won't leave the EU

MARK RUTTE has admitted he “hates Brexit from every angle” and “dreams” the UK will change its decision.

Jun 22 16:09

700 EU laws introduced in Britain since EU referendum - and 1,200 expected before Brexit

SEVEN-HUNDRED laws from the European Union have been introduced in Britain since the Brexit vote - adding to the estimated 19,000 EU regulations, directives and other rules already embedded in UK law.

Britain is set to officially break from the bloc in March 2019, but years of complications could follow when directives are untangled.

The Government will need to decide which legislation to keep, and which to throw out, after Brexit.

Before the leave date an estimated 1,260 rules might be embedded in British law.

Jun 22 15:54

“Operation Broken Heart III” --- 238 arrested in sweep of suspected child sex predators

an Australian man looking to buy a 6-year-old boy were among 238 people arrested

Jun 22 15:51

Jeremy Corbyn beats Theresa May in new poll

Jeremy Corbyn has overtaken Theresa May for the first time in a poll asking who would make the best prime minister.

The YouGov survey for The Times found that 35 per cent of respondents thought the Labour leader would make the country's best leader.

Jun 22 15:50

Investors Have Become Brain Dead

Jun 22 15:48

CIA agent running massive national drug smuggling ring

In a major display of hypocrisy, a CIA agent was charged this week running a massive drug smuggling operation out of North Carolina. James Dennis “J.D.” Smith, 49, was arrested Saturday in Charlotte in connection with a massive and ongoing national federal marijuana smuggling investigation.

Jun 22 15:46

‘Pizzagate’ Shooter Edgar Welch Sentenced To Four Years In Prison

“Pizzagate” shooter Edgar Maddison Welch was sentenced to four years in prison at the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia on Thursday.

Welch plead guilty to transporting firearms across state lines and assault with a deadly weapon in March.

Jun 22 15:44

The U.S. Economy is a Perverted, Neo-Feudal, Rent-Seeking Abomination

The banker bailouts of the 2008/09 period changed my life forever. I was working on Wall Street at the time, and the way in which the government rallied around the financial institutions that torched the world and left its victims in the dust threw my entire delusional worldview into disarray. Prior to that, I had bought into the absurd assumption that I was financially successful at a young age primarily because I was hard-working and talented.

Jun 22 15:41

Now Comes The Fiscal Year From Hell

Four things are not going to happen in the Imperial City before October 1. That is, there will be no bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, no sweeping tax cut stimulus, no debt ceiling increase and no appropriations bills for FY 2018, which happens to commence on that date.

Jun 22 15:39

Debt Crisis 2.0: How the Pieces are Falling into Place

As the amount of household debt rises, so does the risk of another financial crisis. A new milestone has been reached in the U.S.

Jun 22 15:36

Big Pharma at its very worst

An Indiana-based pharmaceuticals company decided not to recall a painkiller given to newborns even though the drug was 25 stronger than advertised on its label, sickening three infants.

Two top executives at Pharmakon Pharmaceuticals Inc. were indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of engaging in commerce with adulterated drugs, reported the Indianapolis Star.

Jun 22 15:18

Robert Mueller is stacking the deck with Clinton donors for Russia investigation

Robert Mueller, the special counsel in charge of investigating the extent of Russia’s intervention into U.S. elections — and whether President Donald Trump had anything to do with it, as Democrats allege — has now hired yet another far-left, Hillary Clinton donor to his team of investigators.

Key phrase: yet again.

Jun 22 15:17

Welcome to Deflation

People are just starting to grasp why deflation is also present in the USA. Despite all the screaming about Quantitative Easing, most remain confused why hyperinflation has not taken place.

Jun 22 15:17

Americans could be subjected to mandatory facial recognition scans

Just when you thought air travel couldn’t get any more invasive, authoritarian and downright miserable, the Department of Homeland Security and two U.S. carriers are determined to prove you wrong.

Yesterday, Harrison Rudolph, a law fellow at the Center on Privacy & Technology at Georgetown Law, wrote a very troubling article at Slate titled, DHS Is Starting to Scan Americans’ Faces Before They Get on International Flights. Here’s some of what we learned:

Jun 22 15:05


Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly’s choice to interview right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has brought a lot more trouble than she probably ever anticipated.