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Oct 18 10:05

13-Year-Old Is The Youngest Of 33 Americans Killed By Vaping As The Number Suffering The Mysterious E-Cigarette Lung Illness Nears 1,500

Nearly 15,000 Americans have developed a life-threatening lung illnesses now called 'EVALI,' the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported Thursday.

Oct 18 10:05

'Go Back To Your Country!': Horrifying Moment A White Female Driver Hurls Racist Abuse At Two Teens - And Then Gets Out Of Her Car To Attack Them

A white female driver from Texas was caught on video hurling racist abuse at a group of teens who overtook her on the highway.
The woman from Richmond was travelling at almost 60mph when she was passed by the teenagers who were apparently going much faster.

Oct 18 09:50

Denver May Become 8th US City To Take Cops Out Of Mental Health 911 Calls

By John Vibes

Even the most simple police encounters can be very stressful, which often makes it difficult to communicate properly. This tends to escalate the situation, considering that most police demand nothing short of complete obedience, even if they are dealing with someone who is not a suspect in a crime.

This can be scary for most people, but for someone who suffers from a mental illness and may already have challenges with communication, these types of encounters can be especially terrifying...

Oct 18 09:48

These Scrubbed Reports Reveal New Secrets Into the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein Relationship

Yet, since Epstein’s arrest in July, many of these older articles on Epstein and Maxwell, as well as those focusing on the Epstein-Prince Andrew relationship, have disappeared from the archives of several prominent U.K. media outlets that reported on these relationships years ago.

Several of these articles, though largely scrubbed from the internet, were recently obtained by MintPress and a review of their contents makes the likely motive behind their disappearance clear: several articles not only reference Epstein’s connection to both U.S. and Israeli intelligence years before the first investigation into Epstein’s exploitation of minors had even begun, but also reveal surprising aspects of Prince Andrew’s involvement with Epstein that strongly suggest that the Prince partook in illicit sexual activities with minors to a much greater extent than has previously been reported.